We shouldn’t dismiss people who deny facts

IT’S EASY TO DISMISS PEOPLE WHO believe things that are factually incorrect—that vaccines cause autism, for example, or that climate change isn’t real. But

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Chloe Kim
Rare is the 17-year-old with the perspective to see missing the Olympics as a good thing. Four years ago, Chloe Kim qualified for the U.S. team in Sochi—but she was still two years shy of 15, the minimum age to compete. “Looking back on it, I’m reall
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A Rogue State Makes Temporary Peace
FROM THE 9TH CENTURY B.C., athletes and spectators traveling to the Olympics were protected by a truce that stilled feuding states during the Games. The ekecheiria was history’s earliest attempt to separate sport from politics. Although tarnished by
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Inside The Racing Mind Of The Best Skier On Earth
Mikaela Shiffrin is ready to set records in PyeongChang as she chases five Olympic medals. “I only know that right now, I’m happy, I’m skiing fast, and I’m having FUN.”