Daveed Diggs, actor and rapper

Best known for his Tony-winning dual role as an ebullient Marquis de Lafayette and a swaggering Thomas Jefferson in the musical Hamilton, Diggs is getting political in his music with hip-hop group clipping. and onscreen with a role on the ABC sitcom black-ish

BEYOND THE STAGE ONSCREEN Diggs will star as a teacher opposite Julia Roberts in the film Wonder next year IN THE STUDIO Diggs released the album Splendor & Misery with hip-hop group clipping. on Sept. 9


DAVEED DIGGS BECAME ACCUSTOMED TO RAPPING RAPIDLY in front of hundreds of people in the Broadway smash Hamilton. But at 7:30 a.m. on a Tuesday in September, he’s performing for an audience of one. Sitting in a coffee shop in the New York City neighborhood of Washington Heights, just north of Harlem, he warns that it’s “too early to do anything,” including rap. He has to catch a flight

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