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The Hamilton Mixtape, a Love Letter to a Love Story

Turning the hit musical into a pop album highlights the romance of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s songs.

Source: Evan Agostini / AP

Hamilton is likely destined to carry the word “influential” around with it for a long time—after all, it’s already influencing the 45th president. The Hamilton Mixtape, an official new album largely composed of Hamilton’s showtunes reinterpreted by pop and rap stars, underscores the remarkable scope of that influence. Contemporary American idols like Kelly Clarkson, Nas, Jimmy Fallon, Usher, John Legend, and Common have each now recorded loving tributes to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s loving tribute to the original American idols.

But The Hamilton Mixtape—an exuberant, taste-scrambling medley that swings between grinworthy and cringeworthy—also underlines how much of Hamilton’s novelty

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