When less plot is actually more

Some were bothered by the sharp detail in Cusk’s nonfiction about her kids and divorce

AFTER WRITING SEVEN NOVELS AND three works of nonfiction, acclaimed British author Rachel Cusk began to find fiction “fake and embarrassing.” Two years ago, she explained to a British newspaper, “Once you have suffered sufficiently, the idea of making up John and Jane and having them do things together seems utterly

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Kit Harington
The Game of Thrones star shifts into producing with Gunpowder, a miniseries on which he plays his real-life ancestor Robert Catesby, a Catholic rebel who was part of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot to blow up the British Parliament. Gunpowder airs on HBO nightly from Dec. 18 to Dec. 20.
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Does the Internet Really Need Saving?
THE FIGHT OVER WHO CONTROLS the Internet will reach a fever pitch on Dec. 14, when the Federal Communications Commission, led by chairman Ajit Pai, will vote on plans to dismantle Obama Administration regulations that are intended to ensure equal acc
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Miguel Seeks Pleasure But Gets Political
MIGUEL HAS ALWAYS BEEN A LOVER, not a fighter. On his 2012 breakout, Kaleidoscope Dream, he earned comparisons to Prince, while 2015’s Wildheart showcased his talents for introspective, edgy R&B. But on his fourth studio album, War & Leisure, out Dec