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1 “If the campaign estranged Kushner from the privileged world he once inhabited, the election represented a conclusive break,” wrote Andrew Rice in his profile of Donald Trump’s son-in-law turned shadow campaign manager, Jared Kushner (“The Young Trump,” January 9–22). “A rich, well reported profile of Jared Kushner and his power,” tweeted the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker. One detail those who’ve been paying close attention to Trump’s inner circle noted was Steve Bannon’s praise for Kushner, and Maggie Haberman of the New York Times chimed in that “Kushner was one of the few senior aides … who rallied to protect Bannon from attacks post-win.” Some commenters were disturbed by Kushner’s seemingly flexible policy positions. “Of course there have always been politicians and people in government who are motivated

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What’s in your bag? A yellow sweatshirt—it’s from Nick & Son, the same store on Orchard Street where I got the red one that I’m wearing. I always like to match. If I’m going to wear yellow, I’ll wear all yellow. What are you studying? I go to Gall