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Aeon Magazine6 min readTech
How Do You Teach A Car That A Snowman Won’t Walk Across The Road?
Picture yourself driving down a city street. You go around a curve, and suddenly see something in the middle of the road ahead. What should you do? Of course, the answer depends on what that ‘something’ is. A torn paper bag, a lost shoe, or a tumblew
Aeon Magazine4 min readPsychology
Ketamine Trips Are Uncannily Like Near-death Experiences
First-hand accounts of what it is like to come close to death often contain the same recurring themes, such as the sense of leaving the body, a review of one’s life, tunnelled vision and a magical sense of reality. Mystics, optimists and people of re
Aeon Magazine5 min readSociety
Fantasies Of Forced Sex Are Common. Do They Enable Rape Culture?
‘Rape fantasies,’ says M, an American kink educator, ‘are one of the most common fantasies for women.’ Studies attempting to quantify just how common yield wildly different results, likely thanks to their limited sample sizes, varied methodologies, a