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One Day, Philip Kerr Will Finish Ulysses


Philip Kerr’s 12th Bernie Gunther novel, Prussian Blue, is available now.

What was the first book you fell in love with?
First book I fell in love with was probably Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Name a classic you feel guilty about never having read?
Not guilty, no. But I regret not reading a great many classics, and as I get older I feel the window is becoming narrower. The book I keep meaning to read which is a classic is Ulysses. I’ve started it a couple of times and had to stop because I received a book to review or had to read something for a book I was writing.

What’s the book you reread the most?
1984 by George Orwell. I used to read it whenever I was doing exams which meant I read it every year for about five years. I think I like the idea of myself contra mundum.

Is there a book you wish you had written?
Gosh, so many. I always admired The Great Gatsby. So that one, for sure.

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