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Return of a Legend

LOA: 35'1"

BEAM: 12'5"

DRAFT: 2'6"

DISPL.: 20,800 lb.

FUEL: 315 gal.

WATER: 50 gal.

TEST POWER: 2/507-hp

Caterpillar C7.1 diesel inboards

TRANSMISSION: ZF 280-A; 1.77:1 ratio

PROPELLERS: 22" x 31¼"

Veem 4-blade NiBrAl

GENERATOR: 1/6.5-kW Kohler

PRICE: $750,000

The Bertram 35 is skinny-water capable, thanks to a set of prop tunnels that augment her deep-V running surface. She draws just 2½ feet.

There she was, berthed in the haulout slip at Bertram’s Tampa facility— the new Bertram 35. A bunch of guys were gathered around, some on board, feverishly finishing a washdown; some on a nearby floating dock, burnishing her “Aristo Blue” Awlcraft paint job; and some standing farther off, clearly admiring an assortment of styling elements and architectural details that obviously owed a great deal to the old, super-popular Bertram 31 but, just as obviously, went many nautical miles beyond her.

My sea trial of the 35 had been a long time coming. I’d first laid eyes on the boat in early May of last year, during a press event at Lyman-Morse in Thomaston, Maine. She’d been

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