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The Modular Approach

Source: This semi-finished module includes a new pump and rehabilitated strainer. The PVC fittings and pipe are temporary, just for lineup purposes.

Presumably, you have to replace or repair an onboard pump, motor, or electrical component now and then. And presumably, said device (as well as the wires, fittings, or other paraphernalia associated with it)

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Salty & Satisfying
The sun is just rising above the trees across the river. My bare feet feel each board on the dock, damp with dew, as I make my way up to the shower. It’s brighter when I emerge, and though it’s early, it’s already warm and sticky. It’s 7:00 a.m. and I do what everyone in town does: Shuffle my feet and head toward Essex Coffee and Tea. Joggers bounce along Main Street; there are no cars on the road yet. I pet a Golden Retriever and remember to say hello to his owner. Familiar faces in familiar places. At this point I usually tear off to the office to dive into the emails stacked up like cordwoo
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The Shape of Things to Come
The roomy top deck is large for her 55-foot LOA, but the options really set the Arcadia apart. Those windows power up to enclose the space. There is more to the Gulf of Naples than the imminent yet unpredictable inevitability of a fiery apocalypse. The locals seem sanguine about living in the shadow of Vesuvius. Even though two of the region’s principal tourist attractions are the ash-entombed towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, in normal conversation the subject of molten lava and devastating pyroclastic flows hardly ever comes up. Anyway, the traffic is bad enough without contemplating the eff
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Better With Age
A hidden spot in the northern part of Hamburg Cove, this is an ideal location for one of the last great restoration yards in Connecticut. Tucked away along the Connecticut River in Hamburg Cove, Cove Landing Marine is emblematic of vintage beauty that persists in a modern world. Th is is a particularly peaceful spot on the river, secluded and quiet, surrounded by rolling hills and wooden boats resting at the docks and on the moorings. Boats outnumber humans here, and the few people who are around seem busy with work around the yard, despite the blazing heat. The reason for my visit: a wooden y