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Flock Together: Join the Migration
THE DOOR SHUTS, then all is quiet. I empty my pack in the corner of the small, one-room shelter. I unroll my sleeping bag, fluff the down, and arrange it on a mat laid on the wooden floor. I practice quietly opening and shutting the window coverings.
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Island Time
I TIPTOE THROUGH the tide pool on feet tender from a day of backpacking. Jags of volcanic rock and clusters of shiny, spiny urchins act as a minefield between me and my prize: a turquoise lagoon in the northwest corner of Hawaii Volcanoes National Pa
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What Lies Beneath
wires and ropes provide safe passage across several of the cave’s river. PEOPLE USUALLY DON’T believe me when I tell them the best place I’ve ever camped is underground. They would if they could see it: Vietnam’s Son Doong is the biggest cave in the