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Source: Fuseform blends tougher fabric with lighter weaves.   


The North Face Alpine 50

The North Face’s FuseForm Cordura nylon packcloth is the most advanced fabric we’ve seen. It

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Tall Trees Grove Redwood National Park, CA
Coastal redwoods grow as tall as 380 ft . As wide as 29 ft . Secure a permit at the Kuchel Visitor Center, where you’ll get directions and a code to the locked entry. Past the gate, drive another 6 miles to the Tall Trees trailhead. Set out through a
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Sleep Warmer
1) Insulate inside. Sleeping bag liners (silk, synthetic, or wool) can add 5 to 25 degrees of warmth. 2) Insulate below. Use an inflatable pad to keep you off the cold ground, and layer foam on top to keep body heat close. 3) Stay dry. Lay raingear o
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OUR TAKE When mountain weather was changing rapidly, we reached for the Reactors for their superior traction across a wide range of conditions. Deeper-than-average 4.5mm, trapezoidal lugs on Michelin’s Wild Dig’R Descent outsole—with a pattern based