Source: LOA39'4"MAX BEAM12'3"The Greenline 39 has sturdy-looking lines as well as a European feel to her exterior.

I HAVE TO BE HONEST: I’m not overly familiar with Slovenia. The small, former Eastern Bloc nation is sandwiched between the yachting mainstays of Italy and Croatia, and, I’d guess, is a bit of an afterthought for most Americans — if they even think of it at all. I’m also not overly familiar with Slovenian-built boats.

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Living Large
FERRETTI YACHTS’ 920 expands the builder’s line to 11 models, from 45 feet to 96 feet, including both owneroperator vessels and fully crewed craft. The 920 has a wide-body superstructure, allowing the interior to take advantage of the yacht’s 22-foot
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New Electronics
Nautic Alert’s Insight X2 vessel-monitoring system (from $750) employs a three-tier defense starting with the yacht’s perimeter and progressing to its interior space before jumping out to include a user-defined geofence. Insight X2 systems use wired
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Tiny Tugs
“COYLE, IT’S THE FIRST TIME I’VE REALLY GOTTEN TO KNOW MY BOAT. I’VE EXPLORED EVERY CORNER OF THE BILGE, EVERY LOCKER. I EVEN READ THE MANUALS.” MY PAL Ted called me recently to brag about his latest “perfect yacht.” She’d just arrived in Newport, Rh