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How do I teach an old dog new tricks?


At this stage of life, I’m only leaving the couch for the thickest pork chop on the table. You’d better show some appreciation for

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Create A Healthier Future
NAME: TIM WILLIAMSON AGE: 34 LOCATION: TOM’S RIVER, NJ OCCUPATION: SOFTWARE ENTREPRENEUR, FORMER MARINE TREATMENT FOR: PTSD I got out of the Marines in 2006. The first symptom I could recognize was having a nightmare where I’m in the middle of a fire
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Wait: What If I Have Food Allergies?
A little more than half of the adults in a large recent study who thought they had a food allergy (19 percent of those examined) actually did. If you do, you’re likely aware of it: A food-allergy reaction typically happens within two hours, often in
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Fighting Cancer
FIVE DAYS AFTER a golf-ball-sized cancerous tumor was removed from the inner workings of Rhett Bowlden’s ass, the man got that ass back into the gym. “Just for some fan-bike work,” says the 39-year-old, who was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer i