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Cathy’s“before” reminded me of my “before” 30 years ago.

I’ve seen countless examples of nutrition profoundly changing people emotionally as well as physically in

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Better Nutrition5 min read
Energizing Caffeine Alternatives
It’s not that coffee (or tea) are bad; studies have shown that they’re high in antioxidants and may decrease the risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease, and cancer. But slamming caffeine doesn’t give you true energy. Instead, it creates a fake
Better Nutrition2 min readScience
Break Out of Your Beauty Rut
Let’s face it: every now and then, most of us get into a rut with our beauty routine. I’m the worst: I’m always afraid to alter my skin- or hair-care regimens for fear of a breakout or bad hair day (both of which happen anyway, because, well, that’s
Better Nutrition3 min read
When & Why to Take B Vitamins
To learn more about B vitamins, visit and search for these articles: * Health Benefits of B-Complex Vitamins* Recognize Signs of B12 Deficiency* How & When to Take Popular Supplements “B vitamins help provide energy by acting with