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Affordable Philo Streams Entertainment, Lifestyle Channels


$16.00 or $20 per month

3.5/5 Stars

PROS Inexpensive. 37+ channel lineup. Solid performance. Good iOS app.

CONS No sports content and few news channels. Includes ads. Does not support offline playback. No native Android app.

Many video streaming services cost as much as a regular cable subscription, which defeats the purposes of ditching cable. Philo, on the other hand, a lifestyle- and entertainment-focused service, comes in at a very affordable $16 per month for 37-plus channels of live and on-demand content. It’s not in the business of creating original content, as Netflix and Hulu are, nor does it aim to replace live cable entirely, as YouTube TV and Sling TV do. Although it lacks higher-end features such as offline playback and does not offer a native Android app, if you enjoy its lineup of channels, Philo might make sense for you.


Philo’s pricing tiers are simple: For $16 a month, you get access to 37 channels, including AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Food Network, HGTV, and the Travel Channel. For $20 a month, you get everything in the cheaper package plus nine additional channels, for a total of 46 channels. These extras include BET Her, Cooking Channel, Discovery Family, and MTV Live. You can check out

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