Making “me” time

your fit-girl lifestyle is a challenge, you’re not alone. After tending to families that need you, careers and classes that are calling, and so much more, what happens when you feel like there’s not a moment left for training, food prepping or even getting enough sleep? Read on for advice to help prioritize the fit stuffin

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Mobility In Motion
Tight hip flexors can neurologically weaken your glute complex, robbing you of the ability to fully extend your hips and cash in on complete gluteal activation. This means all that hard work you’re doing in the gym — lunging, squatting and deadliftin
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Push-up Prowess
The push-up is arguably the simplest exercise for developing the upper body and core, and because it uses a portion of your own bodyweight, it is quintessentially a functional training movement. The standard push-up can be overplayed, however, but in
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Meet 5 Women Who’ve Got The Fit Factor.
CALLING ALL FIT WOMENThink you have what it takes? Send your story to futureoffitness@oxygenmag.com. Jessica Hiatt Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Stats: 37 • 114 lb • 5’3” Gig: Medical physicist/medical sales Wrist Reminder. At 5 feet 3 inches tall, Jessi