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If the expression ‘back, sack and crack’ brings tears to your human retina, thank whichever deity you pray to that you’ve never faced the prospect of being ‘docked and cropped’. The former word (aka ‘bobbing’) refers to the constriction of the blood supply to

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Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary Limited And Numbered Edition Heritage Tie Set For The Rake
by wei koh photography jake walters fashion stylist jo grzeszczuk We all fantasise about inventing a time machine that would allow us to reach through the miasma of decades past, march into a Ferrari dealership in 1963 and lay down a deposit on one o
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Method Man
fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Special thanks to Flower Ave. Blue linen safari shirt, Ralph Lauren Purple Label at Harrods. Blue denim jeans and brown leather cowboy boots, both property of Ed Harris. The teenaged Ed Harris was, by his own admission
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A Gene Genie
by ludoas told to nick scott There are now packs of Goldendoodles, Yorkiepoos, Cockapoos, Schnoodles and Puggles roaming the developed world’s parks and greens. Indeed, my owner spoke the other day of a Bullshihtzer she had met at a Malibu beach part