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Pick Of The Litter
In a perfect world, we’d all live in well-designed homes with excellent cooling features, but that’s not the reality for most. On those extreme summer scorchers, some form of mechanical cooling is a tempting option. An increasing number of Australian
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From the Editor
This issue, we’ve switched the focus to interior design with a whopper of a feature. Our writer, Steph, chats to Michelle Macarounas from Infinite Design Studio and Hana Hakim from The Stella Collective about how to style your home like a professiona
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Origami Treehouse
HOUSE Tess & Michael’s House LOCATION Eden Hills, SA DATE COMPLETED 2017 FINAL COST $320,000 Tess Pritchard had a dream; a dream to purchase a patch of paradise and design her own home to live in with her husband, two dogs and any potential futu