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Travelstar is the manufacturing division of Tourism Holdings Rentals (THR), which consists of Maui, Britz, Thule, Thetford, Kea Travel, the lifestyle divisions, and Travelstar. This group of companies has been in existence for more than

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Mean Machine
“The new tough-looking Triton is significantly more competitive and meets the diverse needs of bakkie customers around the world.” These are the words of Nic Campbell, General Manager of Mitsubishi Motors South Africa, at the launch of the new Triton
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Around the CAMPFIRE
I feel that if I have certain knowledge and tips that I should share it with my fellow campers. A simple patent that I have been using for more than 15 years always draws attention from other campers: It is a peg for the base of your tent poles that
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Camping GEAR
Den Braven’s All Round is a versatile, all-purpose sealant ideally suited to quick fixes around your caravan, motorhome or trailer. It can seal plumbing joints, vent covers, window edges, and can even temporarily mend metal. It can be used in damp co