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Heritage railways deserve investment

WASTE, expense or investment – three words that all amount to the same thing but which place a very different emphasis on it.

In all three cases exchange of money (or, occasionally value) is the principal governing factor and, for many people, the demarcation between them is a very fine and often indiscernible line.

This is nowhere more evident than in the

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Heritage Railway2 min read
Totnes Monster Van Played A Role In Allied Victory
THE award-winning Totnes Riverside station, eastern terminus of the South Devon Railway is home to a GWR van which took part in the build up to D-Day. No. 594, which was built to diagram P18 at Swindon in 1918 and fitted with American bogies, was a
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Moors Debut For Witherslack Hall At September Gala
THE North Yorkshire Moors Railway has announced the first of its expected visitors for its September 27-29 steam gala, in the form of WR Modified Hall 4-6-0 No. 6990 Witherslack Hall from the Great Central Railway. This locomotive is one of those tha
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Our New Double Track Heritage Main Line
NINE years after Network Rail needlessly demolished three redundant signalboxes to the chagrin of local conservationists and Solihull’s then MP, the powers that be have now woken up to the fact that the North Warwickshire Line is a major asset to the