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Perfect Sex
Do you want to have a sensational sex life?
Many folk feel that their naivety and innocence puts them in a very awkward situation as they are beginning to explore their sexual potential - there are just so many angles to consider:
You have to get your technique right, at the right time.
You must please your partner and not do anything wrong at the wrong time,
And at the same time, you have to monitor your own arousal and keep it at just the right level so that you don't switch off or come too soon and bring the whole thing to an embarrassing and unexpected early finish!
You will learn:
Direct instructions for live and fantasy sex.
How to enjoy the positive directions without anxiety.
How to play with your own timing and make sex last.

Dr Janet Hall, Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist will help you by firstly identifying the most common myths or misconceptions about sexual behaviour that even sexually experienced people are likely to believe and which cause problems in sexual loving.
Then Dr Jan will describe step by step how lovers can proceed through a sensuous, caring and technically elegant lovemaking session where both partners' needs are met with maximum arousal and minimum stress.
Because Dr Jan is guiding your mind, you can concentrate on enjoying every stimulation of your senses and every move your partner makes. This will allow you to maximise the possibility that you are achieving the sensational sex that you deserve.
You may also benefit from reading the ebooks or listening to Dr Janet Hall's audio recordings on using “Seductive Sexual Fantasies” to keep the sexual fires burning.
So, if you're serious about wanting a sensational sex life then you need to get a copy of
"Perfect Sex” right now!
This is one of a series of books and audios on sexual topics presented by Dr Janet Hall called: “Dr Janet Hall’s Sensational Sex Series”.Dr Janet Hall is a Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Author, Speaker and Media Consultant.
Dr Jan authored 29 books on parenting, sex and relationships and hypnosis and recorded over fifty-two audio-recordings, many of them including hypnotic material. She founded Richmond Hill Psychology in Melbourne, Australia.
Published: Dr. Janet Hall Audio on
ISBN: 9781467688703
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