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Stop Premature Ejaculation Now

Do you want to learn how to last longer in sex before you ejaculate?
Is it embarrassing to suffer from premature ejaculation?
Is it frustrating for both of you when you come too soon?

Finally, Here Are The Facts, Research and Strategies to Achieving Longer Lasting Sex Without The Hype, Ridiculous Promises, Embarrassment, Pills, Surgery Or Appliances – Brought to You By Leading Sex-therapist - Dr Janet Hall, Clinical Psychologist.

Dr Jan’s “Stop Premature Ejaculation Now” is a 'How To' guide for men who want to rely on lasting in sex with confidence.
Contrary to popular belief, enhanced sexual performance begins with the brain. You need to stop filling your head with anxious thoughts – you need to reprogram your mind to focus solely on the sexual enjoyment of you and your partner. So that you have fun. So that you stop causing self-induced conflict and stress ... and begin naturally doing the things that will help you to be a great lover.

The bottom line is, you must get rid of the unhealthy thought patterns that are making you sexually challenged. These negative thought patterns, which are stored in your unconscious mind, must be replaced with "positive thoughts" and expectations so that you will automatically do what you need to do . . . without ever thinking twice about it!
Dr Jan gives invaluable information on the nature of premature ejaculation, its causes and the long-term consequences of not treating the problem. There is a discussion of possible treatments and the recommended treatment program is outlined in detail.
You will learn about:
The nature of premature ejaculation.
The long-term consequences of NOT treating the problem.

Premature ejaculation can be permanently cured in almost all cases. By using mind control and body conditioning techniques, you can be the long-lasting lover you deserve to be.

A ‘How To’ Guide for Men Who Want Sex To Last Includes:
The Facts about Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is ‘when you don't last as long as you or your partner want to.”
Men with premature ejaculation can learn to have control.

Common Obstacles to Overcoming Premature Ejaculation
Unsure about sexual technique.
Unable to satisfy your partner.
Have no control over ejaculation.
Anxious about sexual performance
Thinking it will improve with time
Blaming it on her, the alcohol, or being tired.
Avoiding sex
Not able to enjoy sex and it always ending in frustration.
Using numbing agents like alcohol and sprays.
Feeling inadequate as a man and lover.
Thinking ‘I'm single or not having sex so I don't need to do anything yet.
Stress/illness/unhealthy lifestyle.

Your Plan to Preventing Premature Ejaculation.
Don't pressure yourself to perform.
Make the sex conditions right for you.
Communicate with your partner about sex and talk about what you both want. Make sure that you please your partner with touching or tonguing.
Have Alternatives to Intercourse
Have sex without penetration.
Explore each other's bodies and have fun.
Don't stop having sexual contact just because you ejaculate.
Learn how your sexual responses work.
Gain control through masturbation.
Learn the ‘stop/start’ technique.
Teach your partner to slow down when you need to.
Understand the ‘point of no return’ and how to delay it.
Don't ‘Save it Up’.
Saving it up’ won't make it more reliable. Frequent masturbation is actually recommended.
If you can control your ejaculation while you masturbate, you have the potential to control it during intercourse.
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