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Shark Tank Bios

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We all love a tale of the American dream, where the boy next door turns $10 into $10 million, and the girl next door invents something that will change the world. The hit TV show Shark Tank is the place where these dreams turn into reality or sometimes into a ‘reality check’.
Budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to those who have ‘been there done that’ and are now ‘The Sharks'. These experienced entrepreneurs use their knowledge and instinct to decide if they will invest in the businesses being pitched.
While it is fascinating to see the drama unfolding in the tank, it is even more fascinating to go behind the scenes and find out how The Sharks made their millions.
From the humble fields of Croatia to the tough streets of New York, The Sharks each have their story to tell. You will be inspired by what they have achieved and the challenges that have shaped them.
Shark Tank Bios brings together numerous articles, speeches and interviews to give you a glimpse inside The Sharks’tanks in an unauthorized yet compelling read.

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