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App Development For Beginners
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A Step-by-Step guide to starting your own App Business and generating passive income towards achieving your financial freedom!

So you want to start your own App Business? Have a great App idea that you want to develop but have no idea where to start? Well look no further!

The App Development for Beginners EBook was written for Beginners by a Beginner!

There are countless books available on the subject of App Development that provide great examples of success stories which generate reader interest however they don’t show you how its done!

This EBook takes you through the steps required to start your own App Business, learn how to harness your creative thinking and the resources required in order for you to create and achieve success with your Apps.

• Follow the guidelines to properly set up the basics of an App Business before you take the leap into App Development

• Learn how to develop your own Apps without knowing how to create a single line of code

• Assemble an experienced team required to help build all the aspects of your App Business

• Steps to complete before Submitting your App to the App Store and the process of making sure your App has the best chance of becoming a hit!

• Methods to increase your passive income streams within your Apps

• A complete Resources Guide to the best websites and tools to develop your App Development knowledge and App Business

App Development for Beginners will provide you with the knowledge of how to go about starting your very own App Business and begin creating the next successful mobile App generating passive income for your financial freedom!

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ISBN: 9781301061198
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App Development For Beginners - Jason Sidebottom

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The Beginnings of a New App Business

I have always dreamed of achieving financial freedom and have invested a great deal of time / money into trading on the share-market, buying real estate investments, get rich quick schemes and the list goes on.

So far these initiatives have provided limited results however developing Android Apps was something I hadn’t ever dreamed of doing!

By chance I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend who was having great success as an App Developer creating Apps within a niche market that he was involved in. After showing me that he was making significant profits selling Android applications, and I mean significant, I was hooked.

After little encouragement from my friend I decided that I needed to take a risk and take the plunge into App Development. What did I have to lose?

What business operates 24 hours / 7 days a week and has a potential target market audience spanning across the entire world?

What business continues to make a passive income while you’re asleep???

The trend in today’s society of consumers utilizing their smartphone to accomplish day-to-day tasks, staying in contact with friends via Facebook / Twitter and keeping themselves entertained has created a billion dollar industry for Mobile Applications. This will continue to increase in popularity due to the developments in mobile technology being capitalized upon by businesses aiming to stay ahead of the competition.

As the world changes there are opportunities that will arise and its up to you to make the most of these by creating successful mobile Apps!

This App Development for Beginners E-Book attempts to highlight all the basics and important information that you will need to know in order to start your own App Business. Most of the E-Books that are currently available today, discuss the success stories of App Developers who have created an App that went viral however they don’t go into detail to inform the reader how to do it themselves!

The content for this E-Book was specifically recorded step by step by a beginner for beginners. I trust this information you find will help you enormously towards creating your very own profitable App Business.


Setting up an App Business from scratch!

Tools of the Trade

Having the correct equipment can be a significant barrier to entry as it is costly to own a Laptop Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone. Without these to use as tools in creating, testing and assessing your applications you simply cannot begin.

You will find that the costs associated with App Development can become quite expensive therefore many people are scared off by this or never progress past their first App.

Eg. Costs associated with App Development (US $)


Laptop Computer




Mobile Phone


Google play Store Developer Fee


App Development Cost (Minimum)



Website Hosting Fees (Annual - Used to Promote Apps)


Website Domain Registration Fee


App Website Template Files (Creating Websites)


Total: $3507.35

The essentials listed above are necessary to be fully setup in order to run an App Business. Gaining an extensive