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Game Theory and Strategy for Business Explained
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Do you feel as if your work life is not quite as productive as it could be? You go to work every day, but you feel like your business is absolutely not booming? Trust me, I know how that feels, and I know that this is the book that will change your career for the better! In this book, I talk about game theory for business, a proven strategic method that really works. You can use game theory to boost your work life permanently, and learn how to make good decisions that will benefit you—something that everyone should know how to do. In this book, you’ll learn: - An introduction to the basic concepts of game theory - A brief history of game theory - Nash equilibrium for business strategies - Competitive games - Noncompetitive games - Practical application of game theory - And lots more! No more procrastinating. Read this book!

Published: Fikretcan Akdeniz on
ISBN: 9781311845832
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Game Theory and Strategy for Business Explained - Can Akdeniz

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If you are someone that has been struggling with their work life, then this book is going to help you so, so much.

Even if you haven’t had any particularly big problems with your job at the moment, this book will help you to rid yourself of that unsatisfied feeling you get when you get home from work, as well as rid yourself of your unproductiveness and help you optimize each day in order to achieve the very best that you possibly can.

No more coming home from work feeling unfulfilled and irritated. When you read this book and apply all of the knowledge in it in real life, you will feel completely satisfied with how the day was spent.

Why, you ask?

Well, because you will have spent it in a well thought out, strategic manner using the game theory—a well renowned strategy that can be used by anyone, no matter what type of career you have, no matter what type of a person you are. Game theory has been used by many people for years and has won some extraordinary awards for its amazing ideas.

If you can begin to implement game theory into your work life, you will have a significant edge over all of your competitors. You will be able to outsmart them, and remain one step ahead of them no matter what. You will become the very best asset at your workplace, someone irreplaceable!

So, if you are a manager, an employee, a business owner looking for a foolproof business strategy to amp up their business so that it is more successful, this book is an absolute must-read. And by the terms ‘employee’ and ‘business owner’, I don’t necessarily mean that you have to work at or own a large business. It could be something small, too, like a little shop or a snack bar.