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A Layman’s Guide to The Right to Information Act, 2005

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The Right to Information Act, 2005, enacted by the Government of India, has become powerful tool in the hands of a common man in fighting corruption and keeping a tab over the functioning of the Governments at the center and at various states in India. The Right to Information Act, 2005 provides ample powers to the authorities established under it, to punish the guilty for non abidance of the provisions and tenets of the Act. Though the Act is very efficacious, the layman finds it difficult to have his way around the intricacies of the Act. Even the Government officials and officers established under the Act are to found to have difficulty in understanding their rights and duties under the Act. This Book is a Common man's approach to the Right to Information Act, 2005. This Book is aimed at simplifying the concepts under the Act and thereby making the Act easier to understand. This Book also comes with ready drafts of applications for information, appeals before the appellate authority and the Commissions established under the Act and the bare act appended at the end for easy reference.

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