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FITNAMICS: Brought to you by Nike
By: Nicholas Daley, Tyler Hughes,
Sara Mackie, Tracy Reardon, Brayden
Van Winkle


April 31st, 2013
Dear Tommy Kain,
Enhancing the quality of the brand image of Nike is never something to look past. This is
why we bring you FITNAMICS. To carry on with this event we will team up with The Jim and
Juli Boeheim Foundation to benefit children with cancer in the Central New York Area. Having
kids participate in an athletic event hosted by Nike to benefit other children is not only going to
enhance our brand image, but increase brand loyalty and in the long run, our sales. FITNAMICS
will benefit Nike as a whole as well as the Central New York Area with the hopes of expansion.
We greatly appreciate your time in reading our proposal further.


The Public Relations Department

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Event information
Organizational Vision
Organizational Mission
Organizational Culture
Organizational Goals
Market Assessment
Market Selection Decisions
Smart Objectives
Marketing Mix Decision
Service Decisions- Quality Assurance
Technology Enhancements
Sales Management
Sales Method
Product Sampling
Customer Relationship Plan
Risk Management
Incremental Revenue
Evaluation and Control
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Chart 6
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Executive Summary
As Nike, we are bringing to you a new idea. This idea is FITNAMICS! FITNAMICS is a
company that promotes healthy living at a young age through physical and mental challenges.
FITNAMICS, as a new and upcoming company that provides healthy and active habitats in
children where they can reach out to use our, ‘Nike’s’, products. FITNAMICS is looking forward
to interacting with local area schools in the Cortland area to get their schools a part of this new
and uprising company. Events will be held at their local schools and championship rounds will
be held at Syracuse University’s Manley Field House.
Our company is trying to give Nike a new image on giving back to the community. Our
event will donate all money to the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation that helps serve Central
New York children who are in need. The event will be put together in a timely and orderly
fashion that will only bring positive feedback from our audience.
Not only is this going to create a healthy living for young children, but also give publicity
to Nike. This event will increase Nike’s brand image and loyalty amongst our consumers. This

will also bring a new market to Nike, because it is giving us a new view on people, giving back
to the community. Overall Nike will only benefit from our new feature that our new branch has
to offer.

A common goal of many people in the society we live in today is to live a lifestyle that
keeps them fit and healthy. There are many organizations out there that try to get this message
across but only a few are well recognized for their contributions. One of them is the organization
we work for that is well known not only in the sports industry but in many others as well.
We are Nike and we are here to promote a side of Nike that has not been prominent in our
marketing and advertising thus far; the side being one that promotes a healthier and more active
lifestyle for the youth of today. Our mission statement reads as follows “to bring inspiration and
innovation to every athlete in the world.” As we partner up with the Jim and Juli foundation,
which has a mission statement that has similar goals and states, “the Jim and Juli Boeheim
Foundation strives to enrich the lives of kids…” we believe that we can put on an event unlike
any other.
Our main underlying goal is to reach out to kids and promote healthy habits at a young
age creating healthier living for their future. With this turnkey event, we will tour the country in

relation with kids, supporting non-profit coaches and teams as well as their foundations.
Although this seems to be simple, we have not yet put on an event like this before. Our branch is
still in the introduction phase and we are hoping that this first event will put us at a good
standing and make it clear that we should keep doing them.
In addition, being in the introductory phase of our new event, we have no previous
numbers to go off of and mistakes to learn from. It is hard to go through an event like this
without running into obstacles and issues along the way. Although mistakes are the best way to
learn, we do not want too many to occur, because that could lead to negative outcomes and the
end of our event. We want just enough issues and obstacles that will help us make the event grow
into something bigger and better every year on after. To aid in doing this we have planned the
first “FITNAMICS” event that Nike has ever put on. The plan is to start locally in the city of
Cortland, New York with our original plan and gradually work our way to larger scale events
adapting the entire event to cover more area.
We, at Nike and the Jim and Juli Foundation have a perfect fit in the makings and
creations of this event. We have put together something that could be seen as a mini child’s
Olympics. It would start out at the local middle schools in the surrounding Cortland area. These
schools would have a competition within themselves to see whom the three boys and three girls
would be to represent each school. The schools participating in the event would be Homer,
Dryden, Cortland, Marathon, Tully and Lansing. When the schools have found their teams of six,
they would fund raise to get $300 to enter into the event we are hosting.

Event Information
Through this first phase of our event, children and communities will learn the importance
of working together as a team as well as how to participate in healthy competition. These types
of activities will help enforce our main goal and make children realize the importance of the
equilibrium of a healthy mind and body. Competition can get tough even for kids of that age, but
to maintain a competitive spirit in a way that pushes them to their limits and beyond is a staple
that should be instilled in them at a young age.
Our FITNAMICS event is a physical and mental test to make sure that the healthy body
and healthy mind balance is enhanced and promoted throughout the entire competition. We have
a series of five events that will be the framework for the entire experience. The five events have
been carefully selected by the members of our public relations team to ensure that our goals are
reinforced throughout the entire competition. The five events we have chosen are a mini cross fit,
basketball, strategic obstacle course, relay race and puzzle.

The mini cross fit is purely active. The children will be pushed beyond what they ever
thought they could achieve when competing in this leg of the competition. The pros of cross fit
workouts are that they promote intensity, effort, community and they are always
multidimensional. Each and every one of these traits can support our main goal and that is why it
was chosen to be a part of the 5-tier event. As we mentioned previously, community is one of the
biggest parts of this entire production and without the backing of their communities, each school
would not have been able to get to where they needed to for the final FITNAMICS competition.
Basketball is a teamwork-oriented sport. It will promote healthy communication,
complex thought processes and physically being able to keep up with the fast pace of the game.
Most of the time, getting kids to exercise is not the hard part; it is keeping them attentive and
making them want to stick with something for a long period of time. Basketball is a great way to
do that because new things are happening at all times; so, if they do not pay attention or if they
do not hustle and communicate they will start to do poorly. If they see that this is happening they
will quickly see what they need to change in order to excel and do better. This type of thought
and physical activity is extremely healthy for anybody and is a great way to keep the kids
engaged in what they are doing.
The strategic obstacle course is clearly a combination of physical and mental strength,
patience and once again teamwork. The best part about this segment of the event is that the
children are using so many more muscles and so much more brainpower at the same time.
Without a doubt the strategic obstacle is physically and mentally draining for someone of any
age, but for a child in middle school, it would be one of the hardest things they have ever had to
face up until that point. Going through that and pushing the envelope could open so many doors
for them and teach them that they really do not have any limits to what they can achieve. Being

able to physically and mentally tell your body you can keep going and power through something
is one of the hardest tasks anyone can do. For a child in the middle school age group, if they can
at least push themselves at a vigorous pace, it could be extremely life changing for them. It will
boost their confidence and give them a sense of self-worth that they have never felt before.
The relay race or distance medley relay is an event where the participants on each team
will compete together in a relay race. Each member runs a different distance so again this is a
combination of physical and mental strength. The children will physically be running, but they
have to strategically place the runners in an order that will be the best fit for them to win.
Motivation is most definitely a key aspect in the relay race. Some of the kids might feel like they
are not going to do well and might let down their team, but if they just have the support and
motivation from their teammates, it could really change their attitude towards this specific
Last but not least is the puzzle. The puzzle is deceiving because although it may sound
like it is purely a mental challenge; the rules of it make it physically taxing as well. This puzzle
will be made up of 15 pieces and the children will put it together to create our logo. The rules for
the puzzle are where the physical activity comes into play. The kids will only be allowed to grab
one puzzle piece at a time from the bin of pieces that is some distance away from them. If they
cannot find where that one piece goes, they must run it back to the bin and come back with a
different one. This will make it more challenging, physically as well as mentally. They will have
to remember which pieces they tried and which ones they have not, as well as remembering if a
piece they already tried might fit in a new one that they have put down.

Our logo is designed to resemble the significance of multiple pieces coming together to
create a strong unit. By putting together the pieces of the logo, it creates a strong bonded
component that is extremely structurally sound that there is no possible chance it can break. This
is represented in the children as they work together to complete each individual task and try and
finish the entire competition as a team where everyone contributes and everyone is supported by
one another.
Each school has their own individual competition that is internal to their community and
student body. Then whomever they decide to have in charge will choose the team to advance to
the finals at Syracuse Manley Field House in Syracuse, New York. We figured that having the
final competition at a college campus, it would attract many college students as well as the
surrounding community of Syracuse. Syracuse is one of the many sports cities that go all out for
their teams and athletics and the fact that we are partnered with Jim Boeheim it would stimulate
an interest that would create a huge crowd.
The team who wins will get free samples of the products that we at Nike are giving out to
people who come to the event. We would also get the winning school new Nike uniforms for the
following sports seasons as well as equipment and footwear. This will help promote our company
and show that we are giving back to the community that participated in the event. Hopefully this
kind of community relations work will stimulate talk and hype for our organization and get more
of the world to think Nike.
We are asking that each team donate $300 as an “entry fee” and that fee along with any
other donations people want to give will be the amount given to the foundation. We will be
donating all the funds raised to the Jim and Juli Foundation that way people can feel like they are

helping a cause instead of feeling like they have to pay for the entertainment at the event. By
asking for donations instead of charging an upfront fee or charge when people arrive to the event,
we are hoping that they feel more incline to want to donate a little bit. By reducing the demand
on the money, we believe that this will make people more likely to be generous and help the
cause we are promoting.
We would also have students from the surrounding colleges that are in athletic training
and sport studies/management programs working the event. Just like Cortland does with their
sport management majors, students of the surrounding colleges in those programs will be able to
gain hours and experience through this event. We will also have a few select childhood education
and physical education majors as well, if they choose to help in any way. For these students, this
event could be eye opening and give them insight into a possible future and what it will be like to
work with kids of that age group.
Our company, Nike, is one that is very well known just like we previously stated. In fact,
we at Nike have a brand value of $15,000,000,000 according to The World’s Most Valuable
Sports Brands by Forbes. Our organization at Nike has an industry leading 38% share of the
branded footwear market and has just recently replaced Reebok as the NFL’s licensed-apparel
marker in a five-year deal. Also, our logo of the “swoosh” which makes our product stand out
from the competitors is a symbol that almost anybody, anywhere could recognize. Our company
also has many famous athletes that work in unison with us under contract and sponsorships.
Some of the athletes that we sponsor are Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Serena Williams, and
Michael Jordan. Our company has a high perceived quality from athletes to just the general
public. We were committed to design shoes and gear according to peoples athletic or everyday
needs. Our team has listened to athletes and designed equipment that satisfies their needs for

high performance. This type of attention to our target market is the main reason behind why we
got to be so dominant in the industry.
Using this type of attention to detail and consumer needs, we are hoping that from the
first event to the second and so on, we can listen to the participants as well as the people who
help staff our event to make it as well known and as well liked of an event that it can be. We also
believe that having Carmelo Anthony, who has been a part of the Jim and Juli foundation as well
as a sponsored athlete of our organization, either host the event or make a guest appearance will
enhance the overall turnout and desire to come and donate to the cause.

Organizational Vision
Nike imposes a strong vision statement towards its company that they try to establish
with each new product they deliver to their consumers. The statement is, “to carry on his legacy
of innovative thinking, whether to develop products that help athletes of every level of ability
reach their potential, or to create business opportunities that set Nike apart from the competition
and provide value for our shareholders (Nike).” The creation of this new and upcoming branch of
Nike that our company is trying to reach focuses on the aspect of separating ourselves from our
competitors. Although we are a branch of Nike, we established our own vision of our company.
A statement we developed is, “to promote a healthy living for young individuals who will have
the potential to meet new people while having fun at the same time.”

Organizational Mission
Nike’s mission statement is straightforward, “to bring inspiration and innovation to every
athlete* in the world (Nike).” It seems as though we are only trying to attract those interested in
fitness, exercise, and athletics. The asterisk next to the word ‘athlete’ indicates a quote from a
man by the name of Bill Bowerman. This quote is, “if you have a body, you’re an athlete.”
Therefore, our products and opportunities aim at everyone in the world. Much like our vision
statement, our branch has created our own mission statement as well, “to spread our charitable
event around the country so that other foundations can benefit from our ideas.”

Organizational Culture
Our organization plans to have a warm and welcoming culture at our event at Syracuse
University. The money raised will be donated to the Jim and Juli Foundation, which is a
charitable foundation that “strives to enrich the lives of kids in need within our Central New
York Community, as well as, provide support for eliminating cancer through research and
advocacy (Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation).” The background behind this company provides
great support for our new Nike branch. Starting locally in the Cortland region, our managers will
contact local schools about our upcoming event via email. In addition, a manger will go to each
school to present our event, bringing excitement to the kids and schools. Once the teams are
selected for each school to travel to Syracuse University for our finals competition, a welcoming
off the bus of Head Basketball Coach of Syracuse University Jim Boeheim will set the bar for
our culture throughout the whole event. On top of that, our guest speaker, Carmelo Anthony, will
bring great enjoyment to the kids and spectators. No admission fee to see these kids perform in

our event is necessary, but since our company is trying to fundraise for a charitable foundation,
we will be accepting donations throughout the entire event.
A competitive atmosphere will be developed through the students participating in the
event for the pride of their school. Although it will be competitive, no aggressive actions will be
tolerated throughout the competitions. Since the event is going to be located at the Syracuse
Manley Field House, a great facility will bring a smile to the participants and spectators faces. It
is a little kid’s dream to play at such a facility at such a young age and only joy will come out of
their expressions. At some point, Coach Boeheim will speak to everyone participating or
watching this event. He will speak briefly about his foundation and how grateful he is to have
such an event for his charity. In addition he will discuss how he is grateful to be a part of our
event, bring enthusiasm to the students. His final words will address the environment that our
event plans to emphasize throughout the competition. Next, due to the contract that Nike has
with Carmelo Anthony, he will speak at event as well, free of cost. At the conclusion of our
competitions, brief announcements will be aroused to the crowd. The announcements will be
made about how satisfied we are with the outcome of our event and thanking everyone for their
contribution to its success. Finally, we will mention the amount of money raised for the charity
and strive how appreciative we are from the generous donations that we received to reach such a
goal that could not have been done without everyone’s contributions.

Organizational Goals
As an organization, our main goal is to promote a healthy living starting from a young
age. The competitions that offer to the students deal with both physical and mental strength. The
physical aspect will deal with exercising factors while the mental part will deal with strategic
factors that cause the brain to work collectively amongst each group of students. Although our
overall goal is to promote a healthy living throughout individuals, our company is looking to
reach much more than that goal. We will look at the goal of raising a reasonable donation to the
Jim and Juli foundation to contribute to the health and studies of kids in the Central New York
community. On top of all of these goals, since we are a branch off Nike, our company looks
forward to gaining publicity for Nike as a whole.

Nike is a sport wear powerhouse, in which normally seen as a company satisfying our
consumers, but never giving back to our community. Hosting an event like this will raise Nike’s
publicity to even further expectations because they are finally giving back to the community.
This will create a clean and caring image that Nike may have had before, but increases the
feeling over their consumers positively. For example, showing that we are generous and willing
to contribute to such a great foundation like the Jim and Juli Foundation shows that we are not
just about ourselves, but the needy as well. This creates a great brand image on Nike, and one
that can possibly increase our sales even more. Establishing an event like this shows the
community our willingness to help charitable foundations out. By doing so with the event that
we will be hosting at Syracuse, it gives the potential for our sales on products to increase.
Showing that we care for our community will satisfy our community, allowing them to act to our
company first by creating a positive image on the Nike brand name. Our overall goal is to
promote a healthy living from the start at a young age, but we are also looking at creating
positive publicity for Nike by donating to the Jim and Juli Foundation.

Market Assessment
Our event has multiple markets and long term versus short term products being offered.
With our primary product consisting of advertisement during the event as well as the
entertainment provided by the children and the presence of Carmelo Anthony, our primary
market is mainly going to be local businesses looking to donate to the charity as well as benefit
from doing so. The local business can be located anywhere in the Central New York area, but
with our strongest selling efforts being focused on those in the school districts of those
participating along with places that surround the University. The reasoning behind this is because
if these companies know that their advertisement or name will be read by people surrounding
their area they are more inclined to believe that their efforts are with reason. For example,
Mark’s Pizzeria may not advertise with us if it were only being read by those in Syracuse
because there are other pizza shops at their convenience. This also goes for Olympia Sports,

located in Cortland because there is a Dick’s Sporting Goods to benefit those closer to the
Syracuse Mall.
Our secondary market includes those attending the event. Not only will they most likely
donate to the cause but they will hopefully purchase Nike brand products in the future. Having
Nike partner with the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation, we expect a large attendance to this
event. With that we hope to increase sales within Nike on retail. The secondary market is our
attendance. At first we must reach out to them with the primary product of the event to get them
to the stadium, in order to influence them to increase their brand loyalty with Nike. This aspect
of our target market can be broken down for the individual’s interests, but for Nike’s sake we
have one goal, increase sales. With our name heading this charity event we are hoping to get
people to go out and purchase. We want to increase brand usage from the consumers and make
all of our products well known along with increasing the quality of our brand image. By targeting
the audience that will range from 12 over 55 years in age, one technique will not work for all.
This is why these markets must be broken down into segments demographically and
geographically. The older the consumer in this age bracket, the more likely they are going to
have disposable income to spend. Giving them a taste at the product such as a t-shirt, water bottle
or having one lucky person win one of our Nike Fuel bands. Having only a select few winners
will ideally have those surrounding obtain a desire for the product creating an impulse buy when
they leave the event.
In order to move forward with this event we conducted a SWOT analysis to make sure there
were more positives then negatives and to be prepared for those negatives we did have. Our
strengths start with the fact that The Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation has a very strong
following in the Central New York area. This following is centralized in Syracuse considering

Jim Boeheim is the coach of the Syracuse University Basketball team. Extending out from the
basketball team we are bringing back a former player, Carmelo Anthony. As Nike has a Personal
Service Agreement with Anthony it requires no additional cost to us, which is important. Since
the direct profit from the event is being donated to the foundation. These Personal Service
Agreements will aid us in our expansion as well as we can hopefully get someone with a strong
following in the area to be a commentator at the event.
Moving on to our weaknesses we find that our biggest weakness is that our entertainment for
the evening is kids participating in athletic activities. Of course the parents are going to come but
the remainder of our attendance is at risk for being low. Also with this being our first time we
will just be in our introduction phase with the event so we cannot expect it to be as successful as
it would be in years to come when we have a stronger following. Carmelo Anthony will
hopefully deduct this weakness and bring in those athletes in the age segment from 18-30 as
some may view him as a role model and follow him throughout his season.
As we look into aspects of the event we find many opportunities including expansion.
Expansion is something Nike would like to take advantage of. Creating a better brand image
across the country, not just in the Central New York area. As we expand we have the opportunity
to reach out to different charities and take advantage of our Personal Service Agreement with
other athletes.
As we continue into looking into aspects of the event that Nike cannot directly control we
find that the threats to FITNAMICS involve other sources of entertainment. We must give people
a reason to come to our event rather than watching a game on TV, going to a concert, movie,
bowling etc. On May 4th, Symphony Syracuse does have their spring series, which in turn could

redirect some of our target market, especially those in the segment of 30-50 with their disposable
income. This affects both our long run and short run goals. Another threat is being without initial
donations. Will we get to the companies before other local causes do? We as Nike must make
them see why donating to this foundation is in their best interest. Not only will their name be
attached to ours for this event, but if they reach a certain level of a donation, they will receive
advertisements sent out directly to people in their area that are at the event and help enrich the
lives of children through the Boeheim foundation.
In our analysis of this information we have found that our strengths overcome those threats
and weaknesses that have given us the clear decision to move forward with the event. The
challenge of it being our first time running event happens every time a new event comes to the
scene; however it is a risk that we must take. We believe that our product of entertainment,
supporting a charity along with give-a-ways etc. are enough to draw in a large enough crowd and
donations to make our first year successful. Since we are not looking to draw a direct profit for
our organization from this event, any donation for this charity and in the long run for our brand
image is worthwhile.
Our competition may not be direct for this event but we must take into account that Syracuse,
being such a busy area with so many events, having a high attendance may be threatened. In
order to assure this will not have the greatest possible effect on the FITNAMICS event May 4th,
2013 we have broken down our competition into two categories at which we have kept at a
minimum; direct and indirect.
There is no other event that replicates ours, however there are other events occurring in the
Central New York area on a Saturday. We have direct competition coming in two directions;

these being other charity events, other events that our target audience may have causing a
conflict. Please refer to chart 5 in the appendix to view the full list of direct competition for May
4th, 2013.
Indirect competition may be our bigger battle. Having the city of Syracuse offers so much
there are always going to be other sources of entertainment that may distract people’s attention
from FITNAMICS. These include bowling, movies, dinners, exhaustion people face after a hard
day etc. Our task is to now make our event irresistible to our target market.
As we look for sponsors for the event and those who will be donating to the charity, we can
separate this into two categories, these being businesses and citizens. We were able to split these
two categories into segments to further attend to their needs.

Market Selection Decisions
For the businesses we are able to receive donations from we will market this as sponsorship
for the event with them knowing the money will be going directly to the foundation in their
name. Here they can choose at which level they would like to support the foundation. Their ad
can be found in the program, as signage, or with announcements from our commentators. These
will each require a certain donation in order to reach a level. These can be found on chart 4 in the
appendix. This leads them into being in the benefits segmentation. We would use personal selling
to target these businesses in the surrounding areas. People can throw away a letter, but if Nike is
able to develop a relationship with these businesses and describe the importance of the event it is
less likely to be put on the backburner. This includes all local businesses in the Syracuse area, as
well as those surrounding each of the schools participating; Homer, Dryden, Cortland, Marathon,

Tully and Lansing. The full list of all local businesses we are in contact with can be found on
chart 6 in the appendix. It is in this segment where we expect to receive the bulk of the donations
to support the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation. These donations are those that are over $100
and these people do not necessarily attend the event
For individuals or families who are looking to donate there is no minimal donation necessary,
but contact before the event is still necessary if they wish to appear in the program. In this
segment we can place each of the schools. Asking each to hold a jar in their office or lobby for
anonymous donations to be made in the name of the school. Here we will place our phone
number and information for all those who would like to make a larger donation in their own
name. This is how we will be reaching out to the respective communities as well. All those who
donate prior to the event will be thanked in the program. It is in this segment that we will include
the local business that do not wish to make the donation necessary for signage, announcements
or a larger ad in the program.
Those who attend the event we are looking for long term support of the Nike brand. This is
not only going to be those who will donate to the foundation in support of the cause, but to use
Nike to help that happen. Since the event is to promote a healthy lifestyle using psychographic
segmentation we have decided our attendance should maintain a high capacity of athletic people.
This includes but is not limited to; those who just joined a local YMCA or gym and those
families who attend their summer camps. We plan to lure them in with the promotional give-aways, of apparel, gadget etc. We hope by attracting these people to the event sponsored by Nike
when they go to purchase their gear to train in, Nike is their first choice. Using demographic
segmentation we were able to break up the ages of 12-50 in different categories. Those from 1218 will be brought by their parents who may usually buy the cheaper brand for their child’s

cleats, shorts, cold gear etc. By attracting them to this event they may win something, notice the
quality and we may be able to boost their brand loyalty. Then we reach the 18-30 segment which
includes those with an already active lifestyle, here we are able to preset our new gadgets and
possibly with a give-a-way it will encourage others to go out and try the product. This segment
will be made up of the innovators. We then lead into the broadest spectrum of 30-50. Individuals
in this age group usually have a job with some sort of disposable income. We want to increase
their brand loyalty and direct that disposable income into our stores. We can do this with coupons
and discount codes, making the consumer more likely to make a purchase they may have been
hesitant about. Lastly, through geographic segmentation we will be targeting those in the Central
New York area with their connection to Carmelo Anthony and then the subdivisions of this
segment would include each school district participating to cheer on their fellow classmates.
Each of these segments has been grouped strategically based on their reasoning of the event
and the benefits they may receive. For example the local businesses in the benefits
segmentation, receive advertising, no business should ever be in the position to turn down
advertising, especially when the cost is going directly to a foundation to help children in their
area. Next we face the demographic segmentation, although each of these segments are broad,
they relate in terms of what sort of relationship Nike will be able to develop with them through
this process, in the end which increases brand loyalty from each segment. The geographic
segment however may respond in two different ways. So here we further divide them into
Anthony fans and hometown fans. How we promote the event to them should be to face their
desires. For example in the areas where a school will not be participating such has the city of
Syracuse, we will intensify the fact that one of their former stars, now professional basketball
player will be present, and for those from the school, this will be mentioned of course but there

will be a greater emphasis on school support. We will be able to do this by having sections for
each of the schools to sit in.
Each of these segments is sizable, not too large and not too small. Each of them can be
narrowed down to a specific reason of how this event will benefit them, so there is a reason to
come. They are all reachable as well, for example local businesses’ are just a phone call away, or
a representative in the area can spend a day in each town as a spokesperson. School support can
be fostered in each individual community; support for Anthony is as simple as radio
announcements, word of mouth and flyers in local shops.
In the eye of the consumer we would like to position Nike is a way that shows we care about
not only a healthy lifestyle but emphasize the start of one. After always putting emphasis on
making a stronger athlete, Nike should now pop into the heads of the consumer when they are
thinking of just starting out their journey or continuing it. We want to appeal to any consumer no
matter the age or skill level. We want the beginner runner to come in looking for Nike shoes as
well as those who have been training for 30 years. To do this the slogan of our campaign with the
Boeheim Foundation will be: Nike has teamed up with the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation to
enrich the lives of children by promoting a healthy and active lifestyle with an early start. For all
those who see the advertisements for the FITNAMICS event, we want them to directly think of
the cause and indirectly keep Nike in the back of their head. We plan to complete this tactic with
our advertising, which can be found on chart 3 in the appendix.

SMART Objectives
As we looked at in class, a way to develop proper objectives is by using the SMART
method. A SMART objective is, “developing specific, measurable objectives requires time,
orderly thinking, and a clear picture of the results expected from program activities (”
Let us start with the letter ‘S’, specific details of what we are going to do for whom. This
correlates with our main goal; we are targeting small kids to start a healthy living at a young age.
By doing so with an event such as what we are hosting gives us the opportunity to also support a
charitable foundation to help individuals struggling in the world out. Next, is the ‘M’, is our
event going to be measurable? Our companies’ objective will be clearly measurable by charts 1
and 2 located in our appendix. Following that is ‘A’, will we achieve our goals with the
obstacles we will have to face. Since Syracuse is going to donate the facilities to host the event at
their location, our biggest expense is paid for without spending a penny. On top of that, we as
Nike are a wealthy company, so expenses should not be that much of a problem, so creating
merchandise for staff and others to wear should not be a problem. Generally all of the equipment
for the events that the students will compete in can be given by our own organization, Nike.

Therefore, expenses should not be a problem and we should be able to attain a successful event,
using other donations from Syracuse University. Following that is ‘R’, is our event relevant to
what our goal as a company is? In a case like ours, our event is extremely relevant to what our
goal as an organization is, create a healthy living and raise money for a great charity. Finally is
the ‘T’, which is timing or when the objective will be accomplished. Once our managers speak to
each school, it will be the schools objective to gather their own team, as our company will have
nothing to do with those outcomes. We will continuously remain in contact with the schools to
see how everything is operating and making sure the deadlines are met for certain information
we need to obtain to create a successful event. We will have the finals on May 4, the one and
only day that students and schools will participate at Syracuse University for all the marbles.
Therefore, all of our SMART objectives will be met, creating a great plan and maintaining our
goals to accomplish a memorable event for all.

Marketing Mix Decisions
Product: FITNAMICS is a charitable event that will promote Nike products as well as
raise funds for the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation. Nike is looking to get a better reputation
as for giving back to charity and the support of Syracuse is a great kick-off for similar events.
We not only offer people a different scope into a way of healthy choices in fitness, but showing
the Nike brand as having products that can help people achieve their goal of health. The kids
participating in the event will be wearing Nike shoes and clothing as part of sponsorship and the
products will be available to purchase for outside consumers. The Jim and Juli Boeheim
Foundation offer more of services to the community than a product. However, after the initial
event they help children in need of health services and assist the community with making it a
healthier place to live. Essentially, the products will complement each other, as Nike will raise
brand awareness and funds for the foundation.
Price: Although there is no initial price for our product, as it is more of raising awareness
for both the Nike brand and the foundation. The Nike brand is known for having quality
products and having a medium pricing strategy that may help our cause for connecting Nike to

healthy living. As our company is not known for its charity involvement, our brand is trying to
promote the shoe and clothing lines and distinguish it as a physically fit lifestyle. Our event is
dependent on sponsors and donations, as the facility is donated by Syracuse University because
of the non-profit event we are holding on their premises. The equipment may be donated by the
schools and sport gear sponsors as their name will be featured on the equipment and a banner
around the facility. The foundation is more focused on giving back to the community and taking
the funds raised to benefit those in need. Our target market is the Syracuse community and they
are looking to receive appreciation for attending the event and donating their time and money.
There will be no initial revenue for Nike from the event, other than merchandise sales and brand
awareness. The Jim and Juli Foundation benefit by being able to execute their mission and
providing a better life for those who they can assist.
Place: The main event is to be held at the J.S. Coyne Field in Syracuse, New York. The
individual events are held at the schools facilities as an in-house competition. As Jim Boeheim is
such a large part of the Syracuse community and his name is well known, the location in
Syracuse should draw a bigger crowd and raise more awareness for the community and the
foundation. By bringing the Nike brand and products to Syracuse, the consumers are more likely
to be interested in buying the products of Nike. The NCAA has a big connection with Nike, as
Nike sponsors the Syracuse University in providing jerseys and other athletic apparel for the
various teams. As we will display merchandise at the event, the consumers will have direct
access to the Nike product and there is no better way to expose consumers to a brand than to
bring it directly to them. Although competitors may try to create similar events, the Nike brand
will have the first association and a connection to healthy living. Central New York has a dense
population and the community shows great support for their local teams. As Nike is looking to

expand to international markets, the first event will be critical in determining the success of
future events and what changes need to be made as far as all aspects.
Promotion: Promoting our event will be essential to gaining attendance and support for
the cause. By using representatives who shall go around and talk to each school about the
competition, the event is more likely to appeal to the younger generate as they get rewards and
earn a reputation for their school. A collateral material is a media collection of brochures, ads,
social media interactions, and other promotional materials will help gain awareness for
FITNAMICS. The ads will include sponsors names and bigger donations given by local
businesses and organizations. Social media is a major part for successfully promoting our event
and getting the most for the cause. As more organizations look toward social media to attract
fans, FITNAMICS will draw the interest of people with daily posts and updates on the event.
With promoting Carmelo Anthony as a speaker at the event, more of the community will be
inclined to attend because he is a native and many people will come just to see him. As
consumers come to see Anthony, they will be exposed to Nike products and be more inclined to
buy products. Other collateral materials will include ‘leave-behinds.’ These items will include tshirts made by Nike and have the FITNAMICS logo on the chest. The shirts will be available for
purchase and connect FITNAMICS to Nike and the ultimate goal of raising brand awareness and
money for charity. Magnets and pencils will be displayed and tokens given to patrons who
attend, that feature the Jim and Juli Foundation logo and the Nike swoosh. By giving these items
to those who attend, they feel appreciated for taking time out of their day to support and good
cause and support the participating kids. The better the consumers feel when they leave the
event, the more likely they will buy more Nike products and give back to the community as they
change to a healthy lifestyle.

After the event, a dinner will be held to celebrate the victory by one school and to present
Jim and Juli with a check of the donations raised for their foundation. The dinner will feature
sponsors and family members of the participants where they will all be recognized. The more
promotions and exposure people get to Nike brand and their incorporation with giving to charity,
the brand will gain a better reputation as giving back to the community and people will in return
buy more of their products. The creative ways of promoting the event may include having kids
design t-shirts for their school, and those final designs to be worn by the representing teams in
the final event.
Public Relations: The perception of our event is family-oriented, and creating a
competitive atmosphere but also racing to help others. We are trying to create a better image for
Nike by saying that we can give back to the community and dismiss the negative practices
associated with the brand name. Collateral material in this case is a plan of action to gain public
awareness of our event is to bring the initial event to schools. Representatives from Nike will go
around to the participating schools and introduce them to the idea of FITNAMICS and the
overall goal of creating a healthy lifestyle. The kids will be informed of how they will be able to
help raise money for the foundation and the rewards they receive for participating in the event.
The finals are a big reward, by kids being able to represent their school and get state recognition
for their accomplishments. Banners will be hung around the local towns to promote a healthy
competition amongst the counties, and the final event will be the main focus for trying to draw
attention. Jim and Juli Boeheim will also be a part of these visits as they can better represent the
foundation and what their cause is for joining up with Nike. Having well-known people as the
Boeheim’s will help boost the event by attaching a name to it and encouraging people to attend
and support the kids and the foundation. Carmelo Anthony will be making a special appearance

during the final event, where he will further talk to the kids and supporters about the cause of the
event and his journey through growing up in the area. The most important idea is to connect the
people to the event and stress the idea of attending. People want to feel the appreciation for all
they do and having a connection to a charity and brand will make them feel of a status, and
increase their quality of life.
In order to leverage our event, it is important to understand the consumer and know what
their needs are. We can conduct surveys for consumers of Nike to see what products they really
like, and what new products or improvements can be made to increase their brand loyalty. As the
event is aimed to draw in families from the local communities, they will need to be catered to
and enjoy every second of the event, and have the feeling that if there was another event they
would want to come back without a question. As this is the first FITNAMICS event being held
in the area, it is essential to get feedback from the first event. As they walk out the door, there
will be slips of paper for comments on the event and a questionnaire to be filled out
anonymously so we can better our performance at the next event.
The prices for concessions will be reasonable, as we are trying to make some sort of a
profit for the foundation. Nevertheless, consumers should not have to feel like they can only buy
one or two items because the prices are outrageous. They should have the feeling that if they
need a drink or snack they can keep coming back because the prices are reasonable enough to
maintain customer reassurance their money is not being wasted. For merchandise, the prices will
fit the Nike brand and be medium price and high quality. We want people to recognize Nike as a
healthy living brand and provide quality products to our market so they will continue to buy our
products and not those of our competitors.

In order to reach a large and diverse market we must use many methods of
communication. As the mobile world continues to expand, we are looking into ways of social
media with Facebook and Twitter and incorporating the Nike website to get consumers aware of
the event. A press release will be held before the final event, where Jim and Juli Boeheim will
make announcements talk more in depth about the overall goal of the event and it purpose.
During the competition, an announcer will be mentioning sponsors names as they are very
important for making the FITNAMICS event happen. Newspapers in local towns will also be
utilized by featuring articles on the local school competition, and who is to be involved in the
final event. The more creative we can be with our advertising and personal selling the better
turnout we will have for the event and for any future events we plan to hold.

Service Decisions/ Quality Assurance
Our event has two elements that we hope to accomplish; one of them is long term and
one of them is short term. For our short-term goal we hope to get this event as well-known as
possible and gain a large enough following as to be able to make this an annual competition. In
addition to that our long-term goal is to simply make Nike a more versatile brand image and
make Nike a go to product for anyone’s needs. We are hoping that this event stimulates a new
target market that we have yet to infiltrate and get them to want to buy our products. Another
long term goal is to make this event become bigger than just the surrounding towns of Cortland
and Syracuse, but to make it become an east coast competition, then larger scale for all of the US
and then eventually expand to become a worldwide thing. This will take some period of time and
a lot of hard work but our event within the small cities of Dryden, Homer, Lansing, Marathon,
Cortland and Tully is where it all begins.
Anytime an organization has to assess their quality assurance they have to look at two
aspects. The first of these two aspects is fit for purpose which means is the event suitable for the
purpose that we are trying to get across. We believe that this event is suitable for the purpose

because of the strengths and opportunities we have outweigh the possible threats and
weaknesses. We believe our event is a strong enough of a competition that it can hold its own
and create the outcome we have intended. The second aspect of quality assurance is the right first
time, which means trying to prevent as many mistakes as possible and if we can eliminate them
before they even become an issue. We have a solid foundation and team that can overcome many
obstacles and curveballs thrown our way. We are extremely capable of handling situations and
diffusing problems in an efficient and timely manner.
Technology Enhancements
In today’s society, we see a strong movement towards the power technology has in our
world. We plan to take full advantage of all different social media resources. It is rather simple to
create a Facebook or Twitter page, in which we will have both for our company alone. One of
our managers will create these pages and spread the word out there among the community of
what we have planned for our upcoming introductory event for Nike’s new branch company. It is
important that we gain followers/likes on both media references. We will attack each social
networking device differently.
In September 2012 the social media giant, Facebook, surpassed 1 billion active monthly
users--an increase of 26% from 2011 (Olanoff, 2012). The number of subscribers in North
America accounts for approximately 20% (220 + million subscribers) of the total worldwide
subscribers. We will provide mainly all the information on our company and current updates to
notify our fans of what is going on throughout our industry to promote our event. Twitter helps
give us a feedback of what are followers like about what we are doing for our event and

company. Twitter will allow easy interaction among fans and show that their thoughts and
opinions are actually being appreciated.
On top of notifying all followers/friends from our company, Nike will be promoting our
event through their social media devices as well. This will allow us to spread the word across the
country, rather than just focusing on the Central New York area. These promotions will appeal to
many different audiences and each will have their own feelings towards the movement of Nike
being a giver, rather than a receiver. We will take full advantage of being a branch of Nike,
because this will allow the word to travel much quicker.
Sales Management
Sales management is a business discipline that is focused on the practical application of
sales techniques and the management of a firm's sales operations. It is an important business
function as net sales through the sale of products and services and resulting profit drive most
commercial business. These are also typically the goals and performance indicators of sales

Sales Method
When we created this event, we wanted to come up with a state-of-the art, unique sales
method that would attract the eye of most people. This sales method would be able to reach out
to not just one type of target audience but multiple ones or a broad target market in general.
We as a team decided that in order to help stimulate our event and influence people to
come to the event we are going to bring in Carmelo Anthony and Jim Boeheim as public
speakers of our event. The reason why we believe people will be highly influenced to come to
our event because of these people is because they both are very popular people in the local are
that our event is running in and most people are very familiar with what they have done in their
life and how successful they have been. If Jim Boeheim and Carmelo Anthony support our teams
cause then the majority of people in the local communities will have a higher belief in our cause.
Jim Boeheim and Carmelo Anthony are not just going to speak just at the finals of our
event at Syracuse University. They will also go around to the local middle schools that are
participating in the event, talk to the students, and motivate them to do their best at every event.

When people like Jim Boeheim and Carmelo Anthony approach kids of those ages, it
does not take much for them to believe what they are saying to the kids. Just because of the
stature that the both of them have speaks for itself. Most kids in these local areas grew up
watching Jim Boeheim coach Carmelo Anthony and then see Carmelo go on to the NBA. They
would love nothing more than to meet one or the both of them. The way we are going to get Jim
Boeheim to agree with what we as a team want him to go around and do would to persuade him
in a way that will point out to him how much doing this would help his and his wife’s
foundation. By going around to the supporting communities of Syracuse it will show how much
he actually cares about his surrounding communities and not just about Syracuse. It puts a very
good name on him and his wife’s foundation and on Syracuse University as a whole. As a head
basketball coach and the founder of the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation there is nothing better
than being able to create a positive look from the surrounding communities about Syracuse
University and the Jim and Juli Boeheim foundation. Jim Boeheim will also be speaking for
freebased of the fact that it will look good and promote his foundation and Syracuse University.
Carmelo Anthony will speak at our event and at the surrounding middle schools because
he is by Nike’s contract bound to speak to promote Nike’s company when they ask him to do so.
He will also be speaking for the event free, because of what is in his contract with Nike. As
powerful as Carmelo Anthony is on the basketball court he is very powerful with the people off
the basketball court as well.
When Carmelo played in Denver, he was a spokesperson for the Family Resource Center
and helped organize a Christmas party, entitled "A Very Melo Christmas," for less well-off
children. In Baltimore, Anthony hosts an annual 3-on-3 tournament, known as "Melo's H.O.O.D.
Movement 3 on 3 Challenge” and is helping fund the revitalization of a local community center

for local youth. Anthony opened "The Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center" in
Baltimore on December 14, 2006. He contributed $1.5 million to the Living Classrooms
Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides innovative hands-on-education, job-training
and community service programs for over 35,000 children, youth and young adults in the east
Baltimore community.
After the tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, He donated $35,000 to
relief efforts. He donated $1,000 per point scored against San Antonio and Houston on January 8
and 9, 2005 respectively. He also committed $3 million toward the construction of a newly
planned basketball practice facility at his old school, Syracuse University. According to the
NBA's official website, "Anthony's gift represents one of the largest individual donations to
Syracuse University Athletics and is also believed to be one of largest by a current professional
athlete to the school they attended." The practice facility will be called the Carmelo K. Anthony
Basketball Center. For charitable contributions totaling $4,282,000, he was listed as number
eight in "The Giving Back 30 List of Largest Charitable Donations by Celebrities in 2006."

Product Sampling
When our events are going on at the finals at the J. Stanley Coyne Stadium in Syracuse
University, we ‘Nike’ will be giving away product samples that will help influence more people
from the surrounding communities to come and watch the events. This will not only help create a
larger crowd but it will also make a better atmosphere for the people at the event. Everybody
loves when they receive free things at events. We will be giving away things such as t-shirts,
hats, pins, stickers, string-bags, etc.
Now at the stands that will be set up around the events they will also include our soon-tobe merchandise and apparel releases so the people at this event get a sneak preview of what will
be coming out in the future. Nobody else in the world will have seen these types of designs
before. This provides a different approach for attracting different types of people to come and be
a part of our event. There will be brochures and business cards at the stands with clearance codes
on them for people who come to the event and actually receive one of these brochures or
business cards, they will be able to use the code in the future and get a specified discount on a
future purchase they make form the Nike website. These discounts will vary from every few
brochures and business cards. They can be discounts anywhere between 5 and 15% off; it all

depends on which brochure or card that consumer receives. When they receive either one of
these brochures or cards they have to write down there name and email on a piece of paper that
we will have provided for them right there at the stand. In this case, we can generate more emails
of people that we can send our ‘Nike’ business information to in the future to help promote our

Customer Relationship Plan
Customer relationship management is a model for managing a company’s interactions
with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and
synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. Customer relationship
management is also an imperative business function that forms and develops a mutually
beneficial relationship between a provider and a client. The significance of a customer
relationship plan has grown from simple customer service to an integrated solution, which
establishes a level of trust in forming long-term relationships and identifying additional business
opportunities. While a customer relationship plan is not a formal tenet of project management, it
is an area that can be used by an organization to compliment the products or services it provides
through various projects.
For our event at Syracuse University, we will target our customers through social media
and the emails that we receive from the people at the event. With all the emails that we receive
from the people at the event, we will send them an email once the event has ended, asking those
specific people to take a quick two-minute survey about how their experience was. This survey
will have questions on requiring ratings of one to five, five being the best and one being the

worst. The questions will consist, how were the events organized and how were the events run?
How was the overall event? At the end of the questionnaire there will be a section for them to
provide us with any suggests or thoughts that they think we could have done better in order for
the event to run more smoothly or to provide the people with a more memorable experience.
Questions like those will give our company a better idea of how we as a public relations group
did at this specific event held at Syracuse University.
Through social media, before the event is coming we will be posting information about
the event so people can find out more information about it. These people will be able to either
“Tweet” back on their Twitter account or comment back on their Facebook page regarding any
questions they might have with the event. Our public relations team back at our Nike
Headquarters will be in charge of answering these posts and “Tweets” from our audience in order
for the people to feel like their thoughts and ideas are actually important. When people feel
engaged with a company and actually get there questions answered in a timely manner then they
feel a part of that company and will be a more loyal consumer to that company. This will
potentially lead to a positive long-term relationship with these types of consumers.

Risk Management
The identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and
economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or
impact of unfortunate events or maximizing the realization of opportunities. Risks can come
from uncertainty in financial markets, project failures, legal liabilities, credit risk, accidents,
natural causes and disasters as well as deliberate attack from an adversary, or events of uncertain
or unpredictable root-cause. The strategies to manage risk typically include transferring the risk
to another party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect or probability of the risk, or even
accepting some or all of the potential or actual consequences of a particular risk. Certain aspects
of many of the risk management standards have come under criticism for having no measurable
improvement on risk, whether the confidence in estimates and decisions seem to increase.
Our risk management plan will involve each team that participates in the finals at
Syracuse University will have to sign a liability waiver stating that if any injuries happen to any
of the kids on the team that our organization nor Syracuse University will be held responsible.
However, if an injury does happen we will have medical personal on the side waiting to be of
service. If something dangerous does happen and someone needs to be taken to the hospital then
we will have had an ambulance at our event site ready for a situation like this. Before we go on

with the event, we will have another ambulance driven over to our site just in case someone else
is seriously injured and needs to go to the hospital.
If any potential risks come about, we will evaluate it in a timely manner and find what
treatment is the best fit for this specific circumstance, whether it is avoidance, reduction, sharing
or retention. Risk avoidance is not performing an activity that could carry risk. An example
would be not buying a property or business in order of not taking on the legal liability that comes
with it. Another would be not flying in order of not taking the risk of the airplane being hijacked.
Avoidance may seem the answer to all risks, but avoiding risks also means missing the potential
gain that accepting the risk may have allowed. Not entering a business to avoid the risk of loss
also avoids the possibility of earning profits. Risk reduction involves reducing the severity of the
loss or the likelihood of the loss from occurring. For example, sprinklers are designed to put out
a fire to reduce the risk of loss by fire. This method may cause a greater loss by water damage
and therefore may not be suitable. Acknowledging that risks can be positive or negative,
optimizing risks means finding a balance between negative risk and the benefit of the operation
or activity; and between risk reduction and effort applied. Outsourcing could be an example of
risk reduction if the outsourcer can demonstrate higher capability at managing or reducing risks.
Risk sharing is simply sharing with another party the burden of loss or the benefit of gain, from a
risk, and the measures to reduce a risk. Risk retention involves accepting the loss, or benefit of
gain, from a risk when it occurs. True self-insurance falls in this category. Risk retention is a
viable strategy for small risks where the cost of insuring against the risk would be greater over
time than the total losses sustained. All risks that are not avoided or transferred are retained by
default. This includes risks that are so large or catastrophic that either they cannot be insured

against or the premiums would be infeasible. With any of these treatments, we as a team would
come up with the best solution for our situation that might come up at our event.

Incremental Revenue
The first step was we added up our total revenues for a year period that ended in May 31,
2011. This figure will serve as the base revenue for our calculations. We, ‘Nike’ had total
revenue of $20,862,000 in 2011. Then we calculated the total revenues in 2012 and that was
$24,128,000. The final step was we subtracted the base revenue from the new revenue to
calculate the incremental revenue. For example, the revenues in the base year were $20,862,000
and they increased to $24,128,000 in the following year then we had incremental revenue of

Evaluation and Control
Out of our marketing plans, we must be careful and assess every aspect for
improvements. From the public relations to finishing the event with a dinner for all the
participants, there can always be adjustments. The product has many dimensions, ranging from
actual Nike products to the goal of spreading awareness of healthy living and giving back to the
community. The price can vary depending on the product, and there really can be no price on
donating to charity. The concession prices are reasonable, with enough to make a profit but not
too high as to where consumers do not want to come back and purchase more. The location of
the event is essential because it has to be in a well-populated area where the consumers are
willing to come out and support their community. Syracuse University has a great atmosphere
for fans and is known enough in the community as a prestigious athletic school. Without the
support of the community, there would not be an event and only kids competing for ultimately
nothing. Jim and Juli Boeheim also help in involving the Syracuse community because they are
well known throughout the community and within the basketball community where Syracuse is
best known for standing out. Personal selling will be the biggest draw, where we may need to
change up some aspects as to how we approach it because of the varying size of schools. As

most people are aware of Jim Boeheim and who he is, there may be a select few who do not
know and therefore do not care really about the benefits of the event. With this being the first
runoff FITNAMICS it is vital that we attract as many people as possible. Public relations will
assist in the awareness of the event and its purpose, but we have to attack from several different
areas to reach different segmentations of the market. Monitoring the marketing mix will help us
to better adjust to the market and make adjustments according to our consumers and how the
event is being perceived.
As FITNAMICS will be the first event of its type, the first try will be mostly trial and
error. We are trying to predict as much error as possible to prevent a bad reputation from being
created and not being able to hold similar events internationally. Essentially, we may need to
start on a smaller scale to help build up the event and work up to incorporating more, bigger
schools and more rigorous events. The products featured may need to be adjusted according to
our target markets demographics and what they are willing to pay for and what they can afford.
Depending on if they would buy t-shirts, magnets, Nike shoes, or any other product offered, we
will need to adjust and survey what our consumers are most willing to buy. Public relations has
to be critical of who to targets, and our tactics may range from public speaker to just having
flyers put up in the schools in order to grab the attention of our public.
Responses from our competition may vary. As far as corporations such as Reebok, Under
Armor and Adidas, they are most likely to create similar products such as the t-shirt designs and
shoes. The possibly of competitors trying to creating similar events is unlikely, but they is
always that chance. They may try to do other charitable events and connect with other sport
teams to create a similar idea as to FITNAMICS. The uniqueness of FITNAMICS will be hard
to recreate by other organizations, as it is very specific as to who the target market is and what

the goal of our event is. The biggest threat from competitors will be them pairing up with other
charities and creating events that benefit both organizations. FITNAMICS will be fitted to the
Nike brand and the creative will exceed expectations.



Chart 4:
Level of Donation:
$100 – quarter page in program
$150 – half page in program
$200 – full page in program
$250 – spoken advertisement by commentators & line in program
$350 – signage around track & line in program

Chart 5:
Other Charity Events on May 4th
George & Rebecca Barnes Foundation
Autism Society of America
Syracuse Crawfish Festival
Syracuse Stage
Rockin’ the Red House

Chart 6:
Local Businesses we are currently in contact with:
Action Sports
Anytime Fitness
Back to Health Chiropractic
Brix Pizza Parlor
The Cortland Flower Shop
Elm Tree Golf course
Olympia Sports
YWCA Daycare Center

Advantage Sport & Fitness Inc.
Charlie’s Diner
Cloud Nine
Klein’s Archery & Outdoor Store
Arnold’s Florists
Bailey’s Karate
Dave’s Archery & Sports Ctr.
Forest Fisheries
Little Italy Pizzeria
Oh My Goodness Health Food
Parkitects Inc.
The Lansing Golf Range
Lansing Golf Range

Hubbard’s Cupboard Diner & Café
Marathon Golf
Girl Scouts
Hill n Dale Country Club
Scoops & More
Ski & Co
Tamara Lynn School of Dance

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