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Rhetorical Analysis of a Visual Text: IPhone 6s “The only thing that changed is..”
Eileen Ortega
The University of Texas at El Paso
Rhetoric and Composition RWS 1301 – Instructor Erick A. Hood
September 26, 2015


Apple released this ad on September 9.459. The intended audience is for youngadult. and with different races in their video. adults. which shows it has a large audience of who watched the IPhone 6s ad. the age does not matter as Apple utilizes people with different ages. paying online. etc. and sells consumer electronics. Apple is a multinational company. and can be viewed at the following link: https://www. siri is more helpful than ever. Apple uses ethos to raise credibility by having artists feature in the video. by showing how pressing an app it has different options.. The video message is simply the IPhone 6s. and online services. taking pictures. which was released on YouTube.696 views. and the way pictures come to life taking the consumer into people lives with different nationalities across the world. the way it reads an e-mail. which has gotten 3. develops. To persuade any type of audience in the video. maps. the way it views apps have changed. 2015. it is faster and smarter. and . throughout the video it takes the audience into the world of the IPhone 6s. is an advertisement for Apple. that designs. the different colors the IPhone 6s has. instagram. 1:00 of a narrative of the IPhone 6s being used by citizens with different nationalities and ages. to appeal to a wider audience.Running Head: RHETORICAL ANALYSIS 2 The video “ The only that has changed is”.youtube. Recording videos. computer software. in were they have gained the attention that they were seeking for. Apple intended this video to go online to show the audience about their newest product. also using a voice of persuasion to persuade the audience to buy their latest product. The video is a short. read the news. Describing deeply why it is better.

required. computer. This ad is designed to be viewed by a mass audience around the world who has a laptop. instilling the idea of wanting. . Apple works in telling the audience in subtle ways to get the phone.Running Head: RHETORICAL ANALYSIS 3 the way the IPhone 6s is able to fit their everyday lifestyle. Throughout the video it is noticeable when the IPhone 6S is shown. Audiences will have the idea of wanting the IPhone 6S by the end of the video. and the surroundings of the video. which works in Apple favor since it would be known what it is like to have an advanced phone and it will be even easier to persuade these type of audience in purchasing the IPhone 6S. The context is simply wanting the IPhone 6S by involving different global stars and normal people using it in their life. and any kind of gadget that has access to the Internet in order to view the video with a capability of a resolution of an auto of 480p. This video is shot professionally with high lens camera to show the viewer a high resolution of what Apple is promoting. which put more focus on the colors. The video instills the idea of getting the IPhone 6S by using the quote “the only thing that changed is everything”. the colors and the people surrounding the phone is muted or dimmed only the IPhone 6S is the main focus. The special attention was of course featuring the people using the IPhone 6s. and with the large audience. the screen is brightly lit with vibrant colors popping out which appears to be more prominent. This video was shot with brightly “eye candy” styles. This context works because it persuades the consumer in thinking that the IPhone 6S is needed. The creators of the video rely on the audience to be persuaded by having the voice in the video have a tone of persuasion and by having an understanding of the context that is shown. showing the audience why it is good. quantities will probably have an IPhone.

and having moments or sarcasm. the IPhone 6S is the main focus in making it brighter and dimming or muting it’s surrounding allowing the colors pop out even more. and since the video plays with the feelings of the audience. also one of the highlights of this video is Selena Gomez which reinforces the product even more than before the beginning of the video. in guiding the audience. in catching up with what the big “it” is in now. The video is modern and fast-paced as Apple is in its true nature it builds up to this feeling of not being left behind. The creators were clever in having a narrative structure in the video. The ending font is lit and bold with three Asian guys in the background taking a picture with a city behind them brightly lit with a variation of different colors which has a deeper meaning in saying get this phone now. and speech to show step by step why the IPhone 6S should be bought and by utilizing celebrities to build it’s credibility and prolonging the wanting feeling in the audience. The video relies heavily on visual images. you do not want to be left behind right? The emphasis of the video is obviously the IPhone 6S it is straight to the point throughout the video. As referenced from before. . A fast-paced song is used (“Apple Pie” by Rafferty”) building the climax in different parts of the video that keeps the audience captivated and having this feeling of riding that paced and not being left behind. and with the captivating attention it will encourage the audience to re-watch it. irony to make the message more powerful.Running Head: RHETORICAL ANALYSIS 4 The video has a unique technique in visual montage that shows the way the phone works and the way the people in the video react to the IPhone 6S and using a narrative voice to guide the audience in what it makes this particular phone so great.

Apple uses data by having a link in taking the consumer to their website and describing in detail in what makes the IPhone 6s unique. The ad in itself has no room for any explicit for rebuttals or contrasting opinions because the commercial is structure as a narrative rather than an argument. Apple relies on ethos by raising attention in the phone since it is clear the narrative voice knows exactly what it is advertising. Flash camera. The story relies heavily on visual techniques to support what Apple claim stands for. As an unspoken warrant of their claims and evidence. This claim is used with the sign “the only thing that changed is everything”. It was built in convincing in getting the phone before its too late. and is better for everyone to use because it’s amazing with it’s 3D fingerprints. The ad was built on a persuasive tone. it is trustworthy to the audience who watches it. It also utilizes global . 4K video. fast paced. In accordance with to the Ramage’s question of stasis. the thing being analyzed is a phone advertisement. Live Photos with a 12 mega pixel. they are suggesting the IPhone 6S is a component of what the consumer needs in their every day life.Running Head: RHETORICAL ANALYSIS 5 Using the Toulmin Schema as a rubric for analysis. the ad claims the IPhone 6S is faster unique in its different design. The advertisement has its own unique way in following the way this video was filmed ending with a modern feeling. The only qualifiers employed as stated before is “ the only thing that changed is everything” in order to fulfill their claim. a thrill with the music. The message is get it now. it is to the point. The emotion of ethos it’s about excitement in having the opportunity to upgrade to a new phone. and Apple is well known around the world because of its previous IPhones. the IPhone 6S will complete their routines and work with the person daily life without much problem. it is the “it “ technology gadget.

the IPhone 6 and the plus debuted September 19.Running Head: RHETORICAL ANALYSIS 6 stars like Selena Gomez to instill the longing of wanting the phone in persuading the audience and this is where Pathos comes in. A lot of people will get this phone because its new and advanced. it would be using it everyday and providing facts as the 3D touch would make the user be able to use the phone faster and getting around apps faster. it may no be the case with everyone but it is how it is perceived especially coming from the middle class or poor class. and the voice made it sound hey point blank this is the IPhone 6S I’m not kidding go get it. . as it says. it’s different and expensive.2014. Apple manipulates the voice cleverly since it has a persuasive tone in all the different situations it is put in. Also the sarcasm is visible in the end of the video. rose gold was emphasized throughout the whole commercial. As for logos. The narrative voice uses irony with the little kid in being surprised as it realizes the young boy is reading the news which shows now in society a lot of young kids do not read the news because of video games. “ the only thing that changed is everything”. and for what its worth it is still new but the better phone now is the IPhone 6S. this IPhone is seen as unnecessary and a waste of money. the company went for a humorous side of things with that. The only bad thing it might be perceived from the public is Apple comes out with a different phone every year. consumers get it because of how it looks . The IPhones are used as status to a lot of young people. playing outside and it is also where Apple gets this idea. The color in the gadget has changed as seen in the video. Pathos is used with the narrative voice because of the sarcasm. The commercial claims its product is good and amazingly with its qualities and have a clean presentation in what it is about.

always advancing. This advertisement relies heavily on persuasion and also the choice of visual was chosen. The commercial is meant to appeal to the audience life in how they are able to use the phone to its advantage. Apple Industry is a global company which sells millions of their phones since indeed the phones are a great gadget and will get money from the consumers wallet. No actions needs to be done. the advertisement takes place in modern time as of now 2015 since the published date is September 9.2015 and there is the IPhone 6S which is an advancement of technology in itself. The place where it took place is unknown. and everyday life. and modernizing the video to Apple standards. . In relation to the rhetorical sense. This message seems to be related with Apple always modernizing and always being on top of technology. in having what they have to be fast-paced as well. the rhetorical act can be interpreted as the headline “the only thing that changed is everything”. because the video showed people with different nationalities and different countries can be assumed it took place since Apple is a global company. The narrative voice and the people and artists allowed this video to be an art in itself by having high quality of colors.Running Head: RHETORICAL ANALYSIS 7 Apple knows because of how advanced and modern the IPhones look there is no need to worry about sales dropping instead according to Apple it claims its sales could surpass the record breaking sales of IPhone 6 last year. In relation to Ramage’s elements of the rhetorical situation. The presentation of this message is to persuade the audiences with a longing of joining one of those people in the video.

Apple cleverly associates celebrities and fast paced music to reach its ultimately goal to grab the audiences attention in luring them to get the IPhone 6S. References . because of the clever visuals it encourages and captures the audiences attention to re-watch which further instill the idea in getting the phone to keeping up with the world. Audiences need to be familiar with what Apple has to offer to understand in wanting a phone that has it all. it is faster than a computer in order to open to persuasion.Running Head: RHETORICAL ANALYSIS 8 Apple video advertisement appeals to audiences on a fast-paced technology level and wanting what is best for themselves. The creators of this video relies on visual and narrative voice to appeal to audiences.

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