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Morgan Searle
English 1010 - 6th Period
November 23rd 2015
iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy Note 5: An Annotated Bibliography
Sawh, Michael. iPhone 6S Plus vs Note 5: Which is the best phablet to buy?. Trusted Reviews.
Web. 27 November 2015.
Sawhs article offers advice on whether to buy the iPhone 6s Plus or the Note 5. Many
pros and cons are brought up throughout the article comparing the two phones. Key
features like the design, screen, connectivity, performance, software, and many other
features are talked about in the article. In Sawhs article he summarizes that overall the
Note 5 is the better of the two phones. He describes how the Note 5 has a more appealing
design and better uses than the iPhone 6s Plus.
Nofuente, Kyle. iPhone 6s Plus vs. Galaxy Note 5: Real-World Speed Test Proves Apple Is
Faster. Tech Times. Web. 27 November 2015.
Nofuentes article describes how on paper the Note 5 seems to run at a much faster speed
than the iPhone 6s Plus. In a real world situation the iPhone 6s Plus seems to run faster
than the Note 5. The Note 5 opens apps just as fast as the iPhone 6s Plus the first time
that the apps are opened. After opening each app multiple times the iPhone 6s Plus opens
and runs each app a lot quicker than the Note 5. His article shows that the iPhone seems
to reopen apps much faster than the Note 5. While the note 5 seems a lot faster on paper,
in reality it is not.
Sharma, Siddhartha. The Big Bout: Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The
Quint. Web. 27 November 2015.
Sharmas article describes the features of both the iPhone 6s Plus and the Galaxy Note 5.
Some of the features that she describes are the display, processor, RAM, rear camera,
front camera, and price of the two phones. While both phones have a very good camera
the Note 5 tops the iPhone 6ss camera. Not only is the camera better, but even the

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pricing, battery, and design are a lot more significant on the Note 5. Sharmas informs us
about how the Note 5 is a better phone is many different ways compared to the iPhone 6s
Gil, Lory. How to Use 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Macrumors. Web. 27 November
Lorys article describes how to use 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s Plus. 3D Touch is a
feature only on the newest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Lory talks about how 3D Touch works
based on how light or hard your press on the screen of the phone. Lighter and

harder presses

trigger different things to happen on different apps. For instance when you

lightly press

over an app, it lets you preview the app you are pressing on. If you press a little harder it opens
the actual app for you to use. Lory says that 3D Touch is becoming

more useful as third

party apps are converting to using 3D Touch.

Biggs, John. The Stylus Still Rules The Galaxy Note 5. Techcrunch. Web. 30 November 2015.
Biggss article describes the uses of the stylus in the Galaxy note 5. The stylus is
something that Samsung has been updating each time they come out with a new phone.
Samsungs stylus is something that the iPhone 6s plus does not come with. In this article
Biggs states that the styluses uses are for handwritten notes, sketching quick notes, and to
simply draw with. Other than those three uses there isnt really much else to use the
stylus for. She states that, many people that buy this phone may find little to no use for
the stylus that is integrated with the phone.
Snell, Jason. iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Review: The Best iPhone ever, By A Wide Margin.
Macworld - Digital Edition 32 (November 2015); 92-103. Ebsco. Web. 30 November
Snells article describes apples latest new phones, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus.
Throughout his article he states the many differences between the phones previous
generations. Many features like the style, touchscreen, storage space, camera, and battery

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life were mentioned. He describes the goods and the bads of each feature of the phone.
For him, the overall verdict of the new iPhones was great. While there are still some
issues that can be fixed, he still sees apples newest phones to be some of the best phones
that they have ever produced.
Ochs, Susie. Hands-On With The iPhone 6s And 6s Plus. Macworld - Digital Edition 32
(October 2015); 128-135. Ebsco. Web. 30 November 2015.
Oschs article gives an in depth description of the camera, 3D Touch, and live photos of
the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. She describes how each of the features work and how they
have been updated from previous generations. 3D Touch and live photos are something
that currently only iPhones possess. In her article she describes how 3D Touch has many
practical uses already. For example you can use it to preview messages or to view live
photos. Even though 3D Touch is very new, it still is going to be integrated into many
third parties in the phone. Osch talks about how Live Photo work with the iPhone
6s and 6s Plus. Live photos give you a small preview of before and after you took a picture
on your phone.
Segan, Sascha. Is The New Note Noteworthy? Not Quite. PC Magazine (September 2015);
46-51. Ebsco. Web. 30 November 2015.
Segans article describes Samsungs latest phone, The Note 5. The article describes the
design, battery life, processor, music output, photography, and other features of the
phone. Samsungs newest phone has many ups and downs compared to previous
generations. Segan talks about how the new phone isnt really ground breaking. Even
though the new phone has a better camera, processor, and screen, nothing else has really
changed in the phone.
Williams, Andrew. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review. Itpro. Web. 30 November 2015.
Williamss article describes Samsungs Note 5 phone. The features of the phone
described in his article are the phones S Pen stylus, casing, connectivity, display,

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performance, software, and camera. The overall pros and cons are also described in the
article. Some of the pros consisted of the phones screen, camera, performance, and
stylus. Some of the cons included the phones non-expandable storage, battery, and few
improvements made upon the pen. Williamss overall verdict of the phone is that it is a
really great and powerful phone, but it hasnt been improved upon much compared to
previous generations.
Bohn, Dieter. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review. The Verge. Web. 1 December 2015.
Dieters article is an overview on the Galaxy Note 5. Throughout the article he mostly
talks about the phones stylus and software. He describes the many more uses that are
coming with the stylus. He also describes the software updates on the phone. The stylus
is the one thing that really impresses him about the phone. His overall view of the phone
is like most other people. Is is an absolutely stunning phone, but there isnt really much
difference between previous generations.
Spoonauer, Mark. iPhone 6s Plus vs. Galaxy Note 5: Ultimate Phablet Battle. Toms Guide.
Web. 1 December 2015.
Marks article describes the features of both the iPhone 6s Plus and Galaxy Note 5.
Comparing both phones design, display, audio, special features, performance, camera's,
battery life, and battery life, Mark weighs which phone is the overall better phone. The
Galaxy Note 5 has a better design, display, special features, and value of the phone. The
iPhone 6s Plus has better audio, performance, camera, and battery life. In Marks article
he shows that, overall the iPhone has better more important features that come with the
phone. He shows how real world tests show how each phone is better compared to one
Villas, Antonio. We Pitted The iPhone 6s camera against Samsungs Galaxy Note 5, and there
was a clear winner. Tech Insider. Web. 1 December 2015.

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Villass article compares the camera of the iPhone 6s Plus to the camera of the Galaxy
Note 5. He took pictures of the exact same thing with both of the phones. Then he set the
pictures up side by side and compared the two. There were some very prevalent
differences in each of the photos. Villas shows how the iPhone 6s Plus captures a lot
more color in its pictures. He also shows how the Galaxy Note 5 washes out its colors,
makes the photo a lot brighter, and has more detail in the pictures.