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Jackson Element

Professor Owens
Information Literacy

Frederic Jacobs, one of the main associates of Edward Snowden, was recently
hired by Apple as an intern to help them with the backlash over iPhone encryption.
He’s specializing in work Apple’s CoreOS security team due to backlash by the U.S.
government over CoreOS is a layer in iPhone technology that handles app security
while an iPhone is connected to most external hardware. What the government has
ordered Frederic Jacobs and the rest of Apple do is to develop a special form of iOS
that makes it easier for the FBI to get past password security features that are on a
typical iPhone. Apple is hoping that in the future that they can compromise with the
government’s order about the CoreOS layer technology whilst still sticking to their
traditional security features.

Search engine comparisons
 Bing- shows you thumbnails of videos and lets you go back a page.
Yahoo- only shows links to articles. When you click on the article, it
doesn’t let you go back a page so you’d have to open a new tab and
restart the search


TRAAP for Yahoo Article

T= 2/27/16
R= Yes, even though it talks more about the controversial backlash by the U.S.
A= Rob Lever of AFP
A= Yes, A former U.S. official as well as Apple Inc. itself quote in the article
P= I believe it was written to persuade people to not have the government force
Apple to unlock an iPhone for the FBI to do business


CCBC Library

Keywords: iPhone encryption
Database: ProQuest Central

Why: ProQuest is the one database that I’m more used to due to numerous types of
information that comes out of one search. It also highlights my keywords that I type

Journal and Internet article comparison
After researching about iPhone encryption and the backlash by the U.S.

government on its regulation, both internet and journal articles that stuck out for
me had its advantages and disadvantages. The journal articles were good as far as
looking for the keywords but were often not always on my desired topic nor was it
easy to find exact dates of publication. I personally felt the internet articles were
easier to find and more convenient due to the fact that the search engines were
pretty good at giving me articles that were on topic. It was easier to find the people
that quoted in the internet articles as well as to determine if they were authoritive
figures who were qualified to edit these articles. I personally would recommend
using internet articles if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to find information


APA Format

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