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Current competitorsDove 12 % Wipro(Santoor and Chandrika) 6.2 % ITC 1.75 growth in first 5 months Fiama di wills and Vivel- Around 4% When Lux started in India in 1929, the original proposition of the brand was that Lux was 'The beauty soap of filmstars'. For about 80 years now, the proposition and the advertising idea of the brand hasn't changed much. "The proposition has always been glamourous beauty and the advertising idea is that if one uses Lux, one will look like a filmstar". At the time, the advertising didn't have to be subtle. "We would have filmstars coming and saying, 'The secret of my beauty is Lux'", he says. But as time went by, and cable TV made its entrance in India, Lux had to rethink its advertising. Almost every other brand had celebrity endorsers, so much so that, star endorsement had become passe and the communication had to undergo a change. Nearly 50 Indian filmstars have been featured in Lux ads until now, and with the introduction of variants, the communication had to change with the times. Further more, its competitors like Santoor and Fiama Di Wills and Vivel also started roping in models and film stars. Lux lost its exclusivity. "In today's day and age it's a bit hard to say "The secret of my beauty is Lux". It's a bit old-fashioned", says Sitapati. "Earlier, it was only 20-30 years since branded products had started coming in to the market." The consumers' fixation with filmstars and their looks prompted the brand to stick with its messaging. But, the brand's advertising had to change as consumers were clamouring for more. Adds Sen, "In the 1970s and the 80s, the filmstar was a distant personality — on a pedestal. Now, consumers want to see the person and not the star." This was the insight that led to their Abhishek-Ash TVC. "The TVC was to make the brand more warm and fun", says Sen. The brand believes that a husband-wife romance is an aspiration for Lux's consumers. "It was playful, mischievous and had personality traits which differentiated us from what a lot of others do, which is 'This filmstar uses this brand'", adds Sitapati. Overt communication wouldn't work anymore, feels Sitapati. Gold coin promotions are passé. With all its competitors doing exactly what Lux does, the brand needs to constantly reinvent itself. In this

dove is a success is deos Hair wash and conditioner and serum Could introduce bathing salts.light.booming Make shower gels for men. Other product categories a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) A mens soap. Lux needs to change its communication differently by being focussed on relationships and adding a whiff of fun to it.goes with the whole “bath tub” image lux has built. Promotions in film fare awards should be continued.exotic big players in this domain Could make organic.moisturizers and facewashes. goes with the image.more varieties instead of ivory pink and newly greated green Soap soft-like dove. which smell more masculine Lux creams.dry etc Could use co creation-like Sunsilk to help users identify more with the brand and improve their association with it Could make more varieties in the liquid soap area.Lux is predominantly used by men A deodorant. not crumbly Improve shapeLasting smell .Nyasa soap of Bombay Age control Could set up beauty spas like the Lakme salon for a whole bathing experience Soap for kids Come up with varieties for special skin types-oily. ayurvedic soaps-hot selling products-combat wipro’s products which are mostly ayurvedic based Could make soaps which contain an inbuilt natural loofah. herbs Colour. cleanser More attributesFragrance.

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