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meaning Ample bpo’s clients benefit from unrivalled service. alongside the development of a strong sub-broker affiliate network. Many small businesses and brokers struggles to keep up with client’s requirements. solicitors. We always welcome new ideas and help companies turn their ideas into reality. As our internal growth continues. data entry clients and many more. • • A reliable sales network . We are also working on new projects and bringing in even more profitable opportunities for our partners. Canadian and American companies. We have gained significant industry experience in dealing with business process outsourcing on behalf of number of energy suppliers. We have good relations with our clients which enables third party-intermediary to promote their services.Who are we • • AMPLE BPO is a Callcentre management company in UK. insurance companies. telecom providers. Our clients include major United kingdom. our buying power is ever-improving.

India.  Representation in UK. A reliable sales network . exclusive deals and the best technology driven support available in business sales.  Synergies on internally developed projects. We have partners in Uk.  Updated from new business oppertunities and call centre projects. Ranging from industrial energy supply contract negotiation to Surveys and lead generation. Phillipines and Pakistan. •  To become a partner you have to be driven by passion to deliver quality work.Our partners are benefitted from  A wide range of products and services. At Encore we are developing our affiliate network of call centres.  Highest and timely commission payments on all campaigns.What do we offer • Ample bpo offers true and impartial scope through an expansive clients service portfolio. We have variety of clients to get you the best.  Excellent broker support.

We offer a non-obligatory. including a range of supplier pricing and best pay-outs for subbrokers.on N power British GAS Dual Energy OPUS (largest generator of electricity) ( UK’s leading power and gas company ) ( over 3.000 business customers ) ( 9.00.Projects  Electricity and Gas The volatile nature of the energy market has made product selection and purchase timing essential in protecting spend.25.000 business customers to date ) ( one of the very few UK owned electricity supply company ) ( Independent energy supplier with high live ratio) Scottish power ( 5.2 million customers )  Covering all Uk b2b energy market and almost every type of meters including live quotations for industrial meters. tailored business proposal. A reliable sales network . Ample bpo has relationships with every electricity supplier in the UK. • • • • • • • EDF E. free review of current client supply contracts and presentation of a full.

com and clearly mentioned agency Id. We also accepts appointment setting in electricity and gas. where a agent shall be sent to sign up customer.General Terms & Conditions of Electricity and gas • • Payment is released after 14 days of live date. Portal access will be provided once a permanent affiliation contract is signed. Signed paper contract can be scaned and send via email. All sales should be submitted no longer than four working days from point of sale.ample@consultant. A reliable sales network . Verbal contract must be send with correct recording and sales sheet. We value our relations with energy suppliers. We accept both verbal and paper sales. All documents should be sent to contracts. Any incorrect information will be taken seriously and may lead to termination of agency contract. • • • After signing of initial agency contract.

Every business customer has a fixed term contract. without compromising on service. Our Uk Service providers offer cheap broadband and phone packages to UK small business. Switching landline telephone calls and services is free for customers and generates commission for agent before customer pays for his services. Saving money for their business. at the end of their contract period they are free to switch.Projects  UK Telecom • Working for UK telecom companies is very profitable project. If customer has 4 lines then commission paid will be 4 x £sss. • • A reliable sales network . Commission is paid on per line basis.

Verbal contract must be send with correct recording and sales sheet. a verification call will be made to confirm details. Submission method may differ with different service provider. • • To avoid mis-selling. We accept both verbal and paper sales. If large volume of sales are generated then portal will be provided directly from service and clearly mentioning agency Id. Signed paper contract can be scanned and send via email. Correct invoice of due amount is required clearly mentioning the agency id. All sales should be submitted no longer than four working days from point of sale.ample@consultant. All documents should be sent to contracts.General Terms & Conditions of UK Telecom • • Payment will be released on live basis. A reliable sales network . After signing of initial agency contract.

We are offering best and quick processing on all referred cases to ensure there is no loss of work. no fee basis. • • • Following referral fee is paid to Agencies. Payment of RTA is released within 10 days. Vetting process is completed within 7 days. We'll take expert care of everything from start to finish and give client 100% of accident compensation. Case type RTA accepted* Employer Liability* Public Liability* Referral fee 425£ 325£ 325£ *accepted = Cfa signed by our signing agent and verification of details A reliable sales network . Our in-house personal injury lawyers handle every kind of accident and injury claim on a no win.Projects  Personal injury • UK personal injury is the most common project because of highest payments and simple acceptance terms.

TPI detail can be taken by our staff. At this step referral fee will be immediately released to agency. Ample bpo receives payment from the opposing insurance company. All details will be immediately passed to a regulated solicitor of Ample bpo. Solicitor settles case or issues proceedings. A reliable sales network . Your Ample bpo’s advisor will discuss details in confidence with client to decide if there is a genuine claim for compensation. If case is won. whichever is in the best interest of client. who collects all details regarding the accident and client. the solicitor commences work. A signing agent visits the client in person to sign CFA. client receives 100% of his damages and is very happy. If the case is genuine. Every case is discussed with at least three lawyers before rejection Where necessary Ample bpo’s lawyer will arrange for medical professional to exam and calculate the extent of injuries or sickness and rehabilitation needed for lawyers' case. A verification call is made to verify details and appointment time is agreed.The claim process A lead is referred to us by agency. if client can’t remember.

After signing of initial agency contract. consistently submitting fake claims may result in termination of agency contract. Correct invoice of due amount is required clearly mentioning the agency id. If large volume of sales are generated then portal will be provided. Every agency must provide genuine claims.ample@lawyer. • • A reliable sales network . Claw sales are injury sales that are rejected after when callcentres receives their payments. All claim sheets should be sent to claims.General Terms & Conditions of Personal injury • • Payment will be released on acceptance basis. they are dealt with valid replacement or refund of commission and clearly mentioning agency Id. Our vetting process is made to minimize claw cases.

** Process is completed between 3-6 weeks.Projects  Payment protection insurance • A large number of UK population have been mis-sold PPI with their mortgages. A reliable sales network . credit card. When documents are returned by client * When process is completed** 20 pounds 30% of total fee*** • * Documents returned in usually 1 week. ***Fee charged is 25% of total refund from client. We also offer PPI to our partners Its paid been divided in two following stages. Then UK government has taken steps stop this mis-selling. Its very profitable to generate leads for PPI claims due to volume of claims Generated each day and acceptance ratio. loan etc.

consistently submitting fake claims may result in termination of agency contract. All claim sheets should be sent to ppi. • Every agency must provide genuine claims. A reliable sales network and clearly mentioning agency Id. If large volume of sales are generated then portal will be provided. After signing of initial agency contract.General Terms & Conditions of PPI • • Payment is released weekly after completion of 1st and 2nd stages.

 Bookkeeping and analysis of all business transactions.  VAT calculations and return submission  Payroll and employer return  Corporation tax and Self assessment  Bank reconciliation  Preparation of management accounts  Advice on tax-saving opportunities  Income tax and Corporation Tax forecasts. Ample bpo can manage all dealings of referred business customer with HMRC and company house. calculations and returns  Company formation and liquidation advice A reliable sales network .Projects  Accountancy services Ample bpo have been working alongside the UK’s leading Accountancy firms and offering all tax and finance related quality services in less cost to business customers and paying excellent commission to agency. Following services can be offered to business customers.

As if we charge £800 minimum per client for basic services.General Terms & Conditions of Accounting • • Payment is released on every transaction made by referred or phone 00447578989462. based all over the UK and are currently offering guaranteed pay-outs of 40% on ALL 1st-year transactions with any client. We can provide crm to manage clients dealings after sign-up • • • • • A reliable sales network . AMPLE BPO is searching for businesses. In case of queries please send an email at amplebpo@hotmail. this could mean a pay-out of minimum £320 ex VAT per deal closed on our behalf. Customer sign-ups are confirmed by verbal recording plus receiving of paper work. Mode of working is Appointment setting and verbal agreement. If agencies have required skills then apart from commission paid on customer transactions this project can generate fixed income through management of clients.

Thinking of joining ??? • Becoming a Ample bpo agent. provides you Skype Ahmed_niaz A reliable sales network . comprehensive training and ongoing support and a secure future with the potential for substantial financial rewards. a proven business model. Name Phone Email Ahmed Niaz 00447578989462 amplebpo@hotmail.