1QUESTION A number of companies were mentioned as having recently undergone repositioning strategies.

Cite recent additional examples of brands that you know have been repositioned in recent years. Discuss the pros and cons of these efforts
Sony repositioning----Nearly three years after the device launched and quickly fell behind its two major competitors, Sony is attempting to reposition its Playstation 3 video game console as an all-in-one entertainment device. It has the ability to play high-definition Blu-ray DVDs and to download movies from the Internet. Rather than being a video game device.
Lifebuoy - It was previously targeted at the male user with an individual-oriented “success through health” positioning. The new Lifebuoy is targeted at today’s discerning housewife with a more inclusive “family health protection for my family and me” positioning. Van Huesen (Initially a men's apparel brand, now equally admired by women ) Horlicks (Initially targeted at kids only, it introduced Horlicks for women, Horlicks Lite for the calorieconscious, Horlicks in different flavors etc). Hyundaiís recent move into the luxury auto segment in the U.S. Where they shifted from low segment to luxury segment. Mother energy drink launched in the Australian market by coca cola in 2006. Bi=ut was not successful due to the bad taste. So they relaunched with new packaging, tast and humorous appeal ad which captured the attention of the people. The new captio n is “new mother, tastes nothing like the old one”. Thus it became successful.

Johnson and Johnson can differentiate themselves from the competition – which is the essence of what a brand should aim to do – that seduces a female-orientated target market to ignore generic competitors.
At one time Reebok was known as an athletic shoe brand targeted at young women and aerobics. Today, it is successfully re-targeted at the inner city hip-hop generation.

Marlboro had been targeting women until the 1950’s, when they learned that they would profit more from a
different group of audience.

McDonalds was not successful with its adult-oriented Arch Deluxe menu item and Volvo has had limited success with its performance (versus safety) based models.

Need for reposition
New competitors have a better value proposition. Customers think that your brand is outdated and not established. Your products and services have evolved drastically, Your company has a

new, highly proprietary competitive advantage: Your brand position has become confusing: Competitors have usurped your value proposition A new competitor arrives and changes the game To Differentiate the Company; To Compete on Something Other Than Price ,To Create More New Business Opportunities ,To Win Business More Easily ,To Reduce Selling Costs, To Increase the Value of the Company, To Create Perpetual Value for the Company

RocaWear. 2) Changing lifestyles can create both opportunities and threats for the marketer. Marlboro cut their prices significantly to compete with with less well-known brands on the basis of price. I tag these brands as “lifestyle” brands because they are ones people want to wear and be identified with. Their stocks fell harshly as a result of both the price drop and the loss of reputation of their brand. rammed earth walls. LOUIS Vuitton. Ralph Lauren. Apple and Samsung benefited well in the smartphone category. By performing this action they were essentially admitting that they were not actually better than the generic brands in any substantial way. On that day. Discuss some of the reasons as to why companies are developing such campaigns. the company and its logo has become associated with the athlete subculture. Tesco Lotus has come up with 99 initiatives to reduce energy consumption. Ikea. They l ost their market share drastically. Features of the new outlet will include a solar farm on the roof to produce energy to offset the carbon emissions generated by the store. Marlboro Friday As a likely catalyst for the rise of the lifestyle brand. This has allowed Nike to expand into related athletic categories. it opened the first zero-carbon store ever in Asia in Bang Phra district of Chon Buri province. Hermes. natural refrigeration.Being affected when lifestyle of the people changed to “Smartphone culture”. Zara. 4) Recently there has been a great deal of attention paid to environmental issues resulting in a number of companies embarking on “green” campaigns. Porsche. solar farm.when the life style of the people changed with working professionalsBusiness environment and better lifestyle. Martha Stewart. Modern-trade retailer Tesco Lotus wants to change that perception. such as sports equipment and apparel. All these initiatives are built into the zero-carbon store with interesting features such as LED lighting. . Provide an example of a changing lifestyle that poses a threat to marketers and one that provides an opportunity. Your target audience is not really the best target. energy saving equipment. Do you think these campaigns will change consumers’ attitudes toward the environment and/or these companies?7 Tesco lotus: Zero-carbon store chain's first in Asean. But over time. Starbucks. MINI. Nokia undergone in both ways because in the beginning they only had normal phones but when they introduced new smartphone “Lumina” they could bring back to the competition. Give an example of a product or brand that has been affected in both of these ways Nike used to be a product-focused company focusing on making running shoes. biogas system. It helped them capture the market share.befefited with “fast food culture of the modern people lifestyle brands to me include: Harley Davidson. wind turbine. Old Navy. and rain-water conservation. following its pledge to protect the environment.Reasons: The sales are declining.luxuxy life style brands Mc Donalds and KFC. prada. Last week. (Lifestyle benefited) NOKIA.

Business or process innovation 7. heating and ventilation in your offices can significantly reduce your energy bills.Competitive advantage 4. . defending themselves against bad publicity. Mandating change is rarely a recipe for success. Organizations must engage their people and position processes for successful green implementation. Reducing unnecessary waste can trim operating costs for the business. So taking a green stance can give you credibility and a competitive advantage.Company or brand image 2. or market innovation 6. For example.Cost savings 3.Effective risk management 9. installing energy saving lighting. the elimination of your employee’s commute results in a reduction in gas consumption. In addition to this. Lowering operating costs Improving efficiency and lowering operating costs can potentially save your business hundreds or thousands per year. Public Image No company wants to hold an emergency press conference on the evening news.REASONS: 1) The Environment The first and most important reason to go green now is to protect the environment. Going Green means not only assisting our environment to recover from industrial damage (and prevent further damage).Employee satisfaction. But many corporations have found themselves in that position. morale.New sources of revenue or cash flow 8. the government is providing our businesses with more “green” tax credit and deductions than ever before. environmental organizations are taking a stand against companies they believe aren’t considering their responsibilities.Product. or retention 5. Telecommuting also helps a company become greener. for example. 5) Lower Taxes Finally. Turning off lights in vacant offices can save energy. tarnishing their image. You won’t be doing any business if there’s no planet to do your business on. but also helping to recover natural resources. 1. 4) Increased Sales Consumers and companies are increasingly showing their environmental awareness by choosing to deal with responsible companies. service.Shareholder relations Reduced Waste Going green can improve the overall efficiency of a business.

said that the client actually asked him to break the law so as to get some publicity. Printing less cuts down on paper usage. jumped off of a high dive board into the olympic swimming pool. guerilla marketers have gone through great lengths to try to make a big splash. Coca-Cola hired graffiti artists to stencil and paint red logos on the sidewalks of New Orleans. Sustainability The larger value of going green relates to maintaining the health of the environment. helping reduce the risk of depletion on the long run 5) It seems like guerilla marketers are becoming more and more aggressive. During the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. What should be done to curb these activities? n the never-ending quest for free publicity. Utilizing sustainable methods can prevent the waste of natural resources. sidewalk. The move made headlines the world over. a lot of companies. Goldenpalace. Ultimately.000 views over five days and was a huge success in promoting Red Bull’s interests in racing. Many guerilla marketers will often concoct stunts that are risky or illegal to grab the publics’ attention. slapping the man with 3 months in Greek prison. while not revealing the client. Coca-Cola Gets Busted In Recent Illegal Guerrilla Advertisements Guerrilla campaigns can be edgy but not illegal. and can lower the budget spent on printing materials Improved Workplace Providing green options within a company can offer overall workplace improvements. One agency. Discuss some of the potentially unethical or illegal practices of guerilla marketers. it might be a good side effect.save on utility costs and increase the company’s bottom line. because green products contain fewer chemicals–such as sodium hypochlorite and nitrobenzene –that are connected to physical problems Public Response While public response alone is not necessarily the best motivation for going green. reached 100.(online casino) The Red Bull Pit Stop on Times Square. (Red Bull) In 2009. . Greek officials were not pleased. With green initiatives increasing in popularity. public .com at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. he was released and given a fine of a few hundred dollars. Green cleaning supplies can help employees who suffer from respiratory and other health-related conditions. the usually stoic and hard-to-reach New Yorkers and tourists alike were stunned by a Red Bull vehicle crossing Times Square at high speed only to pull over for a tire-change at a fullblown NASCAR pit stop – all in the middle of one of the busiest squares in the world.“Goldenpalace. This violated a city law that bars “posted or painted advertisement on any street. economic studies have shown that companies utilizing green technology and selling green products are seeing an increase in profits. Others seemingly have already broken the law by defacing property and other means. use sidewalks to paint their messages. as part of a guerrilla marketing strategy.com” painted on his torso. 2009. For example.

3) Discuss some of the reasons why traditional advertising agencies have been developing more integrated marketing communications capabilities. However. How to control it Punishments through legal treatment…………. the Government were soon on the case. So IMC can boost sales by stretching messages across several communications tools to create more avenues for customers to become aware. a unified message has more impact than a disjointed myriad of messages. This reduces risk in the mind of the buyer which. Do you think this system is outdated and needs to be replaced? Defend your position. a consistent. trees located in public rights-of-way. in turn. utility poles. consolidated and crystal clear message has a better chance of cutting through the 'noise' of over five hundred commercial messages which bombard customers each and every day.” Guerrilla marketing tactics that go against the law get bad press. At another level. discuss the pros and cons of the commission system method of agency compensation. to make a purchase Carefully linked messages also help buyers by giving timely reminders. and this reduces their 'misery of choice' in a complex and busy world. IMC also makes messages more consistent and therefore more credible. etc. In a busy world. not only did the couple find themselves in big trouble. updated information and special offers which. Smirnoff – the Vodka producer – used steam jets and stencils to decorate a busy underpass in Leeds without prior permission form the Government. What changes might traditional agencies have to make to improve their IMC capabilities? And.buildings. and ultimately. when presented in a planned sequence. initial research suggests that images shared in advertising and direct mail boost both advertising awareness and mail shot responses. As you can imagine. but Vodafone also landed themselves in the frame for legal action.. Vodafone 2002 where the leading mobile phone company – Vodafone – endorsed two men to ‘streak’ at an International Rugby game with the corporate logo painted on their backs. . aroused. shortens the search process and helps to dictate the outcome of brand comparisons. At its most basic level. fine. help them move comfortably through the stages of their buying process. imprisonment.. Stylish slogans and catchphrases were added to the underpass in attempt to promote Smirnoff Ice (alco-pop) to the young public. branding Smirnoff’s guerrilla campaign as “vandalism” and have slapped a cleaning fine on the company which is expected to cost several thousand pounds.. IMC also increases profits through increased effectiveness.

This reduces workload and subsequent stress levels . advertising. exhibitions and sales literature. Agency fees are reduced by using a single agency for all communications and even if there are several agencies. time is saved when meetings bring all the agencies together . creative sessions.one of the many benefits of IMC. tactical or strategic planning. .MC saves money as it eliminates duplication in areas such as graphics and photography since they can be shared and used in say.for briefings.

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