CONVERSATIONS ! Two bussines people meet by chance in a hotel.

One of them is from Indonesia, the other from another country. They get into conversation and begin to compare working conditions in their countries. David Ridwan : good afternoon sir, may I know your name? : Good afternoon too. Yes of course. My name is Ridwan, and you ? where do you from? David Ridwan David Ridwan David Ridwan David Ridwan David Ridwan : Hi ridwan, my name is David. Come from France, and you ridwan? : I’m from Indonesia. How are you ? : I’m Fine thanks, and you? : me too, how are you doing david? : Just waiting to be picked up to the airport, and you ridwan? : I want to meet my client , with whom you are in Indonesia ? : I came to Indonesia just alone, what time your meet with your client? : 11 A.M, really? Waw.. Excuse me sir, are you a business people? : Yes, I’m a bussiness of Airfrance. How about you? : I’m a Human Resource Development at MNC Life Insurance, ome pf the leader in the market of investments and financial services in Indonesia. The complete

series of life MNC market life insurance products through a system of multiple distribution channels. How the job security in your company sir? David : Job security in my company already was satisfactory since all employees get health insurance. And you? Tell me how the job security in your company and then how much salaries you can there? Ridwan : Of course, my company priorities the protection of the health of its employees. They transfer the money via bank. the salaries is include the transportation and money table for a month. How about your salaries? David : i same with you, but all purposes, employees of a vehicle a dwelling place has been provided Ridwan David Ridwan : its cool David, is there a promotion at the company? : Of course, but only once in a period of 5 years, and you? : quite a long time yeah, I also the same with you. Only once in a period of three years. How about stake holders's decision being made? David Ridwan David : its firmly told, that for the violator will got cut the salaries of by 70% : Same with me, is there the benefits ? : certainly ridwan. You’ll got paid much bigger than on your place, cause they’ll pay you with Euro. How about you? Ridwan : awesome, we got a visit to the regions that the level of his health less. May I visit to your office david?

David Ridwan David Ridwan David Ridwan David Ridwan David Ridwan David Ridwan David Ridwan David Ridwan David

: surely, when? : Nextmonth I was in paris, can I come to your office? : Ok, Nextmonth We met at the Hotel Marceau champs elysees. What time is it? : 10.30 A.m sir, Why ? : Nothing, ridwan, how old are you? : I’m 20th years old, how about you? : I’m 23 years old. Are you merried? : No, I’m single. You? : I’m merried, and now I have two childs. : Happy Family, where is your friend? : in there, and you? Where is your client? : on the way, could you lunch with me? : no thanks, Ridwan, I’m so sorry I must go back to the Airport. : okay no problem, thanks for your time david. Nice to meet you : your welcome, nice to meet you too. Bye! : Bye, takecare! : Thanks

Ridwan David

: see you next month sir : okay.