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Amari Martin Mrs.

Mahaffey English 1102 March 20 2013


Cell phones have become a part of everyday life. Before they were just luxury now you will struggle telling me who you know without a cell phone. Cell phones have gone from big to small and now they are gradually getting even bigger. They have been in most people’s pockets since 2004, when they really got popular. They let you keep in contact with your loved ones and your friends. You could even send convenient text messages that helped you keep in touch with a quick typed out message. Cell phones made distance just a number because you could talk to anybody from anywhere in a really convenient, small, portable device. A few years later cellular devices became even more revolutionary. They became touch screen and they could now get on the internet, check email, play music, use them as alarm clocks, download useful applications. They could make the perfect size screen, have good data connections anywhere you go, always have great signal, make a battery that last all week. They could make a user interface so good and user friendly that it could beat the iPhone. There are no boundaries in what you could do if you were to try and compete with some of the leading companies of today. The cell phone has changed the world and I believe it still has a long way to go, revolutionizing the world again. I have many questions about cell phones .How can the cell phone improve? How can they change the world again? What effects are they having on the people who use them? Cell Phones are very important because they have produced endless capabilities in the palm of your hand.

There are many questions that arise from the talk of cell phones. Who will set the standard for new iPhones? As of now the iPhone and Samsung galaxyseries have the majority of consumers. Apple has the best choice in app selection and has integrated a smooth user friendly interface that has people buying everything they sell. The iPhone sells the most out of any phone and sells out the quickest. Does that mean it is the best? Does that mean it can't improve? There is always room for improvement. Are they harming us more than helping us? Have we become too reliant on cell phones today? Are we so addicting to phones we can’t even put them down to enjoy a nice dinner? I wonder what the world would be like without cell phones. I wonder who could go a day without their phone beside them all day every day. I wonder how cell phone companies can target people without cell phones. The importance of cell phones has grown exponentially in the past 20 years and doesn't look like it’s going to stop in the near future. Why have flip phones and basic phones gone out of style? It’s simple; we just have got something better, easier, and more efficient. What point does efficient become lazy, or at what point does technology rule our worlds. Albert Einstein said it best “I fear the day technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will now be a generation full of idiots”. I do believe that quote and see it coming true very soon. Android and IPhone make up 87.6 percent of the smart phone market and I don’t see anybody competing with either of them in the near future. This is why they can charge basically anything they want and do anything they want because there is no better option. Even when I interviewed a handful of people all of them either had an iPhone or an Android. Most of them content with their phone. It’s hard to deny iPhone as being the standard at which all phones shoot for because it owns majority of the market. I believe that one day apple will own 80 percent of the Smart phone market in a couple of years. You see the iPhone in a lot of commercials now and you see people with androids wanting to switch to iPhone. I always ask myself do people really think the IPhone is better or is it all about

the popular choice. Who will step up and take over the smart phone market. Who will dominate the smart phone market and what are the possibilities that will come.