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1. Details of Family Members a. How many working members? b. How many Kids? How old are they? c.

Occupation of each working member d. Joint /Nuclear Family 2. Daily Routine? Which activities take up maximum time of your day? 3. You are involved in what activities during the free time? 4. Hobbies? 5. Who are your close friends? How often do you all meet? What do you all usually talk about? 6. Are you part of any club/society/committee? 7. Social gatherings you are part of on routine basis 8. What is the usual schedule of other family members? 9. What are your most important concerns, when you think of your family? How as a HW you generally handle it? 10. Do you enjoy cooking? What kind of dishes you generally cook? Do you try out new dishes? How is the schedule on weekends? 11. DO you take any specific care while cooking? 12. Does your family go out to eat? How Often? 13. What do you consume normally for Breakfast/lunch/dinner? 14. Does your child/husband/any other family member take Tiffin box with them? What do you generally provide them in the Tiffin box? 15. How often do you make items with Atta? 16. How (which form) and why do you consume Atta? 17. Do all members of your family consume Atta? Are there any individual preferences? Reasons for those preferences? 18. Do your decision get influenced by your husband /son/MIL while purchase of a particular brand of Atta. 19. What if your brand is not available? Which brand you switch to? Or you move to next store to get your preferred brand? 20. Do retailers suggest you any brand? 21. What all items have you made with Atta? 22. What according to you is an ideal Atta? (Probe on stages Dry Atta, Kneading, Rolling Roti, Baking Roti, Final Roti) (Colour, Texture, Aroma) 23. Which Atta do you use at home? 24. Describe Ganesh Atta? 25. Have you tried Aashirvaad Atta? Describe Aashirvaad Atta? 26. What occasions do you consume Atta? a. Breakfast b. Lunch c. Dinner d. Tiffin Box 27. What are reasons for consuming Atta?

Radio c.28. portfolio of products of same brand. Aroma 29. Puff b. What was the message in each of them 43. Texture c. Is there anything else that you considered while buying Atta (rice. Do you specify brands while ordering or just products? 37. Have you been contacted by Ganesh Promoter through any door to door or any other activity . etc) 38. Hoarding b. What was the message in each of them 41. What would be the effect if husk is present 34. availability. TV 42. Hoardings 39. What according to you ideal Atta be like? a. Where do you buy your products from (Kirana/Modern Retail) 35. Aroma c. Describe Ganesh Atta 31. Do you think husk is good if present in Atta 33. Which of the Ganesh Advertisement do you remember a. TV d. Colour b. TV 40. Radio e. Which media you use more? a. What are your expectation from final Roti a. Softness d. Duration for softness 30. Radio c. Do you place order on phone 36. Print (Newspaper) Which One? b. Which of the Aashirvaad Advertisement do you remember a. Describe Aashirvaad Atta 32. Hoarding b. Print (Magazines) Which One? c.