Steps to be followed for disbursement of PG-Scholarships through direct cash transfer scheme

Instructions for Institutions
Step I: Verification and Approval of PG student details 1. Login to Institute portal 2. Select Tab – PG Student Verification Screen ( Fig-1) 3. The institute will see the list of PG students who have registered themselves on AICTE web portal, along with the necessary attachments. Fig 1

Institute will Export the list of approved students in Excel file using “Menu” button. Fig 2 5. The certified hard copy shall be scanned as PDF and attached as shown in below (Fig 3) Fig 3 .4. HOD and Director/Principal shall also certify every page of the document. print this list and the respective Course Co-coordinator.(Fig 2).

Fig 4 . After verification of list of students and the attachments by the respective Course Co-coordinator and HOD. the Principal/Director shall set appropriate status in AICTE portal by selecting “Y” or “N” in Course coordinator. HOD and Principal/Director column.6.(Fig 4).

Fig 5 8. This process of verification shall be done by clicking “Approve” button for each student record.7. (Fig 5).(Fig 6). Fig 6 . After Clicking on Approve Button User will get the Message as ‘Student Data is Approve for Payment’ and Status is changed to Approve.

9.(Fig 7). Fig 7 . If user is not set any of three approvals i. Course Co-coordinator and HOD.e. the Principal/Director to ‘Y’ user will get following message after clicking on Approval Button.

Fig 8 . The data as at point 2 above shall be entered by the Institute under Attendance per month (%) column and scholarship amount to be reimbursed under payment details tab for every student on the portal.(Fig 8) and (Fig 9). In the ‘PG Student Attendance Details’ Institute will be able to see those record who are approved in the step 8. (The institute shall device suitable mechanism to update the data on the portal). Thereafter. Step II: Institute has to select ‘PG Student Attendance Details’ Tab 1. Also Amount to be credited will come as 8000 default.(PG Verification Process) 2. the institute shall select “PG Student Attendance Details” tab.Attendance and payment screen.

(Fig 11) Fig 11 . Institute shall Export the list of approved students in Excel file using “Menu” button. After Institute has Exported list from “PG Student Integrated Details View” Institute shall navigate to the ‘’ PG Student Attendance Details View “to Attach same Export. Fig-10 4.Fig 9 The institute should navigate to “PG Student Integrated Details View” and click on “Export” option from menu button (Fig 10) 3. print this list and distribute the same to all the departments concerned for entry of month wise percentage attendance and amount of scholarship to be disbursed against each student.

Institute shall enters ‘Y’ or ‘N’ for respective Course Co-coordinator. Head of the Department and Principal/Director.5. shall be printed. The printed list as at point 3 above.(Fig 12) Fig 12 . 6. Head of the Department and Principal/Director approvals. verified and certified by the respective Course Co-coordinator.

so that approval is granted for that month as shown in (Fig 13). the institute shall click on “Approval for each Month”. Fig 13 8.(Fig 14) 9.7. It will displayed messages as shown in (Fig 15). Once Institute click on ‘Approval For Each Month’ Button it will displayed message as ‘Student Data is Approved for HO’. Institute shall approve individual Student attendance record for each month. Fig 14 10. If any of above three approvals is set to ‘N’. . Thereafter.

12.Fig 15 11. . Institute shall repeat above entire process for every month for both verification and Attendance. All Student Attendance record approved by institute will be visible to Head Office.