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Genius Scan Scan to PDF Free by nym computing

Sight Words by Photo Touch Sight Words Coach by Sierra Vista Sight Words by Five Pumpkins

Paperless Common Core Standards by mastery connect

App Use Easily organize classroom observations by student and then tag them by subject, IEP goals etc. for quick searches. Also, each observation is timestamped! Makes record keeping easy! Chrome, Opera, Safari, Android and iOS Turns iphone into a pocket scanner. Better than taking pictures because it reorients the page and gets rid of background noise. E-mail as PDF or Jpeg. iphone and ipad only Scan app for android Sight word game. Have to choose the word that is announced. Changes in difficulty based on participant's success. Cusotmizable lists and pre-made lists up to third grade. iphone and ipad Sight word flash cards for all Dolch Sight Word levels. Keeps track of results and problem words. Android Traditional flash card format for sight word learning. Editable words. Android An easy way to keep track of and categorize information. Customizable lists. Icons for quick visual navigation. Automatically syncs between devices. ipad, iphone, ipod touch Easy access to Common Core Standards. Android, ipad, iphone You can tag, highlight and insert notes into recordings. Would be great for practicing speaches and fluency excercises. Will see their growth. ipad and iphone Communicate Via Text messages while keeping phone numbers on both sides anonymous. Makes sending reminders simple and hassle free. Manage multiple classes. Can set up schedules. Android, iphone, web Group communication through file sharing, text messaging, polls, group voice mails and conferencing. Web, iphone Fix equations written in matchsticks by moving only one matchstick. ipad, iphone 6 early childhood montessori methods for learning numbers in one app. Tracing, bead stairs, number rods, numbers blocks, cards and counters, dancing numbers. Ipad Create your own math quiz game. ipad Explore with NASA and discover the latest images, videos, mission information, news, feature stories, tweets, NASA TV and featured content. Expose upper elementary with NASA. Android and iOS. just another way to go paperlesss and reinforce knowledge/facts (ie. sight words.) Android & iOS iLearn US is a geography education tool that help students learn the 50 states. It’s ideal for history, geography or social studies classes. Its a good intro for upper elementary. Android & iOS Storykit allows you to create an electronic story book. This app would make be a great addition to an English or creative writing class and would make for a unique report presentation. Write text. Illustrate book by uploading pictures or drawing right on the page. Record your own voice or sounds to enhance the store. Easily add or delete pages. Free. Android & iOS. This voice recognition app is most useful for students with fine motor difficulties or physical impairments that make writing or typing challenging. Simply speak into the microphone and the words appear on screen. iOS. free. Have students practice pitch identification and sight-reading skills with one-, five-, or ten-minute quizzes. The app lets you work on the treble clef, bass clef, or both. iOS and Android. Free. Educreations is an all-purpose app that records both writing and voice. iOS Six pairs of bubbles with numbers float on the screen above beautiful backgrounds. Each bubble contains a number: simply pop the corresponding bubbles! PopMath is a fun way for kids to practice basic math. Android and IOS Cute graphics, awesome sound effects and the professional voice recording of the word spoken by a licensed speech therapist makes this award winning app a favorite among thousands of preschoolers. Can be usedduring your preferred activity time, but is still a puzzle for the students. Android. In this building game, kids pin marshmallows with the ends of uncooked spaghetti to create all kinds of designs. The goal is to end up with a marshmallow in a specific on-screen target, but if you build an unstable structure, it will topple – and you’ve gotta watch out for hungry frogs. Can be used during your preferred activity time, but is still a puzzle for the students. Android. Just like we learned in class, but it's on your mobile device! Platforms: iOS and android Evernote is a great tool for teachers and students to capture notes, save research, collaborate on projects, snap photos of whiteboards, record audio and more. Everything you add to your account is automatically synced and made available on all the computers, phones and tablets you use. Android and iOS Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. You can create dynamic interactive lessons, activities, assessments, and tutorials using Explain Everything's flexible and integrated design. Nearpod allows a teacher to deliver content to student devices in an engaging and interactive format. Students can receive informative Slides, Draw Its, Q & As, Quizzes, Videos, Slide Shows, Websites, etc. pushed out by the teacher. All data submitted to the teacher shows up on the teacher's device and is stored in the teachers account to be reviewed later or download a .pdf report. iOS Just like we learned in class, but it's on your mobile device! Edmodo is a secure, social learning platform for teachers, students, schools and districts. The goal is to help educators harness the power of social media to customize the classroom for each and every learner. Platforms: iOS and android Teachers and parents can use these apps to help build phonics! Two links for each platform of android and iOS

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Remind 101 Wiggio Matchmatics

Approach to Montessori Numbers Math Champ

NASA Flashcards*/id403199818?mt=8

iLearn U.S.


Dragon Dictation mt=8

Music Tutor Educreations

Pop Math

Shape Builder Preschool Puzzle

Spaghetti Marshmallows Khan Academy


Explain Everything



Alphabet Apps android: fun4kids.alphabetlite&hl=en iOS:

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Class Dojo Zondle Popplet DIY Three Ring VSB Chemistry VSB Physics

Digital storytelling. Can co create and edit. Web and android Behavior management tool where students lose or gain points for various activities. Keeps track of why they lose or gain points. Web, iphone, ipad Customizable games for all literacy and math. Web, iphone, ipad and android. They also respond to help you with any problems you have! brainstorming, mind mapping. Web, iphone, ipad Kids collect badges for PBL in different areas. iphone, web securely upload and tag photos of student work to create portfolios. web, iphone, android engaging way to access content ipad, iphone engaging way to access content ipad, iphone