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Paul Mehdi <pmrizvi@gmail.


Thanks for meeting with me.
2 messages Paul Mehdi Rizvi <> To: Hi Stewart, Thanks very much for spending all that time taking down the details of my business idea. t was a pleasure meeting with you. Though did do most of the talking! should be seeing "eter Smillie of "roperty, along with the web developer, on #ednesday $th. %uly and we will work toward getting the proposals as soon as possible. n the meantime &ll look forward to getting a bit more info about a few of the things you mentioned. t would be great to start connecting to the outside world now that i don&t have to spend all that time on the website design myself. 'any thanks and until later, (egards, "aul Thu, ul !, "#!# at $%## PM

)) "aul 'ehdi (i*vi #eb +esign,e)-ommerce &tewart &outhern <&tewart.&outhern@'> Mon, ul $, "#!# at (%#) PM

To: "aul 'ehdi (i*vi .pmri*
Hi "aul,

Thanks for your time last week, it was good to meet up with you and discuss your plans for ndusite.

0s promised have included a number of links which may be useful to you in building co)operative links in the 1ewcastle area.

0rts -ouncil 21orth 3ast 4ffice5: http:,,,regions,north)east, 67 8ime Street 9 a collection of creative businesses in :yker:

pages. will then create a "(4%3-T S" ?ou then need to brief a provider2s5 and they need to submit a proposal showing ) ) ) 0 description of each area of work re>uired The number of consultancy hours and costs for each area of work re>uired The total costs shown as 'ushroom #orks 9 as above: http:.http:. @(4SS and A0T if applicable 4nce you have a proposal that you wish to proceed The "akistan -ultural Society 9 0rts based group to increase the profile of South 0sian culture: http:.newcastleartistssociety.main.B -0T 41 which you will need to review and agree ?ou will then be issued with 84@ 1 details and an invitation to go online and complete your application 9 have attached a sheet showing the financial figures you will need to provide at this time.< The application process The first stage is to identify a provider and obtain a proposal for the work involved 9 :usiness 8ink offers a free impartial brokerage service to help identify providers 9 you have already identified a provider and have re>uested you be sent a further 2 to support your discussions. have the proposal.. the <st step of which is to secure the proposals from "eter at "roperty 22. 1ewcastle 0rtists Society 9 0s you would e=pect from the name: The following information is the application process for applying for support from the nvestment ..pages. please email this to m*self + we cannot progress until .

Please do not commission. f you receive a successful notification from the nvestment -entre you can then commission work to begin. :est regards. as this will invalidate *our application and *ou will not receive funding A note about the claims process- If the application is approved before the business starts trading./T costs. evidence this and submit a claim to the Investment Centre who will then reimburse you their % within 10-1 days" f you need to discuss this any further or would like any more information please donFt hesitate to give me a shout. 'ook. once the work is complete you will need to pay the supplier your %. evidence this and submit a claim to the Investment Centre who will then pay the supplier their % within 10-1 days !r for established businesses" !nce the work is complete you will need to pay the supplier the #$%% amount. Please also note that the . the nvestment -entre will review your application within $)<C working days and let you know if you have been successful and what D they are prepared to support 9 please note the nvestment -entre will not support all the costs and a reEection is a possibility.4nce you have submitted your application.nvestment -entre does not support an* . agree or start an* work until *ou have received notification to do so. Stew Southern .

c%.S%ut'ern-"usiness)inkn%rt' -ompany registered in 3ngland number GHH672<. SR7 7TT 084 600 ! 006 "e#in$%&$t'e$sk(pe$'i#')i#'tin# 006 end$%&$t'e$sk(pe$'i#')i#'tin# 078*6 87* 860 "e#in$%&$t'e$sk(pe$'i#')i#'tin# 860 end$%&$t'e$sk(pe$'i#')i#'tin#  084 600 ! 078*6 87* Be&%re actin# %n t'is e.c%. IKuoted te=t hiddenJ 0inancial 2ata Template. "#!# at )%!6 /M ."e.c%.uk2disc)aimer 3etai)s %& %ur 3ata Pr%tecti%n Privac( statement can "e &%und "( &%))%+in# t'is )ink '> Re% e3ample we'sites 6 messages ohn Peace % Propert*"" <1ohn@propert*"". (egistered office is Spectrum To: "aul 'ehdi (i*vi . Seaham.doc 66L Paul Mehdi <pmrizvi@gmail.mai) %r %penin# an( attac'ments. p)ease read t'e Business / Enterprise 0%rt' East e.Stewart Southern Business Adviser Business Link Spectrum 6." &ent% C< %uly 2C<C <$:CC To% Stewart Southern &u'1ect% Thanks for meeting with> (eply)To: Eohn@property22.mai) disc)aimer &r%m t'e &%))%+in# )ink 'ttp122+++. Spectrum :usiness " 0rom% "aul 'ehdi (i*vi Imailto:pmri* Hi "aul 4ed. ne. Spectrum Business Park -c: pEsmillie@hotmail. S($ $TT.pmri* ul 5.

trust this will find you well. allowing the products to take centre C<N< 2HC 2C26 begin.uni>lo.property22. essentially hard coding the graphic elements. The entire front end of the site would scroll hori*ontally and fit within a standard screen sent% Hi %ohn .of. probably using have also emailed "eter and will work along the lines we discussed for the www. t was great speaking to you the other day and many thanks for taking the time to meet.highlighting C<N< 2HC 7n Mon "!8#98!# !)%#) . Mnfortunately &m still in some pain if spend too long sitting at the '0-.intentionallies. Bor that reason it would be my intention to develop your website using HT'8G for the front end. another day or two should see me back to normal and will write up the draft proposal once am able to focus on it fully.the. -SS and %avascript. &m sure you&re aware these are now adopted as the latest web standards. Mntil later.highlighting 2C26 end. The main reason is that 0pple hand held devices.yugop. 'y apologies for this delay but your proEect is an e=tremely interesting one from a design point and really needs my full 1o doubt. the i"ad and i"hone and most smart phones don&t support 0dmittedly very e=perimental Blash www.the. white and maybe one shade of gray would form the &interior& and &shop& of the website. Here are a few links by a guy called ?ugo 1akamura. but it&s the innovation that impresses in the way the sites function. The e-ommerce element will follow a more conventional layout 2vertical scroll5 but retain the stark design elements. The e-ommerce side would be developed in "H" utilising a 'ySK8 database for product info and photo&s. www. %ohn "eace www.ecotonoha. &d rather delay and give it <CCD than try to concentrate when can only work in short bursts. with some detail as to the front end design concepts. as you have suggested we might consider a higher level of forward design in the &branding& and then let it cool down to simple shopping and ensuring that business aims are taken care of. t&s also been pretty much rendered redundant by HT' n terms of concept &m thinking that a particularly stark and minimalist design. . Paul Mehdi Rizvi pmrizvi@gmail.&ve looked over the &e=perimental& websites you listed and although they are impressive don&t believe using Blash is a good route to take for the core design of your website.

but guess we&re still stuck with having to come up with the simplest page alternative design for the browsers to link with if not capable of dealing with HT'8G etcO The usual &if not 3$ then&. "#!# at !!%(: /M :elow is some te=t from Stewart Southern&s email. minimalism is probably the way to go. There was a schematic had made and which was going to bring to the meeting. HT'8G is certainly going to make a big difference. and it&s pretty much in line with what you may be able to do. Leep in mind that my target audience is into mobile tech so laptops. that is.vertical formats.e)-ommerce Paul Mehdi Rizvi <> To: Eohn@property22.#hite sounds good and that&s very close to the ma= HCD grey &ve used in the 8ogo design and the one other colour is red.. ul 5. @(4SS and A0T if applicable #ill let you know how my &meeting& with "eter goes. nitially it had been a hue of yellow but when i e=perimented with sending all to print in :. 0ll the best.O Stark :lack. "aul )) "aul)'ehdi (i*vi #eb +esign. .netbooks with the screen height cut down will probably be a factor need to consider. 4ed. take the hori*ontal format to a certain point and then work with depth.# the tonalities were too close. specifying what need 2?ou5 then need to brief a provider2s5 and they need to submit a proposal showing ) ) ) 0 description of each area of work re>uired The number of consultancy hours and costs for each area of work re>uired The total costs shown as 13TT. Hope you get well fast! &ll discuss the branding aspect with "eter this afternoon ) we decided to go for a telephonic meeting while he&s driving up to :irmingham later this afternoon.( 0nd Hi %ohn . Thanks for the message. 'aybe we can play with that as the &status change& colour.

uk C<N< 2HC 2C26"aul IKuoted te=t hiddenJ ohn Peace % Propert*"" <1ohn@propert*"" Hi "aul -an you send me a copy of the logo design. "#!# at !!%!# /M To: "aul 'ehdi (i*vi . +o you want costs added to this proEect for further branding workO 4r simply costs for the website developmentO (egards %ohn "eace t would be handy to work in to a screen treatment. Paul Mehdi Rizvi sent%> (eply)To: Eohn@property22.highlighting IKuoted te=t hiddenJ C<N< 2HC 7n 4ed #58#58!# !!%(: .of.pmri*vi@gmail.of. ul :.highlighting 2C26