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As Part of AT&T’s Project VIP Investment, Local Wireless Network Upgra e !"ten s Access to A vance Pro #cts, $ervices an Applications
NORTHERN MICHIGAN, an! ", #$%"# AT&T$ toda% anno&nced the a'aila(ilit% o) its !o(ile *nternet ser'ice +ith the acti'ation o) three ne+ cell sites, one each in -ea'erton, *sh.e!ing and Rogers /it%, res.ecti'el%, e0tending access )or ad'anced !o(ile ser'ices, de'ices and a..lications to c&sto!ers in the area *n addition, !o(ile *nternet ser'ice +as added to )o&r cell sites in *osco and /harel'oi0 /o&nties and one in Mar1&ette /o&nt% AT&T is an ind&str% leader in deli'ering the (ene)its o) the !o(ile *nternet, o))ering .o+er)&l and )le0i(le connecti'it%, a +ide range o) s!art.hone and other de'ice o.tions, and si!&ltaneo&s 'oice and data ca.a(ilities )or an a!a2ing +ireless 'oice and *nternet e0.erience This &.grade is .art o) AT&T3s 4ro5ect 6elocit% *4 (6*4), a three-%ear in'est!ent .lan anno&nced last )all to e0.and and enhance its *4 (road(and net+orks Thro&gh this in'est!ent, AT&T is s&..orting its c&sto!ers3 gro+ing desire )or high-s.eed *nternet access and ne+ !o(ile, a.. and clo&d-(ased ser'ices

7AT&T in'ested !ore than 8295 !illion in its Michigan +ireless and +ired net+orks in the )irst hal) o) 201: alone, so these net+ork enhance!ents in northern Michigan are 5&st the latest e0a!.les o) AT&T3s signi)icant in)rastr&ct&re in'est!ent,; said <i! M&rra%, .resident, AT&T Michigan AT&T o.erates the nation3s largest =i->i net+ork$$ incl&ding !ore than :2,000 AT&T =i->i ?ot @.ots at .o.&lar resta&rants, hotels, (ookstores and retailers across the co&ntr%, and .ro'ides access to !ore than 461,000 hots.ots glo(all% thro&gh roa!ing agree!ents Most AT&T s!art.hone c&sto!ers get access to o&r entire national =i->i net+ork at no additional cost, and =i->i &sage doesn3t co&nt against c&sto!ers3 !onthl% +ireless data .lans A'er the .ast si0 %ears (2009-2012), AT&T in'ested !ore than 8116 (illion into its +ireless and +ireline net+orks across the co&ntr% @ince 2009, AT&T has in'ested !ore ca.ital into the B @ econo!% than an% other .&(lic co!.an% *n a @e.te!(er 201: re.ort, the 4rogressi'e 4olic% *nstit&te ranked AT&T Co 1 on its list o) B @ 7*n'est!ent ?eroes ; >or !ore in)or!ation a(o&t AT&T3s co'erage in northern Michigan or an%+here in the Bnited @tates, cons&!ers can 'isit the AT&T /o'erage 6ie+er >or &.dates on the AT&T +ireless net+ork, .lease 'isit the AT&T net+ork ne+s .age
*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc. **A Wi-Fi enabled device required. Other restrictions apply. See .att ifi.co! for details and locations.

Fin& More Information On'ine:
We( Site Lin)*: AT&T =e( @ite AT&T =ireless =e( @ite A(o&t the AT&T Cet+ork Re'ate& Me&ia Kit*: =ireless Cet+orks AT&T =ireless Cet+ork Ce+s

Re'ate& Re'ea*e*: AT&T *n'ests 8295 !illion in Michigan =ireless and =ireline Cet+orks in >irst ?al) o) 201: AT&T *n'ested More Than 81 5 -illion in

Re'ate& Fact S+eet*: *n)ogra.hicD 2012 Cet+ork *n'est!ent AT&T /o'erage 6ie+er Rethink 4ossi(le

Michigan )ro! 2010 to 2012

A(o,t AT&T
AT&T *nc (CE@FDT) is a .re!ier co!!&nications holding co!.an% and one o) the !ost honored co!.anies in the +orld *ts s&(sidiaries and a))iliates G AT&T o.erating co!.anies G are the .ro'iders o) AT&T ser'ices in the Bnited @tates and internationall% =ith a .o+er)&l arra% o) net+ork reso&rces that incl&des the nation3s )astest and !ost relia(le 4H ITF net+ork, AT&T is a leading .ro'ider o) +ireless, =i->i, high s.eed *nternet, 'oice and clo&d-(ased ser'ices A leader in !o(ile *nternet, AT&T also o))ers the (est +ireless co'erage +orld+ide o) an% B @ carrier, o))ering the !ost +ireless .hones that +ork in the !ost co&ntries *t also o))ers ad'anced T6 ser'ice +ith the AT&T B-'erseJ (rand The co!.an%3s s&ite o) *4-(ased (&siness co!!&nications ser'ices is one o) the !ost ad'anced in the +orld 4H ITF s.eed clai! (ased on national carriers3 a'erage 4H ITF do+nload s.eeds Relia(ilit% clai! (ased on data trans)er co!.letion rates on nation+ide 4H ITF net+orks 4H ITF a'aila(ilit% 'aries Additional in)or!ation a(o&t AT&T *nc and the .rod&cts and ser'ices .ro'ided (% AT&T s&(sidiaries and a))iliates is a'aila(le at htt.D//+++ att co!/a(o&t&s or )ollo+ o&r ne+s on T+itter at "ATT, on >ace(ook at htt.D//+++ )ace(ook co!/att and Eo&T&(e at htt.D//+++ %o&t&(e co!/att K 201: AT&T *ntellect&al 4ro.ert% All rights reser'ed AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other !arks contained herein are trade!arks o) AT&T *ntellect&al 4ro.ert% and/or AT&T a))iliated co!.anies All other !arks contained herein are the .ro.ert% o) their res.ecti'e o+ners

%a#tionar& Lang#age %oncerning 'orwar (Looking $tatements Infor!ation set forth in this press release contains financial esti!ates and other for ard-loo"in# state!ents that are sub$ect to ris"s and uncertainties% and actual results !i#ht differ !aterially. A discussion of factors that !ay affect future results is contained in AT&T&s filin#s ith the Securities and '(chan#e )o!!ission. AT&T disclai!s any obli#ation to update and revise state!ents contained in this ne s release based on ne infor!ation or other ise.