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Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University Course Outline Semester IX Cyber Laws & Information Tec nolo!

y "CLIT# $aculty% Dr& '(aru( )a* ira Number of Sessions: 70 Sessions +valuation Criteria i! Semester "#amination $ro%ect (&ritten Submission 10' (iva )) *rou+ ,iscussion "n!-Semester "#amination Atten!ance Total Teac in! / Learnin! ,et odolo!y%        .ecture etho! Case Stu!/ Tutorial ,iscussion $ro%ect &ork $resentations b/ Stu!ents Self Stu!/ ,ar*s 10 10 1) 10 )0 0) -..

Two Class Tests of 10 marks each (Average)

Objective0s of t e Course% “We are approaching the new era with 21st Century technologies with 20th century governing process and 19th century governance structure” 0arol! A1 .instone' $rofessor "meritus $ortlan! 2niversit/' 3regon1 The aforesai! 4uote is more than enough to enunciate the relevanc/ of intro!uction of 5nformation Technolog/ Act 60001 Socio-economic organi7ation an! +olitical governance s/stems are un!ergoing un+rece!ente! changes com+elling *overnments to enact laws relating to management of knowle!ge in the societ/1 The technolog/ relating to internet an!8or c/ber s+ace is !evelo+ing incessantl/1 .aw was not in conformit/ with the latest !evelo+ment in the fiel! of technolog/1 Naturall/ 5nformation Technolog/ Act 6000 was a !eman! of the contem+orar/ criminal %ustice s/stem as well as the societ/1

egal scenario Unit 61 Cyber Crime i1 ii1 .To!a/ we are living in the age of information1 9ou have more information /ou are more +owerful1 The challenge is how to +reserve an! transact that1 Abuse of +rivate !ata an! government !atabase b/ unscru+ulous +eo+le can create havoc to in!ivi!uals' institutions an! the nation1 *overnment regulation of the internet was in!ee! inevitable1 The 5nformation Technolog/ Act' 6000 is %ust a beginning of a series of innovative laws nee!e! to re+lace the e#isting legal regime in a number of areas1 . the course has been structure! in following nine cha+ters like:Unit -1 Introduction to Cyber S(ace a1 b1 c1 i1 ii1 iii1 <uris+ru!ence of C/ber S+ace .issemination $hishing 0acking Software $irac/ .efinition of C/ber S+ace 5nterface between .ifferent t/+es of c/ber crime a1 b1 c1 !1 e1 f1 $asswor! Sniffing C/ber Terrorism (irus .igital signatures an! electronic commerce will bring in hitherto unknown varieties of frau! an! cheating1 "lectronic crime can be committe! with unimaginable ease1 The evolution of the internet an! of the electronic commerce over the last /ears' in combination with the transformation of econom/' being base! on the services sector with a great amount of them offere! electronicall/' have le! to a com+lete !e+en!enc/ on the networks an! the services offere! via them1 5n this course' it has been trie! to give an i!ea about the c/ber s+ace1 &hat t/+e of business is being transacte! an! !ifferent t/+es of c/ber crime have been !iscusse!1 5t has also been establishe! the interface between the law an! technolog/1 To un!erstan! a broa!er +ers+ective of the interface of :technolog/ an! law.efinition an! !ifference with conventional crime .aw an! Technolog/ <uris!iction an! the 5nternet = 5ssues an! Challenges 5 T Act 6000 > <uris!iction issues Case Stu!/ Unit 2 1 3urisdiction Unit 41 +lectronic Contract and +15overnance a1 Contract' "lectronic Contract? an overview b1 T/+es of "lectronic Contract = Click &ra+ Agreement > Shrink &ra+ Agreement = The challenges of a++licable law an! %uris!iction c1 "lectronic Contract an! 5n!ian .

is+ute 0armful content in 5nternet an! @egulation of 5nternet .efamation 5@C Crime Salami Attack Net "#tortion Cre!it Car! Arau! etc1 5nvestigation an! $rosecution a1 C/ber Crime an! Criminal <ustice S/stem b1 2se of Science an! Technolog/ c1 Critical Anal/sis of Criminal $roce!ure Co!e' 5n!ian $enal Co!e' "vi!ence Act' The Bankers Book "vi!ence Act 1CD1' 5 T Act !1 Case Stu!/ iv1 5nterface between law an! technolog/ an! the relevanc/ of 5 T Act 60001 Unit 7 1 Cyber Law and Contem(orary Le!al Issues a1 b1 c1 !1 e1 .g1 h1 i1 %1 k1 l1 iii1 C/ber Stalking C/ber .iabilit/ of 5nterme!iar/ Co+/right' Tra!emark an! 5nternet 5nternet an! Aree S+eech .omain Name .

commerce: A gui!e to c/ber laws81 .C/ber law is the nee! of the time ..on!on: Blackstone $ress $vt1 .aw $ublishing Co1 $vt1 .evelo+ment of e-commerce laws in 5n!ia1 Cor+orate .aw Cases' No1 0H' <une' 60001 +1 67E-67C1 F1 @/!er' @o!ne/.New .5C@A 61 Ii++o anufacturing v1 Ii++o1Com E1 (iacom v1 *oogle F1 Subhas alik vs1 State of A$ )1 Avnish Ba%a% v1 State .aw 0ouse' 60001 E co+ies E1 5an <1 .elhi: 2niversal .C/ber .on!on: Butterworths' 1DD7 = E co+ies F1 Com+uter .t!1' 1DDH )1 "rnest Ackermann' .aw .akshmi .aw @elating to Com+uters' 5nternet an! " .8eferred Statutes9 :oo*s9 'rticles and Cases% Statutes: 11 61 E1 F1 5n!ian $enal Co!e Co!e of Criminal $roce!ure "vi!ence Act 5nformation Technolog/ Act Books: 11 Nan!an Gamath' .lo/!' 5nformation Technolog/ ..Er! "!n1 .New 9ork: B$B $ublications' 1DDH1 E co+ies H1 The +ocket gui!e to the internet 8 *ar/ *ach1 New 9ork: B$B $ublications' 1DDH1 71 S ( <oga @ao' Com+uter an! "lectronic Contract = E co+ies Articles: 11 <ambholkar' .0a++/ 6000 /ou +athetic fools1 Cuttack' (ol F0' No1 0E' <ul/-Se+t' 60001+1))D-)H61 61 @out' $ranam Gumar .t!1' 6000 = E Co+ies 61 Suresh T1 (ishwanathan' The 5n!ian c/ber law with c/ber glossar/ .aw Times1 (ol1 CD' No1 101 1)th a/ 60001 E1 ulwa!' ( 0 an! Chalam' *lobal e-commerce an! c/ber laws1 Cor+orate .aw: 5ssues an! +ers+ectives' 5n!ian <ournal of 5nternational ..elhi: Bharat .aw A!viser' (ol1E7' No A+ril-<une' 6000' +)F-)H Cases: 11 9ahoo v1 .earning to use the &orl! &i!e &eb .aw 8 Chris @ee!1 .