PeopleSoft Benefit Administration Business Flow and

• Benefits Administration Is:
 An Automated Eligibility Processing System
 Delivered by PeopleSoft
 Driven by Tables and Rules
 Based on Employee Data
• Ben Admin is Driven By:
– Tables And Rules
– These Include
 Deduction Tables
 Benefit Plan Tables
 Geographic Location Tables
 Benefit Program Tables
 Eligibility Rules
 Event Rules
 Calculation Rules
• Ben Admin Utilizes
– Data from Employee Records
 Personal Data
 Job Data
 Employment Data
– This data helps Ben Admin determine eligibility for
various benefit options
• Ben Admin Eligibility Rules
– Benefits for US Employees is primarily driven by:
 Employees Date of Birth
 Home Address
 Work Location
 Company & Paygroup combination
 Employee Class
 Eligibility Configuration 1,2, & 3
– By setting a unique combination of these values,
Ben Admin is able to offer employees the
appropriate set of benefits options.
• Ben Admin Event Classes
– Event Class, is a way of equating actions on Job to
Benefits eligibility events and guaranteeing that
they will perform in a certain fashion each time
– Event Classes have
 1:1 correlation from job in some cases
 Default class if no 1:1 correlation
 Open Enrollment event class
 Ben Admin Event Classes
– Examples of Events that have a 1:1 Correlation
 Hire Action = HIR Event
 Family Status Change Action = FSC Event
 Transfer Action = XFR Event
 Termination Action = TER Event
 Retirement Action = RET Event
– There are others that are 1:1 as well
• Ben Admin Event Classes
– If there is no event class that matches the action
on Job, Ben Admin assigns it to the default event
class, MSC, or Miscellaneous
– Each event class is assigned to a set of rules
• Ben Admin Event Rules
– Event Rules Define
 The Options that are available to the employee
for a particular type of event
 Family Status Changes don’t allow the
employee to change their medical or dental
 Transfer events allow the employee to change
medical and/or dental plans
• What are Benefit Programs
– A Benefit Program is a collection of benefits
options that a particular segment of the population
is eligible to receive.
 US Benefit programs are primarily driven by
Employee Class
 The Working Tables
– Ben Admin does all its work in 6 major tables
 BAS_Partic
 BAS_Partic_Plan
 BAS_Partic_Option
 BAS_Partic_Dependent
 BAS_Partic_Cost
 BAS_Partic_Invest
– These are viewable as the Employee Event
Summary panel group in Administer Automated
– BAS = Benefits Admin System

Bas Partic
Contains the high level keys for the whole bas partic
EmplID, Benefit Program, Event Class
The relevant job info
Various date features
Overall status of the event
Bas Partic Plan
 Primarily the repository of the employee’s current
benefit elections
 The benefit plans that the employee had coming into
this event
 Where the changes to benefit plans are recorded
Bas Partic Option
• Table that stores all the options for each plan type
that the employee is eligible for in their benefit
Bas Partic Cost
• Contains all the costs associated with each option
that Ben Admin has calculated in the Bas Partic
Option section of the table
• Contains per pay period information as well as
annual amounts
Bas Partic Dependent
• Table that stores the enrolled dependents for
medical and/or dental by plan type
• Stores beneficiary designations for Life Insurance
Bas Partic Investment
• This records investment options for savings type
plans (401(k))

Ben Admin Base Tables
• Once Ben Admin is complete with an event (i.e.
Finalized), it copies the plan election and
dependent info to the BASE (i.e. posting tables)
• Once the elections are in these BASE tables,
Payroll and others are able to view the employees
Benefits Administration
• The Posting Tables (Base Tables)
– Employees Elections are recorded in the following
• Health Benefits
– Health Dependent
• Life & AD&D Benefits
– Life & ADD Beneficiary
 Disability Benefits
 FSA Benefits
 Savings Plans
– These tables are viewable under the Use menu in
Administer Base Benefits