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New points in Law on Bidding of Vietnam
Date 26 November 2013, The National Assembly of Vietnam course XIII issue !a" on
#iin$ No%&3'2013'()13 *hereinafter calle !a" on #iin$ 2013+% !a" on #iin$ 2013
ta,es effect from 1 -uly 201&%
1. Scope of regulation
The !a" on #iin$ 2013 "iens the re$ulation sco.e%
Accorin$ly this !a", besie the .ro/ects usin$ 0tate ca.ital from
301 or more uner the !a" on #iin$ 2002, the !a" on #iin$
2013 also a..lies to the lin,in$ .ro/ects "hich use 0tate ca.ital less
than 301 but more than 200 billion VND in total investe ca.ital or
overseas irect3investment .ro/ects4 selection of investors to
.erform the investment .ro/ects in form of .ublic3.rivate
.artnershi. *555+, investment .ro/ects "ith lan use%
2. Bidding of drugs and medical supplies
The !a" on #iin$ 2013 has a .rivate section on ru$s an
meical su..lies usin$ 0tate finance, meical insurance fun, revenues from services of meical
e6amination an treatment an other la"ful revenues of .ublic meical establishments%
#y the characteristics of these $oos, so investors can the metho of .rice ne$otiation%
This is a com.letely ne" metho, arisin$ from .ractice of recent years%
3. Preferential treatment
The !a" on #iin$ 2013 has re$ulates the .referential treatment for omestic tenerers an
$oos "hen .artici.atin$ biin$, incluin$7
*i+ Domestic or international biin$ to $oos of "hich cost for omestic .rouction
occu.y 221 or more%
*ii+ 8orei$n tenerers in .artnershi. "ith omestic tenerers in "hich the omestic tenerers
ta,e over from 221 or more of "or, value of biin$ .ac,a$e%
*iii+ Domestic biin$ to avisory services, non3avisory services, construction an
installment usin$ of 221 or more of laborer 9uantity are female laborers, invalis,
isable .eo.le4 the tenerer is small : si;e enter.rises% Consultant of
Business Law in Vietnam
4. Forms and methods of selection of contractors
The !a" on biin$ as the forms an methos of selection of contractors%
About the forms of contractors7 Ain$ the forms of community<s .artici.ation in .erformance%
The biin$ .ac,a$es uner the national ob/ective .ro$rams, su..ort .ro$rams of hun$er
elimination, .overty reuction for istricts, communes in mountainous, ee.3lyin$ an remote
areas, islans, areas "ith s.ecial ifficulty3stric,en economic3social conitions, if the $rou.s of
"or,ers in locations "here have biin$ .ac,a$es may unerta,e, assi$n them to .erform entire
or .art of such biin$ .ac,a$es%
About the metho of election of contractors7 There are 0& methos of election of contractors7 *i+
The one3.hase metho "ith one ossier ba$4 *ii+ The one3.hase metho "ith t"o ossier ba$s4
*iii+ the t"o3.hase metho "ith one ossier ba$4 *iv+ the t"o3.hase metho "ith t"o ossier ba$%
In .articular, uner the one3.hase metho "ith t"o ossier ba$s, only the teners satisfy the
technical re9uirements shall be o.ene ossier of financial .ro.osals for assessment% #y this
metho, if the tener .ro.oses the lo" .rice but ca.acity, e6.erience an technical o not satisfy
re9uirements, "ill be move before o.enin$ the .ro.osals on finance%
5. Adding the assessment methods
Ain$ the ne" assessment methos as follo"s7
8or the biin$ .ac,a$e of non3avisory service, $oos .rocurement, construction an
installation an mi6ture content7 besie the assessment metho of lo"est .rice as .rovie in !a"
on #iin$ 2002, ain$ the t"o ne" assessment metho are7 metho of assessment .rice4 an
metho of combination of technical as.ect an .rice%
8or the biin$ .ac,a$e of avisory service7 besie the metho of combination of technical
as.ect an .rice as .rovie in !a" on #iin$ 2002, the !a" on #iin$ 2013 ain$ t"o ne"
assessment metho are7 metho of lo"est .rice4 an metho of fi6e .rice%
6. Signing, management and performance of contracts
=ith the contracts are uner the sco.e of re$ulation, the ty.e of contract must be s.ecifie in the
.lan of selectin$ contractors, an only incluin$ 0& of contract7 !um.3sum contract4
contract base on fi6e unit .rice, contract base on moifiable unit .rice, time3base contract% Consultant of
Business Law in Vietnam
In "hich, the lum.3sum contract is the basic ty.e of contract, if oes not this ty.e, must
im.rove the other contract are more than lum.3sum contract% 8or biin$
.ac,a$es of sim.le avisory service .rovision, an non3avisory service .rovision, biin$
.ac,a$es for $oos .rocurement, construction an installation, mi6ture content "ith small scale
must form of lum.3sum contract%
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