!H.n" +91-9010794744
• A thorough professional with 3+years of experience in Operations & Maintenance
activities in GSM / GPRS, Telecom Sector
• Proficienc! in operation / maintenance of various telecom e"uipments in re#ucing
#owntime an# enhancing operational effectiveness of e"uipment
• $xcellent communication an# interpersonal s%ills with strong anal!tical, team&
'uil#ing, pro'lem solving an# organi(ational a'ilities
Experience Summary:
Currently working as a NOC Engineer
From Dec 2013 to till date.
)ompan!* RSS Consultants Ltd, Hyderabad
)lient* Tata Teleservices
Operator* +ninor networ%
Worked as a BSS Configuration Engineer.
From June 2013 to No 2013
Com!any" Denae Consultants Ltd.
Client" No#ia Siemens Net$or#.
%!erator" &'D(%C%N)*N and +erala.
Worked as Network Engineer.
,rom Octo'er -../ to Ma! -.01
)ompan!* ,decco -ana.ement Serices, Hyderabad
)lient* 2#ea cellular limite#
Operator* 2#ea
Worked as Technical support Engineer.
,rom 3anuar! -..4 to Septem'er -../
Com!any"&-C Ltd at Hyderabad.
Client"/0arat0 Sanc0ar lt.
Tata Teleservices: NOC Engineer from December 2013 to till Date.
PROFIE: Fa!lt "anagement
• 24/7/365 Alarms Monitoring on monitoring tools: Alcatel Lucent 1353 NM
application, ALCA!L "AL#$ #N%& NM' (ia go glo)al.
• o monitor an* trou)les+oot ',- circuits ranging .rom !1 to 'M/64 )an*0i*t+.
• 1in*ing root cause anal2sis o. potential an* tra3c outage relate* pro)lems.
• 4esponsi)le in timel2 *ocumentation, escalation, up*ate an* closure o. trou)le
• 6er.orms !1 logical )rea5 test to *etermine t+e (ali*it2 o. ',- rail.
• Manage all t+e alarms, an* per.orms imme*iate trou)les+ooting, restorations o.
a7ecte* circuits, *e(elops an* implements emergenc2 measures .or all ser(ice
a7ecting e(ents.
• Co/or*ination .or sol(ing net0or5 alarms li5e 4,%,''1, L6/A%', ,' an* L8' .or
transmission net0or5.
Handled arious actiities such as:
• Manage# Operations an# Maintenance of Nokia !S"s
• Monitore# fault rate & alarm escalation of more than 5-.. cells in the networ%
• )reation of 6TS sites 7TA89 ,AM28:, M$TRO, an# +8TRA & ,8$;2<
• )R, implementation an# 6TS parameters optimi(ation for 'etter "ualit! of the
• Performs TR; $xpansions for the 6TS sites
• =ail! health chec%up of 6SS an# OSS elements
• Trou'leshooting of the 6TS Pro'lems
• Support for 6SS to the fiel# engineers for fault restoration
• 2mplements 6TS rehoming from one 6S) to another 6S)
• )reation of $&=AP in 6TS sites
• >ea#e# )hanging of R, parameter 'ase# on R, inputs
• ?or%ing on )itrix, T@MS an# TA@G
• Alarm uploa#ing for 6S)s
• Spearhea#e# the Switch an# )ustomer care team an# solve# customer complaints
• R, parameter changes using OSS A- @etact application tools
• Performs )onfiguration an# ,ault Management of GSM @etwor%
• )oor#ination with O&M $ngineers in the @etwor% Outage activities

Rehoming cell sites in different BSCs

Re0omin. o1 sites actiity is a continuous one as u!.radation or ne$ /SCs are inte.rated.
Cell sites to be s0i1ted are created t0rou.0 /SS S!lit tool and unloc#ed in ne$ /SC and loc#ed and
deleted in old /SC alon. $it0 t0e u!datin. o1 nei.0bours. Durin. !rocess o1 re0omin. ,larms, so1t$are2s,
34RS and (D3( im!lementation is ta#en care.
EDGE Imlementation and otimi!ation in ma"or cities in #$ through OSS%
Lead t0e team o1 en.ineers to im!lement and o!timi5e (D3( serices in -a6or cities in ,4.*oo#
u! eac0 /SC and enable (D,4 in eac0 site o1 /SC $it0 *N-S tool.,1ter im!lementin. (D,4,t0e
Dyanamic ,bis 4ool7D,48 is been created 1or t0e (D3(.enabled *R9s 1or eac0 /*S. ,1ter
creatin. all t0e D,4s attac0in. o1 D,4s to /*Ss are ta#en care by loc#in. and enablin. (D3( and
a1ter t0e enable /*Ss .et unbloc#ed
&echnical Skills%
'ireless &echnologies%3S-,34RS,(D3( .
&ools : C- (ditor, No#ia /*S, No#ia Ho!!er,No#ia Fle:i Hub
Experience Summary:
#rm $an%ar& '((8 t Se)tem*er '((+
Company " V M Clt,.- at H&,era*a,.
Client " .harath Sanchar Nigamlt, /..S.N.L0
Job Profile:
!r1ect Title" I.AS 22(. an, 28(A E3%i)ment 4r STM52 /#i*er hme0
Rle" Technical s%))rt Engineer /C%stmer S%))rt0
 Involved in Burn-in room preparation and through the lin!
 "#$: - %ored on 6)ti7 iManager T'((( NMS &or Transmission 'et(or!
 "#$- %ored on e54im 6TNM'((( )*+ &or transmission net(or in STM52!
 Involved in Installation, Testing and commissioning o& the e-uipment according to TSEC
and ITU5T standards!
 .ault, Con&iguration, /pplication, +er&ormance, Testing (ith LCT and EMS!!
 $olving the &ield pro0lems regarding Installation
 +roviding Technical support on STM52!
Academic Qualification:
• 6T$)> in Electronics and communication engineering 7-..B&-..4< from
Ni#am $nstitute o% Engineering & Technology.
• 2nterme#iate from !oard o% $ntermediate Education
• SS) from !oard o% Secondary Education.
Academic Project:
.I'1"2+2I'T 2"C31'ITI3' $4$T"#
Software Skills:
6)erating S&stems " ?in#ows, xp
'anguages : )
(ersonal pro%ile
=ate of 6irth* 1. August 0/45
,ather @ame* MrCGopal
8anguages 9nown* $nglish, >in#i an# Telugu
Marital status*single

2 here '! #eclare that the a'ove written particulars are true to the 'est of m! %nowle#ge
an# 'elief
!lace" H&,era*a, /Srikanth V0