Host $5000
Co-Host 2500 Guest $1000
Contribute online at www.alfranken.com/fall
RSVP to Io Vincent or Sarah Nealley
at 70'"-2 1-0466 or jovincent(@erols.com
Address provided upon RSVP
ComJibulions or !{t1,s 10 Franken Rccoun( FUnd are nOI
tax dOGue iblo. Corporate conlribu\lom, are prohibiied
Paid for bv f a kc'l Aecoual ru d. a jOi:ll committee     by
A' r1i:lnken fo' Se:la:e a'ld: :VIinneso:a Denwc i?!ic; Farme: Labo' Pany

nYes, I will attend the event at the Frankens. Enclosed is my contribution of:
o Host $5000 0 CoHost S2500 0 Guest $1000
o I am unable to attend, but wish to support AI with my contribution of $ m_m_m__mm__ '
Individuals may contribute up to $12,300, and PACS may contribute up to 510,000
without it counting tmvard any other federal limit. TI1at is, this contribution is not subject to your
federal limits to candidates. pacs or committees [or this or any other election cycle,
Contribute online at wW'N.alfranken.com/fall
Franken Recount Fund, 110 BEast Broad Street, Falls Church, VA 22046
For more information, contact 10 Vincent or Sarah Nealley at 703-241-0466 or jovincent@erols.com
If you prefer to pay by personal credit card, please fill out the following information
and fax this form to 703-241-0739.
Amount $ D Visa : : MasterCard D American Express
Card Number: Exp. _
Contributions to Franken Recount
Fund will be allocated as follows:
The fi:st $2,300/$5,000 of 8
      Will be
deslgr'ateo to the 'ecour't :u'ld
of Ai Frs r,h:e'l Ser'8te<
Name on Card:
Narne (as it appears on check or credit cardi . _
City/StatelZip _
Federal law reqt;ires 12S to t;se our besl efforls lo collect and report. the rnail'ng address.
occLcpation, and name of employer for individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in an election cycle.
The next $'0,000 of each
donatio:1 I:'om a ;Je:'sot' 8t'G
t:-,e r,ext :;;5,000   a mu:t,-
c81'oldate CO'T\;1'ittee wi:1 be
a:located to the reco:mt !l,nd
of the De:,\ocrat,c
L.a::.::o;, Party.
I'..r,y con1'i b:Jtor may
des:g nate hiS 0:' he:' Gorat,or,
to: a P811Ic,,:ar particIDa'lt.
TriG &l ioci3tio;'1 rOi'M'J1e above
may change it a'1Y contributor
:'"ekes a donatior that, 'N:1en
a:located, WO:JIC: exceed tbe
amOL;r,t t:1at the CO'lt:'lbJlor
,'1"'3'( Is'........'1d:IY f1;ve to 8:ly
____________ EmpJoyer _
______________ Fax _ Contnbut:or:s or g,fts tl1
  Recount :'vnd 8(0 not
tax deduct:ble. Cor:Jo:ate
contl'bul'oc:s are peoh:bited.
Please ..ead the following and confi.'m below:
• By sig:1.ing below, I affi)'m I am m3\ing conaibution witi1 ray OW,1 personal fU:1ds, 1ara not using funds provided
by any othe, pe:son and have ;)e:-manent ,eside:1t status in the United S::ates,
• (For credit (arc contributocs only) By signi:1g below, 1am affirming that 1am making this contribution on my own
personal credit card an(; no, Ivith a co;po;ate or business credit card 0; a credit card issued to 2myone else.
! Paid for by Franken Recount Fund, a joint fundraising committee authorized by I
' .. .. n 1