Command & Conquer™ The First Decade

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February 14, 2006
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1. #I$%&#' ()
1.1. *icroso+t %irect(
2. ,-&./0E '1&&,I$2
2.1. /e+ore 3ou 'tart
2.2. ,he *ini!u! 'yste! 'pec
2.3. 4nown 5ideo ard Issues
2.4. 4nown 'ound ard Issues
2.5. 5irtual *e!ory 'ettings
2.6. Auto)lay
2.7. East Asian Font
2.8. 2a!e .pdates and )atches
2.. Firewall Issues
2.1!. Firewall6$A, )ort $u!ber In+o
2.11. .ninstalling
2.12. #indows () Issues
3. A%5A$E% %I')0A3 &),I&$'
3.1. &ptions E7plained
4. &,1E- I$F&
4.1 . 4nown Issues
1. "#$D%"& '( %$)*
1.1. +icroso,t Direct'-
o!!and 8 on"uer9 ,he First %ecade is a *icroso+t %irect( application. 5ersion :.0c o+
*icroso+t %irect( is included on the %5% and you have the option to install it when o!!and 8
on"uer9 ,he First %ecade is installed.
2. T.%/0)1 &2%%T#$3
2.1. 0e,ore *ou &tart-
/e+ore running o!!and 8 on"uer9 ,he First %ecade, be sure that you have the latest drivers
+or your video and audio cards installed onto your ). 3ou can download the appropriate drivers
+ro! your video and audio card !anu+acturer;s #eb site.
%o not run any other progra!s in the bac<ground, as this !ay con+lict with o!!and 8
on"uer9 ,he First %ecade. ,his includes any virus=protection progra! that you have running.
2.2. The +inimum &4stem &5ec-
,he !ini!u! re"uired syste! speci+ications to run o!!and 8 on"uer9 ,he First %ecade are
as +ollows>
%&- "indo6s '( 6ith 7dministrator ri8hts
C(/- 8!! +29 or ,aster
.7+- 256 +0 or more
Disc Dri:e- 8; or ,aster D<D Dri:e
2ard Dri:e- .8 30 i, insta==in8 the entire D<D
<ideo- Direct' 8.1 com5ati>=e :ideo card
&ound- Direct' 8.1 com5ati>=e sound card
2ard6are Trans,orm & )i8htin8 ca5a>=e :ideo card 6ith 32 +0 or more memor4? and one
o, these chi5sets is required-
$<#D#7 3eForce 2 or 8reater
7T# .adeon 75!! or 8reater

%ne disc 5er user. 256 +0 .7+ needed ,or 3 or more 5=a4ers. $et6or@ A2B8 5=a4ersCD
#nternet A2B4 5=a4ersCD 56 E>5s #nternet connection? A5B8 5=a4ersCD Ca>=e? D&) or ,aster
2.3. Eno6n <ideo Card #ssues-
,here are no <nown issues +or the o!!and and on"uer9 ,he First %ecade %5% itsel+. For
ga!e speci+ic issues consult the original -ead *e +ile +or the ga!e in "uestion.
2.4. Eno6n &ound Card #ssues-
,here are no <nown issues +or the o!!and and on"uer9 ,he First %ecade %5% itsel+. For
ga!e speci+ic issues consult the original -ead *e +ile +or the ga!e in "uestion.
2.5. <irtua= +emor4 &ettin8s-
o!!and 8 on"uer9 ,he First %ecade !ay need to use !ore -A* than is present on your
syste!. #indows will auto!atically ta<e care o+ this by using what is <nown as ?5irtual
*e!ory,? which uses space on your hard dis< to si!ulate the !e!ory it needs and swaps data
bac< and +orth +ro! your hard dis< as re"uired. Ensure that the !a7i!u! setting is at least
2.6. 7uto(=a4-
I+ the o!!and 8 on"uer9 ,he First %ecade %5% does not Auto)lay when inserted in the
drive, you !ay have this +eature disabled. ,o enable Auto)lay, please consult your #indows user
In #indows (), Auto)lay should be always enabled. 3ou can custo!iAe your Auto)lay options by
opening ?*y o!puter,? and right clic<ing on your %5% %rive icon and choosing ?)roperties,?
and then selecting the ?Auto)lay? tab. I+ Auto)lay doesn;t wor< properly, please consult your
#indows () user !anual.
2.7. 1ast 7sian Fonts-
All players who use a #estern version o+ #indows will see bo7es in place o+ Asian te7t when
going to play &nline. In #indows (), you can install the Asian language +ont pac< by opening
your ontrol )anel in #indows, double=clic<ing on the ?-egional and 0anguage &ptions? icon,
selecting the ?0anguages? tab, and chec<ing the ?Install +iles +or East Asian 0anguages? bo7. 3ou
will be as<ed +or your #indows () %, and you will need to restart your ). &nce this process
has been done, be sure that the ?Asian ,e7t? option has been selected under your ?)ersona? screen
when going to play &nline.
2.8. 3ame /5dates and (atches-
o!!and 8 on"uer9 ,he First %ecade contains an auto=update +eature that will auto!atically
let you <now when new patches and updates are available to you. #hen an update to the ga!e is
available, you will be pro!pted to download and install it when you clic< on ?*ultiplayer? +ro!
the ga!e;s !ain !enu. I+ you don;t intend to play online, but still wish to download the latest
updates, you can either log onto the o++icial site listed in the original -ead *e +ile +or that ga!e or
choose the ?hec< +or .pdates? option +ro! the o!!and 8 on"uer9 ,he First %ecade
Auto-un +eature.
2.. Fire6a== #ssues-
For Firewall speci+ic issues consult the ga!e speci+ic -ead *e +ile +or the ga!e you are playing.
2.1!. Fire6a==F$7T (ort $um>er #n,o-
For Firewall in+or!ation consult the ga!e speci+ic -ead *e +ile +or the ga!e you are playing.
2.11. /ninsta==in8-
I+ you encounter any proble!s reinstalling o!!and 8 on"uer9 ,he First %ecade a+ter the
ga!e has been uninstalled, insert the ga!e disc into your %5% drive, choose ?Install? +ro! the
splash screen, and then select the ?-epair? option. &nce this process has been co!pleted, install
the ga!e once again.
2.12. "indo6s '( #ssues-
0i!ited user accounts are not supported within the o!!and 8 on"uer9 ,he First %ecade
%5%. 3ou !ust have ad!inistrator access to install, uninstall, and play the ga!e.
3. 7D<7$C1D D#&()7* %(T#%$&
3.1. 7d:anced %5tions 1;5=ained
• I+ you are e7periencing slow +ra!e rate during ga!e play, you can try adBusting one or several
o+ the Advanced %isplay &ptions under the &ptions !enu in the individual ga!e you are
playing. onsult the speci+ic -ead *e +ile +or the ga!e you are playing +or !ore in+or!ation.
4. %T21. #$F%
4.1. Eno6n #ssues
1 C &lder D&riginal -eleaseE versions !ust not be installed si!ultaneously with the o!!and and
on"uer9 ,he First %ecade versions. ,his will cause collisions with registry entries
2 C In !any o+ the older titles it will be hard to get a uni"ue na!e when trying to play online. A pop up
will in+or! the player i+ that na!e is already ta<en and you will have to enter a new na!e until a
co!pletely uni"ue na!e has been entered and accepted.
F C I+ you install o!!and and on"uer -ed Alert and the e7pansion pac<s C o!!and and on"uer -ed
Alert ,he A+ter!ath and o!!and 8 on"uer -ed Alert ounterstri<e they will all appear in the sa!e
!enu and will not be listed as separate ga!es when playing any o+ the three. All o+ the ga!es available
+ro! all three titles will be listed in the !enu when playing.
4 C o!!and and on"uer -enegade C #hen going &nline, #estwood &nline in+or!s the user that an E=
!ail will be sent to con+ir! an online account and no E=!ail is sent. ,here is no e!ail that is sent and this
lin< is now closed but the process still e7ists in the product. .sers can still register with #estwood &nline
by using the registration process +ro! one o+ the other o!!and 8 on"uer ga!es.
@ C o!!and and on"uer -ed Alert = Found> o!!and and on"uer -ed Alert includes a terrain editor
?edwin.e7e? in its install directory. I+ you install -ed Alert +ro! the ,F% %5% and then atte!pt to run the
terrain editor with the %5% in the drive, the progra! will as< +or the -ed Alert % and thus cannot be run.
,he application can be run without the disc +ro! a co!!and line with the GC%H para!eter.
6 = A+ter a !anual reset during installation, o!!and and on"uer, o!!and and on"uer -ed Alert,
o!!and and on"uer ,iberian 'un, o!!and and on"uer -ed Alert II, and o!!and and on"uer
2enerals do not run a+ter reinstallation. I+ you +ind this proble!, you will always need to run these ga!es
+ro! the ga!e directory in the +uture.
I = I+ the % tray is opened then closed during the install, the install will not continue. #hen the tray is
opened during an installation, it will give the user a ?+eatured trans+er error.? #hen the user closes the tray
it will read that there is an install already in progress and then e7it the install. .pon clic<ing the &4
button, the installation will "uit, and the user will have to reinstall the ga!eDsE +ro! the beginning, even i+
the user reinserts the disc prior to clic<ing &4.
J C 'o!e o+ the ga!es !ay not run with certain hardware and #indows () 'ervice )ac< 1. *a<e sure you
have all the latest *icroso+t 'ervice )ac<s and updates.
: C o!!and and on"uer ,iberian 'un C &n the +irst launch o+ this ga!e, a noti+ication stating that a
K%00L +ile is corrupt or !issing will appear, and the user will be instructed to reinstall the so+tware. ,his
error !essage can be ignored. A+ter receiving this !essage, si!ply run o!!and and on"uer ,iberian
'un again and the error !essage will not appear.
10 C o!!and and on"uer -enegade C #hen playing online !any o+ the lin<s on the #estwood servers
no longer wor<.
11 = #hile playing o!!and 8 on"uer ,iberian 'un, Firestor!, -ed Alert 2, and 3uriHs -evenge online
through a router, players !ay have di++iculty connecting to each other. I+ this is e7perienced set up port
+orwarding +or ports>
.%) )orts
,) )orts
I+ a connection still cannot be established try creating a %*M on the router.
12 = o!!and and on"uer Mero 1our = I+ you have trouble installing o!!and 8 on"uer Mero 1our
and have had the ga!e previously installed try deleting any re!aining ga!e +iles that !ay still e7ist in the
install directory +or o!!and 8 on"uer Mero 1our.