Department : Faculty of Information & Communication Technology
Course Name : B.Sc (Hons in !"Commerce
Semester : #
Commence Date : $ee% &
Dea'line Date : $ee% ()
*nit Controller + !,aminer : -. Borotho
.ou are re/uire' to C0!1T! .2*0 2$N B324 IN B3244!0.C2- in groups of eight
Step 1: First set up a blog
3ogin to http:++666.5logger.com 6ith your gmail account settings. .ou 6ill 5e as%e' to sign up
for 5logger that shoul' lin% your gmail account to 5logger.com. Do this an' accept the terms.
.ou 6ill then 5e re/uire' to Name your 5log an' to choose a Template for your 5log.
Step 2: Name your blog
4i7e your 5log a title. I suggest you choose a title that reflects your 5log pro8ect. In 9Blog
a''ress (*03:; see 5elo6. This is 6here you 6ill 5e a5le to see your 5log on the Internet.
-a%e sure you 6rite 'o6n this *03 so that you %no6 6here to fin' your 5log on the Internet
later< 1ll *03s for 'ifferent groups shoul' follo6 the follo6ing format:
Step 3: Choose a template
Here you can choose 6hich 9loo%: to gi7e your 5log. 3oo% at all the a7aila5le 'esigns; an'
select one 5y clic%ing on the template that you 6ant as sho6n in the screenshot a5o7e. Clic%
on the orange arro6 9Create Blog; once you ha7e chosen your template.
Step 4: Creatig your blog
.our 5log 6ill no6 5e automatically create'; an' you 6ill see this screen 6here you can post
your first 5log post.
Step !: "ostig your #irst message
.ou are no6 rea'y to post your first message to your 5log. -a%e sure the title of your
message reflects 6hat you 6rite. .ou can e'it your message 5y using 5ol'; italics; coloure'
te,t etc; in the e'iting tool5ar across the top of your message; as in a 6or' processing
Step $: %&&ig a image to your message
Clic% on the picture icon in the e'iting tool5ar. First ma%e sure the image you:' li%e to a'' is in
your computer. Then clic% the picture icon; an' fin' your image. This image is for the 6hole
5log; an' shoul' not 5e ta%en to 5elong to in'i7i'ual post.
?age ( of @
Step (: %&&ig a li) to *ebpage image
To 'o this; you 6ill nee' to comply 6ith copyright la6.
Step +: "ublishig your #irst message
.our first message is no6 rea'y for pu5lishing to your 5log. .ou can pre7ie6 your message
5efore it is poste' to your 5log; 5y clic%ing on the 9?re7ie6: 5utton as sho6n 5elo6. This
sho6s you 6hat your posting 6ill loo% li%e once it:s poste' to the 5log.
2nce your post is rea'y; clic% on the orange 9?u5lish 5utton. .ou can no6 see your 5log from
the pu5lic 7ie6 5y clic% on 9Aie6 5log:
Note: if you clic% (in a ne6 6in'o6; the pu5lic 7ie6 6ill open in a separate 6in'o6; 6hich is
less confusing as it %eeps the Dash5oar' an' pu5lic 7ie6s of your 5log separate for you (see
Step B.
Step ,: E&itig your blog
2ne of the tric%s to un'erstan'ing ho6 to use Blogger is to realiCe that there are t6o 'ifferent
97ie6s: of your 5log:
D the Dash5oar' (or control panel 7ie6: only you; the 5log o6ner; ha7e access to this.
This is 6hat you see 6hen you log onto 666.5logger.com 6ith your username an' pass6or'.
From here you can access your 5log to e'it an' post messages; change settings etc.
D the pu5lic 7ie6: that is; 6hat 7isitors to your 5log on the Internet see. To see this 7ie6;
clic% on your 5log in the Dash5oar'; then clic% on 9Aie6 5log: in the tool5ar. .ou can also
access this 7ie6 7ia the *03 6hich you originally ga7e your 5log in Step @. .ou can access
the 'ash5oar' in pu5lic 7ie6 5y clic%ing on the 'esign lin% as sho6n 5elo6:
Step 1-: Chagig your blog settigs
From the Dash5oar' (see Step B; you can change 7arious parameters affecting your 5log.
Step 11: %&&ig a& arragig page elemets
2n clic%ing on the 'esign section of your 'ash 5oar'; you 6ill 5e a5le to change your site
layout 5y mo7ing 6i'gets aroun' your page. .ou can also a'' E4a'getsF to your page. To
access the layout clic% on the 3ayout lin% as sho6n 5elo6:
To add a gadget click on the “Add a Gadget” link
Step 12: .o* to embe& /otet 01ap a& 2i&eo #rom 3outube4/om5 o your blog or
In case you 6oul' li%e to em5e' a map into your 6e5site or 5log 'o the follo6ing:
2pen the map an' clic% on the fol'er icon an' select E!m5e' your mapF.
In or'er to em5e' a map it must 5e pu5lic. To ma%e a map pu5lic clic% on the Share 5utton
an' select ?u5lic on the 6e5.
Copy the co'e 5elo6 an' paste it into your Blog 7ia the HT-3 interface.
Clic% the 5utton EComposeF an' the map 6ill 'isplay. Thereafter select the option E?re7ie6F.
1 ne6 ta5 6ill open in your 5ro6ser an' 'isplay the 5logpost in pre7ie6 format
• The o58ecti7e of this 4roup 1ssignment is for stu'ents to un'erstan' 5logging at
?age @ of @
• Stu'ents 6ho su5mit this 4roup 1ssignment later than the 'ea'line 'ate state'
a5o7e 6ill ha7e mar%s penaliCe'. ().#G of the total mar% e7ery'ay
• 1ny post later than the 'ea'line of the assignment 6ill 5e ignore' an' Cero mar%
a6ar'e' to that post.
• .ou must su5mit the 6or% 6ith an assignment co7er page staple' together as
• This 1ssignment is group 6or% an' it contri5utes 2-: to your total mar%s.
1%9;IN' C9ITE9I%
The follo6ing is the mar%s 'e'uction:
• 3ate su5mission H ").#G per 'ay of your total mar%s irrespecti7e of reasons an'
• Not follo6ing /uestion re/uirements H ) G is a6ar'e' imme'iately
• ?lagiarism H )G is a6ar'e' imme'iately.
• 3et others copy your 6or% H )G is a6ar'e' imme'iately.
• 2ff topic 6or% H )G is a6ar'e' imme'iately.
I E=/eptioal. The 5log post is focuse' an' coherently integrates e,amples 6ith
e,planations or analysis. The post 'emonstrates a6areness of its o6n limitations or
implications; an' it consi'ers multiple perspecti7es 6hen appropriate. The post reflects in"
'epth engagement 6ith the topic.
= Satis#a/tory. The 5log post is reasona5ly focuse'; an' e,planations or analysis are
mostly 5ase' on e,amples or other e7i'ence. Fe6er connections are ma'e 5et6een i'eas;
an' though ne6 insights are offere'; they are not fully 'e7elope'. The post reflects mo'erate
engagement 6ith the topic.
@ U&er&e2elope&. The 5log post is mostly 'escription or summary; 6ithout
consi'eration of alternati7e perspecti7es; an' fe6 connections are ma'e 5et6een i'eas. The
post reflects passing engagement 6ith the topic.
( <imite&. The 5log post is unfocuse'; or simply rehashes pre7ious comments; an'
'isplays no e7i'ence of stu'ent engagement 6ith the topic.
) No Cre&it. The 5log post is missing or consists of one or t6o 'isconnecte'

• .ou are to complete this assignment i groups4
• 1ll mem5ers of the group must:
o post on the 5log;
o a topic 5et6een (@))"=)) 6or's inclu'ing lin%s.
o comment on each other post(#)"()) 6or's
o a picture an'
o a 7i'eo from .outu5e.com
• .ou must em5e' one map 6hich must sho6 location of all mem5ers of the group.
2A!0133 B324
• .our 5log an' e7ery post must facilitate learning.
• .our 5log shoul' 5e a fun place to 7isit an' encourages your au'iences return.
?age = of @
• .our 5log shoul' ha7e O9I'IN%< goo' content.
• .our 5log shoul' at least focus on the follo6ing points:
o 1u'ience
o Conte,t
o ?osts
o -ultime'ia
o Content
o 1esthetics
o *sa5ility
?age I of @