NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description

NetNumen™ M31 (RAN)
Product Description
NetNumen™ M31 (RAN) Product Description
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ I
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
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(1$## "#1#)1")1* Not open to t&e T&ird Part
II ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$
!" #$N%&D"N!&A'( T&is document contains proprietar information of ZTE and is not to +e
disclosed or used ,it&out t&e prior ,ritten permission of ZTE$
Due to update and impro'ement of ZTE products and tec&nolo%ies- information in t&is document is
su+.ected to c&an%e ,it&out notice$
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
1 $vervie)*********************************************************************************************************** 1
1$1 3stem 4ntroduction$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1
1$" Role of M31 in Net,or5$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1
1$3 Net,or5 Elements Mana%ed + M31$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"
+ ,ystem %eatures********************************************************************************************** +
"$1 2ault Mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 6
"$" Confi%uration Mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$7
"$3 Performance Mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$1#
"$8 3ecurit Mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 11
"$8$1 Nodes Consolidation$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
"$8$" Relation Model of 3ecurit Mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
"$8$3 3ecurit Mana%ement 2eatures$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
"$8$8 0o% Mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
"$6 Topolo% Mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$19
"$9 3oft,are Mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 17
"$* 3stem Mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 17
"$7 Trace mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1:
3 !hirds party inte-rated so.utions*****************************************************************+/
3$1 Meta 2rame solution$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"#
3$" /ac5up ; Restore 3olution$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"1
3$3 /usiness 1+.ects report solution$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$""
0 ,ystem Architecture************************************************************************************** +0
8$1 M31 Arc&itecture and Net,or5in%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"6
8$1$1 0AN Net,or5in%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
8$1$" Remote Net,or5in%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
8$" <ard,are ; 3oft,are Confi%uration for M31 sstem$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"9
8$3 <ard,are ; 3oft,are Confi%uration for Client$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"*
8$8 3stem 4nterface$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ "7
8$8$1 Nort&+ound 4nterface$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
8$8$" 3out&+ound 4nterface$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
1 ,ystem Re.ia2i.ity****************************************************************************************** +3
6$1 Data 3ecurit and Disaster Reco'er$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$":
6$" /ac5up Mec&anism$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ":
6$"$1 Reco'er Mec&anism$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
6$"$" /ac5up 3trate% Mana%ement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
6$3 1peration 3ecurit$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$3#
6$8 <ard,are Relia+ilit$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 3#
6$6 3oft,are Relia+ilit$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$31
4 !echnica. &ndices*******************************************************************************************3+
9$1 Performance 4ndices$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 3"
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ III
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
9$" P&sical Performance$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$33
9$"$1 Dimension and 3tructure$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9$"$" Tpical 1'erall =ei%&t and >round =ei%&t Capacit of E?uipment Room
9$3 Po,er 3uppl$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 33
9$3$1 Po,er Ran%e$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9$3$" Po,er Consumption 4ndices$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9$8 En'ironment 4ndices$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$38
9$8$1 >round Re?uirement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9$8$" Temperature and <umidit Re?uirement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9$8$3 Cleanliness Re?uirement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9$8$8 0i%&tin%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9$8$6 /arometric Re?uirement$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9$8$9 Air Pollution$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9$8$* 4nterface 4ndices$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
5 Acronyms******************************************************************************************************* 35
6 #riteria************************************************************************************************************ 36
IV ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
2i%ure 1)1 Role of NetNumen™ M31 in Net,or5$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"
2i%ure ")1 3ecurit Mana%ement Relational Model$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$13
2i%ure 3)1 Meta 2rame solution$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ "#
2i%ure 3)" /ac5up ; Restore 3olution$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"1
2i%ure 3)3 10AP drill)do,n capa+ilities)1$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"3
2i%ure 3)8 10AP drill)do,n capa+ilities)"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"8
2i%ure 3)6 10AP drill)do,n capa+ilities)3$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"8
2i%ure 8)1 0AN Net,or5in%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ "6
2i%ure 8)" Remote Net,or5in%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ "9
2i%ure 6)1 Dual)Redundanc and <ot /ac5up 3olution$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$31
Ta+le 8)1 <ard,are Confi%uration for M31 sstem$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"9
Ta+le 8)" 3oft,are Confi%uration for 3er'er$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"*
Ta+le 8)3 Minimum <ard,are Confi%uration for Client$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"*
Ta+le 8)8 3oft,are Confi%uration for Client$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"*
Ta+le 9)1 Performance 4ndices of NetNumen™ M31$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$3"
Ta+le 9)" Parameters of NetNumen™ M31 Rac5$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$33
Ta+le 9)3 Tpical 1'erall =ei%&t and >round =ei%&t Capacit of E?uipment Room$$$$$$$$$$33
Ta+le 9)8 Ran%e of NetNumen™ M31 DC Po,er$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$38
Ta+le 9)6 Ran%e of NetNumen™ M31 AC Po,er$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$38
Ta+le 9)9 NetNumen™ M31 Po,er Consumption 4ndices$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$38
Ta+le 9)* Re?uirement on Runnin% Circumstances of NetNumen™ M31$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$36
Ta+le 9)7 Re?uirement on Temperature and <umidit$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$36
Ta+le 9): Re?uirement on Dust Content and Particle 3iAe$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$36
Ta+le 9)1# Restriction of <armful >as$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$39
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ V
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
1 $vervie)
1*1 ,ystem &ntroduction
NetNumen™ M31 is ZTEBs unified mana%ement sstem of mo+ile Net,or5 Elements
(&ereinafter s&ort as NEs)- ,&ic& deplo unified mana%ement on >ERAN and @TRAN
M31 pro'ides 'arious mana%ement on t&e mana%ed NEs suc& as fault mana%ement-
performance mana%ement- securit mana%ement- topolo% mana%ement and lo%
mana%ement- ,&ic& conforms to t&e telecommunications specifications$ 4n addition-
M31 offers ric& optional functions suc& as referencin% tracin%- si%nalin% tracin%- alarm
for,ardin%- alarm analAin% and nort&+ound interfaces as ,ell$
NetNumen™ M31 sstem is de'eloped on ZTEBs unified net,or5 mana%ement platform
arc&itecture and adopts C"EE- ,&ic& is opera+le on 'arious operatin% sstems$ 3er'ice
is independent from data laer- supportin% 'arious tpes of data+ase$ NetNumen™ M31
mana%es and controls different net,or5s 'ia a net,or5 mana%ement ,or5 station t&at
interconnects ,it& t&ose net,or5s$ CentraliAed mana%ement is deploed so t&at t&e
mana%ement effect can +e impro'ed$
1*+ Ro.e o7 M31 in Net)ork
NetNumen™ M31 is plain% a more and more important role in t&e ne, %eneration
M31 is located in t&e Element Mana%ement 0aer of TMN (Telecommunication
Mana%ement Net,or5) model- and pro'ides t&e upper le'el NM3 (Net,or5
Mana%ement 3stem) ,it& nort&+ound interfaces$ 3ee 2i%ure 1 for t&e role of M31 in
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 1
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
2i%ure 1)1 Role of NetNumen™ M31 in Net,or5
1*3 Net)ork ".ements Mana-ed 2y M31
As is s&o,n in 2i%ure 1- t&e NEs mana%ed + M31 can +e di'ided into t,o tpesD
>ERAN NEs and @TRAN NEs$
=ireless NEs mana%ed + M31 includeD
/3C and /T3 of >ERAN
RNC and Node / of @TRAN
3DR dual)mode +ase station
+ ,ystem %eatures
NetNumen™ M31 &as follo,in% featuresD
1 3tandard Compliance
3stem strictl complies ,it& TMN series recommendations and R2T series net,or5
mana%ement protocol esta+lis&ed + 4T@)T$
NetNumen™ M31 complies ,it& 3>PP$3" series net,or5 mana%ement protocol- and
,ill ma5e correspondin% c&an%es ,it& its updates$
" Compre&ensi'e Mana%ement Capa+ilit
2 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
3stem mana%es ZTE >ERAN- @TRAN multi)mode mo+ile communications product-
and pro'ides standard mana%ement interface ,it& ot&er 'endorsB e?uipments to realiAe
interconnection and intercommunication$
4t pro'ides centraliAed functions suc& as fault- confi%uration- performance- topolo%- and
report- etc$
3 @ni?ue Application Mana%ement
2ault &andlin% and analAin% function
CustomiAed ?uer on 'arious tpes of sstem data
Report processin% function
Role and domain separated mana%ement capa+ilit
8 1pen 3stem
3stem supports interfaces suc& as C1R/A- 3NMP- D/- 240E- MM0- 31CEET- and so
on$ 4nte%ration ,it& t&e 3rd part application sstem is also a'aila+le$
CA(A ena+les sstem to +e feasi+le on multiple tpes of &ard,are platforms- suita+le
for different net,or5 scalesB mana%ement re?uirement of customer$
3stem adopts unified data+ase access interface to screen t&e relations&ip +et,een
application and data+ase- and supports multiple tpes of data+ase$
3stem supplies t&e mana%ement interface for 4TF4P e?uipment- so it can access
different 4TF4P e?uipments includin% router- Et&ernet s,itc&- fire,all- ser'er and ot&er
e?uipments to realiAe real ,&ole net,or5 mana%ement$
6 3stem Relia+ilit
NetNumen™ M31 supports auto or customiAed +ac5up and reco'er alarm data-
confi%uration data- performance data- lo% data and so on$
3trictl access control and lo% record %uarantee t&e securit of sstem$
3stem supplies compre&ensi'e mana%ement capa+ilit to monitor t&e runnin% of
3stem supplies compre&ensi'e net,or5 securit controlD cip&er)teGt transmission and
restorin% pass,ordH securit protocols suc& as 330- 32TP- and so onH fire,all to a'oid
eGternal access ille%allH anti)'irus soft,are to c&ec5 'iruses$
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 3
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
4ntroduction of 2unctions
T&e main functions of NetNumen™ M31 includesD fault mana%ement- confi%uration
mana%ement- performance mana%ement- securit mana%ement- topolo%
mana%ement- sstem mana%ement- soft,are mana%ement- si%nalin% tracin% and
nort&+ound interfaces- etc$
1 2ault Mana%ement
2ault mana%ement &elps t&e net,or5 operatin% ; maintenance (1;M) en%ineers to
detect and position t&e net,or5 fault as ?uic5l as possi+le$ T&e centraliAed alarm
function of NetNumen™ M31 reduces t&e mana%ement interface points for t&e 1;M
en%ineers- ,&ic& mainl implementsD
CentraliAed monitorin% of fault alarmsD monitor t&e current status of t&e net,or5
e?uipments is performed
CentraliAed processin% of fault alarmsD once t&e e?uipments fail- users can recei'e
alarm information from M31 immediatel and ta5e necessar measures to deal ,it& it$
" Confi%uration Mana%ement
NetNumen™M31 pro'ides t&e confi%uration mana%ement of all t&e NEs (Net,or5
Elements) and offers operations suc& as addin%- deletin%- modifin% and in?uirin% on
NE data$ NetNumen™M31 pro'ides a consolidated 'ie, of &o, t&e NEs are lin5ed and
associated- ,&ic& allo,s t&e operators to uniforml in?uire and confi%ure t&e lin5
parameters +et,een NEs- t&us ena+lin% t&e users to snc&roniAe of confi%uration data
of t&e ,&ole net,or5
3 Performance Mana%ement
T&rou%& t&e statistical analsis of t&e collected performance data- users ,ill +e a+le to
5no, t&e runnin% status of t&e NEs and determine t&e c&o5e point of t&e net,or5- t&us
pro'idin% data support for dail maintenance- net,or5 optimiAation and capacit
@sers can find out t&e pro+lems in eac& NEBs operation and pro'ide potent support and
%uidance for t&e decision)ma5in% laer- + &oriAontal comparison and analsis of t&e
,&ole net,or5Bs performance data collected + NetNumen™ M31$
Performance mana%ement also pro'ides real)time monitorin% of t&e net,or5 and
%enerates real)time alarm to inform t&e user ,&en t&e performance 'alue eGceeds
8 3ecurit Mana%ement
3ecurit mana%ement ensures t&at different users &a'e different access ri%&ts to t&e
resources of M31$ 4t pro'ides t&e securit mana%ement functions suc& as aut&oriAation
4 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
and aut&entication- and t&us a'oids ille%al operation on t&e net,or5 mana%ement
sstem$ T&erefore t&e securit mana%ement ensures t&e lastin%- normal and stead
operation of t&e net,or5 mana%ement sstem$
6 Topolo% Mana%ement
Topolo% mana%ement pro'ides a con'enient ,a to 5no, t&e distri+ution and
or%aniAation of all t&e NEs in t&e net,or5$ M31 mana%es a &u%e num+er of NEs t&at
are of different tpes- and t&us t&e centraliAed and %roupin% mana%ement of t&em
+ecomes 'er important$
M31 s&ould pro'ide a topolo% 'ie, t&at can +e a%ilel arran%ed accordin% to t&e userBs
re?uirement$ 2or eGample- t&e topolo% 'ie, ma +e customiAed in accordance ,it& t&e
function or t&e e?uipment tpe$ Eac& 5ind of t&e customiAed topolo% 'ie, &elps t&e
users to con'enientl position t&e o+.ect t&at t&e care a+out and ?uic5l mana%e t&e
e?uipment t&rou%& topolo% na'i%ation function$
+*1 %au.t Mana-ement
2ault mana%ement module recei'es and processes t&e alarms reported + e?uipments
t&rou%& t&e interface- displain% t&em to users- and for,ardin% t&em to t&e desi%nated
tar%et as per t&e needs$ 4t includes t&e follo,in% featuresD
1 Alarm Monitorin%
@sers can realiAe real)time alarm monitorin% of t&e ,&ole net,or5 elements + M31 to
understand t&e alarm)le'el- t&e alarm tpe- reasons- etc$ /esides 'ie,in% t&e monitor
alarm t&rou%& t&e client- M31 users also can recei'e and 'ie, alarms t&rou%& t&e
'arious approac&es- suc& as alarm +oG- EMA40- 3M3- etc$
M31 alarm +oG ,&ic& is di'ided into IsoftI and I&ardI modes- soft one is t&e alarm +oG
,it& t&e net,or5 mana%ement soft,are installation pac5a%eH t&e ot&er is &ard,are
independent alarm e?uipment- called I&ard alarm +oG$I
" Alarm Juer and 3tatistical
@sers ma set up certain conditions to in?uire current and &istor alarms$ / alarmin%
statistical template ,&ic& pro'ided + t&e sstem- M31 users %enerate related reported
from t&e different needs- and eGport t&ese reports in different formats or t&e directl
print out$
3 0ocate Alarm
@sers can locate t&e fault accordin% to t&e alarmH M31 t&en acti'ates t&e confi%uration
mana%ement and locate t&e alarm source$
8 Correlation Analsis
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 5
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
4t ma5es t&e compre&ensi'e correlation analsis t&rou%& t&e alarms reported from NEs-
dra,s t&e 5e information- reduces t&e redundant information- and ena+les t&e users to
rapidl and accuratel locate t&e e?uipments fault$
6 Alarms Confirmation and Ne%ati'e Confirmation
M31 supports users to confirmF ne%ati'el confirm an alarm- mean,&ile to record t&e
time of t&e operator and t&ese operations$
9 Alarm 2or,ard
4t supports to for,ard alarm + email and 3M3$ 4t also supports for,ard alarm +
3oc5et mode$
* Alarm Dump
T&e ,arnin% dump includes manual and automatic dumps$ T&e automatic dump can +e
di'ided into periodical and t&e data+ase ultra)cap dumps$ 2or periodical dump- dump
period- dump content and dump format can +e setH for data+ase ultra)cap dump-
data+ase upper limit- dump content and dump format can +e set$ T&e dump document
format ma +e TKT- EKCE0- PD2- C3( and <TM0$
7 Alarm Processin%
M31 sstem can re)define t&e le'el of alarm and customiAe alarm processin%
rules$ Alarm processin% rules ,&ic& sstem supports includeD alarm filtration- alarm
dela- automatic confirmation- automatic reco'er- automatic for,ardin% and alarm
correlation processin% rules (alarm mer%er- alarm timin%- alarm count- and alarm
Alarm filtrationD it includes alarm %lo+al filtration- alarm ,are&ousin% filtration and
alarm user filtration$ Alarm %lo+al filtration means if reported alarms meet t&e
rules- t&e ,ill +e onl stored into t&e data+ase and ,ill not +e displaed at t&e
Client$ Alarm ,are&ousin% filtration means alarms are discarded directl- neit&er
stored into t&e data+ase nor displaed at t&e Client$ Alarm user filtration doesnBt
displa alarm onl at Client ,&ic& t&e rule ma5er user lo%es in$
Alarm delaD =&en reported alarms meet t&e rules- t&e ,ill +e delaed for a
specified period of timeH if alarms reco'er durin% t&e dela time- t&e ,ill +e no
lon%er reported to t&e Client$ 1t&er,ise t&e ,ill +e displaed at t&e current alarm
real)time monitorin% interface of t&e Client after t&e dela time$
Automatic confirmationD M31 confirms t&e desi%nated alarm automaticall +
anonmousl and alarm recei'in% time$
Automatic reco'erD M31 reco'ers t&e desi%nated alarm automaticall$
Automatic for,ardin%D 4f reported alarms meet t&e rules- t&e sstem ,ill inform t&e
user ,&o is specified in t&e rules + mail or 3M3$
6 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
Alarm correlation processin% rulesD
− Alarm mer%erD all current alarms ,&ic& meet t&e rules displa as one alarm at
t&e Client$
− Alarm timin%D for current alarms ,&ic& meet t&e rules or acti'it status if its
time duration eGceeds specified period of time- t&e sstem ,ill raise t&e le'el of
alarm or %enerate a ne, alarm$
− Alarm countD for current alarms ,&ic& meet t&e rules- if alarm times eGceed
desi%nated t&res&old durin% t&e specified period of time- t&e sstem ,ill %enerate a
ne, alarmH reported alarms and count ,ill +e stored in t&e data+ase- and displaed
at t&e Client$
− Alarm suppressionD as lon% as current main alarms eGist or occur- t&e ancillar
alarms of t&e rules ,ill not displa at t&e Client$ 4f an alarm &as +een suppressed-
it ,ill not +e re)su+mitted to displa until all of its suppression alarms are restored$
: Alarm 5no,led%e +ase
@ser can c&ec5 or record t&e information of alarm processin%$ @ser can record t&e fault
processin% information for t&e %i'en NE to en&ance t&e processin% efficienc of
specified o+.ect$ 2or eGample- &o, to deal ,it& a certain lin5 once occurred ?uic5l
1# Alarm 3nc&roniAation
Alarm snc&roniAation includes manual alarm snc&roniAation and automatic alarm
snc&roniAation$ Alarm snc&roniAation ensures inte%rit and consistenc of alarms data
in M31 sstem ,it& NEsB alarm data$ 4n connection failure mode- automatic alarm
snc&roniAation is tri%%ered once certain failures occur$
11 EGternal Alarm Access
EGternal Alarm Access implementation and displa eGternal alarm- suc& as dr contact
alarm$ And dr contact alarm confi%uration refer to confi%ure t&e port accessed +
eGternal dr contact alarm si%nal and normal circuit- t&erefore to customiAe special
alarms in terms of +ase station tpes$
1" Dia%nosis and Testin%
Dia%nosis and testin% pro'ides t&e test for t&e specified p&sical de'ices to 'erif t&e
communication status of t&e sstem to ensure t&e normal and sta+le runnin% of t&e
sstem$ 4t can also facilitate locatin% t&e fault in time$
13 (4P site alarm monitor
Time to sol'e fault of (4P site is limited- so M31 sstem can customiAe t&e ?uer on
alarm occurred time and real)time refres&- mar5 t&e sites list accordin% to t&e fault
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 7
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
sol'ed time + countdo,n se?uence$ And for t&ose sites t&at are set to re?uire
attention- users can in?uire and ma5e a statistics of t&e alarm le'el and alarm ?uantit
,it&in t&e siG time periodsD ,it&in 1 &our- 1L" &ours- "L3 &ours- 3L8 &ours- 8L6 &ours- 6
&ours- and detailed alarm list can +e s&o,n in t&e statistics result$
+*+ #on7i-uration Mana-ement
NetNumen™M31 pro'ides t&e confi%uration mana%ement of all t&e NEs (Net,or5
Elements) and offers operations suc& as addin%- deletin%- modifin% and 'ie,in% on NE
T&e confi%uration mana%ement includes follo,in% featuresD
 Data confi%uration
 Data snc&roniAation
 3tate mana%ement
 Data eGport
 Data import
1 Data Confi%uration
NetNumen™M31 sstem confi%ures 'arious NE data + >@4 and MM0 command-
includin% creatin%- deletin%- modifin%- in?uirin% and 'alid c&ec5in% of confi%uration
NetNumen™M31 sstem eGecutes t&e MM0 command for confi%uration in sin%le or +
+atc&- and also pre)implements t&e MM0 command file$ M31 also pro'ides ?uic5
confi%uration module and confi%uration %uide function$
Confi%uration mana%ement also pro'ides s&ortcut tool at t&e same time- ,&ic& can
compare- cop- and paste +et,een different NEs$
" Data 3nc&roniAation
NetNumen™ M31 supports t&e snc&roniAation of confi%uration data- if t&e NE
confi%uration data ,as c&an%ed- t&e sstem ,ill inform t&e NetNumen™M31- and user
also can tri%%er a snc&roniAation in t&e NetNumen™M31 Client- snc&roniAin% t&e
edited confi%uration data to NE- and data snc&roniAation sstem ,ill record t&e lo%s$
3 Confi%uration Data A'aila+ilit C&ec5
M31 supports 'alidit c&ec5 of confi%uration data ,it&in its scope$ T&is 'alidit c&ec5
contains data 'alidit and lo%ic- suc& as inte%rit- accurac and completeness$ /efore
users snc&roniAe data to NE- t&e can c&ec5 t&e 'alidit of data ,it&in its scope so as
to reduce t&e pM31i+ilit of a+normal ser'ice caused + ,ron%l confi%ured data$
8 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
8 3tate Mana%ement
3tate mana%ement mainl pro'ides t&e mana%ement and ?uer for 'arious dnamic
resources and NE state- and t&e mana%ement operation suc& as +loc5- un+loc5- and
s,itc&in%- etc$
6 Data EGport
NetNumen™ M31 pro'ides confi%uration data eGport- it ena+les user to eGport
confi%uration data in KM0- C3(- TKT and data+ase script formats etc- and it can
automaticall eGport data periodicall t&rou%& strate%ic tas5$
NetNumen™ M31 offers site mi%ration tools- ,it& ,&ic& user can con'enientl mo'e
parts of sites from one /3C to anot&er- it also can re)assi%n sites mana%ed + t,o
/3Cs in order to +alance load$
9 Data 4mport
@ser can import 'alid confi%uration data files to M31- and sstem ,ill c&ec5 t&e inte%rit
and consistence of inputtin% files- testif t&e 'alidit- and t&en accomplis& confi%uration
* <ard,are 4n'entor
M31 sstem can collect p&sical assets of NEs and store t&e information in p&sical
assets data+ase$ Real)time monitorin% of p&sical assets of NEs can +e traced$ T&e
interface to ac?uire asset data is pro'ided to upper laer sstem$ 1n t&e in'entor 'ie,
interface- t&e in'entor tpe and resource could +e added- deleted- modified- ?ueried-
and refres&ed$ 4n'entor information can +e input and output for +ac5up$
/esides- NetNumen™ M31 &as t&e follo,in% featuresD
 Confi%uration setD multiple confi%uration data can coeGist in t&e ser'er- as ,ell as
fleGi+le &ando'er and con'enient comparison- reducin% t&e ris5s at t&e sta%e of
net,or5 ad.ustment %reatl$
 Comparison of confi%uration dataD comparin% ,it& confi%uration o+.ect and t&en
%i'es result report$
 Confi%uration o+.ect copD cop t&e ,&ole su+)tree of confi%uration$
 Detection on nei%&+orin% cell consistencD offer detection on consistenc of
nei%&+orin% cell- if one attri+ute is modified- t&e ot&er attri+ution ,ill +e modified
accordin%lH c&ec5 t&e sin%le confi%uration for nei%&+orin% cell in ,&ole net,or5$
 3ite mi%rationD support mi%ration of /T3 from one /3C to anot&er$ Accordin% to
confi%uration of ori%inal /3C- t&e tar%et /3C %enerates related confi%uration
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 9
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
 Automatic detection on nei%&+orin% cellD import files into candidate nei%&+orin%
cell + EGcel file- or directl confi%ure candidate nei%&+orin% cell + user- sstem
selects candidate nei%&+orin% re%ularl and ?uantitati'el t&rou%& sc&edulin%
sstem- and t&en esta+lis&es related ad.acent relations&ip to snc&roniAe to NE-
,&ic& collects performance data of nei%&+orin% cell &ando'er$
+*3 Per7ormance Mana-ement
Performance mana%ement is used to collect net,or5 performance data- e'aluate t&e
net,or5 performance indices- as ,ell as pro'ide t&e performance report forms and
report Jo3 emer%enc$ 4t produces e'idence for t&e optimiAation and maintenance of
t&e ,&ole net,or5$
1 Measure Tas5 Mana%ement
T&is feature pro'ides performance measurement tas5Bs creation- deletion- ?uer-
modification- acti'ation and suspension- o'erdue deletion- ?uer and deletion of &istor
measurement tas5s- snc&roniAation of measurement tas5s etc$ NE e?uipments report
collected data to 3er'er in terms of measurement tas5 re?uirement$
" Jo3 Tas5 Mana%ement
T&is feature pro'ides Jo3 tas5Bs creation- deletion- ?uer- modification- acti'ation and
suspension- o'erdue deletion- detection and mar5 on Jo3 tas5 ,&en confi%uration
module deletin% measurement o+.ect- Jo3 tas5 alarms and alarm snc&roniAation etc$
Jo3 tas5 mana%ement calculates t&e indices +ased on t&e data uploaded + t&e
correspondin% Jo3 tas5s$ 4t ,ill report an emer%enc once t&e data are o'er t&e
t&res&old 'alue- and send t&e alarm information to t&e alarm module$
3 4ndices Mana%ement
T&is feature mana%es indices addition- modification- delete- 'ie,- print- import and
eGport- etc$
NM3 pro'ides default EP4 indices$ <o,e'er- users can define t&e EP4 indices t&e need
accordin% to t&eir o,n re?uirements$
8 Performance Data Processin%
@sers can ?uer t&e performance data$ T&e ?uer result can +e displaed + ta+les or
%rap&ics and printed as ,ell$
M31 can perform t&e functions of snc&roniAin% t&e performance data +ot&
automaticall and manuall- in order to ensure t&e consistenc of t&e performance data
+et,een NM3 and NEs$
M31 can eGport and sa'e t&e performance data as files- of ,&ic& t&e format can +e
appointed$ T&e can +e EGcel- PD2- <TM0- C3( or TeGt files$
10 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
6 4nte%rit c&ec5 of performance data
M31 can automaticall c&ec5 inte%rit of performance data is supported ,&en it is
import to data+ase- and correspondin% data records inte%rit ,ill +e la+eled$
=&et&er some countersB data is missin%H for summar data record of se'eral time
%ranularities- it needs to c&ec5 ,&et&er t&ere is some data is missin%$
And M31 also support performance data recollection- automatic or manual recollection
,as to recollect missed data are supported$
9 Counter 4n?uir Processin%
@ser can ?uer t&e counter and print or sa'e t&e results as EGcel- PD2- <TM0- C3( or
TeGt files$
* Performance Report
M31 sstem can periodicall create a performance report ,it& multi)format files
accordin% to t&e customiAation of user- and E)mail it to t&e user$ T&e sstem can use
t&e default performance report- ,&ic& is defined +efore t&e operation of t&e sstem- as
,ell as produce a performance report accordin% to t&e customiAation of t&e user durin%
t&e operation of t&e sstem$ /esides- sstem also supports %rap&ical reports$
7 Performance Data Real)time Juer
Performance data real)time ?uer supports ?uer +ased on conditions suc& as NE tpe-
o+.ect tpe- ?uer %ranularit or location$ T&e ?uer %ranularit can +e defined + users$
4t supports minute)le'el and second)le'el ?uer %ranularit$ 4t is supported t&at ,&et&er
or not to customiAation for ?uer o+.ect$ T&e ?uer results can +e sa'ed automaticall$
+*0 ,ecurity Mana-ement
NetNumen™ M31 sstem securit mana%ement is eGecuted + distri+utin% different
aut&orities to different users- roles and role %roups$ T&e sstem creates roleFrole %roup
and t&en assi%ns t&em different NM aut&orities$ T&en sstem allocates one or more
rolesFrole %roups to a user- so t&e user %ets t&e aut&orities$
3ecurit mana%ement also includes nodes consolidation ,&ic& used to protect sstem
from 'irus and intrusion$
+*0*1 Nodes #onso.idation
Recommendations and scripts are pro'ided to &arden nodes li5e M31 ser'er$
Detailed specifications are a'aila+le and co'erD
3olaris ; 0inuG
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 11
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
+*0*+ Re.ation Mode. o7 ,ecurity Mana-ement
1 /asic >lossar
Role- role %roup- and user are t&e +asic %lossaries used in securit mana%ement of M31
 Role
A Role means t&e mana%ement aut&orit of a user- definin% a %roup of user
mana%ement aut&orities + specifin% t&e operation permissions and mana%ement
resources$ 1peration permissions define ,&ic& functional modules of M31 can +e used
+ t&e role$ 2or eGampleD for t&e lo% mana%ement module- it can +e defined if t&e role
is allo,ed to ?uer or maintain t&e lo%s$ Mana%ement resources specif t&e su+)nets or
specific NEs under t&e su+)nets t&e role is a+le to operate$ 1peration permissions and
mana%ement resources are t,o aspects of a role$ T&e are defined independentl- +ut
,&en a role is used- t&e pri'ile%es of t&e role are t&e intersection of t,o aspects$
 Role %roup
A role %roup is an a%%re%ate of roles$ T&erefore- aut&orities of a role %roup are t&e
a%%re%ate of t&ose assi%ned to t&e roles$ (ia role %roup- it +ecomes 'er con'enient to
assi%n aut&orities to t&e sstem administrator or su+)net administrators$ T&is is
+ecause- %enerall- an administratorMs aut&orities are t&e a%%re%ation of t&ose assi%ned
to common users$ To assi%n aut&orities of man roles to an administrator- use t&e role
%roup directl$ T&erefore- role %roup facilitates %reatl assi%nment and mana%ement of
user aut&orities$
 @ser
@sers refer to t&e persons ,&o are a+le to lo%in and operate t&e M31 sstem$ =&ile
creatin% a user- t&e sstem administrator defines t&e aut&orities %i'en to t&e user +
specifin% &is roles and role %roupH +esides- + settin% t&e userMs department- &e
determines ,&ic& eGecuti'e %roup t&e user +elon%s to$ 1'erall mana%ement of users is
finall implemented$
" Relational Model
T&e follo,in% fi%ure descri+es t&e relations&ips amon% user- role %roup- role- and
operation permissions and mana%ement resources ,&ic& are defined in t&e role$
12 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
2i%ure ")" 3ecurit Mana%ement Relational Model
2rom t&e a+o'e fi%ure- ,e can clearl come to t&e conclusion t&atD
 A userMs administration aut&orities are decided + &is roles and role %roup$
 A role %roup is a collection of one or more roles- so t&e aut&orities of a role %roup
are t&e a%%re%ate of t&ose assi%ned to t&e roles$
 A roleMs aut&orities are defined + +ot& operation permissions and mana%ement
+*0*3 ,ecurity Mana-ement %eatures
1 3ecurit E'ent
M31 records securit e'ent lo%s suc& as aut&entication failed- user +loc5ed- and user
pro&i+ited in terms of user settin%s to &elp administrator a,are of accounts status and
mana%e usersB accounts$
" 3ecurit Alarm
4f account is +loc5ed- M31 %enerates correspondin% alarm to remind administrator$
3 0o%in Time
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 13
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
3stem is a+le to set lo%in time period- onl durin% t&at period ,&en users are a'aila+le
to lo%in$
8 @ser Account Rules Mana%ement
@ser ma c&ec5 and customiAe pass,ord len%t&- pass,ord strate%- account loc5 rules-
eGpiration date of account and pass,ord and so on + securit mana%ement module$
CustomiAation satisfies securit re?uirements at different le'els$ 2or eGampleD inputtin%
,ron% pass,ord for t&ree times continuousl- t&e user ,ould +e +loc5ed to a'oid ille%al
6 0o%in @ser Mana%ement
 2orceful disconnection of user access
3upreme administrator can disconnect userBs access compulsi'el- &inderin% ille%al
operation to ensure sstem securit$
 3et 4Ps supreme administrator can lo%in
3ince supreme administrator is a+le to do an operation ,it& no restriction- 4Ps
a'aila+le for a supreme administrator to lo%in can +e set in order to re%ulate supreme
administrator$ =it&in 4Ps ran%e set alread- supreme administrator can lo%inH ot&er,ise-
it cannot e'en if t&e user name and pass,ord are correct$
 Modif All @sersB Pass,ords
3upreme administrator can c&an%e all usersB pass,ords eGcept administrator- ,it& no
restriction of crpto%ram rules$ 4t can c&an%e all usersB pass,ords into an identical one$
T&is ena+les administrator to initiate all usersB pass,ords at one time and a'oid ot&er
users- especiall ille%al ones lo%%in% in- +etter %uaranteein% sstem securit$
 C&ec5 userB +loc5 status- un+loc5 user
Administrator 5no,s a+out +loc5in% status of user at antime- and can un+loc5 t&em$
3stem ena+les user to un+loc5 automaticall- ,&ic& can +e set ,it& automatic un+loc5
time in account +loc5 rules$
 4nterface 0oc5ed
4f certain @E interface not +e operated durin% a period of time- it ,ould +e loc5ed
automaticall$ @ser &as to re)lo%in to a'oid ille%al users attac5$ @ser also can loc5 t&e
@E manuall$
3stem administrator or current user can unloc5 t&e @E after enterin% t&e pass,ord$
14 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
+*0*0 'o- Mana-ement
0o% mana%ement is an effecti'e tool ,&ic& used + sstem administrator to trace t&e
runnin% status of sstem- failure position- and userBs status of net,or5$ Common users
also could use it to re'ie, t&e &istor of operation and %et to 5no, t&e runnin% status of
NetNumen™ M31 lo% includes sstem- securit and operation lo%s$
 1peration 0o%
1peration lo% records t&e information a+out user operation- suc& as lo% 4D- operation
le'el- user name- operation name- &ost computer address- command function- detailed
information- operation result- failure reason- access mode- operation o+.ect- operation
start time- operation finis& time- and associated lo% information$
 3ecurit 0o%
3ecurit lo% records t&e users lo%%in% in information- includin% lo% 4D- user name- &ost
computer address- lo% name- operation time- access mode- and detailed information$
 3stem 0o%
3stem lo% records t&e mission completed situation of ser'er$ T&at includes lo% 4D-
le'el- ori%ination- lo% name- detail information- &ost computer address- operation start
time- operation end time- associate lo% information$
0o% mana%ement includes t&e follo,in% lo% operationsD
 0o% in?uir
@ser can set conditions of in?uir filtration- in?uir lo% content- and t&e result can +e
sa'ed and printed out$
 0o% +ac5up
3stem can +ac5up lo% information as files$ T&e lo% could +ac5up automaticall or
manuall +efore it ac&ie'es t&e t&res&old of stora%e capacit or das$ And t&e t&res&old
is set + user$
 0o% deletion
@ser can delete lo% information- ,&ic& is useless or &ad alread +een +ac5ed up$
+*1 !opo.o-y Mana-ement
M31 topolo% mana%ement pro'ides users ,it& 'i'id displa of t&e relations&ip +et,een
NEs and opera+le net,or5 topolo% 'ie,s$ T&e topolo% interface adopts t&e popular
stleD NE topolo% tree is on t&e left of t&e 'ie, and panoramic displa of NE de'ice on
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 15
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
t&e ri%&t$ @sers can define t&e map +ac5%round and t&e latitudeFlon%itude$ T&e topolo%
functions are closel com+ined to eac& mana%ement module$ Alarm information and
confi%uration can +e 'ie,ed t&rou%& t&e topolo%$ Modules concerned ,it& t&e
confi%uration- alarm- performance and dia%nosis of eac& NE can +e in'o5ed$ Topolo%
mana%ement pro'ides ,it& functions suc& as lo%ical 'ie,s- pac5et nodes- 'irtual NEs-
'irtual lin5s and so on$ @sers can mana%e t&e de'ice and set t&e 'irtual NEs in pac5ets-
,&ic& ma5es it easier for net,or5 displa and analsis$ T&e panoramic 'ie, can +e
partiall enlar%ed- searc&ed and &ierarc&icall displaed$ PersonaliAed interface settin%
is a'aila+le$ @sers can define t&eir o,n interfaces- suc& as modifin% icon tpe- color of
t&e interface and t&e siAe of t&e 'ie, and so on$
Topolo% mana%ement &as t&e follo,in% functionsD
9 Na'i%ation tree
T&ere forms t&e na'i%ation tree ,&en NE de'ice is displaed in t&e form of a tree on
t&e interface$ T&e correlation +et,een topolo% 'ie,s and t&e na'i%ation tree nodes is
one)to)one correspondence$ T&e na'i%ation tree and topolo% 'ie,s snc&roniAe eac&
ot&er$ T&e na'i%ation tree pro'ides topolo% 'ie,s ,it& na'i%ation and topolo% 'ie,s
displa t&e nodes specified + t&e na'i%ation tree$ T&e na'i%ation tree nodes pro'ide
functions related ,it& t&ese nodes- suc& as 'ie, of attri+utes- modification of NE
information and statistics of su+)nodes$
* Topolo% displa
Topolo% 'ie, displas a panorama of t&e ,&ole net,or5 de'iceBs topolo%ical structure
so t&at t&e NE de'ice can +e located on t&e topolo% 'ie, promptl$ @sers can loc5 t&e
location of t&e NE de'ice icon so t&at it can not +e mo'ed to ot&er location until it is
unloc5ed$ T&e node icon in t&e topolo% 'ie, s&o,s t&e statistics of t&e NE de'ice-
suc& as t&e num+er of NEs- lin5s and pac5ets and alarm information under t&is node$
7 Topolo% displa control
M31 supports t&e follo,in% operation on topolo% 'ie,sD panoramic translation- cascade
Aoom in- cascade Aoom out- reco'er- panoramic displa and local Aoom inH +ro,sin%
for,ard- +ac5,ard and location to an laer of t&e topolo% t&at &as +een +ro,sed are
supportedH specified NE de'ice can +e searc&ed on t&e topolo% 'ie,H +ac5%round map
of t&e topolo% 'ie, can +e replacedH map of t&e ,orldFC&ina can +e confi%ured to
realiAe lar%e)scale NE de'ice mana%ementH e'en local map or map of t&e e?uipment
room can +e confi%ured to ma5e t&e displa of topolo% more &umaniAed$
M31 ,ill refres& t&e client after data snc&roniAation is finis&ed so as to ensure t&e
consistence of t&e topolo% data and confi%uration data$ T&e NE de'ice location set in
t&e topolo% ,ill not +e affected$ Topolo% mana%ement module can +e set in t&e laout
of topolo% 'ie, NE and deplo t&e displa of NE accordin% to t&e set laout$ 0aout
includes &ierarc&ical laout- tree laout- radical laout- eGplosi'e laout and isometr
: Topolo% 'ie, filter
16 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
NetNumen™ M31 sstem topolo% 'ie, can +e filtered + a filter tree made up of NE-
pac5et- lin5 set- pac5et name- NE name and indication of lin5 num+er$ 1r t&e filter can
+e accomplis&ed directl accordin% to t&e NE names input + user$
1# Displa topolo% data accordin% to user aut&orit
M31 ,ill not displa t&ose NE de'ice nodes or topolo% mana%ement modules on ,&ic&
users do not &a'e aut&orit$ 4n t&is ,a- t&e sstem securit is en&anced$
11 NE de'ice nodeFalarm information of lin5s +et,een NEs
4n M31 sstem- NE de'ice node iconFicon of lin5s +et,een NEs can reflect t&e color of
t&e alarm t&at &as t&e &i%&est le'el on its correspondin% p&sical de'ice real time$ And
t&e num+er and status of alarms t&at &a'e different laers can +e prompted$
Mean,&ile- en?uir of alarms and notification is a'aila+le$
1" (irtual NEF 'irtual lin5
M31 sstem offers to esta+lis& 'irtual NEsF'irtual lin5s$ @sers can set 'irtual NEs to
indicate t&e eGternal de'ice or de'ice nodesH or users can set 'irtual lin5s to indicate
t&ere is interaction or correlation +et,een t,o NE nodes$
13 0o%ical 'ie, and pac5et node
@ser of M31 sstem can esta+lis& a lo%ical 'ie, of an &ierarc& topolo%$ 4n lo%ical
'ie,- t&e pac5et node is t&e lo%ical node defined + users$ NE de'ice of p&sical 'ie,s
can +e allocated to t&e pac5et nodes$
+*4 ,o7t)are Mana-ement
M31 soft,are 'ersion mana%ement supports t&e soft,are loadin%- up%rade and 'ersion
mana%ement of NE de'ices$ 4t +rin%s t&e follo,in% +enefitsD
 3oft,are up%rade and load is realiAa+le ,it&out %oin% to t&e site
 More con'enient to mana%e t&e de'ices
3oft,are mana%ement ena+les M31 to offer t&e function of NE soft,are information list
'ie,in% and eGportin%$
M31 sstem can c&ec5 t&e compati+ilit of NE soft,are 'ersion and sa'e se'eral sets
of soft,are 'ersion concurrentl$ 4t can roll +ac5 ,&en NE soft,are loadin%Fup%rade fails
so as to a'oid ris5s$
3oft,are 'ersion mana%ement supports concurrent operation$ 3oft,are of se'eral NE
de'ices can +e loaded concurrentl- %reatl sa'in% loadin% time$
T&e functions of soft,are 'ersion mana%ement are listed +elo,D
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 17
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
 3oft,are storin%D sa'e t&e soft,are used + t&e de'ice in t&e ser'er of M31
 3oft,are deli'erin%D deli'er t&e soft,are of M31 to t&e de'ice
 3oft,are acti'atin%D modif t&e soft,are 'ersion of t&e runnin% de'ice
 3oft,are 'ie,in%D 'ie, t&e soft,are 'ersion of t&e runnin% de'ice
+*5 ,ystem Mana-ement
3stem mana%ement pro'ides t&e net,or5 mana%ement sstem ,it& an operatin%
platform for unified maintenance and mana%ement$ @sers can monitor and maintain t&e
application ser'er and data+ase ser'er + means of t&is platform$
3stem mana%ement mainl includes maintenance of de'ice- application ser'er and
data+ase ser'er$
 De'ice information suc& as &ost name- 4P and operatin% sstem can +e displaed
and information of de'ice location can +e sa'ed + maintenance de'ice$
 Maintenance application ser'er supports en?uirin% ser'er performance-
confi%urin% ser'er monitorin% parameters- confi%urin% director monitorin%
parameters- 'ie,in% ; displain% net,or5 mana%ement sstem 'ersion and so on$
 Maintenance data+ase ser'er supports 'ie,in% data+ase resource- operatin%
data+ase ta+leFset (+ac5upFclearin% of t&e specified ta+le)- confi%urin% data+ase
monitorin% parameters- and +ac5in% up data+ase and so on$
M31 offers MM0 (Man Mac&ine 0an%ua%e) commands to maintain NEs$ T&e format of
t&e commands conforms to 4T@)T specification$ Mana%ement of net,or5 mana%ement
o+.ect can +e realiAed + ,a of inputtin% sin%le command or +atc& commands in t&e
command terminal$
@sers can use t&e command terminal in t&e net,or5 mana%ement client or lo%s in
directl in telnet and uses command lines$
+*6 !race mana-ement
T&e trace function of M31 includesD >ERAN and @TRAN si%nalin% trace$
T&e primar tas5s of t&is sstem areD to trace /3C)related si%nalin%- to con'ert t&e
si%nalin% flo, into teGts to facilitate o+ser'ation- to sa'e t&e traced si%nal for future
references- and to pro'ide filterin% function for t&e ease of o+ser'ation$ T&e protocols
concerned includeD A interface No$* MTP- 3CCP and mo+ile application protocol (for
/33MAP details- refer to specification #7$#7)- A+is interface laer t&ree messa%es (for
18 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
R30- refer to specification #7$67 and RR- MM- CC refer to #8$#7) and A+is interface
internal mana%ement messa%es$ 4t is used to facilitate t&e reference of si%nalin%
,or5flo, and t&e findin%s of si%nalin% coordination errors$
3i%nalin% trace o+.ects areD @E (ma +e 4M34 num+er)- CE00 (cell 4D) and Node /
(Node / 4D)$ 4t supports follo,in% tas5sD
RN0C 4@ trace is to tail si%nalin% at 4u interface- ,&ic& refers to si%nalin% interacti'it
+et,een RNC and CN$ Main parameters are P3 domain trace and C3 domain trace$
RN0C 4@/ trace (4@/NCE00 and 4@/NNode /) is to tail si%nalin% at 4u+ interface and
si%nalin% +et,een RNC and Node /$ CE00 and Node / are included$
RN0C 4@R trace is to tail si%nalin% at 4ur interface- ,&ic& is si%nalin% amon% RNCs$
<ere users refer to t&e nei%&+orin% RNC$ T&en itBs possi+le to tail si%nalin% +et,een
current connected RNC and t&e nei%&+orin% RNC$
RN0C @E trace is to tail @E si%nalin%- ,&ic& is si%nalin% +et,een @E and RNCs$ T,o
5inds of traces are includedD 3in%le @E and cell multi)@E trace$
RN0 cell detection set trace is to tail si%nalin% of RN0 cell set$
RT( trace (RT(NCE00 and RT(N@E) is to tail real)time @E or cell information$
3 !hirds party inte-rated so.utions
T&irds part inte%rated solutions are optional- +ased on t&ird part &ard,are and
soft,are$ T&is t&ird part &ard,are and soft,are not include in t&e feature- it needs to
+e confi%ured additionall$
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 19
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
3*1 Meta %rame so.ution
2i%ure 3)3 Meta 2rame solution
M31 pro'ides remote access function ,it&out installation of client and pro'ides t&e
concurrent control to multi remote clientBs access mana%ement and centraliAed access
for one entrance of multi)application$ Pro'ides a safe isolation +et,een access point of
remote client and M31 ser'er- also pro'ides remote access solution for M31
mana%ement as t&e re?uirement of lo, +and,idt& of remote client$
M31 soft,are install on CitriG ser'er- Multiple CitriG client connect ,it& M31 ser'er +
CitriG ser'er- and multiple CitriG ser'er made as 2arm %roup- pro'idin% ser'ice and
load +alance$
CitriG client is no need to install M31 client soft,are- .ust need to install CitriG client
soft,are- and it is onl se'er M+te$ 4CA 3ession can +e set up +et,een CitriG client
and CitriG ser'er- CitriG client use 4CA 3ession to run M31 client soft,are and lo% on
M31 ser'er$
3*+ Backup 8 Restore ,o.ution
T&e +ac5up solution ena+les inte%ration of M31 and its en'ironment ,it& ot&er similar
e?uipment connected to t&e net,or5 to a complete +ac5up solution$ T&e +ac5up
solution can minimiAe t&e do,n)time of +ac5in%)up and restorin% in case of sstem
T&e +ac5up solution supports to set +ac5up polic for t&e +ac5up of t&e complete data
of 1MC ser'er- includin% sstem file- data+ase file and application file$ @sin% t&is polic-
20 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
1MC ser'er can +ac5up files durin% lo, sstem load- usuall in t&e ni%&t- t&e data
could +e +ac5up ,it&out s&uttin% it do,n into sin%le user mode$
2i%ure 3)8 /ac5up ; Restore 3olution
/ac5up solution +ased on t&ird part soft,are (eritas Net/ac5up$
 /ac5up policD
T&e +ac5up ser'er administrates t&e +ac5up procedure and for eac& sstem a +ac5up
polic is created$ T&is +ac5up polic includes information ,&at s&all +ac5up and ,&en it
s&all +e performed$ A +ac5up can also +e initiated manuall$
 /ac5up tpeD
4ncremental +ac5ups- differential +ac5up and full +ac5ups are supported$
 /ac5up dataD
4t ena+les t&e user to +ac5up- arc&i'e lo%- and restores files t&at include NE and 1;M
data files- 13- and D/ etc$
 EGternal stora%e mediaD
T&e +ac5up procedure allo,s storin% data to +ot& &ard dis5 and tape or ot&er
remo'a+le stora%e media$ 2or eGample- ,&en tape used- t&e element mana%ement
ser'er must +e connected to an attac&ed ma%netic tape li+rar$
T&e +ac5up sstem is connected to a separate &i%&)speed net,or5$ T&ere is no impact
on t&e 1MC traffic durin% +ac5up since all transactions are done on t&e +ac5up (0AN
((irtual 0ocal Net,or5)$
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 21
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
3*3 Business $29ects report so.ution
M31 sstem supports inte%ratin% ,it& /1 report sstem- adoptin% /usiness 1+.ects
enterprise performance mana%ement soft,are- M31 sstem can pro'ide %rap&ic displa
and analsin% function$ =it& /1 interacti'e 'isual models- it ena+le to ?uic5l displa
%rap&icall- includin% net,or5 data model- suc& as alarms- confi%uration- performance
and ot&er data- displa as dnamic c&arts- %rap&s and interacti'e 'i'id analsis-
'isualiAation- and con'enient for user to searc& statistics rele'ant data$
 3upport for multiple sstem to create unifin% reportin%
M31 sstem supports net,or5 element tpe of entire net,or5 and multi)function
inte%rated reports to meet t&e operators to analAe t&e ,&ole net,or5 operations data$
Reportin% sstem supports multiple sstem unifin% reportin% capa+ilities$
 Performance report pro'ides %roup reportin% capa+ilit
/1 reportin% sstem support analAin% respecti'e reportin% functions all of t&e sstems
mana%ement domain net,or5 element lo%ical %roups accordin% to user)specified
 Compre&ensi'e report customiAation
/1 reportin% sstem pro'ides performance data of all mana%ement fields- supportin% to
output reports- for t&e application scenarios of analAin% and ?uerin% performance
 Performance reports pro'ide cell +us &our statistics accordin% to counter and EP4$
/1 reportin% sstem can define +us &our +ased on some counter and EP4- and
supportin% statistical in?uir +ased on t&e counter or EP4 +us &our$
 Performance reports pro'ide statistics +ased cell %roup +us &our
Accordin% to da +us &our statistics or cell +us &our of counter and EP4 statistics-
performance reports support to create statistic reportin% +ased on t&e cell %roup +us
&our$ T&e da +us &our of cell %roup is t&e &our t&at maGimum sum of all cells +us
&our of cell %roup$
 Performance reports pro'ide ,ee5l and mont&l +us &our statistics$
Performance reports pro'ide ,ee5l and mont&l +us &our statistics +ased on da
+us &our statistics- cell +us &our of counter and EP4 statistics- and cell %roup +us
&our statistics$
 Performance reports pro'ide indicators of colorin% function
Performance statistics pro'ided colorin% function accordin% to predefined colorin%
template of indicator ran%e- con'enient for user to define lo%ic statistics of o+.ect$
22 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
Performance statistics feature pro'ides colorin% template- user can customiAe t&e color
of specified EP4- colorin% output reportin% of performance statistics reportin%$ =&en t&e
performance results meet t&e t&res&old- output report ,ill +e colored accordin% to color
template as pre)defined + user$
 Pro'ide reports unif analsis function of performance and alarm$
Performance reportin% sstem pro'ides unified report- analAin% performance statistics
data- alarms information and ot&er data sources$ @nified report can satisf scenarios of
analAin% ,ireless indicator$
 Pro'ide data 'isualiAation capa+ilities
/1 report pro'ides creatin% data c&art function- t&e c&art of t&e data %enerated can +e
specified column- dimensions$
 10AP drill)do,n capa+ilities
10AP drill)do,n function supports to drill)do,n form EP4 indicator to specific counter
'alue- con'enient for user to locate pro+lems$
2i%ure 3)6 10AP drill)do,n capa+ilities)1
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 23
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
2i%ure 3)9 10AP drill)do,n capa+ilities)"
2i%ure 3)* 10AP drill)do,n capa+ilities)3
 Pro'ide >@4 and =E/ format of t&e report
3tandard EP4 reportin% and user)defined EP4 report pu+lis&ed on t&e ser'er- customers
+ro,se t&rou%& t&e /ro,er$ Customer can ?uer statics + /ro,er- displain% as ,e+
mode- con'enient for user to ?uer data and report- ,it&out installin% of specialiAed
client soft,are$
 Pro'ide re%ular reportin%
Re%ular reportin% sstem supports automaticall %eneratin% re%ular reports$
 Pro'ides automatic for,ardin% t&e report
0 ,ystem Architecture
Arc&itecture OclientFser'erP is adopted + M31$ 3oft,are includes client soft,are and
ser'er soft,are- ,&ic& are independent +ut are a+le to run on t&e same de'ice$
3er'er- ,&ic& is t&e core part- mana%es NM3 3er'er applied 4/M- 3@N or <P 3er'er-
t&e data+ase uses 1racle$ Client applied =indo,s ,or5station- local Client and remote
24 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
0*1 M31 Architecture and Net)orkin-
0*1*1 'AN Net)orkin-
0AN net,or5in% is t&e simplest and t&e most common net,or5in% form$ All M31 3er'er-
Client and NE are placed inside one 0AN + Et&ernet$ M31 3er'er connects ,it& NE
t&at it mana%es + 0AN directl$ T&is met&od re?uires M31 and NE t&at it mana%es in
t&e same position p&sicall$ 3ee net,or5in% indications +elo,D
2i%ure 8)7 0AN Net,or5in%
2e, tpes of e?uipment are re?uired for 0AN net,or5in%$ 3elect certain ?uantit of
1##MF1###M adapti'e <@/ and t,isted pair ,&ic& accords ,it& primar e?uipments
num+ers (3er'er num+ers and Client num+ers)$
0*1*+ Remote Net)orkin-
4f some NEs are placed in different net,or5s from 0AN ,&ere M31 resides- remote
net,or5in% s&ould +e adopted$ Refer to t&e indication +elo,D
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 25
RN#:B,# RN#:B,#
#.ient !ermina.
M31 ,erver
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
2i%ure 8): Remote Net,or5in%
4n terms of different transmission approac&es- it can +e di'ided into E1- TCPF4P- and so
Remote net,or5in% &as t&e unified +asic topolo% structure and principles in spite of its
'arious forms$ 4t utiliAes appointed transmission e?uipments to realiAe accessin% to
=AN- standard interface is e?uipped +et,een transmission e?uipments and routerH and
router- ,&ic& is com+ined ,it& <@/- NEs- 3er'er and Client- constructs 0AN$ T&erefore-
remote net,or5in% is possi+le onl if transmission e?uipments and router support
remote internet,or5in%$
0*+ ;ard)are 8 ,o7t)are #on7i-uration 7or M31
T&e &ard,are of M31 sstem is descri+ed +elo,D
Ta+le 8)1 <ard,are Confi%uration for M31 sstem
Brand 1///#e.. 1////#e.. 11///#e..
4/M 3er'erQ
EMC Disc Arra
CP@D 8R8$"><A
("CP@- " core)
RAMD 3">
1"R3##> (>3M)
16R3##> (@MT3)
CP@D 9R8$"><A
(3CP@- " core)
RAMD 98>
1:R3##> (>3M)
":R3##> (@MT3)
CP@D 7R8$"><A
(8CP@- " core)
RAMD 98>
"*R3##> (>3M)
81R3##> (@MT3)
3@N 3er'erQ
EMC Disc Arra
CP@D 7R1$8><A
(1CP@- 1 core)
CP@D 7R"$63><A
("CP@- 8 core)
CP@D 19R"$63><A
(8CP@- 8 core)
26 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
Remote #.ient
'AN !#P:&P
#.ient !ermina.
M31 ,erver
<AN ;u2:,)itch
Remote #.ient
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
RAMD 3">
1"R3##> (>3M)
16R3##> (@MT3)
RAMD 3">
1:R3##> (>3M)
":R3##> (@MT3)
RAMD 98>
"*R3##> (>3M)
81R3##> (@MT3)
M31 ser'er soft,are is composed of se'eral modules to realiAe different functions-
includin% confi%uration mana%ement- fault mana%ement- securit mana%ement-
topolo% mana%ement- performance mana%ement- report mana%ement- c&aracter
terminal- and so on$ M31 ser'er soft,are pro'ides t&e interface to NM3 t&rou%&
net,or5 mana%ement nort&+ound interface module and offers interfaces to eac& NE
t&rou%& NE adaptation module$
3oft,are confi%uration of M31 sstem is s&o,n as follo,in% ta+le$
Ta+le 8)" 3oft,are Confi%uration for 3er'er
$29ect ,erver #on7i-uration
1peration 3stem A4KF3olarisF0inuG
Data+ase 1racle
Redundanc 3olution (ER4TA3
0*3 ;ard)are 8 ,o7t)are #on7i-uration 7or #.ient
Minimum &ard,are confi%uration of Client t&at adopts PC ,or5station is s&o,n +elo,D
Ta+le 8)3 Minimum <ard,are Confi%uration for Client
$29ect #on7i-uration
CP@ S dual)core
Memor ST ">
/uilt)in <ard Disc ST7#>
3oft,are confi%uration for Client is s&o,n +elo,D
Ta+le 8)8 3oft,are Confi%uration for Client
$29ect #on7i-uration
1peration 3stem M3 =indo,s"##3 a+o'eF0inuG
Document /ro,sin% Tool M3 1ffice"##3 a+o'eFAcro+at reader
Anti)'irus 3oft,are MacAfeeFNortonF Trend
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 27
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
0*0 ,ystem &nter7ace
As is s&o,n in 2i%ure 1- M31 is located +et,een NE laer and NM3 laer- pro'idin%
interfaces to t&ese t,o laers respecti'el$
0*0*1 North2ound &nter7ace
M31 pro'ides se'eral tpes of nort&+ound net,or5 mana%ement interfaces- accessi+le
to 'arious NM3 mana%ement sstem$
0*0*1*1 #$RBA North2ound Accessin-
4nteroperation +et,een M31 and NM3 can +e realiAed 'ia C1R/A interface- ,&ic&
conforms to 3>PP R::FR8 specification$
C1R/A (Common 1+.ect Re?uest /ro5er Arc&itecture) is open and distri+uted
calculation en'ironment- a standard for computer net,or5 interconnection$
C1R/A nort&+ound interface of M31 supports mana%ement of confi%uration- alarm and
0*0*1*+ Data2ase North2ound Accessin-
Data are %ot t&rou%& data+ase interface +et,een M31 and NM3$ M31 can customiAe
D/ nort&+ound interface and pro'ide data+ase 'ie,s of correspondin% confi%uration
and performance o+.ects accordin% to re?uirements and update t&e 'ie,s real time$
2unctions realiAed + t&is data+ase nort&+ound interface includeD
1 Alarm data+ase interface
" Confi%uration data+ase interface
3 Performance data+ase interface
0*0*1*3 ,NMP North2ound Accessin-
M31 pro'ides alarm interface in t&e form of 3NMP and sends t&e processed alarms in
teGt to upper le'el net,or5 mana%ement$
2unctions realiAed + t&is 3NMP nort&+ound interface includeD
1 Alarm report
" Alarm snc&roniAation
28 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
0*0*1*0 ,ocket North2ound Accessin-
4nteroperation +et,een M31 and NM3 can +e realiAed 'ia 3oc5et interface$ M31 reports
alarm data real time t&rou%& 3oc5et interface$
2unctions realiAed + t&is 3oc5et nort&+ound interface includeD
1 Alarm report
" Alarm snc&roniAation
0*0*1*1 %i.e North2ound Accessin-
4t is a file interface$ M31 sa'es alarms- performance and confi%uration data as files for
upper le'el net,or5 mana%ement to process$
0*0*+ ,outh2ound &nter7ace
M31 connects >ERAN and @TRAN net,or5 de'ices 'ia MM0 (Man Mac&ine
0an%ua%e)$ Alarms of 4P net,or5in% de'ices and part of ot&er NEs are mana%ed + M31
t&rou%& 3NMP (3imple Net,or5 Mana%ement Protocol) protocol$
1 ,ystem Re.ia2i.ity
1*1 Data ,ecurity and Disaster Recovery
M31 is ena+led to +ac5 up and reco'er all t&e performance data- alarm data-
confi%uration data- and customiAed data and lo% data accordin% to customiAed function-
ensurin% maGimum securit of sstem data$
1*+ Backup Mechanism
Considerin% t&e disaster reco'er feature- M31 is e?uipped ,it& +ac5up mec&anism to
sa'e NM3 data to +ac5up ser'er periodicall manuall or automaticall in order to
pre'ent data losin% accidentall$ Eit&er all NE data or parts of NE data are a'aila+le to
+ac5up$ /esides disaster reco'er- +ac5up mec&anism- ,&ic& is com+ined ,it&
reco'er mec&anism- can full cop some Net,or5 data to a ne, Net,or5$ T&is feature
is often adopted in commissionin% and maintainin% of a ne, Net,or5$
1*+*1 Recovery Mechanism
Correspondin% to data +ac5up mec&anism- M31 reco'ers +ac5up data to NM3$ All
+ac5up data or parts of t&em can +e selected to reco'er$ Reco'er mec&anism- ,&ic&
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 29
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
is usuall com+ined ,it& +ac5up mec&anism- can full cop some Net,or5 data to a
ne, Net,or5$ T&is feature is often adopted in commissionin% and maintainin% of a ne,
1*+*+ Backup ,trate-y Mana-ement
T&is feature sets +ac5up time- period and c&ooses ,&ic& NE data to +ac5up for data
automatic +ac5up function$
1*3 $peration ,ecurity
M31 sets usersB aut&orities + role and user mana%ement$ 3stem com+ines 'arious
operations (suc& as add M1- delete M1- modif attri+ute- alarm 'ie,- and so on$) and
NE modules to set usersB aut&orities- ,&ic& can +e accurate to certain operation in
certain NE$ @sersB aut&orities c&ec5 mec&anism is set in ser'er- ,&ic& c&ec5s all
operations user made$ T&ose operations t&at do not pass t&e c&ec5 ,onBt +e eGecuted$
@ser loc5ed feature is also pro'ided$ 4n'alid user could +e loc5ed and not allo,ed to lo%
on t&e sstem$ CustomiAed settin% on user lo%on- user pass,ord- user eGpiration data-
4P address c&ec5- and so on is allo,ed- for eGample- users ,&o fail lo%%in% on o'er 3
times ,ill +e loc5ed$
1*0 ;ard)are Re.ia2i.ity
M31 emplos dual)redundanc and &ot +ac5up for its ser'erBs securit$
Dual)redundanc and &ot +ac5up refer to t&e situation t&at t,o ser'ers ,&ic& are mutual
+ac5up ser'er for eac& ot&er performs t&e same tas5$ Amon% t,o ser'ers- one is
primar ser'er- and t&e ot&er is stand+ ser'er$
4n normal cases- primar ser'er ,or5s for application sstem- stand+ ser'er for
monitorin% runnin% conditions of primar ser'er (at t&e same time- primar ser'er
c&ec5s ,&et&er stand+ ser'er ,or5s normall)H ,&en primar ser'er %oes ,ron% and is
una'aila+le to support application sstem- stand+ ser'er ta5es o'er its ,or5 to ensure
uninterrupted sstem operation$
To ensure t&e &i%& relia+ilit of NM3- dual)redundanc and &ot +ac5up solution is
pro'ided$ T&e follo,in% fi%ure s&o,s t&e detailsD
30 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
2i%ure 6)1# Dual)Redundanc and <ot /ac5up 3olution
Primar and stand+ ser'ers are s&o,n in fi%ure a+o'e- data+ase is placed in
separated RA4D stora%e facilit$ 4f primar ser'er fails- stand+ ser'er loads data from
RA4D and ta5es o'er t&e position$
To ensure t&e disaster reco'er of NM3- disaster reco'er solution is pro'ided$ T&e
follo,in% fi%ure s&o,s t&e detailsD
1*1 ,o7t)are Re.ia2i.ity
M31 &as man 5inds of soft,are securit settin%s as follo,sD
1 0in5 c&ec5 mec&anismD &eart+eat c&ec5 mec&anism is adopted +et,een Client and
3er'er- 3er'er and NE- up)le'el NM3 interface and NM3 to c&ec5 t&e
communication status of lin5s periodicall$ No alarm messa%e of lin5 +et,een NE
and 3er'er ,ill +e occurred$
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 31
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
" (ersion c&ec5 mec&anism is adopted +et,een Client and 3er'er- 3er'er and NE to
c&ec5 t&eir 'ersionsB consistenc$ 4nconsistent soft,are 'ersion fails to connect
t&em normall$ Mean,&ile- lan%ua%e c&ec5 ,ill +e performed +et,een Client and
3er'er$ 4f lan%ua%es t&e use are different- t&e cannot +e connected normall$
3 3stem controls and sets 4P address restriction of Client and superior NM3 +
accessin% 4P (port) of securit mana%ement module- certain 4P address ,ill not +e
allo,ed to lo% on- impro'in% sstem securit$
8 =&en ser'ices and process of 3er'er %o ,ron%- sstem %enerates alarm
Emplo 33l- 32TP- and etc$ soft,areH install fire,all to pre'ent sstem from eGternal
ille%al attac5sH adopt anti)'irus soft,are to scan 'irus$
4 !echnica. &ndices
T&is section introduces main tec&nical indices- includin% performance indices- p&sical
indices- po,er parameters- eGternal interfaces- and so on$
4*1 Per7ormance &ndices
3ee performance indices of NetNumen™ M31 in t&e follo,in% Ta+leD
Ta+le 9)6 Performance 4ndices of NetNumen™ M31
&tems &nde=
MaG online user num+ers 6#
MM0 response dela U" s
Alarm report processin% capacit
1##Fs pea5 'alue- no alarm
missed in 16 m
Alarm processin% dela U6 s
Performance data processin% dela U1 m
0in5 faults detection dela U" s
Appointed NE alarm snc&roniAed dela U6 s
All NE alarm snc&roniAed dela U9# s
MaG stora%e capacit of &istor alarm data :# das
MaG stora%e capacit of &istor performance data 3# das (,it& 16 m %ranularit)
MaG stora%e capacit of &istor operation lo%s :# das
4*+ Physica. Per7ormance
4t mainl refers to parameters suc& as dimension- ,ei%&t- etc$
32 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
4*+*1 Dimension and ,tructure
3er'er and dis5 arra of NetNumen™ M31 adopt rac5)mounted de'ices- installed inside
standard 1:P rac5$ Client emplos PC or ,or5station ,&ic& accords ,it& industrial
standards$ 3er'er and dis5 arra are installed inside t&e same rac5$ 3ee rac5 structure
in t&e follo,in% fi%ure$ Rac5Bs ,ei%&t depends on actual confi%uration$
Ta+le 9)9 Parameters of NetNumen™ M31 Rac5
&tem Va.ue
<ei%&t =it&out foot mar%inD "###H ,it& foot mar%inD "1##
=idt& 9##
Dept& 1###
4*+*+ !ypica. $vera.. <ei-ht and >round <ei-ht #apacity o7 "?uipment
Tpical o'erall ,ei%&t and %round ,ei%&t capacit of e?uipment room are s&o,n +elo,D
Ta+le 9)* Tpical 1'erall =ei%&t and >round =ei%&t Capacit of E?uipment Room
&tem Va.ue
=ei%&t of Rac5 V3## 5%
>round =ei%&t Capacit
Primar e?uipment room W86# 5%Fm"
1t&er t&an primar e?uipment room W3## 5%Fm"
4*3 Po)er ,upp.y
T&is tpe of indices includes po,er ran%e and po,er consumption$
4*3*1 Po)er Ran-e
4nput po,er nominal 'alue- includin% DC and AC$
DC po,er supplies )87 ( DC- output 'olta%e ripple is less t&an "##m(- sop&omoricall
,ei%&ted noise is less t&an " m($ Allo,a+le ,or5in% 'olta%e ran%es from )6* ( to )8# (
DC$ 3ee t&e ta+le +elo, for t&e ran%e of DC po,erD
Ta+le 9)7 Ran%e of NetNumen™ M31 DC Po,er
&tem Va.ue
=or5in% po,er suppl )87 (
(olta%e ran%e )6* (L)8# (
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 33
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
&tem Va.ue
(olta%e output ripple U "## m(
""# ( sin%le)p&ase AC po,er is supplied- allo,a+le input 'olta%e ran%es from 1*9 ( to
"98 ( AC- fre?uenc 'aries from 86 <A to 96 <A$ 3ee t&e ta+le +elo, for t&e ran%e of
AC po,erD
Ta+le 9): Ran%e of NetNumen™ M31 AC Po,er
&tem Va.ue
=or5in% po,er suppl ""# (,6# <A
(olta%e ran%e 1*9 (L"98 (
(olta%e fre?uenc ran%e 86 <AL96 <A
4*3*+ Po)er #onsumption &ndices
3ee follo,in% ta+le for po,er consumption indices of NetNumen™ M31$ 4t is decided +
actual confi%uration$
Ta+le 9)1# NetNumen™ M31 Po,er Consumption 4ndices
&tem Va.ue
1perational current V36 A
Po,er consumption of sstem
4/M 66# (8C 8$"><A-3">) 9:6=
4/M 66# (9C 8$"><A-98>) :19=
4/M 66# (7C 8$"><A-98>) 117*=
3@N T6""#(<i%& Confi%ured) 8:8=
3@N M8###(<i%& Confi%ured) 188* =
EMC CK8)1"#C 976 =
<P RK"99# 69* =
<P RK*98# "1"7 =
<P E(A 88## 389 =
4*0 "nvironment &ndices
T&is tpe of indices includes %round re?uirements- temperature- &umidit- etc$
4*0*1 >round Re?uirement
Rac5Bs pic5)up resistance is #$1 XL#$3 X- %round resistance s&ould +e less t&an 1 Y-
and protecti'e %roundin% ,ire is a+le to +e connected to eart& + separated pile$
34 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
Ade?uate space +et,een protection %round and surroundin% si%nals- po,er and %round
s&ould +e spared in order to a'oid dama%es on de'ices due to t&e &i%& 'olta%e$
NetNumen™ M31 &as follo,in% re?uirements on runnin% circumstancesD
Ta+le 9)11 Re?uirement on Runnin% Circumstances of NetNumen™ M31
&tem Va.ue
Rac5 pic5)up resistance #$1 XL#$3 X
>round resistance V1 Y
4*0*+ !emperature and ;umidity Re?uirement
NetNumen™ M31 &as follo,in% re?uirement on temperature and &umiditD
Ta+le 9)1" Re?uirement on Temperature and <umidit
!emperature Re.ative ;umidity
'on- !erm
,hort !erm
'on- !erm
,hort !erm
NetNumen™ M31 # ℃L8# ℃ )6 ℃L 86℃ "#%L:#% 6%L:6%
Note 1D Measurement point of operatin% temperature and &umidit in e?uipment room
refers to t&e measurement made ,&en no %uide plates in front and +ac5 of rac5- and
,&ere 1$6m a+o'e t&e floor and #$8m a,a from t&e front of t&e rac5$
Note "D 3&ort term operation refers to continuous operation less t&an 87 &ours and
accumulated operation e'er ear less t&an 6 das$
4*0*3 #.ean.iness Re?uirement
Dust inside e?uipment poses electrostatic a+sorption- ,&ic& ma5es poor contact of
soc5et connector- impactin% e?uipmentsB life time and causin% failure easil$
2ollo,in% ta+le s&o,s t&e re?uirement of dust content and particle siAeD
Ta+le 9)13 Re?uirement on Dust Content and Particle 3iAe
&tem Va.ue
MaG diameter (Zm) #$6 1 3 6
MaG consistenc (particle countFm
) 18[1#
Dust is non)conductin%- )ma%netic and )corrosi'e$
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 35
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
/esides- specified re?uirements a+out salt- acid and sulfide content in air are made$
T&ese &aAardous su+stances accelerate metal erosion and a%in% process of some
parts$ E?uipment room s&ould +e pre'ented from &armful %as intrusion suc& as 31"-
<"3- N<3- N1"- etc$ Refer to t&e follo,in% ta+le for detailsD
Ta+le 9)18 Restriction of <armful >as
Name Avera-e (m-:m3) Ma= (m-:m3)
31" #$" 1$6
<"3 A+out #$##9 #$#3
N1" #$#8 #$16
N<3 #$#6 #$16
Cl" #$#1 #$3
4*0*0 'i-htin-
Pre'ent direct sunli%&t from a%in% deformation of circuit +oard$ A'era%e illumination is
3## 0KL86# 0K free from %lare$
4*0*1 Barometric Re?uirement
NetNumen™ M31 re?uires +arometric ran%es from *# 5Pa to 1#9 5Pa$
4*0*4 Air Po..ution
Causticit %as and smo% are pro&i+ited- and no smo5in% in e?uipment room$
4*0*5 &nter7ace &ndices
NetNumen™ M31 pro'ides follo,in% interfacesD
1 Communication 4nterface
1) Communication interface +et,een NetNumen™ M31 and its NEs- +earin%
protocol is TCPF4P$
") Document transmission interface +et,een NetNumen™ M31 and its NEs-
+earin% protocol is 2TP$
" P&sical 4nterface
1) Adapti'e 1#MF1##M Et&ernet interface$
") Eas to eGpand to %i%a+it Et&ernet as per re?uirements$
36 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
3) K$"6 interface offered as per re?uirements$
5 Acronyms
Acronyms "n-.ish
3>PP 3rd >eneration Partners&ip Pro.ect
C1R/A Common 1+.ect Re?uest /ro5er Arc&itecture
CN Core Net,or5
EM2 Element Mediator 2unction
EM3 Element Mana%ement 3stem
2M 2ault Mana%ement
>>3N >ate,a >PR3 3upport Node
>3M >lo+al 3stem for Mo+ile Communication
>@4 >rap&ical @ser 4nterface
<0R <ome 0ocation Re%ister
4T@ 4nternational Telecommunication @nion
EP4 Ee Performance 4ndicator
M>= Media >ate =a
M42 Mana%ement 4nformation 2unction
MM0 Man Mac&ine 0an%ua%e
M3C Mo+ile 3,itc&in% Center
MT/2 Mean Time /et,een 2ailures
NA2 Net,or5 mana%ement Access 2unction
NE2 Net,or5 Element 2unction
NMC Net,or5 Mana%ement Center
NM2 Net,or5 Mana%ement 2unction
1MC 1perations ; Maintenance Center
1MCR 1perations ; Maintenance Center \Radio
1MM 1peration Maintenance Module
132 1peration 3stem 2unction
PA0 Platform Application 0aer
P20 Platform 2rame,or5 0aer
Jo3 Jualit of 3er'ice
3>3N 3er'in% >PR3 3upport Node
3M3 3&ort Messa%e 3er'ice
TCPF4P Transmission Control ProtocolF4nternet Protocol
=CDMA =ide+and Code Di'ision Multiple Access
6 #riteria
NetNumen ™ M31 a+ides + t&e follo,in% criteriaD
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 37
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
4T@)T Proposal
4T@)T M$3###- 1'er'ie, of TMN recommendations
4T@)T M$3#1#- Principles for a Telecommunications mana%ement net,or5
4T@)T M$3#19- TMN securit o'er'ie,
4T@)T M$3#"#- TMN 4nterface 3pecification Met&odolo%
4T@)T M$31##- >eneric Net,or5 4nformation Model
4T@)T M$31#1- Mana%ed 1+.ect Conformance 3tatements for t&e >eneric
Net,or5 4nformation Model
4T@)T M$3"##- TMN mana%ement ser'ices and telecommunications mana%ed areasD
4T@)T M$33##- TMN 2 interface re?uirements
4T@)T M$38##- TMN Mana%ement 2unction
4T@)T Temporar Document 9: (4P EGperts)D Re'ised draft document on 4P access
net,or5 arc&itecture
4T@)T K$*#1)K$*#:- 3stems Mana%ement frame,or5 and arc&itecture
4T@)T K$*1#)K$*1:- Mana%ement Communication 3er'ice and Protocol
4T@)T K$*"#)K$*":- 3tructure of Mana%ement 4nformation
4T@)T K$*3#)K$*::- Mana%ement functions
R2C Proposal
R2C116*- 3imple Net,or5 Mana%ement Protocol
R2C1"13- Mana%ement 4nformation /ase for Net,or5 Mana%ement of TCPF4P +ased
internetsD M4/)44
R2C1:#1- 4ntroduction to Communit)+ased 3NMP'"
R2C1:#"- 3tructure of Mana%ement 4nformation for (ersion " of t&e 3imple Net,or5
Mana%ement Protocol (3NMP'")
R2C1:#3- TeGtual Con'entions for (ersion " of t&e 3imple Net,or5
38 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
Mana%ement Protocol (3NMP'")
R2C1:#6- Protocol 1perations for (ersion " of t&e 3imple Net,or5 Mana%ement
Protocol (3NMP'")
R2C"#3*- Entit M4/ usin% 3M4'"
R2C""33- T&e 4nterface >roup M4/ usin% 3M4'"
R2C1667- A 3trin% Representation of 0DAP 3earc& 2ilters
R2C1***- 0i%&t,ei%&t Director Access Protocol
R2C1**7- 3trin% Representation of 3tandard Attri+ute 3ntaGes
R2C1:6:- 0DAP @R0 2ormat
R2C""61- 0i%&t,ei%&t Director Access Protocol ('3)
TM2 Proposal
>/:#1- A 3er'ice mana%ement /usiness Process Model
>/:"1- En&anced Telecom 1perations Map
>/:#:- >eneric Re?uirements for Telecommunications Mana%ement /uildin%
>/:#7- Net,or5 Mana%ement Detailed 1perations Map
>/:18--3stem 4nte%ration Map
>/:1*- 30A Mana%ement <and+oo5 (1$6
NM2#37- /and,idt& Mana%ement Ensem+le (1$#
TM26#7- Connection and 3er'ice Mana%ement 4nformation Model /usiness
TM27#1- Plu% and Pla 3er'ice 2ulfillment P&ase " (alidation 3pecifications (1$#
TM29#6- Connection and 3er'ice Mana%ement 4nformation Model
NM2#3*- 3u+)3stem Alarm 3ur'eillance Ensem+le (1$#
ZTE Confidential Proprietar ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ 39
NetNumen™ M31(RAN) Product Description
1M> Criterion
4nter,or5in% /et,een C1R/A and TMN 3stem 3pecification (1$#
Ministr of 4nformation 4ndustr (M44) and telecommunication criteria in C&ina
]DFT 76")1::9 TMN Desi%n Principle
]DFT 7*1)1::9 TMN Common 4nformation Model
40 ! "#1# ZTE Corporation$ All ri%&ts reser'ed$ ZTE Confidential Proprietar