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he fact you are reading the ninth edition of the iPhone App Directory
illustrates just how many apps are available for your iPhone and how
it can be difficult to know where to start. New releases and updates
are appearing all the time, designed to entertain and organise your life a little
better. Our aim is to narrow down your search, and provide comprehensive
reviews on what we believe are the best apps out there, as well as offering
some guidance on which ones you might be better off leaving on the App
Store shelves. This edition welcomes Apple’s recently launched Newsstand,
so you can now access your favourite newspapers and magazines from the
comfort of your iPhone. Plus, we feature the Top 200 greatest iPhone apps that
we feel everyone should at least be aware of, if not own.

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as these gems will testify 6 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 70 Health/ Medical There are plenty of great apps to self-diagnose and educate. we’ve got all the apps to assist Learning on iPhone is fun as well as informative. Here we present the best brain-feeding apps 56 Games The iPhone is now an established gaming platform. try these . check these out 46 Entertainment When you just want to kick back and be amused by your device. So before visiting the doc.Contents Your guide to the best apps for the iPhone 8 Books/ Newsstand Who needs paperbacks? Check out these apps that make reading easy and pleasurable on iPhone 34 Education/ Reference 22 Business/ Finance Whether you work remotely or just need apps to manage your working day.

be it shopping.80 Lifestyle 90 Music Your iPhone can be very beneficial in everyday life. so there are loads of apps to kick out some tunes 110 Photo & Video 102 News/ Weather Capture pictures and bring them to life with this fantastic array of creative apps With iPhone you can now get the latest bulletins and forecasts while on the move 122 Social Networking Stay in touch with your friends and family with these essential apps for iPhone awareness 132 Sports Catch all the latest live scores and improve your own skills and techniques with an iPhone 142 Travel/ Navigation Learn how your iPhone can be your essential travelling companion with these apps 152 Utilities/ Productivity Use your iPhone to make life easier and speed up your efficiency with some truly innovative apps iPhone App Directory Volume 9 7 . styling or DIY The iPhone evolved from the humble iPod.

120. You can even bookmark pages by tapping the heart icon. you can cycle through the brightly coloured fact pages. rating each fact from ‘Duh!’ all the way to ‘Totally Outrageous’. and providing entertainment at the same time. teaching them all sorts of odd facts.iPhone Books/Newsstand Books/ Newsstand ■ Each fact page is colourful. With over 300 facts to discover.556. This really is a fun and insightful app for kids. there is plenty of fun for kids to enjoy. using the ‘Weird-o-meter’ feature.99 Developer: National Geographic Society WeirdButTrue Stock up on strange trivia Did you know that a lock of Elvis Presley’s hair sold for $115. complete with funny sound effects. with great artwork ■ The Weird-ometer is a neat extra for kids Your iPhone is an ideal way to store and read favourite books. Readers can also rate how weird they think each fact is. or email amazing facts to friends by tapping the envelope button. and now there’s even greater choice with the recently launched Newsstand. Rating ★★★★★ . but these are exactly the kind of neat facts you can learn from National Geographic’s WeirdButTrue. By swiping left or right. What will you add to your virtual shelves? Top Paid Apps Grimm‘s Hansel and Gretel ~ 3D Interactive Popup Book ★★★★★ There‘s a Wocket in My Pocket! ★★★★★ WeirdButTrue ★★★★★ Top Free Apps Healthy Star ★★★★★ QI Lite for iPhone ★★★★ Sudoku Book for iPhone ★★★★ Pick of the section Chasing Salander – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ★★★ 8 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Hugless Douglas – An Interactive Book ★★★★★ Price: £1.926 seconds in a year? Chances are you didn’t. a fun and charming eBook for kids and adults alike.49/$1. or that there are 31.

The built-in sound effects help move the story along.Books/Newsstand iPhone Price: £4. the quality and potential longevity of the app make this a purchase that will likely keep a child amused over and over again. and the app can be used simply as a standard book. and most children will still believe that they have fully created the story themselves. but few boast the ability to create your own stories. which will subsequently be used in order to create that story. but with the added creativity features. It is an experience that is genuinely exciting the first few times the app is used. Rating ★★★★★ ■ There is a meaning behind the bizarre title. The implementation is quite simple in that a child is asked for ideas for a story. Besides the ability to create a story. This strangely titled app does just that. This is indeed a very clever app that manages to blend different features into a seamless experience. but it is not too obvious. but is priced at the high end when compared to similar book style apps. and there is no doubting the overall quality of the presentation. such is the level of versatility on show ■ The characters are well formed and friendly. It is a unique experience which we’re confident children will keep coming back to. and will let a young child offer ideas to create their own personalised story. The graphics are extremely simple. three reading modes are also included. but this is something that children are unlikely to be concerned about. Download this app to find out what ■ The sections should keep children happy for quite some time. Despite concern over the pricing. being both sufficiently pleasing on the eye and engaging iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 9 .99 Developer: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App! Why not make your own stories? There are many interactive eBooks available for the iPhone. Crucially. although this only serves to make the stories come to life with just enough emotion in each character to bring out the true meaning. with full narration included if required.99/$6. and overall it is presented as well as many other interactive eBooks for the iPhone. Guidance is included. This does inevitably lead to a disjointed soundtrack at times. the child’s voice can even be recorded and embedded into the story to make it feel as personal as possible.

Other parts are more successful.99 Developer: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race The Cars franchise deserves much better The Cars franchise is known throughout the world by adults. but the price is too high when only the interactive book aspect is worthy of the Disney name. A story has to complete before a race can be started. however. At first ■ From the start. It is therefore a shame that the book is let down by the most publicised feature. and especially children. surprising that this official Cars 2 app from Disney is not put together in a much more professional manner. Some tweaks in the future could. such as the ability to customise each car and the sound effects and we should not forget that the stories themselves work very well. If you view this as a book for young fans. Rating ★★★★★ ■ Fans of Cars will love the overall presentation . the experience is lessened by what should be the highlight – the racing. no skill involvement and a playability factor that even the youngest of children will get bored with very quickly. this feels like an app for younger children ■ Personalisation options are included 10 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 glance it appears to bear all of the hallmarks of a classic Disney production. it is hardly surprising that there are so many ways to make money from the four wheeled success story. however.99/$6. and presumably a large part of the pricing decision. which doesn’t even need to be included. lift this game in our estimation considerably. Unfortunately. With such likeable characters and some wonderful animation behind each film. We do still believe that fans of the genre will get something out of this app. consistent presentation and the obvious Cars influence. but the fact that the interactive racing is such a highlighted feature.iPhone Books/Newsstand Price: £4. then it certainly has a place. leaves us with the feeling that it could be a lot better. It is. which then falls back into an experience that offers no reward system. colourfully drawn images.

but this publication – aimed primarily at the Indian market – caters for a wide range of technological tastes. then the chances are that some of these awkward design quirks won’t put you off. After the free download of the app. There’s no doubt that.99) for an annual subscription. you’d be better off quickly popping down to the newsagent to pick up a copy – and the navigation is awkward.Books/Newsstand iPhone The Dandy Comic Teach this old dog new tricks ■ You can view full spreads of comic pages to get the full visual impact Price: Free Developer: D C Thomson & Co Ltd The Dandy – Britain’s longest-running children’s comic – has altered dramatically since its print debut in 1937. But few changes have been as big as this: a transplant onto the iPhone’s screen. and there’s nothing special about the iPhone app to make it stand out. but while it’s worth the small investment to see a different perspective on technology. The plus points are that the full content of the weekly comic – and its humour – is strong enough to appeal to bright 7-11-year-olds. Rating ★★★★★ ■ The Dandy is here in all its glory Price: Free Developer: Magzter Inc Gadgets & Gizmos This gadget mag is worth a look Gadgets and Gizmos might not be as wellknown as some tech magazines. it never feels quite as satisfying as the print version. but we’d still like to have seen more use of the possibilities afforded by the iPhone. ■ Gadgets and Gizmos is a polished-looking mag ■ The app makes it easy to download issues. For a start. but each issue does at least attempt a more in-depth look at a particular topic.99). to be honest there are better written tech magazines around. and you need to double-tap (or pinch) to enlarge or shrink the page.69 ($0. Full strips are hard to see at the default size. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 11 . there are a lot of short filler articles that highlight new arrivals without much analysis. with reviews of gadgets. from tablets to cameras. serving only to blur the images rather than make them more readable. That’s extraordinarily cheap. Confusingly. individual copies of the monthly magazine can be bought for £0.99 ($11. as with lots of gadget publications. issues can take a long time to download – frankly. If you’re a Dandy fan. the magnifying glass at the top of the screen is a less useful search tool. or £7. On the downside.

Rating ★★★★★ ■ GamesTM is a great-looking magazine for console lovers 12 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ The tale is full of engaging interactive elements . With a musical background score and background sound effects. you can drag the wood for him to chop. In a scene with a woodcutter. or grab an annual or six-month subscription.99 ($4. The magazine even includes a recruitment section. this is as immersive as a digital book could hope to get.iPhone Books/Newsstand Price: Free Developer: Imagine Publishing GamesTM Games knowledge in your pocket GamesTM has become one of the definitive UK gaming magazines. At the book’s heart lies the well-known story of Hansel and Gretel. and as you move the iPhone around. you can interact with the pop-ups. to a retro section. which ranges from reviews and in-depth insights into popular gaming franchises. then pull the chopped wood to a tree to help build a treehouse. Moreover. but also those at the other side of things – the games industry itself. giving a truly amazing impression of three dimensions. While the text is clear and beautifully illustrated – there’s even a voiceover in several languages – a landscape pop-up appears on every couple of pages. Individual copies of the magazine (going back a couple of years to issue 84) can be bought instantly for £2. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. its different elements change their perspective.69/$0. not just for its original audience of those who regularly buy console games.99) each – a discount on the cover price of the print version – but you can also download special collections for around a fiver. or simply drag on the screen. such as Metal Gear. but this version takes things to another level. it’s easy to navigate and simple to buy the issue you’re after. The iPhone version features all the content of the print publication.99 Developer: Ideal Binary Ltd Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel ~ 3D Interactive Popup Book An old tale told in a new way Just how well can a pop-up book translate to the digital medium? The answer is – in this case at least – superbly. which in one recent issue focused on legendary football developers Sensible Software. While there isn’t much genuine interactivity in the iPhone version of the magazine.

this particular tale is extremely amusing. The familiarity of the artwork is another positive. and its name will pop up on the screen in word form. and are individually tailored for each scene to bring the experience to life. and doesn’t get in the way when older children are enjoying the experience and simply listening to the story. and should ideally take things further and offer some educational features such as the ability to learn new words. Thankfully. The silly rhymes and humorous phrases will stay in your head for a long time to come. and the fact that it is taken directly from the original book helps a lot. This is perfect for young children who are learning to read. is rather impressive. making this enjoyable for adults as well as children ■ Tap a particular item.which. and will let parents enjoy each page just as much as their children do. Rating ★★★★★ ■ The simplicity of the graphics helps to tell the story in a fun and endearing manner ■ The personalities of the characters in the story shine through. The sound effects raise the game further. and the narration is as professional as we have heard anywhere else. however. it has to be said. and this book ensures that it is brought to the digital age without destroying any of the charm of the original. with everything coming together well enough to create an authentic digital reproduction of a classic tale. there is still an iPhone in their hands. This interactive eBook does just that. Dr Seuss holds a special place in the hearts of many. At the heart of any book. and few books can produce the kind of reaction that this one does. Of course. Perhaps the greatest positive is that it can be used by very young children to read alone and learn new words without the need for parents to be constantly standing over them. so maybe some adult guidance wouldn’t be a bad thing just in case they get too excited by the whole experience.99 Developer: Oceanhouse Media Inc There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! Education and fun in one package Children’s books should be fun and colourful enough to grab the interest of the young. cleverly blending the narration with highlights over each word. thus aiding word-association skills iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 13 . and even zooms words across the screen when the child taps each picture. there has to be an exciting and engaging story.Books/Newsstand iPhone Price: £2.49/$3.

and does not quite make full use of the iPhone’s capability. or of downloading individual issues going back to 2009.99) per month. Dr.iPhone Books/Newsstand Price: £1. At just £1.99/$2. There’s even a ‘noughts and crosses’-style game that you can play on your own or against a friend. which will appeal to enthusiasts. there are small animations on most pages. and you have a recipe for instant success. the magazine offers a mixture of advice and news about triathletes. You are given the option of either buying a year-long subscription from within the app. There are 124 screens included. and the articles are relatively easy to read on the iPhone’s small screen. As you would expect. with each one using the screen dimensions that are available to very good effect.99 Developer: Bookpoint Ltd Price: Free Developer: Exact Editions Ltd Hugless Douglas – An Interactive Book Grand Designs Architectural magazine shows promising first steps Hugless Douglas is a beautifully illustrated book that your children can either read themselves or have read to them by well-known comedian and actor Alan Davies. and while the app version does seem to lack the level of interactivity that appears in #5 Magazine. A nice touch is the fact that the magazine offers iPhone-tailored hyperlinks. Throw in a storyline which is immersive and interesting every step of the way. the magazine is reasonably priced. now.49/$1. you can tap telephone numbers in order to call them on your iPhone. Not only can you pick up Grand Designs videos and books on the iTunes Store. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. Rating ★★★★★ Triathlete Europe is a long-running and popular magazine that has now made the leap to digital devices. for example. It is rare for a comic to tick all of the boxes that make an app both successful and user-friendly.49 ($1. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ A children’s book that makes you feel warm and fuzzy 14 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 . and as such is worth a go. but this one undoubtedly does so at every opportunity. making this something that can quickly improve reading skills. Interactivity throughout is excellent. particularly as it mirrors the content of the print magazine. you can download the magazine based on the popular architectural project magazine too. Horrible Triathlete Europe An immersive and beautifully presented comic In the running As far as comics on the iPhone go. Highly recommended. at the very least all the content of the print edition is there.99 Developer: Dark Horse Comics Inc Price: Free Developer: Competitor Media UK Ltd Dr. and as you touch certain illustrations the relevant words become highlighted in the text. especially for fans of the online musical. and it’s relatively simple to operate. Horrible is one of the best presented that we have seen so far. so you no longer have to search for a pen and paper.

Books/Newsstand iPhone

Price: £0.69/$0.99 Developer: 288 Vroom LLC

A Book Of Five Rings
Gain some inspiration from Miyamoto Musashi
A Book Of Five Rings could potentially offer you the
inspiration to change important parts of your life if
you take the time to read it thoroughly and slowly.
The design fits the subject matter perfectly, with
personalisation options such
as text zooming, scrolling
modes and automatic
bookmarks also being included
to great effect. Additionally, the
paintings add a touch of
history to the entire
experience, and it all comes
together to offer an app that if
used correctly, could
potentially benefit you in a
variety of different ways.

Price: Free Developer: Google Mobile

Google Books
The literary world on your iPhone
The ability to access more than 3 million eBooks
on your iPhone is an enticing prospect to say the
least, which is made more alluring by the fact that
there are many free titles included in this app. You
can buy selected eBooks as
well, and the overall
presentation is clean, if a little
bland in comparison to the
likes of iBooks and Kindle. There
are many advantages to using
this app, which will suit the
majority, and only the most
serious of eBook users will look
elsewhere. An eBook reader for
the masses.

Rating ★★★★★

Rating ★★★★★
Price: Free Developer: Imagine Publishing

Retro Gamer

Past-worshipping mag goes futuristic
One of the most impressive things about
Retro Gamer magazine’s debut on iOS is the
sheer size of its catalogue. Every single issue
of the publication – all the way back to issue
one – can be downloaded, and at a price that
is noticeably cheaper than the
print version. Quite impressive.
The overall presentation is great,
too, although it can be awkward
to navigate on the iPhone. The
excellent search function means
that if you are searching for views
on your favourite Commodore
64 or Spectrum games, this is an
indispensable guide.

Rating ★★★★★

Price: Free Developer: Stuart Hall

Healthy Star
A creative introduction to staying fit for children
Healthy Star is designed to introduce children to the
benefits of staying fit and healthy using a pleasantly
designed interactive eBook. It works using positive
affirmations to make the child feel more confident,
and is probably most useful for
children, who will benefit from
some relaxation every day. The
app's young users are
encouraged to repeat positive
phrases over and over again as
part of a daily routine. If this is
kept up, then the benefits could
potentially be immense. The inbuilt goal of this app is as good as
the presentation, which all in all
makes it flawless.

Rating ★★★★★
iPhone App Directory Volume 9 15

iPhone Books/Newsstand

Price: £1.99/£2.99 Developer: Oksana Markovchina

Price: Free Developer: Kindmags Ltd

Cinderella or The Little
#5 Magazine
Celebrity-edited title is an interesting – if bulky – read
Glass Slipper – animated
This bi-monthly free publication, edited by
England footballer Rio Ferdinand and aimed at
watercolor book by BST
an adult market, offers a variety of news
and interviews on subjects as varied as sport,
for iPhone Something everyone can enjoy
The quality of the workmanship within the book
permeates through the imagery, narration and puzzles.
There really is something for everyone here and it feels
like the kind of experience parents can genuinely
enjoy with their children.
The only downside is that
very young children may
not enjoy the presentation
as much as they would if
the book was presented in
a more simple manner.

Rating ★★★★★

music and technology. It
makes for a great browse,
and includes video and audio
alongside text. As a result,
the only drawback is the size
of the download at around
300Mb. Not only does it take
an age to download, but after
a couple of issues it will take
up a big chunk of space on
your iPhone, necessitating the
deletion of back issues.

Rating ★★★★★

Price: Free Developer: Green Broccoli LLC

Price: Free Developer: Tinman Arts (Chengdu) Co Ltd

Selected Nonsense
Rhymes by Edward Lear

Tinman Arts-Two
Good Friends

Education and fun in one free package
Few children’s eBooks manage to combine education
and entertainment in the one package, but Selected
Nonsense Rhymes proves to be one of the
exceptions. The rhymes can be read normally or out
loud for younger children, and the amusing images carry the
stories along at a brisk pace. There are few eBooks that are so
complete and versatile,
not to mention free,
which makes this one a
must-have app for
anyone with children.
It is pretty much
impossible to fault in
any area.

Rating ★★★★★
16 iPhone App Directory Volume 9

One of the better interactive children’s eBooks
Two Good Friends proves to be similar to a number of
children’s animated eBooks. The narration, sounds and
graphics come together to create a pleasing
environment for any child who wants to spend a few
minutes enjoying an amusing and entertaining story. It could be
longer to truly
engage the reader,
but overall quality
is exceptional, and
this is one to
download if you
need to keep your
child amused on a
long journey.

Rating ★★★★★

Books/Newsstand iPhone

Price: £1.49/$1.99 Developer: Author Solutions Inc

Diary of a Crayon
(with Animated)
The life of a pen
Many apps and books proudly boast so-called
‘interaction’ ability, but few pull it off as well as
Diary of a Crayon. It is a story that features narration
and some impressive graphics, but uniquely the
ability to paint your own choice
of colours onto many of the
pages. For younger children it
can act as a narrated story, and
older siblings can have some fun
by making it personal to them.
Ultimately, it is impressive in
every way, and should keep all
children it comes into contact
with happy.

Rating ★★★★★
Price: Free Developer: Tendertheory Limited

Mind Body Spirit
Books by Watkins
Improve your life with a selection of eBooks
Mind Body Spirit Books acts like an eBook
repository, focusing specifically on eBooks to help
the mind, body and spirit. You can choose from a
selection of free books, or pay for longer and
more detailed tomes that suit your
needs. The knowledge behind the
app is unquestionable, but we can’t
help feeling that this kind of
functionality is already available in the
larger eBook stores from the likes of
Amazon. It may still have a place for
you, though, as there is a great deal
on the subject matter at hand.

Rating ★★★★★

Price: £0.69/$0.99 Developer: Zarfhome Software Consulting

Meanwhile for iOS
Standout cartoon makes for a lot of fun
Originally a printed book, Meanwhile has
developed into an interactive comic strip that’s
well-suited to the iPhone. From the opening
scene, the story spirals as you tap on a the current
cartoon panel to advance it. Where the timeline offers a choice,
you can plot your own course, although at any time you can
revisit choices
and choose
differently. It’s
an engaging,
well-thoughtout story, and
the animation
is polished

Rating ★★★★★
Price: Free Developer: Imagine Publishing

Photography for
Beginners Magazine
Snap up a way to boost your photography skills
The iPhone’s camera is one of the best pointand-shoot devices around, and if you’re keen
on improving your photography skills, then
Photography for Beginners will help you to take
the first steps. Each issue of the magazine – you
can buy single copies, or subscribe if
you like what you see – offers a
plethora of photo advice, as well
as pages of camera-buying tips. It’s
cheaper than the print version, and
while it’s a copy of the printed
magazine in more cramped
surroundings, for the most part, its
portability nonetheless offsets this.

Rating ★★★★★
iPhone App Directory Volume 9 17

Various sound effects are included which at times get in the way due to their sheer repetitiveness. and this app is designed to bring some of the more useful facts detailed on the show to your iPhone. doing so by being presented in a way that works efficiently on the small iPhone screen. when you use it regularly as a means of finding out new and interesting facts to share with your friends. and the ability to zoom in to specific boxes makes it easier to grasp the story without ever getting lost. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. they can do the same for you. then this is well worth checking out. It expands on what you already know. If you are a fan of the series. but a minority of users may improve their finances if they take the advice offered by this app on board. which makes the number of facts available almost unlimited.99 Developer: Norstedts Forlagsgrupp AB Learn something new every single day The Stephen Fry-hosted quiz show QI is very popular in the UK. Likewise.99 Developer: Robert Evans Price: Free Developer: Faber and Faber Manifesting More Money In Your Life eBook QI Lite for iPhone Can an eBook really bring you wealth? This eBook is designed to help you gain more wealth. Rating ★★★★★ . and on the other are some unusual techniques which many may fail to grasp due to the lack of information provided.000 quotations included. which does not help matters. It is also presented in an unprofessional way. which should make you look at money in a different way. and is split into two decidedly different parts.99 Developer: Josh Coen Chasing Salander –The Girl The Blues The story of the Blues with real sounds with the Dragon Tattoo An extensive look at the hugely popular series Chasing Salander essentially transposes the first book in the massive-selling Millennium trilogy into app form. and you can even share facts that you discover with others who own the app.49/$1. however. The graphics are detailed and manage to create parts of the story on just one page.iPhone Books/Newsstand Price: £1. but they can be turned off if required. and will likely prove to be of most interest to those who have read the series. but you should read some of the books before you make a purchase.99/$2. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. It takes you through 14 sections which are concurrently narrated for you.99/$2. on one side you have some practical advice and useful information. There are more than 3. and the fact that it comes from the original publisher is an advantage. It works best. Rating ★★★★★ 18 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 This digital comic tells the story of how the Blues developed into the popular and emotice musical genre it is today.

it creates the perfect Christmas experience in handheld form. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £2. but this app – the third in a series telling the engaging tale of a little Swiss girl – takes it beyond the written word. presentation and animation mark this eBook out from the start. Seuss. Inc.49/$1. and it is of course highly challenging and engaging. and this will suit those who are used to the traditional way of solving Sudoku puzzles. It feels like a film and reads like a book. The simplicity is what makes this a special title. The presentation is very book-like. and therefore probably fits better in the gaming category. but manages to blend the two forms together perfectly. Seuss A timeless classic revived for the mobile age The narration.le film . Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Winas. creating an atmosphere that is virtually unheard of on any smartphone.99/$4. It is one of the best presented eBooks we have seen to date. and it is clear enough to allow you to concentrate on finding the numbers you need. this app is in fact more of a collection of Sudoku puzzles. It makes perfect use of the limited screen space. Sudoku Book for iPhone A Sudoku book which is more of a game Despite being called a book. and while it behaves like a standard electronic book in some ways – you tap the screen to turn pages of the story – you can also have the book read to you.99 Developer: Katrin Draemann Barothy Heidi Part III A great story that’s well told Heidi may have started life as a book. with appropriate background sounds that add real colour to things.99/$4. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. With sensitive narration and animations that rival the best.99 Developer: Oceanhouse Media Inc Happy Birthday to You! Dr. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 19 .99 Developer: Jeremie Clevy Consulting SARL L’apprenti Père Noël . The sound effects and music lift the experience even higher and there really is nothing to fault here. You can follow the story in either English or German.HD / Santa’s Apprentice – the movie – SD A charming and colourful Christmas adventure This app is more of a movie than a book. but the depth and length of the story make it ideal for children who are fans of all things Dr. as you would expect.Books/Newsstand iPhone Price: £2. such as via newspapers.

For the price this represents sound value for money and an enthralling read.com Inc. Zebra. Narrated by Australian actor.iPhone Books/Newsstand Price: £0. you have to buy the comics to read through it. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Strawberry Shortcake Comics Reader The Very Cranky Bear . Though available in various apps and digital formats. As a specialist magazine. interactive app brings Nick Bland’s much-loved children’s book to life in an engaging and exciting digital format. It’s a good idea to help heighten interest in the book. who appears distinctly cranky at being awoken from his slumber. this title will be perfect for any fan of the Bath rugby team as it allows them to get digital access to every official matchday programme. regardless of whether or not they attend the games. This fully-animated. A great way to read an absorbing book. whether you are aware of Aristotole’s writings or not. Inc This app is slightly misleading in the sense that you don’t actually get Simon Toyne’s bestselling book – the app is merely a promotional tool through which you can scan the physical book and reveal hidden messages delivered directly by the Sancti themselves. This classic Dickens novel focuses on a long-running dispute which has far-reaching consequences for all involved and serves as the author’s assault on the flaws of the British judiciary system. You're invited to study these messages carefully because you will then be asked a question based on your findings which could win you a special prize. and word highlighting helps to build reading skills while the animation ensures that attention never wanes. Just bare in mind that although the app is free. sound effects and narration all fit the meaning of the story perfectly and make the experience hugely enchanting. and a handy checklist enables you to tick off each step of the mixing process so you never lose track of where you are.L. The presentation is not overly professional. Well worth the money.99 Developer: Tri Active Media Ltd Price: £0. Included works include The Athenian Constitution. When purchasing the app you can choose one issue and then buy further issues individually or subscribe for the season to get each issue as and when. Despite a slightly amateurish appearance. tilt effects and five hidden cards to find. the presentation and tidy way that the storyboards are laid out places this app ahead of most of its kiddiepleasing rivals. Lion and Sheep as they try to hide from the rain in a cave.99/$2. but the instructions are clear and there is a lot of fun hidden within each of the 30 recipes included. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Ambrosia Aristotle Book Collection Price: Free Developer: Harper Collins Publishers Price: £1. The story can be read or narrated. The Poetics and Politics – A Treatise on Government and the app boasts an easy-to-use interface that allows you to switch books and navigate your way through them easily. which reveal a secret surprise.69/$0. the five works included in this book make for a fascinating diversion. Sancti Rating ★★★★★ 20 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Story of Christmas Rating ★★★★★ Bath Rugby Official Programmes Bleak House by Charles Dickens – iRead Series Price: Free Developer: Ape Entertainment L.69/$0. player blogs and match reports spread across 92 pages.99 Developer: We Are Wheelbarrow PTY LTD There are many comic apps available and this one has been designed for younger readers who still find Ms Shortcake’s adventures in Berry Bitty City captivating. Despite the age of the target audience.69/$0. only to disturb a bear.49/$3. The app will adjust the ingredients in accordance to the amount of servings you’re preparing. Most children will learn the story of Christmas at some stage during their nursery or primary school years.99 Developer: i-mobilize.99 Developer: Joshua Linsk Price: £2. in which Dickens himself once served as a law clerk. this version includes the ability to zoom text.49/$3. Each issue contains all the latest club news. The graphics. and this interactive eBook presents it in a way that makes it accessible to children of all ages. young readers can join Moose. Features include the option to record your own narrative. Angus Sampson. Ambrosia offers a selection of cocktail recipes for those who wish to make non-alcoholic concoctions for their friends. The Categories.C. Price: £2. but it’s a throwaway gimmick with limited appeal. Ethics.99 Developer: Tecarta. place bookmarks and much more. This app could be useful for any special occasion. interviews.99 Developer: Guillermo Fernandez Price: £0.

69/$0.99 Developer: Indianic. It has been cited as the equivalent to Jews of what Moses’ Bible was to Christians and this app presents the scripts in as basic a format as you could ever hope to imagine. elders and pets – all of the things that. engaging. will teach children good manners.99 Developer: Oceanhouse Media.69/$0.Books/Newsstand iPhone Price: £1. one of the greatest artists/illustrators of the past 40 years. Smaller children will be enchanted by the presentation and narration like few other eBooks and it comes together beautifully. Seuss Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book Ready for a Reward Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: The Story Mouse Price: Free Developer: R & L Publishing.49/$3.99 Developer: Steve Husting For very young children. all of which have been restored from the original print negatives before being revitalised into an innovative 3D pop-up presentation for all to enjoy. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Good Manners Lite Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Christmas Experience iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 21 . but as an app this fails to inspire. but it doesn’t push the technology. That’s all well and good. The result is a fully-interactive 3D pop-up book that users see. Another name for this book could quite easily have been Embrace Christianity or Burn in Hell – a harsh summary on our part. Ltd.99 Developer: FlyingWord. we know children in that bracket show absolutely no kindness or respect towards! Options include voice-over mode. It is geared to helping you lead a good. Mickey is having a Halloween party and all of his friends are invited. ‘Theogony’ is a historical narration covering a long era which starts with the first men in the mountains and ends with the post-Zeus epoch. but such is the specialist nature of this book that it is that black or white on whether you will find it appealing or not. The book can be read in three ways – Read To Me. Essential storytelling. Price: £0. It includes beautiful illustrations by Greg Hildebrandt. Price: £2. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ The Story Mouse Talking Books – Read-along story books for children SUCCESS Magazine The Theogony of Hesiod SUCCESS Magazine is Twas The Night 3D. from our own experiences. Seriously. Price: £1. informative and interesting. which covers just about everything you need in an electronic magazine. dedicated to all those who feel that they have the entrepreneurial spirit and who could do with some guidance along the way. jigsaw puzzles. this eBook could offer huge benefits.69/$0. but rather than risk getting squashed sarnies and Pluto being sick on his own carpet. Inc. professional narration and custom music. and this app presents a decent case for backing the rodent. and helps answer your spiritual questions and steer you away from sin. enthralling quiz. It is fun. it’s just text set against an uninspiring parchment background. and the formatting is pretty poor. kindness and respect for family. Inc. and fun and engaging visuals to enthrall users of all ages. We could never doubt that the scripts prove important spiritual guidance for some. This is a timeless story that has been brought to life perfectly for the small screen.49/$1. Youngsters join Mickey and friends get to the bottom of the strange noises and occurrences through an interactive reading experience packed with features. LLC Price: £0. wholesome Christian lifestyle so as to be fully prepared for the apparent return of Jesus. colourful and most importantly. Through a fun. This app has graduated to Newsstand status and the app you download is just a free viewing portal – individual issues and subscriptions must be purchased. but the interface is basic. children between the ages of three and seven can learn all about sharing. A good read. hear and touch. Read It To Myself and Auto Play (the latter plays the book like a movie) and additional features include picture and word association (where words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched). he decided to hold it in a haunted house. Both brands take classic storybooks and apply their own illustrations and flair. It comes with one free story and each book is accompanied by audio narration that is read as the text appears and pictures that you can just melt into. These include the option to record your own narration. The Story Mouse could be construed as being an arch rival to Ladybird.99 Developer: Karl Kotas Inc. This app takes the classic Christmas storybook and drags it into the digital age. music mode and eye-meltingly bright visuals. It is professionally presented.99 Developer: Disney Publishing Worldwide Price: £0.99/$2.

Keeping and maintaining these records can be difficult unless you regularly and religiously update them on your computer. Rating ★★★★★ . however.99/$2. Let Keep track of your properties If you’re a landlord renting out several properties. and it’s easy to see why when you look at the range of apps on offer. including an inventory. and even then it’s hard to include media like photos and notes. It’s a shame the developers couldn’t offer unlimited properties after the initial investment from the user. check out the next few pages to see which apps could help organise your life… Top Paid Apps Top Free Apps Let ★★★★ Infinity CV Builder ★★★★★ DebtMinder ★★★★ MightyMeeting ★★★★★ Business Tips ★★★★★ CardpayUK ★★★ Pick of the section Divided Bill Splitter ★★★★ 22 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Time Worked ★★★★★ Price: £1. The biggest issue with the app. Take photos on your phone. so photos are automatically tagged to a property. add them to a listing. and you can store as many as you like. Let helps you do all these things in one place. Add a property. is that you are limited to recording five property listings for free before you are required to start purchasing extra storage from the app. plus photos for properties ■ Add voice recordings Many people now find their iPhone invaluable when it comes to business matters and managing finances. and assign voice or written notes to a specific room. then you’ ll be aware of how difficult it can be to keep track of everything that is going on in each one. Location data is taken by the phone.99 Developer: Imfuna Inc. documents and metre readings for each one individually. and bring all the elements together in a neat package. From scanning documents to money-saving tips.iPhone Business/Finance Business/ Finance ■ Add contact details. and then enter details for each room. making it necessary to keep inventories.

Business/Finance iPhone ■ The silver theme keeps things simple and stylish ■ SilverWiz covers all the angles for account reporting ■ The reporting section includes detailed visual graphs Price: £2. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 23 . it’s possible to set up multiple accounts and budget them with ease thanks to the in-app prompts that offer guidance with each step. SilverWiz offers the free ability to sync information between devices. SilverWiz’s style might not be for everyone. which can be toggled for use alongside the default local choice. It may take time to set up for more complex accounts. Using the app. there are increasingly viable alternatives. SilverWiz is a feature-rich app that can help a user with standard monetary skills become an efficient budget manager. In some cases it’s natural to assign this side of a business to an expert. Users of OFX and QIF are also catered for. we found ourselves suitably impressed with the usability and functionality of SilverWiz. SilverWiz also boasts a comprehensive reporting section that can break down account details into visual graphs and charts.99/$4. For owners of both an iPhone and iPad. but due to SilverWiz’s lack of universal functionality. Logging expenditures is simple thanks to the many descriptions that are set up by default. Previously an iPad-only application. it can provide warnings when spending is getting too high. some may be put off at having to pay for the same app twice. As details are entered on one device they will update on the other. however. along with the ability to add custom definitions. and those used to automated online banking services probably won’t be keen on manually adding each new transaction. SilverWiz’s transition to the iPhone keeps the simplistic but stylish interface intact. but the end results are worth it. It’s a great feature that’s executed perfectly. For those looking to be more hands-on or looking to save on accounting costs. Once the necessary details are entered into SilverWiz. as these can be imported into the app via iTunes File Sharing.99 Developer: SilverWiz Ltd SilverWiz Money Become an accounts wiz on your iPhone Keeping a keen eye on the accounts is an absolute necessity in any business. SilverWiz also supports a wide range of currencies. In summary.

■ It may appear simple. it can be further edited in terms of tweaking its rotation. PDFs created with DocScan can be viewed from within the app itself or directly exported to a number of online outlets including Facebook. Beyond the automatic effects. Unfortunately. While the aspect ratio tool is pretty effective. Rating ★★★★★ . fine editing with this method can be difficult. or printed via AirPrint.. and now it’s possible to add ‘document scanner’ to that list. DocScan goes a long way towards helping any user to get good results quickly. aspect ratio and brightness. whiteboard or any other display and convert it to a PDF. with the app automatically trimming the photo once it is taken. DocScan will trim the item for you 24 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Once a picture is taken. but considering its free status. The end results may not always be perfect. Pictures can be taken either directly from the camera on a device or from pictures already stored in the gallery. business card. All PDFs created in DocScan can be further edited via the Documents tab on the start page. It’s also possible to adjust the trimming borders manually by dragging the corners. The trimming tool can be used to straighten out any perspective issues. which is useful for when it’s not possible to catch an image ‘straight on’. When the editing process on a picture is complete. depending on the lighting circumstances. LTD. the brightness option only offers a basic ‘on/off ’-style functionality. Taking pictures is a simple process. it can then be added to a new PDF or combined with any previously captured pictures to create a multi-page document.iPhone Business/Finance Price: Free Developer: IFUNPLAY CO. Any added manual changes can be easily undone via the on-screen controls. as the point of trimming is always obscured by a finger. DocScan Turn your iPhone into a document scanner There are plenty of great things that an iOS device can already do. but DocScan can achieve useful results ■ With the right lighting conditions. it’s also possible to add manual touches or annotations to the images with a variety of brush sizes and a large colour palette. Dropbox and Evernote. DocScan is capable of taking a picture of a document.

market value and overall gain or loss. up-to-the-minute trade prices. A promising start. After inviting other attendees. You have to upload these via a computer using email. thus helping to ensure that you and your team can focus properly. Rating ★★★★★ ■ The interface is well designed and easy to navigate. The ability to view orders.Business/Finance iPhone Price: Free Developer: RBS ■ You can display a slideshow presentation and send it to a projector ■ As well as meetings. NatWest Stockbrokers Great for Brokerline App account holders An app for customers to access their Stockbrokers Brokerline account and trade on the move. you can also have one-to-one discussions with people Price: Free Developer: MightyMeeting Inc. great for when you don’t want to air information in a large meeting and prefer to have a one-to-one with a particular person. but obviously better over Wi-Fi. you can quickly get down to the dealings of the day. with an interface that is clean and functional. giving you info when you need it ■ Sadly. working well over 3G. and the option to transfer money in or out of your account is lacking. real-time quotes on stock you are monitoring and a detailed breakdown of your portfolio. There is also a discussion element to the app. this app provides at-a-glance account summaries. MightyMeeting lets you start a meeting direct from your iPhone. Perhaps the most useful and awe-inspiring feature is the ability to run a presentation direct from the phone that can then be displayed on the smartphones of attendees. It’s also highly secure to use. This app combines an attractive and accessible interface with a high level of detailed information that is relayed very effectively. so you don’t even need a laptop. It’s fast and effective. track portfolios and create a watch list. But there’s still room for improvement. It can also be hooked up to a projector. We would have liked the landscape orientation to have been utilised to allow users to interact with graphs to see the prices at specific points. but it’s a simple enough process. MightyMeeting Virtual meetings online The ability to hold virtual meetings online is a business plus in an environmentally aware and cash conscious age. the option to transfer money in or out of your account is missing at present Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 25 . current holdings. even on the small screen. handy when working with PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. and not one that should put you off.

iPhone Business/Finance

Price: £6.99/$9.99 Developer: Adobe System Inc

Price: Free Developer: Infinity

Adobe® CreatePDF Infinity CV Builder
Convert multiple files to PDF

Create a CV while on the go

Adobe CreatePDF for the iPhone makes it possible
to convert various file formats into PDF documents
that can be shared directly from the handset.
CreatePDF works by uploading documents to
Adobe, where they are converted in the cloud and sent back to
the handset. On the upside, it keeps the app small and
lightweight. However, this also means that without a data
connection the conversion process won’t work. The app itself is
very simple in execution – find an app that uses an ‘Open in…’
command and select Adobe CreatePDF.
Our tests revealed varying results, depending on the source
formats. More complicated sources such as InDesign documents
were converted quickly and with impressive results. By contrast
every text file we converted didn’t work at all. There’s also no
editing of completed PDF files, nor is it possible to zoom in to
further inspect the quality of each conversion.
These shortcomings combined with the price tag prevent
CreatePDF from being a dead cert recommendation.

Creating a good CV can be a difficult first hurdle
for any jobseeker, and not fully knowing what
information to include and how to structure it can
be a stressful situation. Infinity CV Builder is a free
iPhone-sized CV creation tool and job advice wizard.
Creating a CV is a simple process where the user is prompted
for the relevant information for each section, and the app offers
advice on what kinds of details to include. Each section also
includes audio clips that offer advice on how to deliver a CV
with impact. Once the CV is finished, it can be previewed
within the app and then printed, tweeted or emailed directly
to a potential employer.
The additional ‘Job Tips’ section includes a generous 50
tips spread over five topics. It’s an excellent resource. For any
jobseeker looking for help, Infinity CV Builder is a superb free app.

Rating ★★★★★

■ Once connected,
the pop-up display
will outline the
main controls

■ The installation
process is easy
to follow

■ PDFs can be sent
straight to iBooks

26 iPhone App Directory Volume 9

Business/Finance iPhone

Price: £1.49/$1.99 Developer: return7


Use your iPhone to clear debts

■ The app consists
of two sections: CV
Building and Job Tips

Rating ★★★★★
Price: Free Developer: Citrix

Remote control computer trickery

Getting into debt is never a pleasant experience,
and without essential planning it’s possible to let
the problem get out of control. DebtMinder is an
app that can analyse a user’s financial situation,
develop a payoff plan, and help dig them out of a hole.
DebtMinder offers simple and effective data
synchronisation between iOS devices via the cloud, perfect
for keeping team members updated on the current situation.
Data can also be synced with sister app BillMinder. Syncing
data is reliant upon setting up an account, but if you don’t
want to do this it is not required, as the app still works fine as
a standalone product. DebtMinder calculates payoff plans
based on interest rates, starting dates and opening. The
progress of a plan can be viewed in the Reports section of the
app where line graphs and pie charts visualise your current
financial status. For someone looking to wrestle some control
over their vanishing finances, DebtMinder is an ideal app for
turning the tide.

Rating ★★★★★

GoToMyPC is a remote control software service
that enables a user to operate their computer from
another device over the internet. In recent times
the service has branched out to iOS, allowing control
from an iPhone or iPad.
An active subscription is required to use the service,
although free trials are available that last for 30 days with no
up-front requirement for payment information. Considering the
complicated technical aspects involved in network connections
such as this, the installation process of GoToMyPC is reassuringly
easy. Once the client is installed on a computer, simply enter
the same account details on the app and the two will connect.
Upon startup, the app displays the various ways of controlling the
computer via a touch device, easing new users into the app in
the process. The response time works well and the initially strange
controls become more intuitive over time. As an easy-to-install
remote computer solution, GoToMyPC is hard to beat.

Rating ★★★★★

■ DebtMinder
provides visual charts
to track finances

iPhone App Directory Volume 9 27

iPhone Business/Finance

Price: £1.49/$1.99 Developer: Block21 AB

Price: Free Developer: Textminimedia Ltd

My Wallet+

Comedy Store

It’s not hard to calculate that you need this app

The Comedy Store meets the App Store

If you end up racking up a lot of expenses during
your working day, it pays to keep a close eye on
things. With My Wallet+ you can do just that. Simply
input your expenses, and you can see how much
you are spending. You can then
view the items by week, month
or year. Additionally, My Wallet+
serves well as a budget planner.
You can enter your income and
outgoings, as well as recurring
transactions. Your data can then
be exported in Excel, CSV or
HTML formats. The only
downside is not being able to
have multiple accounts. This is a
bit of a shame.

Rating ★★★★★

With two venues open in the UK and a third in
Mumbai, The Comedy Store has now opened its
doors to iOS users. Comedy Store is a simple
application that serves as an information portal for
upcoming events in the UK. It
is also possible to purchase
tickets from within the app
and see what’s on offer at the
venue on any given evening.
Sadly, the lack of video content
means that newcomers are
unable to get a sample of the
Comedy Store experience.
While it’s good for devotees,
then, otherwise it’s something
of a missed opportunity.

Rating ★★★★★

Price: Free Developer: HRSentry

Price: £1.49/$1.99 Developer: Michael Rhodes

HR Audit

Divided Bill Splitter

Test the legal compliance of your company

Split complicated bills directly on your iPhone

For employers with larger workforces, employment
law is an important concern. HR Audit is a free app
that provides a number of questions designed to
assess risk factors and provide support for human
resources professionals.
With sections for both
administration and
employment, the supplied
questionnaires total to 60
questions with simple Yes/No/
Don’t Know answers. It’s an easy,
no-frills app, but its simple
approach may not be ideal for
those requiring a slightly more
concise guide to American
employment law.

When dining out with friends, splitting the bill can
be a time-consuming pain and a cause of
disagreements. Instead of breaking out a calculator
app, Divided Bill Splitter can be applied to effectively
split the cost. The
straightforward interface allows
for totals to be calculated with
or without a tip, also making it
more functional than the builtin calculator. If a straight split
isn’t ideal, it’s similarly possible
to apply separate costs for
individuals within a group.
Divided Bill Splitter is a simple
yet perfectly functional app that
we would certainly recommend.

Rating ★★★★★

Rating ★★★★★

28 iPhone App Directory Volume 9

A-Z Guide is an app-sized guide to UK employment law. Time Worked can handle this with ease while totalling up the hours worked and money earned. this really does cover all the bases for a convention or other event. iAd Gallery Browse the iAds from a single app iAd is a form of interactive advertising that appears within certain applications. but businesses looking to venture into Apple’s iAd service and those dabbling in HTML 5 should find the gallery app to be a useful information resource. iAd Gallery is an app that allows a user to browse a selection of interactive adverts from a number of globally recognised brands. Time Worked does the job well. Twitter feeds and floorplans included within the app. with only the main outlines covered. An app based around adverts may be of little appeal for the average user. Inc.69/$0. Now that smartphones are commonplace. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. and the ability to add tax and VAT into the calculations is extremely helpful for displaying the final earnings at a glance.a. Price: Free Developer: ADZ Media Limited A-Z Guide A portable guide to UK employment law Created with company owners. As a simple earnings tracker and little more. employers and human resources professionals in mind.99 Developer: AztekSolutions Time Worked Manage and calculate your weekly worked hours Time Worked provides self-employed workers with a simple method of tracking their working hours.r.Business/Finance iPhone Price: Free Developer: Guidebook. it makes sense to design a guidebook on a mobile device to ensure that it works on attendees’ phones. Potential earnings can be calculated for each month. Veiled advertising aside. Numerous topics are covered and are easily accessible. however. With schedules. Guidebook Offer visitors to your event everything they need Making a guidebook for use at events has always been accomplished on desktop PCs with the help of advanced design software and specialist solutions. and the creation process is surprisingly easy.l. for further legal advice. if a little on the brief side. increasing convenience and saving on printing costs. The provided information is useful. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: iTunes S. the company behind the app. Each topic prompts the user to call Peninsula. It’s possible to search and bookmark favourite iAds from the regularly updated list to enjoy some of the more creative functionality. A-Z Guide serves as a useful jumping off point for employment law information. Should a job involve working with multiple clients on various jobs. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 29 .

Rating ★★★★★ 30 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Take credit card payments via your iPhone As card transactions become ever more commonplace. this app is well worth your money. Rating ★★★★★ . As soon as an amount is entered into the app. of course.69/$0. We really cannot rate this app highly enough.iPhone Business/Finance Price: £2. Business Tips is astonishingly well-organised. and it’s even designed so that the numerical keypad doesn’t intrude on the main interface. Limited Price: Free Developer: Kim Burfield MoneySave Debt Calculator CardpayUK Explore solutions to debt using your iPhone Debt is never a fun situation. so too does the need for businesses to be able to facilitate that requirement wherever possible. For quickly and simply calculating rates and nothing more. As a go-to resource. Whether you’re a taxi driver. Various rates of VAT or even custom variants can be applied to the calculations made by the app. It’s made with usability in mind. Business Tips amalgamates information collected in a number of books from the Fast Track series by the international publishing group FT Prentice Hall. The simple questions provided by the app make it possible to create an action plan that can help remove unwanted debt. VAT Fast is a calculator-style app for working out VAT rates.99 Developer: Tom Jackson Business Tips VAT Fast Get up to speed on all things business Blitz those VAT calculations in record time If you own. The CardpayUK app turns your iOS device into a mobile credit card terminal. Using the free MoneySave Debt Calculator app. a mobiles sales person or simply on the move with your business. isn’t free. but the results generally tend to skew towards calling the team behind the app for extra advice – which.99 Developer: Step Up Software Ltd Price: £0.99/$4. VAT Fast applies the relevant amounts in real-time. VAT Fast perfectly fits the role. and receipts can be emailed to customers direct from the app. There’s some useful information on offer here. Card details can be entered manually or via an optional card reader. it’s second to none. but in order to fix the problem it is necessary to meet it head-on. very simple to navigate. CardpayUK offers an accessible and affordable payment solution. and above all else pretty easy to read too. work for or are thinking of starting any kind of business and want to freshen up your knowledge of everything from finance to sales and strategy. incoming funds can be compared against regular outgoing financial commitments. as you type them in. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Snowchicken.

a small business or a large employer. indeed.99 Developer: Mindwarp Consultancy Ltd Balance Guide – Personal Account Forecasting Accounting software for the layman User-friendly is the order of the day with Balance Guide. It’s a unique offering that saves a lot of time and work while freeing up the user in the process. Account changes can be added manually or set up as recurring transactions. Balance Guide is financial management made simple. use the search engine to help you find a property in a particular area. because what it gives away during the sales pitch in the App Store isn’t good at all. Using the app.Business/Finance iPhone Price: Free Developer: Pixel Reactor Ltd Compensation Claim Today Compensation advice with an advertising slant The Compensation Claim Today app promises assistance with recouping damages and financial losses. but thankfully the emortgage app lets its content do the talking. With ExpenseMagic it is possible to turn this experience into a simplified process. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Timeware Software UK Ltd emortgage Find your dream home on your iPhone They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. work out the legal fees in order to secure the keys to your dream home and. processing expenses is a thankless but necessary task. The app also includes a friendly tutorial to walk you through the steps of setting up accounts. To that extent the app works more like a promotional piece rather than an informative point of reference. a piece of accountancy software aimed at those who are less confident with accounting. Regardless of the option chosen. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 31 . Balance Guide removes the fuss of similar apps to provide quick and intuitive credit and debit tracking of multiple accounts. Each choice displays a list of possible compensation amounts that may be attainable. photos of your receipts can be uploaded to ExpenseMagic’s trained bookkeepers and processed on your behalf. all of which are applicable to wouldbe home owners. the user is always prompted to contact Compensation Claim Today for further advice. The payas-you-use service includes 20 free receipt uploads upon installation. devise a budget. The app is broken down into sections. The app opens with a detailed menu where the user selects the injury from which they are suffering.69/$0. so there’s no reason not to give it a try. You can shop around for the best mortgage deals. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: ExpenseMagic Ltd ExpenseMagic Save time and effort when handling expenses Whether you’re self-employed.

Tips are updated regularly to provide ongoing. This is an outstanding compendium of management refresher tips. the app will pull up a list of pubs available to let. The purpose of this app is to help you access your projects from anywhere. monthly history and reminders. Price: £0. The app can give the appearance of a switched off handset or fake webpage display. this app translates well to the iPhone. It’s also packed with additional features such as notes. but it is nice and easy to use.49/$1. and this app is designed to allow customers. Information Age Rating ★★★★★ RedmineApp Rating ★★★★★ Seven Eye Rating ★★★★★ Budget with Back in Black Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Deloitte Services LP Price: Free Developer: Findmypub. would do well to check out this well-presented. expert insight into improving your performance that is easy to understand and apply. Seven Telematics manufactures the most widely used road transport temperaturemonitoring devices in the world. and edit them accordingly. view issues and details. It’s a well-established publication that will rightly move its subscriber base over to iPhone with a strong product.99/$2. even with a limited connection. If you have a need to secretly tape sounds then the insignificant amount of money you pay for this seems fair. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ I Want To Be 32 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Find My Pub GoodPractice Top Tips for Managers Secret Recorder Rating ★★★★★ . A decent start. It provides GPS tracking of the vehicle transporting. and the app calculates how much spare cash you have.99 Developer: Fission Media Group Inc Based on the print copy. all of which work pretty well and make it a very worthwhile download if you’re happy to pay for it.com Ltd Price: £1.99 Developer: YUDU Ltd Price: £3. You can then create a snappy statement that describes how you feel about yourself.99/$6. Redmine is an open source. The app works well.99 Developer: fnctions GbR Price: Free Developer: Seven Telematics Limited Price: £1. and manage them on the move.99/$2. alerts. with the exception of the addition of some well-placed web links.iPhone Business/Finance Price: £1. and the interface is dry and lacking in features. comprehensive app. Using the GPS facility on your iPhone enables you to find pub trade vacancies nearest to your location at any given time and you can save the establishments that sound the most appealing.99 Developer: The Best Apps. from team-building. as well as the odd smattering of additional content to make the mobile port worthwhile. or looking for work in the pub sector. web-based project-management and bug-tracking tool. to stay informed. Get inspired and stay at the top of your game with this daily injection of practical advice and solutions to keep your machine well oiled. this app is sure to find you one. Those looking to buy or lease a pub. and with a sparing hand. managing workloads and more. You simply enter your incomings and outgoings. So don’t get complacent in your workplace and risk losing the respect of your team. as well as specific job roles. check on the temperature of your goods and even when the vehicle doors were opened and closed through its easy-to-access features. but it works well and will give a better understanding of who you really are. while tapping on the fake screen starts the recording. who rely on these devices to record and maintain the temperature of their products during transit. Magazine purists will be pleased to hear the bells and whistles have been added with care. So if you’re looking to work in or own a boozer. Secret Recorder can be used when recording audio is required but not strictly allowed. If you want to pay out on an app designed to help you manage how much you pay out then it had better be a good one. which can be crucial for understanding what you’re really good at. All you have to do is answer a few specific questions and the app will pop up like-minded professionals who match your profile. It’s a simple app.69/$0. but it needs work. Back in Black isn’t the best app of its kind. allowing you to access multiple Redmine servers and accounts. The only downsides are that the app seems a little pricey for what it does. or for sale. The content remains similar to the print edition. Saved files can be accessed and deleted from within the app and it’s the cleverest way to covertly record audio that we have so far encountered on the App Store.99 Developer: Good Practice Ltd. Searching by location. so you can monitor its location and anticipate arrival. I Want To Be is a simple app that can help you to understand more about yourself in a business environment and create a ’personal brand’.

Business/Finance iPhone

Price: Free
Developer: Tweak

Price: Free
Developer: Squire, Sanders & Dempsey

Price: Free
Developer: Telefonica Ireland Limited

Price: £1.49/$1.99
Developer: Y Tossoun

If you’ve recently started
your own business, and
have so far given no
thought whatsoever to
a logo to sell your company then this
is an app designed to help. Input the
name of your company, choose the
industry it operates in, and the app
will spew out a selection of logos.
However, they struck us as rather
bland and unimaginative. There is no
artistic freedom to tweak or redraw
the logos in-app, and options are
limited to simply changing the colours
of whatever logo you have picked out
from the selection on offer.

There are a few apps
that make you sit back
and wonder how the
developer manages to
make such a useful solution available
for free, and Employment Law Cloud
is one of them. It contains essential
legal facts relating to employment law,
and is presented in a way that makes
it easily accessible to lawyers and the
general public alike. It may not be an
app that you use every single day, but
for those times when free advice is
needed, this is a solution that will give
you the answers you need.

BHT Group is one of
Ireland’s largest suppliers
of building, heating and
home improvement
materials. Their free iOS app makes it
possible to find local suppliers, view
brochures or browse the Tips & Advice
section. This is a functional app that
provides a decent service, but to look
at and navigate, it is about as exciting
as holidaying in B&Q. Aesthetics aside
though, for professional and retail
markets based in Ireland, BHT Group is
a useful information resource and this
free app will definitely prove to be a
very useful one.

For some individuals the
UK phenomenon of the
car boot sale is a serious
business. Carboot.com
is the UK’s fastest growing interactive
database covering car boot sales, and
the Carboot app provides mobile
access to that database. Each entry
comes complete with pictures, event
descriptions, map locations and
helpful weather updates, so whether
you have a garage full of tat you
want to peddle, or you fancy a good
rummage through someone’s wares
first thing on a Sunday morning, this
app will show you where to go.

Rating ★★★★★

Rating ★★★★★

Rating ★★★★★

I Love Logos

Employment Law

BHT Group


Rating ★★★★★

Price: Free
Developer: Richard Stewart

Price: Free
Developer: Martin Wood

Price: £0.69/$0.99
Developer: Simply Joined

Price: £0.69/$0.99
Developer: ARE Apps Ltd

Anyone who is reliant
on the Royal Mail should
find plenty of practical
use for Post Prices. This
free app can calculate the cost of
posting an item based on its size,
weight and postal service required.
It could save you a long trip to the
Post Office if you find that posting
a particular item won’t prove cost
effective for the value of the goods
inside. And even though this app
doesn’t support international postage
costs at the moment, we still highly
recommend it.

This incredible pricing
tool enables you to
search for literally
anything you need to
check prices for. Each search comes
back with a list of prices from a wide
range of online retailers. Each entry
leeches item descriptions from the
seller’s site so you know exactly what
you’re looking for and the service
is quick, delivering the information
that you crave in the blink of an eye.
The fact you have to type stuff puts it
behind the cleverer barcode-reading
apps, but it’s still worth consideration if
you like shopping for bargains.

SCM Supplier Profiling
can be applied to
analyse the working
relationship between
a company and its suppliers. There’s
some useful advice on offer but
nothing that can’t be found elsewhere.
The included questions are limited
and the app mostly serves as an
advert for Simply Joined, the company
behind it. We frown on shameless
self-promotion apps, and the fact that
you actually have to pay money for
this should surely spare you from such
blatant self-stroking.

Knowing the tricks and
tweaks around iOS is
a necessity for anyone
who relies on their
iPhone for their day-to-day business
needs. Secrets for iPhone (iOS 5
Edition) has 160 tips covering topics
to help improve the usability of your
iPhone. It even updates with each
new iOS release. The value of the app
largely depends on how much time
you have to read up on operating tips
to speed up your iPhone productivity,
as all of the content can be obtained
for free with a single Google search. So
proceed with caution.

Rating ★★★★★

Rating ★★★★★

Rating ★★★★★

Rating ★★★★★

Post Prices – UK
Postage Calculator

Prices UK

SCM Supplier

Secrets for iPhone

iPhone App
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iPhone Education/Reference


■ Learn everything you could possibly want
to know about the human hand

Price: £1.49/$1.99 Developer: Green-Eye Visualization

Discover mobile learning via your
iPhone, and educate yourself on the
move. The abundance of reference
apps means your interests can be
enriched, as you discover useful
facts while fulfilling your hobbies.
Your education is no longer
restricted to the classroom or a pile
of books. See for yourself…
Top Paid Apps

Top Free Apps

iMathematics Pro

Home Electrical
Safety Check

Interactive Telling

Road Test

The Night Sky


Pick of the section
A-Z Nutrition Facts

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Note Brainer Pro

Powers of
Minus Ten
– Cells and

Explore the human hand and
the basic biology behind it
Budding biologists will enjoy exploring this app.
Zoom in on a human hand, and take a scientific
tour of the cells and genetics. Zoom into the skin’s
surface, and delve further to discover cells, cell
parts, mitosis, DNA replication, translation and transcription.
Built like a game, you can collect points when opting to
interact with an area, although there are no rewards or quizzes.
This interactive app is extremely easy to use, and well
designed. Responding quickly to touch, you can zoom in and
out with ease, or use the zoom bar to jump between layers.
It’s not overly expensive, but you are limited to just touring
the human hand. It is, however, a good start to what could
become a great scientific series.

Rating ★★★★★

Education/Reference iPhone

■ Preview other images
that relate to the leaf

■ Search through
the database
of species in
alphabetical order
■ Via the icon in
the top-left corner
you can search a
range of species

Price: Free Developer: Peter Belhumeur


Trees of northeast America
Curious minds and green-fingered enthusiasts will
find Leafsnap a great app tool when they are out and
about exploring greenery that is native to the
northeast of America.
This fantastic app currently has 184 species in its database with
over 2,590 high-resolution, illustrative images to browse through.
Still in its early stages, this resource has a lot of promise and will
continue to be developed.
Easy to use, the app has been well designed with enough layers
and features to keep anyone engaged. Select the Browse option
from the bottom menu to search through the database by leaf,
flower, seed or berry. Once you’ve selected the correct species, you
are able to preview other images that relate to the leaf and find out
more information about the particular tree from which it originates.
The fantastic interactive Snap It! feature is what really makes this
app stand out, enabling you to photograph a leaf before
presenting possible match results. You can browse through

alternative tree types from which your leaf may have originated,
selecting the most suitable one to label. Your leaf will then appear
as part of your own collection database, which you can continue to
build upon. A great way to encourage regular use, the Snap It!
feature will only work when your iOS device is connected to the
internet via Wi-Fi or 3G, which unfortunately is not practical if you
are out exploring in the wilderness. It is worth noting, however,
that you can still take a photograph in the app without internet
connection to match up with results later on when you have found
a Wi-Fi area, which is something.
Overall this is a very well thought-out app with the potential to
be great – it just needs a little more development to make it a
fantastic pocket companion. Because it is free, though, it’s well
worth the download to check out the database, and perhaps we
will see further developments in the future.

Rating ★★★★★
iPhone App
9 35

The ease in which they can be learnt is also a huge factor to consider when making a purchase with a price tag as high as this and. this app is hugely comprehensive with plenty of functionality to aid in any study or problem solving. Rating ★★★★★ . which also helps to correctly format and colour-code equations. The feature is activated by using the ‘T’ variable. If you really want to set your iPhone to work when it comes to solving some of the hardest mathematical equations and creating incredibly complex 2D and 3D graphs. ■ MathStudio’s 3D graph tools are among the most impressive features of this app ■ A beginner’s tutorial launches with the app to take you through the basic operations 36 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 What really sets MathStudio apart from the rest. To a mathematician. courtesy of the MobileCAS engine. backed by some pertinent examples. then MathStudio is certainly worth a download. but thankfully a step-by-step tutorial is loaded on the app’s first use and provides a truly amazing tour of the app. It’s incredibly responsive. To the beginner or novice. Where MathStudio really comes into its own. is its ability to map graphs based on time rather than space. while both basic calculator functions and advanced calculus is also taken care of. this app delivers on the usability front as well. MathStudio might not be the prettiest mathematical app around.99 Developer: Pomegranate Software MathStudio This mathematical app suits beginners and experts MathStudio is an extremely advanced mathematical calculator. is with its 2D and 3D graphing functions. this could seem a little too advanced. This unique feature really does take the app to a whole new level and allow for all manner of new equations to be calculated right on your iPhone. and graphs will move and change throughout time. fortunately.99/$19. student or professional. though. but it certainly checks every box when it comes to the features you would expect to see in such an advanced app.iPhone Education/Reference Price: £13. Algebra is solved efficiently. allowing you to perform anything from the most basic equations to full-on 3D renders based on far more complex algebra. and 2D and 3D graphs can be easily pinched and rotated to be viewed in greater detail. however.

you can use one of the app’s preloaded photos iPhone App Directory Volume 9 37 . but it would be nice if they were a little more comprehensive.99 Developer: IGOR BYCHKOV Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Get your head around MS Office Microsoft Office 2010 Pro provides a great resource of video tutorials to help you master Microsoft Office without the need for hefty manuals or long-winded step-by-step instructions. you’re presented with a somewhat limited set of tutorial categories. concise and easy to follow. conveniently these are split up into sections for more focused learning. but for the cost of the app. Through the app. this is a great app. kids are encouraged to show off their creative side by choosing a frame for each photo and sizing the picture to fit. in that it actually encourages activity as a source of learning. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ ■ The app’s bright colours and slick animations make it easy to use and navigate through ■ Tutorials are conveniently organised into broad categories. the video tutorials are clear. making it easy to focus learning ■ If you can’t find an object to match that letter of the alphabet. making this a great app for beginners and novices alike. On top of the alphabet-based challenge. That said. Tapping on any of the different categories will bring up a playlist of videos that form an entire tutorial. it serves as a great way to consolidate knowledge of the alphabet. Well worth downloading if you’re looking to learn and understand Office in a flash. There’s a few options within the app to purchase additional tutorial files.Education/Reference iPhone Price: £2. with plenty of bright colours and easy-to-use controls to keep children entertained for hours. As well as being a fun activity that keeps kids on their toes. with trophies being awarded for every photo challenge completed. it’s incredibly great value – a worthy download for teaching the basics of letters and the alphabet. All in all. children are challenged to use the iPhone’s camera to take a picture of something for each letter of the alphabet.99/$4. Price: £0.69/$0.99 Developer: Stealth Education ABC Spy Learning your ABC made fun ABC Spy is certainly a little different from many education apps aimed at early years. Upon launching the app. There’s plenty to do and for the price. it would have been better to see a little more included in the first place.

Everything from the plain background (children with Down's syndrome and autism can be distracted by colourful or moving backgrounds) to the lockable options bar has been purposefully designed to aid in the learning process. but this makes it hugely accessible to children with learning difficulties 38 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ What Time Is It? is another take on learning the time that helps cement learning . pictures to words and vice versa. ‘Set The Time’ allows you to move the clock’s hands to the time that’s displayed. and the result is something that’s effective. All of these can be customised by adding.99 Developer: GiggleUp Pty Ltd Interactive Telling Time – Learning to tell time is fun Easily teach kids to tell the time A fair few methods can be employed when it comes to teaching kids to tell the time. There are four different games to choose from. and the thought that’s gone into the app really shows. The app itself is bright and colourful yet clear and easy to use.iPhone Education/Reference Price: £9. but its simplicity allows it to be universally accessible to children with all manner of learning difficulties and levels of development. whereas ‘Tell The Time’ requires you to read the time and set on the standard iOS barrel-option wheel. easy to use and fully featured. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. Few apps offer so many features in this price bracket. involving matching pictures to pictures. but there are also three different games to choose from that make the process a lot more fun. There are plenty of options to increase or decrease the difficulty of the tasks too.99 Developer: Special iApps Special Words Teach simple words and sounds Special Words helps children with learning difficulties get to grips with words. These two methods combined would be enough to teach most children the basics of telling the time.99/$13. deleting or editing entries to the universal words list. pictures and sounds. Rating ★★★★★ ■ Set The Time asks you to drag the clock's hands to the time shown on the right ■ Gameplay is simple. meaning little adult supervision is required to get it set up. and that’s something that only a few educational apps can boast.99/$2. The app may seem simple to most. words to words. Making full use of the iPhone’s touch screen interface. meaning that the opportunities to expand this great learning tool are endless. and Interactive Telling Time has certainly included a number of them in this great app.

Rating ★★★★★ Teach fractions through the medium of pizza If you or your children struggle to understand fractions then you’re in luck as Match the Fraction provides a great game and visual aid when it comes to learning how they work. One of Match the Fraction’s greatest attributes is the ability to toggle different fraction types on and off to increase the game’s difficulty and extend learning. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. audible encyclopaedia of birds and their birdsongs from all around Europe. simple to search and an absolute pleasure to use. and while it might seem quite simple and a little repetitive at first it’s a fun way to cement learning.99/$2. This handy app provides detailed nutritional information for hundreds of different foods. What makes this app even more ideal is the feature that allows you to cache articles so you aren’t reliant on an internet connection to find out info while in a nature reserve.69/$0.99 Developer: Oren Meiri Chirp! Bird Songs Europe + North American Birds Find out about birds and their sounds Chirp! Bird Songs Europe + provides an interactive.99 Developer: 01 Digitales Design GmbH Price: £0. Fire up the app and tap on a country to get started. a single tap takes you to the Wikipedia page for each bird.Education/Reference iPhone Price: £1. casually keeping half an eye on your daily calorie count or just careful about what you eat.99 Developer: iSpiny Price: £6. A-Z Food Nutrition Facts is sure to help.com A-Z Food Nutrition Facts Match the Fraction Find nutritional information for hundreds of foods Whether you’re dieting. On top of this. such as ’Dairy and Egg’. From here you can preview sounds by bird name in alphabetical order or even by commonness.99/$9. ’Fruits’ and ’Vegetables’. North American Birds crams all the facts you will ever need into an app that’s easy to navigate. The app itself is made up of a number of simple categories. via a simple quick search or even by image.49/$1. There’s an attractive slide show of bird images and sounds to entertain. You can search for entries about birds by category.99 Developer: GrasshopperApps. meaning you can count calories or track just how much fat is in your daily food intake. The aim of the game is to match the pizza slices up with the fractions displayed on the screen. making it an ideal app for birdwatchers. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 39 . and a birdsong quiz to test your knowledge. Rating ★★★★★ All you need to know about North America’s birds Harnessing the wealth of knowledge contained on Wikipedia. but it is also full of extremely useful features such as a quick search facility and colour coding in order to help you make healthier choices on the go.

iPhone Education/Reference Price: £1. Form covers over 120 mathematical topics including algebra. The app itself is incredibly well-produced with slick transitions and a logical organisation that makes finding all of the different examples. equations. there’s also a built-in PDF document known as Quick Form which essentially serves as a glossary of mathematical definitions. and it certainly makes it more than worthy of the £1. definitions and calculation tools a breeze. geometry and many more. ranging from fraction approximators to equation solvers. Rating ★★★★★ .99 price tag. the app is split in half with two main sections. There’s a level of sheen to this app that’s not often found on the App Store. along with links to Wikipedia articles and print and sharing features. Each section contains plenty of visual examples. must-have app that delivers on all of its promises. Finally. iMathematics Pro is packed full of features and is sure to fulfil the wishes of any mathematician. All in all.99/$2. that prove really useful when ■ Mathematical terms and definitions are clearly displayed along with working examples ■ The tools included in this app are worth the money alone and really help to solve problems 40 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 it comes to working out the hardest of mathematical equations. The utilities section of the app contains plenty of mathematical calculators and graph simulators. This alone proves an exceedingly useful tool when it comes to mastering the ins and outs of mathematics. Aesthetics aside. What’s great about all of these tools is that they come as a collection for the same price that might get you just one on their own elsewhere on the App Store. there’s a flash quiz with a handful of quick questions that help you test and consolidate the knowledge you’ve just picked up – it’s a great touch that makes this app really feel complete and worth the money. allowing you to quickly search for a term and understand the workings or equations behind it. whether student or pro. At the end of each section.99 Developer: Antonio Giarrusso iMathematics Pro This mathematical toolkit is an essential download iMathematics Pro is perhaps the most comprehensive guide to the study of mathematics available on the App Store. this is a hugely impressive. succinctly explained. form and utilities.

the need for an in-app purchase to get full functionality is disappointing. With an easy pinch-tozoom navigation system and every in-game collectable plotted. As well as being packed with plenty of useful information about the process of claiming for compensation. users simply need to use the iPhone’s touch screen to scroll left and right to find the gap in the number line where the number in the bubble belongs. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. however. Saving these details could help the whole process. allowing you to log details of an accident or injury you’ve had that you might have to claim as a result of.49/$1. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 41 . but works incredibly well. there’s no reason why this app can’t seriously improve your gameplay.99/$2. It’s a simple idea. Perfect for young learners. While this might sound a little bit too easy in itself.99 Developer: Synthego Price: Free Developer: Attitude Design Ltd ABC Funnimals Claim Diary Learn the alphabet with animals and animations A handy app for making compensation claims ABC Funnimals provides a simple way for young children to learn the alphabet by linking each letter to a different animal.Education/Reference iPhone Price: £1. There’s plenty of situations that could lead you to make a claim for compensation – from a car accident to an injury in the workplace – and this app from developer Attitude Design has been designed to help you with it. The app’s splash screen contains every letter of the alphabet and tapping on any of them will take you to an animated animal where the letter and the animal’s name is played out loud. Rating ★★★★★ Learn the number line with numerous animals Motion Math Zoom teaches the number line in a straightforward and highly visual way. Tapping on any of the animals plays a fun animation that will help keep kids entertained while learning the letters of the alphabet at the same time. Motion Math Zoom can be tweaked to include fractions. percentages and all manner of number line types to make things slightly more challenging. Claim Diary also includes a handy journal section. This app may be niche but the level of detail and usefulness makes it a mustdownload for Dead Island fans. It’s a simple concept and it works incredibly well.99 Developer: Dorling Kindersley Price: Free Developer: Motion Math Official Dead Island Map App Motion Math Zoom Find your way around Dead Island’s map Fortunately Dorling Kindersley has released the official map app to accompany the game and help guide you through such a large expanse.

and plays their names and sounds to help educate them about the world.99 Developer: Red Snapper Ltd Note Brainer Pro Understand sheet music with your iPhone Learning how to read music usually requires an instrument to hand and a teacher to help point you in the right direction.99 Developer: Brass Monkeigh Apps LLC Black Ops Ultimate Utility Master Black Ops with this great app There are plenty of videogame guides on the App Store. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. A great little app to help you get started. there is a lot on offer in this app. What makes this app especially impressive. This guide.iPhone Education/Reference Price: £1. The free version might be limited to only a handful of different images and sounds. giving you an easy and visual way to see just which database returns the most results. a K/D calculator. but none seem to be as comprehensive and offer the same value for money as the Ultimate Utility series. but an in-app purchase will offer users far more options. In short. It’s incredibly simplistic. The app also includes an optional piano keyboard interface and multiple key signatures. Rating ★★★★★ . for Activision’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops.99/$2. however. This is a really useful download for all COD fans. will help you become more and more familiar with how musical notes look on a stave. which helps when it comes to letting young children operate it. when played repeatedly. In essence it’s a simple guessing game that. with each tube representing a different journal database. Search results show as part-filled test tubes. is no exception. simply tap on a test tube and the app will take you to its search results in order to help you find the exact article you need. Now. Price: Free Developer: Open Solutions Baby Touch & Hear Lite Easily teach small children sights and sounds Designed with young children in mind.99/$2. is the userfriendly way in which results are displayed. and there’s even a lockable settings bar to ensure that nothing is inadvertently changed. Baby Touch & Hear Lite displays a number of animals and objects. but if you’re on the move or simply can’t afford to hire a music teacher. Rating ★★★★★ 42 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Price: Free Developer: Bottosso Ltd ArticleSearch Find articles in a flash ArticleSearch is simple and self-explanatory in the way that it allows anyone to search a number of databases for academic journals. giving players plenty of opportunity to truly master the game. Note Brainer Pro is a really great way to get practising. offering weapons and unlockable guides. a free chat room and a whole lot more.

Education/Reference iPhone Price: Free Developer: Newborn Solutions Price: Free Developer: The Electrical Safety Council Hobby Hunter Home Electrical Safety Check Find tools and resources for your hobby Hobby Hunter provides a great all-in-one tool for model-makers. It’s a great way to learn about what’s actually in space and it’s also a wonderful reference tool for satellite enthusiasts with the 3D world view showing exactly where these are around the globe. What sets Road Test Reports apart from a lot of other car review websites and apps is that the reviews are submitted by real drivers of that vehicle so you get a true idea of any problems the model may have and just what the car is like to own. while the shop listings are extremely comprehensive. the excellent Road Test Reports app takes the popular car reviews website roadtestreports. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 43 .99 Developer: iCandi Apps Price: Free Developer: Really Good Domains Ltd The Night Sky Road Test Reports Learn about the stars on your iPhone Read reviews before your next car purchase There are plenty of apps on the App Store that make use of your iPhone’s built-in accelerometer and GPS functions. For those looking to buy a new car.co. covering everything from fuse boxes and plug sockets to light fixtures. remote-control racing enthusiasts and all manner of other hobbyists who need to keep track of their current build projects and find shops in the local area that can help supply them with parts. simply fire up the app. paints and a great deal more. offering website addresses. telephone numbers and email details. The app is well presented and incredibly easy to navigate and use.69/$0. There’s even a feature to flag checklist items for review to ensure that everything is covered and that your home is as safe as possible. as well as opening times. First of all you will need to fire up The Night Sky and take your iPhone outside. For a free app.uk and places the content neatly into app form. planets and even satellites are in the sky. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. Rating ★★★★★ Ensure that your house is electrically safe Home Electrical Safety Check is an excellent app that provides a practical checklist to ensure that your house is safe when it comes to your electrical fixtures and fittings. very few of them use these features to as great an effect as the excellent The Night Sky app. Once the app is up and running it will show you where stars. which is very useful. The list itself is pretty comprehensive. To get started. Definitely worth a buy. select the make and model of the car you want to check out and access all of its usersubmitted reviews. however. and the organisation by room is a great help when it comes to working through the list in a logical manner. Hobby Hunters really does excel itself and is a must for any budding creative hobbyist.

69/$0. you can touch or shake the iPhone to find out more about a problem.99 Developer: Mark Descalzo Price: £1. but the fact that it specialises in one category – time – means that it’s a decent point of reference for relaying geeky facts to your loved ones in a smooth and romantic way. All articles are sorted by categories and the app is regularly updated so as to include a greater. Although I Say. With mathematical equations such as additions. The UCAS app is filled with tips and tricks. it’s suitable for a wide range of ages and is engaging enough to keep the attention of youngsters while their brains soak up the practical problem solving that the app provides. the ten tallest buildings in the world and the largest number of billionaires. Simply enter your wedding day or the date you met and it’ll provide you with the hours. free calculator app couldn’t help you to work out. With an interactive interface.iPhone Education/Reference Price: £0.69/$0. FAQs and video answers to common questions that are sure to address the most regular concerns and make the whole university application process a lot smoother. You can also share a paradox with friends via email or social networking sites and can search for quotes via categories or author names. The app will require some parental input as there aren’t a lot of options when you get an equation wrong – you can either skip it or try again. difficulty level and number of questions before they begin. The interface and presentation of the app is fairly unexciting. minutes or even seconds you’ve been together. but with ’Rithmetic on your iPhone you will have them adding up in no time. Price: £0. more diverse range of topics. It’s throwaway stuff.49/$1. Solve logic problems and search for quotes from the likes of Churchill.99 Developer: Sergey Skorohod Price: Free Developer: Rippleffect Studio This app is a collection of fascinating top ten lists that will allow you to learn many new and interesting facts. So while some work is needed in presentation.49/$1. Einstein and Hitchcock with this unique app. such as the world’s fastest cars. it doesn’t do anything that a regular.99 Developer: Tommy Kammerer This is a free.99 Developer: Atenea Innova Price: Free Developer: Keep Creative Solutions Ltd. Top 10 – Only The Most Interesting Facts! Rating ★★★★★ UCAS Rating ★★★★★ . paradox or quote. but the purpose and the service that it provides will undoubtedly benefit young academics eager to take the next step in their education. You Say might be a little busy as far as design and layout goes. This app is a simple number-based game aimed at helping children practise and improve numeracy skills and their ability to recall addition facts (also called number bonds). Free Apps aims to track these one-time offers and cutprice apps to ensure you never miss a bargain. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Learn Thai – Phrasebook for Travel in Thailand 44 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Relationship Calc Free Apps I Say. There’s plenty of promise that this app will continue to be developed in the future so it’s well worth its price. the app will help with pronunciation while ensuring that the basics are easy to understand. It features over 900 common phrases and words. applying for UCAS can be a confusing process. and comes with highquality audio and plenty of other useful tips for travellers. look no further than Relationship Calc. App Store prices fluctuate all the time. but useful for inquisitive minds and pub quizzers. Developed by Thai people. Whether you’re a parent or student. You can also add certain apps that you’re interested in to your own ‘Watch List’ to stay informed as and when the prices are dropped so that you can pounce and download them for the best possible price. which can lead to some huge savings. You Say – Number Bonds Price: £1. It’s a useful app that constantly keeps both eyes on the fluctuating market. subtractions.69/$0. it does a job.99 Developer: Matthew Rayner Encouraging your kids to practise their maths can be hard at the best of times. divisions and multiplications you can set up the quiz simply by selecting the problem. Granted. If you’re looking for an interesting anniversary to mark with a loved one. a good start. and occasionally a developer will make their app available for free. and indeed anyone who is interested in learning the language. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ ’Rithmetic Rating ★★★★★ Ingenious Problems HD Price: Free Developer: Codegent Price: £0. easy to use Thai phrase book that will provide visitors to Thailand.

slang-talking charges. well presented app that parodies modern language today and will prove invaluable for trainee teachers and teaching assistants who are new to the workplace and want to gain an upper hand in the battle of wits that will undoubtedly ensue with their young. 2 and 3 Rating ★★★★★ Disco Maths Rating ★★★★★ Free Games Good Fish Guide Price: Free Developer: Saga Group Ltd Price: Free Developer: Quipper Limited Price: £1. but we won’t bother. free app – iMutt – that invites you to care for your own virtual pup to see if you have the patience and determination to please a puppy and ensure that it gets well looked after. There’s plenty on offer. It’s a great companion to the Dogs Trust’s other. but it is just as quick and easy to source the cheats from the internet as it is to locate and download this app. as well as an expansive in-app gallery of popular modern art works. If you’re into modern art. this is well presented and insightful. For those working towards high school exams or college diplomas in a range of science studies. this app is the perfect companion.99 Developer: Tate Gallery Price: £1. delivering a comprehensive A-Z guide of genre terminology. This urban dictionary lists tons of popular slang.Education/Reference iPhone Price: Free Developer: Chris Phillips Price: Free Developer: Great Scott Games Ltd. ranging from arcade classics like Missile Command. Price: Free Developer: CleverMedia Price: Free Developer: Rantmedia Limited Cheats for The Sims 1. Got an exam looming? This will help you cram. habits and more. 2 and 3 provides a hugely comprehensive guide to cheat codes for every version of The Sims on every platform. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Cheats for The Sims 1. If you’re constantly being badgered by your children to get an adorable ‘icky’ puppy then this app is a great source of information. If you’re looking for a resource to find free. If we were to pick faults then we could attack the uninspired look of the app and the way that it fails to truly embrace the technology of the platform that it is playing on. answer them and submit your solution for points. ’Edutainment’ apps such as this are undoubtedly a good way to engage kids and get them learning new skills without realising it. this app delivers refresher tests that cover many subjects. rarity and endangered nature of fish from around the world. so there is plenty here to get your teeth into. It does provide more than 300 art terms all listed by category. most of the games that the app throws up are pretty basic and won’t help prise youngsters away from Angry Birds or Infinity Blade. and detailed explanations for each answer. as you will likely already know the answer. The aim is to select numbers from a grid and create equations. There are weekly updates.99 Developer: Dogs Trust If you ever find yourself confused by teen-speak or slang – terms like ‘LOL’ or ‘Jog on!’ – then Saga Woteva can help. to modern favourites like Sudoku. For everyone else.99/$2. perhaps not. As a revision tool. but there are far better ones available than this that will enthrall and amuse them for much longer. hardly a good advertisement for modern art.99/$2. So if you’re in the market for a new addition to the family. Fishing enthusiasts will find plenty of useful information in the Good Fish Guide – a handy app that lists the sustainability. offering multiple-choice questions. Each breed comes with an in-depth overview that lists origins. It’s a fun. If you’re obsessed with all things Sims-like and can’t prise yourself away from their simplistic virtual world then this will undoubtedly be a worthwhile addition to your home screen. then look no further than the Free Games app. online games for your iPhone. and information is clearly laid out. making your own equations isn’t exactly educational. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Saga Woteva Science Quiz Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms You and Your Puppy from Dogs Trust Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 45 . but they will help engage young minds and assist in developing certain problemsolving techniques that will serve them well in later life. However. as well as definitions and a smattering of comedy. check this out. It’s easy to navigate. Disco Maths is more of a game than an educational tool. and is a handy way to help top up your grey matter without having to clutter up bedrooms and living spaces with piles of bulky reference books. Definitely worth a download. Unfortunately. and the interface and presentation is very basic. training and behaviour. delivering an overarching guide for fishing hobbyists. In our opinion it is a little over-priced as much of the information can be obtained from the internet for free. covering all aspects of care.

Choosing another will deactivate the original. Take a look at which apps are for you. Whether you want to settle down to watch a movie or just kill five minutes while waiting for the train. is the app‘s integration with Twitter. The quirk. The app also only works in landscape. but you can go back to it another time. you never need to be bored again. You can rain on your plant. but the app is short on things to do. and tweeting your plant ‘tend’ messages fills up your Plant Boost Bottle. Rating ★★★★★ . depending on what caring tips the app gives you. If left unattended. bring out sunshine. You get medals and prizes for reaching certain growths. the plant will wither and die. or put it under a heat lamp. and which you can miss… Top Paid Apps Top Free Apps Numberama ★★★★ VidRhythm ★★★★ Viz Profanisaurus Das Krapital ★★★★ Talking Pirate ★★★★ Quarrel Deluxe ★★★★★ Crack & Break It! ★★★ Pick of the section Goings On: The New Yorker ★★★★ 46 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 TV Forecast ~ Your Personal TV Guide ★★★★★ ■ Peek at Tweet & Grow figures to see what others are up to Price: Free Developer: Royal Botanic Gardens. so only holds novel appeal to plant enthusiasts and little more. Kew Tweet & Grow Grow your own virtual plants with social networking Your task is to grow your own digital plant life.iPhone Entertainment Entertainment ■ You can bring out the sunshine based on expert advice Your iPhone guarantees you entertainment wherever you are in the world and whatever you‘re doing. The downsides are that you can only grow one plant at a time. You can unlock plants and mystery buttons from codes given out on Kew’s Twitter feed. following advice from experts at Kew Gardens. however. This is a great way to learn about different plants and their needs. and you can apply just ten ‘tend’ buttons every day.

you can do just that. the way that the app instructs you what to play is perfect. if you are required to sing a certain note. and as such is well worth a download for those keenly interested in giving it a go. consisting predominantly of mostly unknown tracks. and then record short snippets of sound as instructed by the app via a short video. Secondly. The whole thing works incredibly well. including your own voice. and while there are a large number of these videos on YouTube that people have created themselves by means of their natural or hardearned musical talent. then you have the option of tapping the small singing icon in order to hear a preview of the note required. pick a theme to give your finished video a bit of pizazz Make hilarious musical magic with this nifty app Making music video mash-ups usually takes an incredible amount of skill. Recording a different person or item for each section of the video can result in you making a really unique creation that you can then share with the world through Facebook or YouTube. and once you have finished all of them. and if you need to sing. it still offers a substantial amount for a free app. the result of your video. mixed up in order to fit the beat. is extremely funny. while sometimes a little cheesy. the app provides a ‘guide note’ for you to follow ■ Most of the songs available through the app are completely random. Above all. Now. thanks to a little app called VidRhythm.Entertainment iPhone ■ Recording is simple. making videos is really incredibly fun thanks to the almost endless possibilities of what you could do. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 47 . but some of the more generic tunes are great Price: Free Developer: Harmonix Music VidRhythm ■ When you’ve chosen a track. other less skilled people may want to try their hand at it too. The concept is that you can choose a song from the list provided in the app. First of all. and there are a number of great touches that help to make this a real success. and even those with just a passing interest in the concept. click 'Play' to see your video. complete with small video clips of yourself singing. and of a surprisingly high quality. You can make these sounds using virtually anything you want. While the selection of music is relatively small at present.

even if there are empty squares between them. just as long as they are aligned. there were no obvious rules. only without the gaps. You can cross out similar numbers or two numbers that add up to ten. the premise is easy enough to understand. There is an undo button in the bottom left. Based on a game played in the Eighties and Nineties. the game soon became a really compulsion. While this sounds simple enough in theory. which allows for more numbers 48 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 first attempt. and we found ourselves having "just one more go" on several occasions. Aside from this. and was a lot of fun.69/$0. Once all the possible pairings have been made. and all the remaining numbers are re-written below in the same order. Much like Sudoku. which was rather confusing. Rating ★★★★★ . so we’d like to see them included as an opening screen. and you are also able to pass across lines as if you were reading a book to remove numbers. or if the two numbers have a sum of ten.99 Developer: Artem Demidenko Numberama Take on the old puzzle game Number-based games have really taken off in the last few years. but the game itself is surprisingly difficult. The puzzles are really tough to finish. read the rules or share your game with others.iPhone Entertainment Price: £0. although we found it more fun just because it was always different ■ You can play in full-screen. and a Random mode that scrambles them. Puzzle aficionados will love it. it’s actually much harder than it first appears. You are able to ‘cross out’ two of the same numbers when they are next to each other. the app did everything we asked of it. the game is incredibly addictive. but really rewarding when you do as a result. In fact. and a full-screen button in the lower right. and hugely rewarding when you successfully complete it. so if you regret an earlier decision you can go back. you can tap a button. giving you a real challenge on your ■ Apparently the Random game is more difficult. The app has two modes – a Classic mode with numbers 1-19. and for such a low price it won’t break the bank either. The aim is to remove all the numbers from the board. and if you enjoy puzzles like Sudoku you’ll almost certainly love Numberama. Upon opening the app. Along the bottom are the options to view your high scores.

and it’s packed full of great suggestions for things to do. and the developers have obviously listened to consumers. The sketched graphics make it a pleasure to look at. Throw in audio tours. details of future events and the writers' favourite places. and you have a comprehensive app. using the Favourites tab ■ Definitions come with a link option to explain any other euphemisms in the text Rating ★★★★★ Goings On: The New Yorker Price: Free Developer: CondeNet An informed cultural guide to one of the greatest cities in the world Goings On is your guide to everything happening in New York. and can manually look for things nearby.49/$1. One more swipe takes your phrase and creates a spider diagram of terms you might enjoy. This is a well designed app. which brings up the definitions of any additional slang mentioned. The random generator greets you upon opening the app with a phrase from the dictionary. making it easy to see what’s going on iPhone App Directory Volume 9 49 . so you’re never lost in the joke. Extra features include the ability to call venues from within the app. It takes a while to load initially. because the Profanisaurus is no longer a sometimes unintelligible jumble of euphemisms. but they are small and unobtrusive. Rating ★★★★★ ■ Keep track of all the events you want to go to in Favourites ■ The design is fun and efficient. date or location. and once it’s up and running. and a great guide that could help you find exciting things to do. but there is also the link icon. it contains ads. Being free. but if you’re open to a little blue humour then you’re in for a treat and will always have the perfect euphemism for the occasion.99 Developer: Dennis Publishing Not for the easily offended.Entertainment iPhone Viz Profanisaurus Das Krapital Euphemisms and dirty definitions Price: £1. and you can spice up your Facebook and Twitter posts with the uploader that creates a filthy sentence for you. courtesy of the staff at The New Yorker. You can also use the search tool. ■ See which profanities other users rate as the best. buy tickets and look on a map to see where the venue is. it’s smooth and easy to get around. it’s a clear and concise dirty dictionary. You can search by recommendations. One swipe. Not only does it contain a full dictionary of profanities. It’s a handy app for New Yorkers and visitors to have around. and the information regarding each event or place is informative and concise. now. but this is dependent on your connection.

99/$2. All in all. Fans of the board game Risk will be familiar with the style of this game. so attacking a more heavily fortified square makes things difficult. you can see clearly when you will be busy. which places you in control of armies on a map of squares to conquer. you can often win with less troops ■ Thanks to the database. and tasked with making a word that gains you more points than the opposition. and thanks to the simple sorting system. and the gameplay addictive. you should have no problem finding the show you’re searching for 50 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ Upon starting a game you’ll be assigned territories . An outstanding game. During these attacks.99 Developer: Matthew Comi TV Forecast ~ Your Personal TV Guide Never miss your favourite show TV Forecast is a great app that means you can type the names of your favourite TV series into the search bar at the top of the page. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. When it’s your turn. though. Your word can only be as long as the number of troops you have in a square. The graphics are incredibly charming. and when you would like your iPhone to do so. TV Forecast is a fantastic idea that solves a problem we think is experienced by a fair few people. tap one to add it to your list.iPhone Entertainment Price: £0. but this is the first that we’ve seen that takes the standard Scrabble formula and mixes it up with strategy. you can choose to ‘attack’ a neighbouring square in an attempt to take control of it. put together in a very well-designed app. and it will subsequently alert you before the next episode is about to start. Rating ★★★★★ ■ The quality of the words you make is just as important as the length. you’re given a selection of letters. and once you’ve added one.99 Developer: Indiagames Ltd Quarrel Deluxe A wordgame with a strategic twist on the iPhone There are a few really great word games in the App Store. You can search for all kinds of shows. You can also obtain a plot synopsis for the next show. you can choose whether or not to be notified. If you’re a fan of games like Words With Friends. you will love this title – and we do too.69/$0.

Talking Pirate is very much in the same vein as these apps. tap the skull button at the top of the screen to access a playable xylophone along the bottom of the screen. which uses the iPhone’s microphone to listen to your voice. then replicate the sounds you’ve made with a comedic twist. and create e-cards with the subject dressed as a pirate in various poses. though. and you can also choose from several other options. that’s not all there is to this app. but allows you to tap out simple songs. However. as well as via email. The only problems we had with the app were the adverts – which can be removed with an in-app purchase – and the low frame rate of the graphics. but we aren’t sure why it wasn’t included in the original download. Pull the swords out in the correct order to save the pirate. you can do so by choosing a picture and adding features like an eyepatch Price: Free Developer: Genera Interactive Talking Pirate ■ The memory game is available as free downloadable content. These kind of apps are great fun for younger users. we enjoyed its inclusion nonetheless. with the difficulty ramping up after a few levels to pose more of a threat. with a 3D character appearing on the screen with a parrot. and often include several other features that can be activated using various swipes and prods at the screen. You can also take photos of yourself or others. Firstly. there is the option to download extra content for free. and is a really nice addition It’s what we always wanted If you’ve got kids. then the developers also have several other talking characters to enjoy ■ If you want to create a fun image. poking the pirate and his parrot will produce different results. which repeats everything you say in a slightly higher tone. which has the effect of introducing a nice community-esque feel. these aren't enough to ruin an app that is good fun for at least a while. It’s actually a really nice addition. All your creations can be shared through the normal social networks. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 51 . and one that will be sure to please younger kids. which takes the form of a memory game featuring the pirate in a barrel. It’s basic. then it’s quite likely that at some point in the past you will have come across apps such as the now-famous Talking Tom Cat. Ultimately. and will be fun for kids. Finally. It’s a nice add-on.Entertainment iPhone ■ If you don’t like the pirate. and while we can’t see ourselves using it all that much.

will recognise your friends from their photos. and when linked up to Facebook.99 Developer: MTV Networks Price: £1. Tapping the edges of the screen to run and jump soon becomes completely natural. but obviously a better gaming experience for kids rather than adults. There’s also a cool time-slowing technique available for the hardest sections. Rating ★★★★★ 52 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 There are plenty of iPhone apps around that allow you to draw on the screen in order to create drawings with the cosmetic appearance of paintings. The app has some incredible brush effects. but with more levels being added with every new update. which was frustrating. and the menus for selecting colours and other options are clean and easy to use. Switch on Terminator-like vision and scan your friends If you’ve ever seen a Terminator film and wanted the type of analytical vision that Arnie has in the series. and don’t make any mess on the carpet whatsoever.69/$0. it’s good fun.iPhone Entertainment Price: £0. this should please even the most demanding of platforming fans.99 Developer: HARCTEK LLC Cube Dog 2 – Dog’s Crazy Playground Cyborg Vision – Face Recognition Create a virtual pet and play with him in 3D Games involving virtual pets are incredibly popular nowadays. then you will definitely want to try out this app.69/$0. and this time the world your pets live in is fully 3D. the background. If you don’t mind it sometimes having problems. It uses a red filter on the camera. then you’ll enjoy this. this should hopefully come to be much less of a problem. which allow you to paint some seriously impressive images on screen. You can even play in the real world with the AR mode. and you can personalise clothes. but when it worked it was fantastic. Creating a pet is fun.49/$1. but the difficulty is set well to ensure the minimum level of frustration. fun to play with. Admittedly. and with the intuitive physics and beautiful graphics. Rating ★★★★★ . but Magic Painter is by far one of the best. Overall. We had some trouble matching faces at times. If you love creating art on your iPhone. then you’ll love this app. They’re easy to look after. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. it’s a little short. the playground and more until it really is yours. Crazy Dog 2 brings all the fun of a pet to your iPhone.99 Developer: Yii Yu Oscura Magic Painter Gather crystal shards in this atmospheric platformer Create stunning images on your iPhone While most side-scrolling platformers use a standard button layout. Oscura gives users the option to use a more unique system.99/$2.99 Developer: podotree Price: £0. There are plenty of options for adding coloured backgrounds.

and a statistics page in order to keep track of what you have done. just nothing special. then shake your iPhone in order to restore it. with the ability to add as many comments and likes as you wish.99 Developer: Video Copilot Demon Cam™ Become a monster from beyond with this scary app Unleashing the demon inside us all has never been so easy with thanks to this app from Video Copilot. too. Poke the screen to crack the glass until it breaks. and the ability to set the username as anything you wish is useful. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 53 . The app allows you to create a fake status update for Facebook. with a very limited number of animations. offering four choices of what to break. but Talking Carl is actually one of the best that we have come across in this regard. and we were slightly appalled (albeit impressed) when we tapped on an already broken cube. then FakeStatus will help you. It’s simple to set up. All you need to do is record a short video within the app of your face. and there are quite a few features that show the developer has clearly thought about the app. and saw a splatter of blood appear. tag the position of your eyes and mouth. The character design is nice.99 Developer: yann le coroller Talking Carl – Christmas Edition Carl is back with his Christmas outfit on There are plenty of talking apps available on the App Store. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. and post it on a false news feed to show your friend. It‘s another app that is aimed squarely at kids. with some truly amazing effects and great sharing options. each one featuring a brilliant/annoying (delete as appropriate) character that copies what you say in a funny voice. Next. and then choose a demon. The results are quite fantastic. the screenshot looks real enough. choose a point at which you would like to transform into a hellish creature.60/$0. The chance to scare the hell out of your friends makes the price well worth paying. including a ‘Baby Mode’ that removes all buttons from the screen so that babies can play along. but is also one that adults will no doubt enjoy too.99 Developer: YourFav FakeStatus Prank your Facebook friends If you’re an avid prankster who loves to use your iPhone as a tool for planning and perpetrating your cunning plans. It works well enough. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. Not a bad app. It’s all rather basic stuff.69/$0. and while the interface to get back to the main screen is a little confusing.69/$0. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0.Entertainment iPhone Price: Free Developer: Giorgi Otiashvili Crack & Break it ! Almost as rewarding as bursting bubble-wrap The simple concept behind Crack & Break it ! does precisely what you would expect of it. in our opinion.

For example. and the app even has a link to purchase the film.99 Developer: EngageM8 Limited Spott is a unique app that highlights the locations of famous films and movie stars. Almost impossible to explain without actually sitting down and showing it to you first hand. and we’re impressed. you can interact with a talking bunny. all by holding your iPhone up to your computer screen. as there are no strict levels to beat. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Spott 54 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Aurasma Lite Bloodstained Memoirs EngageM8 .99/$2. Movies Shelf has all of the above issues and more. then it might be fun to organise a tour of famous places on holiday. rather than expecting the reader to upload images and manually set file names.com. Oh. A creative app for kids. A free download. we can’t imagine this being too engaging for more than a few minutes. and with some interviews cut into four separate videos. it came up with different emotions each time. Needless to say. and the system works brilliantly.99 Developer: Inochi Ventures LLP Price: Free Developer: Aurasma Price: Free Developer: Eigo Limited Price: £0. then find the trailer using Aurasma’s search function. and then navigate it around a toy box finding stars. however. and suggest the emotions they may be feeling at the time. Zappar proves that we’re still at the start of that long journey. It’s great fun to play along with your kids.69/$0. you’ll be instantly placed in a challenge to complete.99 Developer: Bonnier Digital Services AB Price: Free Developer: Zappar Limited Price: £1. making it not worth your hard-earned cash in our opinion. it’s nonetheless a lot of fun while it lasts. As it’s early days. and don’t have sloppy spelling mistakes throughout your app. the trailer will play. The app features video interviews with stars like Chris Jericho. we couldn’t help but feel our wallets tighten up a bit. Make your instructions easy to follow. Aurasma is an app that claims to weave the real world and the virtual world together. We tried it with a few different voices. or hang out with the Green Lantern.69/$0. we found it to be inconsistent at best. and use images that you can actually read on your iPhone. Flowerium is essentially an app that allows you to create your own range of flowers by simply touching and swiping the screen. You can also search beyond your immediate surroundings to find out what places have been immortalised on celluloid. The possibilities are endless. Unless you’re the most relaxed person on planet Earth. this is truly bizarre. this is just basic. We’d put this one down as an app for only the biggest fans of wrestling. Augmented reality is a form of technology that has a lot of potential. Take a snap of something. watch zombies dance. This app claims to listen to the way a person is speaking. and you may even create a new species. Zappar opens up the true genius behind zappar. We often got suggestions of ‘Joy’ and ‘Angry’ at the same time. we’d advise jumping aboard now.69/$0. as it just looks amateurish. When you hold the DVD in front of the camera. you need to do several things.iPhone Entertainment Price: £0. Downloading the relevant built-in mode. and when you’re done. This app features hours of extra video and audio content to go alongside the Bloodstained Memoirs documentary about professional wrestling. and felt a sense of familiarity. Make it easy to import actual films. then open up Spott and your phone will tell you all the famous film locations nearby. when we played it the same sound recording repeatedly. released in 2009.49/$1.99 Developer: Sarunas Packevicius Price: £0. making this a genuinely exciting prospect for the future of augmented reality. indicating the technology perhaps isn’t as advanced as the app makes out. but with a promise of greater things to come. then search for what you want to associate with it to have the two attached together. take a shot of a DVD cover. If you are a film buff. which you can save and share via Twitter. There is a virtually unlimited number of combinations that you can use in order to create your robot. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Movies Shelf Rating ★★★★★ Toca Robot Lab Rating ★★★★★ Zappar Flowerium Price: £1. and while it could tell the difference between a statement and a question in most situations. but we were disappointed that every video cost the same as a cheap app. Merge two blossoming plants together. If you’ve ever wandered down a road in a large city. Well. Sadly.99 Developer: MAKOTO HIRAHARA If you’re going to compete with the many movie-storing apps available. and while its appeal may be rather limited. Toca Robot Lab gives you and your family the chance to build and fly a toy robot within just a few minutes.

hold your phone up to the specially designed square in order to see 3D art pop up on your screen.99 Developer: Pixle Price: Free Developer: Rick Blalock Price: Free Developer: Purple Penguin. and the finger detection isn’t particularly impressive. play it for five minutes and then forget all about it. limiting your chalk drawings even more. The adverts can also be disrupting when first opening the app. Dragon Shout presents you with a map of the Skyrim universe for you to mark with key points of your own gameplay. Download it. When you reach each location. our total time stood at 120 hours) and will undoubtedly help you through all of the forthcoming DLC too. but here it takes up a fairly large portion of the screen space. While the area that this project covers is currently limited to Brighton. each one touchable and with track previews. often causing mistakes to your creation that you perhaps weren’t intending. It’s a shame that it’s limited to one location. The problem is that it doesn’t really provide the tools to do so. to produce any milk. but little else. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ AR:Tz Rating ★★★★★ Bord Rating ★★★★★ Dragon Shout Gun Builder 3D – Free Price: Free Developer: MUGOCO Price: Free Developer: Bingo Time Price: £0.69/$0. It’s certainly fun for five minutes but you’ll soon tire of the repetitive nature and come to hate the look of the somewhat disturbing app icon as it clutters up your home screen. no doubt like some of the firearms you create in the app. and place it in the palm of your hand.69/$0. A handy client for all Skyrim users and fans. However. There is some technique to it. as you must fully extend an udder. this game sees you swiping your screen in order to milk the udders and fill your milk bucket in the fastest possible time. You can create a journal of your quests and mark useful reference points on the map as well as chat with other users. This app allows you to customise different guns with a range of accessories including telescopic sights and grips. often this isn’t an issue. Now.com AR:Tz is the first app to combine augmented reality and art into a single app.Entertainment iPhone Price: Free Developer: Digicave Limited Price: £0. Wall of Sound turns your iPhone screen into a collage of album covers. Then if you line up your own hand correctly it will create the illusion that your screen is seethrough. Bord offers a place to express yourself creatively. There’s only a handful of colours.99 Developer: Golden Future Apps Price: Free Developer: NuageProduction About as straightforward as they come. You can access iTunes and download songs with one tap as well as share your findings via social networks. This makes Bord more suitable to keeping your children entertained in a car journey. A map will help you find your way around the town to the next installation. We’re sure there are plenty of interested parties for apps such as this. The different menu icons are tiny and therefore hard to operate. If you want your finger well and truly on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of music then this app is an innovative way of ensuring that the latest tunes are never more than a touch away. Ringtone+ contains a mixture of ear-catching sounds and rhythmic beats to get your smartphone noticed. It doesn’t help that it’s funded by advertising either. downloading the app will allow you to follow an art trail around the seaside town. where’s that app that lets you insert your iPhone into a bottle. A clever use of optical illusion means you can make your iPhone appear transparent by using one of the backgrounds in this app. by swiping the full length of it. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Milk The Cow Ringtone+ See-Through Screen Wall Of Sound iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 55 . though we hope to see wider coverage soon. but ultimately we feel it is something you will download and play with once or twice before deleting forever. which makes this free taster something of a waste of time – unless of course you derive some sort of pleasure in listening to all manner of piercing shrills knowing that they’ll never be signalling an incoming call on your phone. Offering some interesting alternatives to the standard iPhone ringtones. It’s a decent companion app that will keep you amused for the waking hours that you don’t plough into this epic game (at last count. like what Dynamo does! A great-looking alternative to browsing the iTunes Store. you do have to download the full version via in-app purchases in order to assign the tones to your calls. A great free addition to your iPhone. See-Through Screen works by asking you to choose one of the handbased backgrounds and setting it as your home screen. It works really well and is cool for amazing your friends with streetstyle magic.

which is sure to please RPG fanatics There is a wealth of fun and entertaining games on the App Store that will keep you amused for hours on end. For one. but manages to come through. The controls are responsive. which ruins the appeal of transforming Price: £0.99 Developer: EA Swiss Sarl Transformers: Dark of the Moon Time to take on those Decepticons again This game doesn’t disappoint. It follows the movie closely as you pilot Optimus Prime through 13 varied levels. Undoubtedly there are flaws. especially with the frequent text-based messages popping up on-screen to advance the story. the vehicle sections where you switch into truck-mode are clunky and hard to control. while various other buttons around the screen let you perform special moves. From tricky challenges aimed to exercise your brain to more light-hearted games. Rating ★★★★★ . Also. with two thumbpads controlling your movement and direction of fire. While there’s enough variety and some interesting boss fights. There are great RPG elements. it’s a decent game that’s almost ruined by a few niggling issues. Overall.iPhone Games Games ■ There is plenty to upgrade here. it runs close to getting tedious.69/$0. check out the next few pages to find a treasure that you won’t want to put down… Top Paid Apps FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: THE WAR OF THE LIONS ★★★★★ Home Sheep Home 2 ★★★★★ iBlast Moki 2 ★★★★★ Top Free Apps Jetpack Joyride ★★★★★ Bejeweled Blitz ★★★★★ Star Legends (3D MMO) ★★★★ Pick of the section Inotia 3: Children of Carnia ★★★★ 56 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i★★★★★ ■ The handling in car-mode is pretty poor. It’s solid fun with some neat gameplay mechanics. letting you upgrade a cavalcade of weaponry and Optimus himself. at times you might get a little tired of wave after wave of similar enemies being thrust your way.

Do you risk pushing your mage ahead. knowing that they can only take one or two blows before falling? Can you find higher ground on which to position your archer in order to increase their attack power? Should you rush headlong into battle. FFT now finds itself updated with touchscreen controls and other tweaks for iOS devices.99/$15. it gets hard fast. you can get games with incredible depth – that will likely eat up weeks and months of your life – for a fraction of the cost of FINAL FANTASY TACTICS (FFT). It controls easily. ■ The job system is deep and engrossing. but they don’t affect things too much for FFT to be anything other than highly recommended. but generally speaking this is everything you would want from a conversion. looks nice. even with the useful tutorials. It’s not as simple as just running in and repeatedly tapping the screen to win. with positioning and co-ordination paramount to success iPhone App Directory Volume 9 57 . There’s the aforementioned slowdown and price issues. This is a sedate. though. However. the fact remains that they are unlikely to be as good as this classic of the strategy RPG genre. or stand back and await the enemy that is coming at you? Every single one of the hundreds of skirmishes that await has numerous choices like these to take into account. strategic game that involves thinking and forward-planning. After all. The depth and complexity can harm the experience for newcomers. most importantly. comparing swords and hats for their relative merits Rating ★★★★★ ■ FFT plays out a bit like chess. Starting out on the PlayStation. The game itself plays out a bit like chess – players choose the units that they want to go into battle with. and problems with slowdown still persist at some points. then take it in turns to try and complete an objective (which usually involves eliminating all the enemy units). It’s not a perfect translation. Simply put. and rarely lets up. even bearing in mind the swathes of alternatives that exist. and to be honest it sort of is. FFT is deep. rewarding and fun. and. as well as complex ■ Prepare to lose yourself in a wall of statistics. is very fun to play. but it’s not without its problems. before moving to the PlayStation Portable.99 Developer: Square Enix FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: A totally tactical THE WAR OF THE LIONS RPG classic It may seem a bit cheeky of Square Enix to release a game that is pushing 15 years-old for this kind of price.Games iPhone Price: £10.

While the story is typical of RPGs. the ‘Shop’ button close to your first ability is a little too nearby and therefore liable to being accidentally tapped.99 Developer: Com2us USA. and thankfully you will not have to here. with a standard attack and any of the chosen hotkey buttons. The sheer amount of options here is outstanding. levelling up or combat system. providing you can forgive its flaws. while AI party members do an extremely good job of making themselves relevant without taking all of the good kills. It’s not all smooth sailing. As the genre moves to smartphones. which is useful. it has to be said. especially considering that the app is completely free. That’s not the only downside. Rating ★★★★★ ■ The storyline is typical. it’s games like Inotia 3: Children of Carnia that pave the way for how the genre can work well on these smaller devices. We’re not so naïve as to expect that a free app shouldn’t need funding somehow. Activated abilities give you control over how your damage is dealt. as there are the advertisements that appear between each map. and were generally very happy with it.99/$4. Combat is played in real time. I’s a shame the quests let it down 58 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 interfered with long enough to become boring – you don’t want to be sat reading text instead of playing while on the train or bus. Then there’s the quest system. Despite all this. Inotia’s difficulty level quickly rises ■ The world you explore is huge and varied.iPhone Games Price: £2. though. there are very few RPGs that do not at least offer a decent amount of options. which falls back on fetch quests to prolong things too often. it’s intriguing enough to draw you in. auto aim is included to assist in any awkward positioning. Inotia has enough depth to sustain many hours of play. Inotia 3: Children of Carnia Earn your +7 to screen-tapping ability RPGs are renowned for their wealth of content. and never ■ As the game progresses. but good for those looking for an enjoyable tale . Unlike many RPGs you find on smartphones. While the hotkey bar is entirely customisable. Inc. Whether it’s the hours of storylines. but this is one of the worst examples of in-game ads that we have seen yet. We found that its entertainment value outweighed its flaws.

letting you pull off complex moves that would have been simple on a joypad. squiggling on your screen and repeating isn’t that entertaining. kick and special buttons on the right. The special button is superb.Games iPhone Price: £1. it doesn’t match the build up. the majority of levels are pretty much the same. with a functional eight-way joystick zone in the bottom-left of the screen.99 Developer: SNK PLAYMORE THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i- Another beat-’em-up perfectly tailored to iOS With fluid characters. You can unlock extra shapes. save the world! ■ Enemies attack the door. and its accuracy means it never misses a beat. Blade Warrior is interesting. but only lasts a matter of minutes before it’s shown everything it has to offer. Controls are slick. Plus. but have been refined for the touch format. There’s not a great deal extra that could have been done given the mechanics. and a rack of punch. The idea is still sound. This app is impressively close to a full console release. More beauty than brains. Basic attacks are via a swipe. You have to draw symbols on-screen to fight attacking minions. but the process of stopping the action.99/$2. however. The King Of Fighters -iallows you to tackle Arcade mode in various forms. and it works as a way to pass five minutes. The special move changes depending on which direction you hold while you press the icon. but it’s hard to go through the same ordeal over and over. while an appropriately epic score provides the energy necessary to promote that biggame feel. Over and over again… At the start. ■ The style is backed up by an excellent soundtrack and bonecrunching sound effects ■ Pick from 14 characters from across the series Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 59 . Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. every aspect of Blade Warrior looks mesmerising. You kill enemies. detailed backgrounds and exemplary sprite work. even if the difficulty rises slightly each time. though.99/$2. and for a fraction of the price. while manoeuvres can be activated by sketching a more elaborate symbol.99 Developer: Dragonfly Blade Warrior Master the blade. When you get into it.

the better you’ve done. requiring players to jink. which we would recommend you do.99 Developer: NaturalMotion Games Limited Icebreaker Hockey Still breaking backs. Rating ★★★★★ 60 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Price: £0. meaning that the higher your points. and all too painful. which he’ll grab onto if he can. There’s also a cheese crumb trail to try and gather up for those wanting more. showboat and shoot. sprint and outmanoeuvre their opponents. Bouncy Mouse’s 30 levels all generally contain something new to learn and overcome. it can be a slightly more cerebral (not to mention skilful) experience if its eccentric depths are fully explored. It’s a score attack game. the premise is simple: get your player from one end of the rink to the other.69/$0. The power of ‘just one more go’ is very strong in this one. and score. Unfortunately. twist. so you’ll be wanting to hit as many score zones and do as much showboating as possible to push that number through the roof. sprint. Just try not to get walloped by the opposition.iPhone Games ■ Unlocking increasingly silly accessories is a neat reward for collecting all the cheese crumbs ■ The physics of collisions really are quite realistic ■ You’ll relish the moment you knock the cat off his perch and win the level ■ Showboating nets you more points Price: £0. there are a number of angry men from the opposing team in your way. The aim of each stage is to hurl the titular rodent around the level. Controls are simple – tilt to turn. touchsliding to pull him back to the extent of his elasticated tail. now on ice A spin-off from the Backbreaker series. It’s responsive and easy to get used to. and then throwing him between a series of pegs. but to progress through a platform-style world. It’s for that very reason that Icebreaker can be almost painfully addictive.69/$0. tap on-screen buttons to dodge.99 Developer: Munkadoo Games LLC Bouncy Mouse Fun with physics Bouncy Mouse uses slingshot physics not just to knock objects over. Although it lacks the flow and instant pick-up-and-play spirit of Angry Birds. but there’s rarely time to rest on your laurels. as the Euphoria physics engine makes those collisions look all too real. Rating ★★★★★ .

There’s even a surprisingly in-depth create option where new levels can be crafted. Later. Very handy.99/$2. is automatically filled with additional party members. lacking the fodder to cut through and earn those ever-valuable experience points. ■ Each word is spoken to you phonetically. the tasks become more complex. with a choice between one of three classes and there’s little here to test traditional MMO players. However. Each quest. the real challenge begins Rating ★★★★★ Star Legends (3D MMO) Price: Free Developer: Spacetime Studios To boldly go where few apps have gone before The humble MMO is not a new concept to iOS gaming. each level becomes a balancing act of various skills. or those of the highest scoring players. Moki coins can be used to unlock official developer replays. so you never need worry about having to tackle difficult challenges alone. with the addition of other objects and bomb types. And though limited. which is separated into individual instances for up to four players.99 Developer: Godzilab The thinking man’s Angry Birds ■ Queuing up bombs and watching their chain reaction is necessary to shave seconds off your fastest time The objective is to propel each level’s set of Moki into the goal at the end. ■ The loot is all shared among the players. And unless otherwise halted. their assistance is tempting enough to make them worthy of the available in-game purchase capability. Combat requires tapping the auto button and watching lasers fly. using standard bombs to alter their trajectory to successfully navigate the landscape and enter the portal. with some real challenges to overcome. The downside is that often you’ll be placed into a quest near-completion. It’s very simple. so there’s none of those mad rushes to get to a chest in lieu of fighting Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 61 . and games like Star Legends do well to push the genre forward into a more handheld-friendly gaming space. Initially this is simple.Games iPhone iBlast Moki 2 Price: £1. even levelling up will be handled automatically if you don’t want to delve into the menus. finishing the level in record time and scoring that three-star rating. feeding that one-more-go urge to perfect each level through trial and error in the hopes of collecting all the petals. Eventually. while the added option of utilising abilities means damage can be managed during battle. ■ Once all the different tools are introduced. The ability to time each bomb becomes essential. it is starting to find its feet. played and shared with the world.

this is a brilliant evolution of the formula. which makes downloading this all the more worthwhile. but it’s nothing amazing. A new title that uses the Unreal engine. The controls work well.99/$4. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Halfbrick Price: £2. and the presentation was also a little lacking.69/$0. Unlike games like Cut The Rope.99 Developer: WayForward Jetpack Joyride Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (Full) A retro adventure A brilliant game with a retro feel For a game that uses the old ‘tap and hold to fly up. it’s free. but sadly the rest of the game isn’t so great. Plus. the artwork here is uninspiring. avoid the obstacles’ formula. or car-tastrophe? A lacklustre third-person adventure This physics-based puzzle game tasks you with bouncing a dropped car into a crusher. exploring the huge. We found the game to not be as challenging as it perhaps should have been. This app is definitely well worth the price and highly recommended. Your character often gets stuck in walls as he attempts to climb them. let go to fly down. this game doesn't look entirely finished. and beautifully colourful game world in order to find a stolen lamp. and when running he seems to be moving faster than his feet. With a retro feel. Rating ★★★★★ 62 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 This sees you take control of a small half-genie character called Shantae. It’s not terrible by any means. and some seriously fantastic vehicles to jump into along the way. Rating ★★★★★ . missions to complete.49/$1. varied. and while the story is questionable at times. the whole experience doesn’t hold together quite as well as similar titles. either. and while the physics engine is effective. Power-ups enable you to go back and explore previously inaccessible areas in a way reminiscent of the Metroid series. and the controls on the iPhone screen work perfectly to control Shantae.iPhone Games Price: £0. The sprites look fantastic. including the ‘shake to jump’ function. there's room for improvement. and loads of upgrades and outfits to unlock. Jetpack Joyride is incredibly addictive. which could come in future updates. Considering it was designed in three months by a team of two.99 Developer: App In The Box Pty Ltd Price: £1. while simultaneously collecting the bags of money that are dotted around the screen. the character dialogue is genuinely funny.99 Developer: Puya Dadgar Car Crusher Arrow of Time Crushingly good fun.

Build combos by passing cars without crashing. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 63 . Sure.99 Developer: 24seven3D Muffin Knight Become a knight and collect muffins. and is incredibly addictive. with each one producing a different ability with which to kill the monsters that appear.99 Developer: Robot Invader Wind-up Knight A tough but rewarding 3D side-scrolling platformer If you find modern games a little too easy. Some items are genuinely hard to find. collecting coins and jumping gaps to get to the end. or just want some old-school platforming presented in a brilliant new way.99 Developer: National Wildlife Federation Ranger Rick’s Raiders of the Lost Aardvark Hunt for the items and solve the mystery This neat little game is perfect for kids. if the time hits zero.Games iPhone Price: Free Developer: Supermono Ltd Forever Drive An endless journey through a futuristic world Forever Drive offers futuristic racing in worlds created by other players. The graphics are great. up until you meet the tricky final boss. but never unfair. With a choice of controls. nice locales and a brilliant trackbuilder. and there are plenty of levels to unlock. Simple! A simple platformer at heart. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. which only encourages you to keep trying. The sloping. you’ll love Wind-up Knight. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. twisting track will get harder and harder. but it controls perfectly. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. This is perfect for a serious challenge. and earn experience points to unlock better cars. Muffin Knight gives you a small playground and tasks you with collecting muffins. this is a great addition to your iPhone. Every muffin you grab will change your character. Sprint through the levels defeating enemies. as Ranger Rick seeks your help to help solve the titular mystery.49/$1. The aim is to pass checkpoints to add time to your ever-decreasing clock. your clock runs out. and tapping animals will bring up a fact. and your car faster as you progress. it’s crazy. but overall the game is good fun. The list of items down the side show what you need to find in the image on-screen. with a nice art direction.69/$0. A fantastic game.49/$1. or for showing off graphical prowess. It’s difficult. You can upgrade these characters with the XP points that you earn as you progress.

you’ll tussle with the army and engage in huge battles that are incredibly enjoyable.99 Developer: The Codemasters Software Company Ltd Dizzy – Prince of the Yolkfolk An ‘eggcellent’ adventure puzzler Originally released in 1991. It’s an addictive game that is similar to Smurf’s Village in practice.49/$1. You can even make the pigs stand on each other in order to reach coins that are floating in the air. jewel mines and more. It’s a timeless formula that fans of the original Dizzy games will be familiar with.99 Developer: Future Games of London Grabatron Claw your way to global domination Putting you in control of a giant UFO complete with gigantic extendable claw. Prince of the Yolkfolk is a superb platform puzzler that stars Dizzy the egg as he flips around a lush fantasy world. dodging hazards and munching fruit along the way. Grabatron is an absolute riot. tasking you with bringing a small town of residents to prosperity by building it into a bustling town and helping to construct a thriving economy. Rating ★★★★★ . you must complete a wide variety of oddball missions that range from abducting cows and pedestrians with your grabber. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. FlickPig proves to be incredibly addictive. while the on-screen carnage will almost certainly be enough to keep you hooked for a long time. As a game of immense co-ordination. but will still appeal to fans of the fantasy genre. It’s as heart warming and addictive as puzzlers get these days. By building shops. you can save up money for more buildings and encourage new residents to move in. so it’s worth a look. Dodging obstacles is as simple as flicking each pig out of the way with your finger.99 Developer: Prope Ltd FlickPig Three little piggybanks on a mission After a band of thieving wolves steal money from three piggybanks. or in other cases simply causing as much mayhem and destruction as possible. It was for us.69/$0. Price: Free Developer: Gameloft Fantasy Town Town creation with a sickly sweet edge Fantasy Town is a similar proposition to the notoriously addictive Smurf’s Village. This remake is charming. the race is on to reclaim the spoils.69/$0. FlickPig sees the three hogs running down a colourful woodland path. the tilt controls work extremely well. Eventually. with colourful visuals and smatterings of British humour throughout the dialogue. Best of all. helping out an assortment of fairytale characters and collecting objects in order to complete puzzles.iPhone Games Price: £1. Tasking you with flying around the American south. collecting coins. Rating ★★★★★ 64 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Price: £0.

while movement will take you to the Kinetic dimension and so on. you can only ever move one jewel into place to complete a line. Six-Guns proves to be a superb actionadventure title. With impressive visuals and full 3D control. and one you’ll not be able to put down. It’s admittedly interesting. with which you can purchase power-ups to help you obtain a better score. Within these realms – which are rather uniquely based on your GPS location – you will find artefacts and objects that have the effect of powering up your tractor beam. It’s great looking. With the beam. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 65 . shooting and punching your way through goons in the process. making noise will transport you to the Flux dimension. the aim of Bejeweled Blitz is simply to string together rows of at least three jewels to destroy them and score points. Faced with a screen rammed with multicoloured gems. and satisfaction is slowly gleaned as you start to rack up strings of kills. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. but only once you master the controls. For example. Six-Guns places you in the dusty boots of a heroic gunslinger out to rid the plains of bandits by any means necessary. But with experience comes mastery. It’s a stunningly simple game. and if you can grind your way through the first couple of confidencesapping hours then the chances are you’ll slowly grow to love it. you can choose to navigate either on foot or by horseback. but ultimately it turns out to be a frequently dull experience. action-packed teambased shooter in which groups of teddy bears face off across a series of maps to dominate the opposing team by way of a massacre. which you can compare with friends via Facebook.Games iPhone Price: Free Developer: SKYVU PICTURES Inc Price: Free Developer: PopCap Games Inc Battle Bears Royale Bejeweled Blitz Teddies with attitude in sharp-shooting mayhem The Facebook phenomena gets a standalone app Battle Bears Royale is a frenetic. Adventures in the Multiverse A sensory quest like no other Dimensions is a unique kind of game – one that uses sound and motion to open gateways to hidden worlds. you can repel Nephilim invaders and suck up new collectables. It’s good fun. With a huge game world and a generous array of quests included. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Gameloft Six-Guns Fun and danger in the old west Taking its cue from the likes of open-world Wild West game Red Dead Redemption.99/$2. High scores generate coins.99 Developer: Reality Jockey Ltd Dimensions. and you only have one minute to score as many points as possible. However. and using reward money earned by completing tasks to buy new weapons.

For retro enthusiasts only. Timmy and Shirley combine their efforts to get home after becoming lost. yet delivers the final product in such a way that it nonetheless feels fresh and fun.99 Developer: Chillingo Ltd Price: £0.99 Developer: Cihan Emlek Stretched Zero Tek Doesn’t stretch too thin Old school run and gun madness Stretched is a game that has been created firmly with the iPhone’s touchscreen control system in mind. The controls are a little sloppy. The gameplay is deceptively simple. simple format that doesn’t fully materialise here. When coupled with the lacklustre animation. Zero Tek plonks you in a high-tech world full of laser guns.iPhone Games Price: £0. and as such.69/$0. You have to stack them. you’ll never want out Based on Aardman’s popular Shaun The Sheep series. and the chances are that in no time you’ll be utterly hooked trying to pull off the best trick shots in order to survive. the experience feels a tad unpolished. powering up your weapon and shooting enemies as you progress. At its core. Let Me Out borrows mechanics from a plethora of arcade puzzle games such as Peggle and Angry Birds. Rating ★★★★★ . It’s all about working out the angles. and another winner from Chillingo.99 Developer: Chillingo Ltd Home Sheep Home 2 Let Me Out Prepare for shear fun and giggles So good. Each sheep is a different size. The aim is to stretch and aim slingshots using your finger.69/$0. and can jump different heights and distances. Rating ★★★★★ 66 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Taking nods from classic side-scrolling shooters like Megaman.99 Developer: Chillingo Ltd Price: £0. the game remains challenging and very addictive. It’s a timeless. You’ll really have to think two steps ahead at all times. making this an addictive experience for all gamers. and then release them in order to fire a ball around the screen so that it can gobble up bubbles. the more stars you earn towards unlocking new stages. spiked walls and various other hazards.69/$0. Your aim is to simply run across the level collecting stars. with small jump and shooting buttons. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. Home Sheep Home 2 is a superb puzzle platformer that sees Shaun. bouncing off various moveable walls in the process. The more bubbles you get before hitting the exit bubble. coordinate movement and use switches to escape each level. yet ultimately requires real talent to master.69/$0. The aim is to escape the pages of a storybook by firing a dragon across each stage while dodging hazards.

99 Developer: CAPCOM Co. is the highlight. might just appeal to you. Created by the same company behind such popular business sims as Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story.99 Developer: PAWEL MERGIST Price: £2. with many more variables.A. This sounds good. It’s very similar – you roam around a maze. as then it might have been worth your time. Ltd Price: £0. Pocket Academy puts you in control of a school and asks you to build it up from nothing to a worldclass institute.69/$0. This is not a fully fledged Monster Hunter game. While the aim of those other games was to make as much money as possible. down.99 Developer: Immicorn Interactive If you’re old enough to remember shooting games like Alien Breed or The Chaos Engine. picking up keys to get to new areas and shooting down any enemies that get in the way. and requires you to tap the screen at the right moment in order to jump over gaps and obstacles. Each hunt is little more than an arena battle. but it’s a satisfying one.69/$0. then you’ve probably played a million just like Neenites. It’s a shame the imagination brought to Color Bandits in its graphical design wasn’t also brought to bear on its gameplay. but it’s not all that intuitive to use. either.K. but it’s a challenge that we gladly welcome. The ability to level up and upgrade your skills is a welcome improvement. The idea is simple: you can only move up. whether this is to simply better your ranking.R. It may be a more complicated and demanding sim. hold down fire indefinitely and occasionally use a smart bomb. and the aim is to reach the block with the rocket inside it. Pro Tennis Volley gives you instantaneous control over the racquet and the freedom to move it wherever you like. Cars 2 sees you constantly rolling forward. There’s plenty of replayability too.49/$3. but it’s a shame there’s no option to play against AI opponents or online players. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Cars 2 Rating ★★★★★ Pro Tennis Volley Color Bandits Pocket Academy iPhone App Directory Volume 9 67 . then D. Similar to perpetual running games.A.69/$0.. But that’s about all Color Bandits has going for it. Poor controls means this is best left on the App Store shelf. especially on the harder levels where you’ll have to combo accurate jumps together. an inferior game compared to its inspirations. DotRace Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting Neenites Price: £0. left or right. There’s not much longevity in the six available tracks. It’s a simple idea. in which four players compete for the racing line while crowded around a single iPhone. This makes it a more complex game. the price tag does seem a little bit high for what is ultimately a string of boss fights with not very much variety.99/$4.69/$0. but one that’s taken to satisfying extremes. but will continue moving until you hit a block and stop.99 Developer: Neon Play Ltd Price: £0. Color Bandits is a game that appears original on the surface. Pocket Academy is about striving to produce academic excellence in the students.A. Ltd While you might expect a game with the title ‘Cars’ to be a racing game. you have to gradually add colour to the world as you shoot your way through levels. It’s a tricky exercise in cornering that soon becomes more about circling through progressively more complicated tracks. The multiplayer game. Disney has chosen to be a little more original with its movie tie-in. You should keep coming back just to prove you can win.Games iPhone Price: £0.99 Developer: Chillingo Ltd Price: £0. If you’ve been playing videogames for years.99 Developer: Kairosoft Co. Starting out in monochrome. and instead created a platform game. then don’t be tempted to get this one.K. However. and ultimately makes D.. If the passing summer of tennis has put you in the mood for a sim.69/$0.99 Developer: Walt Disney Price: £0. or gathering more materials for weapon crafting. Controlled with your finger constantly on the touchscreen. but the way in which the game drops your gun during safe moments removes the element of tension and surprise.69/$0. but it does offer a bit of a taster in a very commendable way. Attempting to hit an object in a 3D environment when you only have 2D control is a challenge that you’re given very little incentive to master. The shoot-’em-up gameplay is as simple as it gets: avoid enemies. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ D.R. but combat is as intuitive as it is engrossing. DotRace features an automatically accelerating dot that requires you only to press a button in order to turn.99 Developer: Chillingo Ltd Price: £2.R. The arrangement of the blocks and the movement restrictions mean it’s not exactly easy to make your way to the goal. but that doesn’t make it any less fun.K.

Tough. and real-time combat adds flair. mines and many other hazards.69/$0. The graphics are a bonus. The trick comes in navigating these shifts in direction. Taking control of the titular ‘last rocket’.99 Developer: Yo Yo Games Ltd Price: Free Developer: Socialbit UG Price: £0. fans. to shoot forwards. The plot is unclear and confusing. of which only a handful are included. its calm. This cute platformer uses gravity to manipulate your sprite. it appears like a considered. while later challenges rely on speedy responses and a good understanding of how this works. the controls aren’t always as precise as we’d like – especially when pinching the screen – meaning it’s all too easy to mess up a run through no fault of your own. and a second tap makes him hover. but enjoyment nonetheless. Price: £0. considered approach makes it a fine mobile time-waster.iPhone Games Price: Free Developer: Glu Games Inc Price: Free Developer: Park Jin-Bae Price: £1. While it can be enjoyable. and that’s the premise of this animestyle game. especially on later levels. Upgradable equipment means there’s plenty of choice. Hopefully an update will fix the control issues. you must navigate through the single-screen mazes while avoiding spikes. Fans of puzzle games will enjoy this excellent little app. the aim of Gesturegame is to match the on-screen gestures as quickly as possible. almost replicating the quiet pleasure of a rainy day. Wesley Snipes adds some gravitas.99 Developer: Cocosoft. Rogue Sky marries precise controls and clever mechanics to create a truly enjoyable puzzler. Still. Colosseum Rating ★★★★★ 68 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 They Need To Be Fed Rating ★★★★★ Gesturegame Rating ★★★★★ Julius Styles – The International Rating ★★★★★ . and with increasingly familiar locations. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Big Time Gangsta Rating ★★★★★ The Rainy Day 2 The Last Rocket Rogue Sky Price: £0. Inc. allowing you to concentrate on the missions. the visuals and intuitive controls make this an enjoyable platformer. But while the levels can feel a little samey. Pressing both causes your hot air to rise. as each platform has its own centre of gravity.99 Developer: Lapland Studio Ltd On your first play of Colosseum. and that’s what you get. The idea is to avoid raindrops.99 Developer: Chillingo Ltd It’s easy to use an existing template. Unfortunately. which range from collecting objects to shooting down a number of items. while a swipe in any direction changes his trajectory.. Big Time Gangsta is another Mafia Wars wannabe. smart controls and great level design make It is an excellent purchase.99/$2. Julius Styles harks back to the good old days of point-and-click adventures. ranging from single finger taps to double finger swipes. The final nail in the coffin is some very sketchy controls that make navigating Styles a bit of a pain. scoring you extra gold to spend on improved weaponry. this game is all the better for it. Tapping between the left and right buttons causes you to move. It’s a clever system that works well thanks to solid controls and well-designed maps. the ‘pull’ for each platform can be a nuisance. making it difficult to tell where you’re supposed to be going when looking for specific objects. and you’re left with little that’s worth your time.69/$0. hack-andslash game. There are two buttons in Rogue Sky. Collectables. Limited enjoyment. the rocket. either by stepping aside. finding shelter or utilising special items. while the iPhone’s small screen makes it all too easy to miss important objects. but without the attention to detail the effort is wasted. but with far too many menus and an inconsistent interface it does little to keep players coming back. while the smooth animation and graphics make it a joy to play. We’ve all been caught in the rain. the lack of variety leads to a lot of repetition. but forgets to copy the mechanics that made them good. Designed for up to four players. and releasing them causes it to descend.99 Developer: Shaun Inman Price: £0. Add this with the fact that nothing comes without an in-app price. You’ll be rewarded with points based on how quickly you complete them. but lacks the drive to keep players interested and coming back for more. The visuals are also rather bland. Tapping the screen causes Flip. Cute visuals. but this is extremely dull in our opinion. Each stage pits you against wave after wave of opponents. This cycle continues endlessly against few enemy types. It’s a robust system and works exceptionally well. So while combat works well. as it’s an otherwise entertaining app. While it may be a little slower paced than games of its ilk. but highly addictive.69/$0.69/$0. hidden actions and a rank for staying as dry as possible makes each level replayable. A final double-tap fires in the required direction. if not simple.

there’s a lot of slowdown. It sees you firing bolts into the arena which. shift into circles of varying sizes. the controls are responsive – a necessity when many of the levels require pinpoint accuracy to either collect all the stars or complete each stage. There are many empirebuilding games available for iPhone. This is a fantastic – and retro – take on the classic 2D platformer. its keenly designed jump mechanics really helps to keep the gameplay fast and fluid. assign jobs to grow trade and sell items to build the economy. too.49/$1. and another to play like it. However. There’s no replayability value to speak of. not least the ever-popular Smurf’s Village and Farmville. the gameplay doesn’t live up to the standards set by the trucks and diggers with (surprisingly likeable) faces.99 Developer: P2 Games Limited Price: Free Developer: BULKYPIX Prose With Bros is proof that innovation (and filth) is alive and well on iOS. My 1st JCB sadly never quite manages to scale the heights of Postman Pat’s game. Once you’ve constructed your masterpiece. but needs more content. the fun comes from making the dirtiest phrases possible. but aren’t numerous enough. Price: £1.49/$1. Since you won’t manage both in the same playthrough. While the game can be played laughfree. you pretty much know what territory you’re getting into here. but with games like Join The Dots being a case of tapping numbered stars rather than tracing a line. This is one of the better examples of the genre. but with cute graphics and some oddly entrancing sound effects.49/$3. Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a great example of this niche genre. A tidy interface and no end of tasks to undertake make this yet another satisfying time waster. which sound more hilarious when spoken back to you. You are able to add new kinds of stores and restaurants in order to draw in more customers. however. Price: £2. Unfortunately.99 Developer: Pascal Bestebroer Price: £1. Unlike most social games of its ilk. meaning you can tailor construction to whichever resource you fancy the most of. simple voting system and slick presentation. it offers a handful of resources to gather from buildings. and you’ve got a must-own app. the games are poorly designed. The design isn’t as smooth.99 Developer: bitforge Ltd. Another minigame collection. this is fun while it lasts. It’s a shame. as well as features like elevators and even helicopter pads.99/$2. and with a name like PyramidVille. ORBITAL has that just-one-morego nature.99 Developer: G5 Entertainment AB Japan Life’s colourful isometric visuals and cleverly designed social game mechanics means there’s plenty to appreciate.99 Developer: Evil Laugh Games Price: £1. It’s one thing to look like Super Mario Bros. because the graphics and art design as a whole are reasonably good. It’s well worth giving it a try. but combine this with gorgeous visuals. since the wealth of content is likely to have you returning regularly. There are a lot of hidden object games cluttering the mobile gaming markets. Prose With Bros Rating ★★★★★ Stardash Rating ★★★★★ My 1st JCB Rating ★★★★★ PyramidVille Adventure Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: NUBEE PTE. despite offering no real challenge.99 Developer: Kairosoft Co. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Japan Life ORBITAL Mega Mall Story The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full) iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 69 . when slowed to a halt. Your task is to destroy the orbs by hitting them with another bolt – which in turn creates a circle.99/$2. A handful of puzzles break up the scenes. requiring skilful shots to destroy each orb and avoid hitting the baseline.49/$1. it still falls foul of the same flaws of these types of games – namely repetition. As the name might suggest. The aim is to build and develop your own ancient Egyptian city by creating houses to grow the population. this app centres around creating a mall in order to become incredibly popular and as profitable as possible. It’s a genius idea that’s made better by an excellent interface. There are few games as perfect for a bus or train journey as ORBITAL. and there is no challenge involved at all. which is especially irritating if you stick with it and manage to build a fairly large village.. multiple modes and hot seat multiplayer. LTD.Games iPhone Price: £1. and is an enjoyable work through. offering an interesting storyline and a collection of varied locations. place your phrase online for others to vote on. Each player is given a large number of words with which to make the best phrases possible. So while Stardash looks the part. Mercifully. Ltd Price: £1. Hilariously good fun. The game itself manages to be addictive. there’s plenty of replayability here.

which makes it easy to view important at-a-glance statistics such as your current speed. If you already use Garmin fitness sensors. runs or cycles for fitness. and as a bonus. exercising doesn’t have to be a chore and it’s now far easier to take care of yourself.iPhone Health/Medical Health/ Medical ■ Choose an activity and a motivational soundtrack The ability to get you fit and healthy is a remarkable function of the iPhone. making your iPhone a valuable asset when starting out on a fitness programme. you can select a soundtrack for your workout. With a range of health. From learning about a condition to getting a plan in place. using the iPhone’s built-in GPS technology to track and manage physical activity. Garmin Fit is aimed at anyone who walks. It’s great value. but remember that GPSusing apps can quickly drain your battery. You even see a visual representation of the route you take on a map. then you’ll be pleased to learn that you can also purchase an optional adapter that lets you receive speed/cadence data from your bicycle. distance travelled and calories burned. The app sports a well thought-out and intuitive interface. fitness and medical apps available. there’s an app for you… Top Paid Apps Top Free Apps Skeletal System Pro II ★★★★★ First aid by British Red Cross ★★★★★ Fitness Buddy ★★★★★ Pillboxie ★★★★ Pregnancy ★★★★★ Bleep Test FREE ★★★★ Pick of the section Diabetes UK Tracker ★★★★ 70 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Garmin Fit ★★★★ ■ All important activity data is available to view at-a-glance Price: £0.99 Developer: Garmin International Garmin Fit Turn your iPhone into a powerful training tool There are a number of health and fitness-related apps designed to help you manage exercise routines. Rating ★★★★★ .69/$0.

crisp and informative flashcards that have been designed especially for the small screen. upper limb. spend a few moments exploring its features. and you will quickly find that the long-term functionality it provides just about outweighs the cost. many of you will have heard of Gray’s Anatomy. As a bonus.99/$19. If this doesn’t provide all the information you need. Consisting of colourful. the app lets you quickly and easily navigate your way through 367 fully annotated images. or create your own pinpoint and label if you want to mark a structure that you need to learn more about. it’s easy to find whatever structures you’re looking for. Alternatively. you can bookmark cards for fast access in clinical settings or course review sessions. a human anatomy textbook originally written by Henry Gray. as well as in the wide variety of medical libraries available. Aimed squarely at medical students. For example. and this handy app lets you expand your iPhone’s clinical reference library with original illustrations from Thieme’s complete works.Health/Medical iPhone ■ Choose a category and then an anatomical structure that you want to learn about ■ Flashcards are organised into categories Price: £13. thorax. school and college libraries. but we reckon that it will also be useful to anyone wishing to know more about the human anatomy. choose an anatomical area to explore. The cards are organised into categories that include back. head & neck and neuroanatomy. you can choose to just explore the flashcards at your own pace. abdomen & pelvis. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 71 . A lesser known anatomical handbook is Thieme’s Atlas of Anatomy. Our first thought on downloading the app was that it is expensive. lower limb.99 Developer: Modality Inc ■ Tap a pinpoint for more information on the structure you want to learn about Anatomy on the Go A pocket version of Thieme’s Atlas of Anatomy Medical reference books have a place in public. Tap a pinpoint for more information. each of which can help boost your knowledge of the human anatomy. the app is a delight to use. Once you have selected a category. Consequently. it does offer good value for money. which you can then zoom and pan in on in order to enhance the level of detail. As such. However. then you’ll be pleased to learn that it lets you access additional information from Google or Wikipedia.

as not only can you visually show detailed bone structures to students or patients. but then use the images to help explain medical conditions or injuries.com Skeletal System Pro II – (NOVA Series) – iPhone edition Tap into the power of this anatomical learning tool If this app looks familiar. The app will also appeal to educators in the field of healthcare. but it can also be used as a reference guide courtesy of the index function. Zoom in on a skeletal structure.iPhone Health/Medical Price: £3. then simply tap the area. bone. There’s even a ‘scalpel’ button that lets you add or remove up to four layers of connective tissue. ligaments or skeletal areas.99/$5.99 Developer: 3D4Medical. and if you want to identify any region. The developers have been working in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine on an upgrade to the app for the best part of a year. At the time of writing. rotated and magnified. Do this. or ‘slice’ areas (where applicable) for a coronal. and the app will automatically zoom in and identify it. which are clearly labelled in English and Latin. and the app will zoom in and provide a close-up view. the iPhone version is due to be upgraded to Skeleton System Pro III very soon. and pins will help you identify key areas. and you can choose from a range of viewing options. The app’s primary use is as a learning tool for anyone studying human anatomy. To give you an overview. Rating ★★★★★ . tap the icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. it’s because it has been used in a TV ad to demonstrate the functionality of the iPad. skeletal area or ligament. tap the pin icon on the right-hand toolbar. We particularly like the Quick Navigation feature. The app is easy to navigate. which allows you to select a single structure. sagittal or transverse cut view. You can ■ Use the quiz to test your anatomical knowledge ■ The Quick Navigation function lets you select an appropriate view 72 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 also rotate bones. this cutting-edge app sports a photo-realistic 3D model of the human skeleton that can be browsed.

69/$0. it’s less complicated to use than many other apps with a similar purpose. For example. back. doing so by providing you with instant access to more than 1. For example.99 Developer: Tom Xu 1000+ Exercises. which record your weight and other body measurements. Fitness Buddy has been designed to change the way you perform workouts. Choose an exercise category (core. and regular tablets are essential for a number of diagnosed clinical conditions.000 different exercises. even if your iPhone is in sleep mode. For example. chest. Ultimate Exercise Journal by SkyHealth Getting fit is not easy. and audible alerts and visually pixel-perfect graphics ensure that the app is a joy to use for the post part. going for a run after a busy day at work on a cold and wet winter’s night is not everyone’s cup of tea! However. shoulders. you can time does of medicine around daily activities such as setting an alarm clock.000 exercise photos and animations. and daily reminders are often helpful when scheduling medication doses. Workouts. simply drag a tablet to the pillbox ■ Avoid confusion by adding a description of each tablet or capsule iPhone App Directory Volume 9 73 . and that is to prompt you to take medication at the time that it has been prescribed. Features include the ability to be able to schedule timely reminders. Other features include the option to construct your own workouts and graphs. Now. and enhanced by more than 3. lower body. antibiotics may be required for an infection. we believe that this app may well provide the incentive you need to reinforce your commitment to fitness goals.Health/Medical iPhone Fitness Buddy: Price: £0. As a bonus. Rating ★★★★★ ■ To set a reminder. and the hardest part is finding the right motivation. remembering to take prescribed medication is not always easy. No network connection is required. ■ The next step is to choose a workout ■ The app guides you through the process of completing each workout exercise Rating ★★★★★ Pillboxie Price: Free Developer: Jared Sinclair Medication reminders in your hand We all need to take medication at some point. brushing your teeth or eating a meal. The step-by step instructions are reasonably straightforward. arms or cardio) and you will find detailed instructions showing you how to perform a range of suitable exercises correctly. Pillboxie has been developed with one goal in mind.

You can track calories burned. Tap the 'My Baby' option. so when you’ve finished a ride. Rating ★★★★★ 74 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Pregnancy is an exciting time. this app will help you stick to your goals and manage your training. did you know that the vocal chords are already developing by week 13? Other features include an organiser function that logs your antenatal appointments and a to-do list that lets you manage pregnancy-related tasks. distance covered. distance covered and time taken ■ The dashboard can be configured to suit your preferences Price: Free Developer: runtastic GmbH Road Bike Cycling Computer powered by runtastic Keep track of and manage cycling activities Cycling is a popular activity. With a raft of cool features that include automatic pause detection and the option to configure the dashboard.99 Developer: Med ART Studios LLC Pregnancy Personalise your pregnancy! ■ Keep a record of average speed. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual rider. and certainly one of the most important events in the life of a family. You can even use the app to share your baby’s developmental progress with friends and family via Facebook. Rating ★★★★★ ■ Follow your baby’s developmental progress based on the actual due date ■ An interactive Pregnancy Timeline adjusts to your baby’s weekly milestones . This app is very much a kind of pregnancy calendar. As a bonus. calories burned. speed and even altitude. Also included are a kick timer and a useful contraction timer.iPhone Health/Medical Price: £2. and one that can really enhance your level of fitness. weather and wind data is also recorded. you can post the details on Facebook or Twitter. For example. and you’ll see exactly what we mean – the graphics really are first class. time. The app sports seamless integration with social networking services. and you’ll see comments that explain just how the developmental process is unfolding. it is a powerful performance measurement tool. as is your real-time position. It’s easy to use.49/$3. Tap a circle that appears on the foetal image. and the most notable feature is the ability to be able to view your baby’s development week-by-week courtesy of some stunning foetal images.

Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Medical Apps Ltd Clinical Exam Enhance your clinical learning experience Aimed squarely at medical students. Aimed primarily at fitness instructors. This app has been designed to help you do just this. Enter your weight management goal. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0.Health/Medical iPhone Price: Free Developer: Diabetes UK Diabetes UK Tracker A simple but effective way to manage diabetes Monitoring your health when you have diabetes is very important.99 Developer: Arawella Corporation Calorie Counter Plus: diets & activities Use your iPhone to count calories Much has been written regarding the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle. as it can help prevent or alleviate some of the complications that are commonly associated with the condition. but you can then proceed to access a range of exercises that will help further assist the development of the area in question.49/$1. Not only that. you can use graphs to keep track of results. abdominal and neurological systems. allowing you to identify a body part or muscle in an instant by zooming in on a 3D image. Efficiently designed by a team of experienced professionals. diet. and absolutely anyone can use it to create and follow a personalised and flexible workout. as well as simulated patients.com iMuscle – iPhone edition Keep fit with 450 animated exercises and stretches This flexible workout aid can be kept with you whenever you are away from the desktop. and it does so by keeping track of your daily calorific intake and physical activity using in-built daily plans. However. weight and other related information a breeze. respiratory. and then share your findings via your favourite social networking site or with healthcare professionals via email. the iMuscle app proves to be a joy to use. This educational tool certainly has the potential to enhance the learning experience. you will need to make use of in-app purchases to really reap the benefits. and the key to a success is finding the motivation to stick to a nutritional diet and physical exercise programme.69/$0. As a fitness aid. PLAB and USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills perfect the art of learning. MRCP PACES.99 Developer: 3D4Medical. making this very useful. This app is easy to use and makes logging your blood glucose level. and the app will calculate exactly what you need to eat in order to achieve this. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 75 . Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. Clinical Exam has been developed to help those studying for clinical medical examinations such as MBBS. and includes several cases featuring cardiovascular. it could potentially be invaluable. physiotherapists and the like.

if you try and pause the recording. (such as brain. with the only niggle being the fact that there is no pause feature. hospital.69/$0. Price: £2. You can even add healthcare appointments to the Calendar app from the main screen.99 Developer: Shiv Verma A-Z: Full Body Anatomy Broaden your knowledge of human biology A-Z: Full Body Anatomy is probably best described as a pocket handbook for students or indeed anyone who wants to learn more about human biology. it will simply return to the beginning when you restart it. dentist or pharmacy. which can be quite annoying. making this a useful app for those who value the importance of taking care of themselves. feel and behave. it doesn't make it any more welcome a prospect.99 Developer: Michael Schneider Infinite Relaxation Use your iPhone to aid relaxation and sleep Infinite Relaxation has been developed to aid relaxation and sleep for those who are constantly leading a busy lifestyle. Rating ★★★★★ 76 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Price: Free Developer: Dominic King Wellnote Take control of your healthcare Sporting a polished and intuitive interface. lungs. which in turn helps bring about positive change in your personal perception.iPhone Health/Medical Price: £0. heart. There’s also a section that lets you record medical problems. It provides information about the different organs. The app is simple but effective. diagnoses and test results. As well as written guides. kidneys and nervous system) and includes detailed descriptions and clear graphical images that serve to help explain their functions. It does this by challenging the way you think. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £2. this powerful app draws on established cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques to help boost confidence and self-esteem. Wellnote has been designed to help you manage your own health. Unfortunately.99/$4.99 Developer: i-Therapy LLP Confidence Coach Tap into the power of your positive qualities Developed by two clinical psychologists. and the others use research-based psychological approaches to help you recognise positive attributes and qualities. or to subsequently rate the healthcare services that you use. the reason why the app is so reasonably priced becomes clear when you buy it – you have to pay extra to access the full content. the app includes three audio guides.99/$4. and another that enables you to keep a list of prescribed medication that you are taking. Rating ★★★★★ . For example. and the recordings have been designed principally with the aim of guiding you into a deep state of physical and emotional relaxation. While this will be a familiar concept to most of you. you can use it to find the nearest GP. The narrator’s voice is certainly soothing. The first helps you achieve a state of complete relaxation.

In short.99/$2. Ultimate Value Diary has been developed to help you track. and this app provides you with free access to the company’s 600 health factsheets. including chest pain. but if you are.99 Developer: Fenlander Software Solutions Ltd Patient Safety Manual Ultimate Value Diary Treat patients quickly. hospitals and Bupa centres anywhere in the UK. The app includes within it 18 first aid scenarios. which it does by enabling you to record your daily calorific intake and physical activity. then you’ll be pleased to learn that the app allows you to find specialists. you can be rest assured that all of the information included within this app is accurate and up-to-date. Features include a barcode scanner. You don’t have to be a Bupa member in order to tap into the potential of the service. and to use this motivation to continue to drive you forward. UK and US restaurant menu items. the Patient Safety Manual medical reference app is aimed squarely at junior doctors. manage and reach your diet. First aid can sometimes literally mean the difference between life and death. thus allowing you to easily keep track of things. videos and clear step-by step instructions.Health/Medical iPhone Price: Free Developer: Bupa Ltd Price: Free Developer: 3 Sided Cube Design Ltd Bupa Health Finder First aid by British Red Cross Access a wealth of health-related information Lifesaving information at your fingertips Bupa is one of the UK’s most well-known providers of healthcare. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 77 . as is a step-by-step guide to the Bupa claims process. An invaluable guide. weight loss and fitness goals. As a bonus. and works on the premise that when you are confronted with a situation that requires the assistance of first aid. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Cranworth Medical Ltd Price: £1. which ensure that you are equipped with the right information at the right time. Rating ★★★★★ The key to a healthy lifestyle is to find the motivation to stick to a diet and exercise programme. it will help doctors diagnose and treat a range of common complaints. you will be more than likely to have your iPhone with you. and this official British Red Cross app is just the tool to have in an emergency. It is full of essential first aid information. safely and effectively Get yourself a weight-loss companion Written by senior consultants from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. weigh day reminders and a daily calorific allowance calculator. it gives the clinician instant access to a plethora of information relating to common medical conditions and ailments. making this great for those who'd like to see what this private healthcare lark is all about. The inclusion of PIN protection for security is a nice touch. alcohol withdrawal and hypertension (high blood pressure).

is used by sports coaches and trainers to estimate an athlete’s VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake).iPhone Health/Medical Price: £2. total laps. It’s a great tool for fitness freaks and is very useful for cross country runners. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Let’s Toddle! 78 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Runmeter GPS for Running. This handy app turns your iPhone into a GPS-enabled fitness computer. as well as information about the diet you should eat to achieve your goal. plus a process for sending reports on how you feel and how you are managing your behaviour to your doctor ahead of your next visit. and to then share them online with friends and family. crucially.49/$3.99/$4. you can find out countless other healthy knowledge nuggets. Through the app you can also discover some extraordinary facts about your toddler’s development and build up a month-by-month photo album chronicling your child’s progress. It’s not so much a fitness program as it is a reference app – but it’s perfect when you just need to check exactly how bad what it is you are about to snack on is for you. The app will also provide an optional voice announcement of stage number when moving to the next stage. clinicians and researchers.99 Developer: Feel Free Apps Pty Ltd Price: Free Developer: Daniel Anderton Price: Free Developer: James Bickerton This collection of vegetarian recipes includes a wide variety of dishes to suit all tastes. and the option to view your route on a map.99 Developer: Abvio Inc Price: Free Developer: Department of Health Price: Free Developer: Custard Interactive Pty Ltd Toddlers grow at an extraordinary rate and this fun app helps you keep a record of a young child’s development. carers. Features include the ability to be able to record workout time. or those that care for someone with ADHD manage the developmental disorder. Its primary function is to let you take regular snapshots (each of which can be enhanced with frames and captions). and the recipes are easy to follow. For example. and has been championed by numerous fitness magazines. current stage and stage laps during a test. It’s a decent and informative app to help understand and cope with ADHD. Who doesn’t want a flat stomach? This app’s function is to help you achieve just that. It consists of a number of simple exercises and workouts designed to hone your abs. the recruitment status of the trials. The only real downside is that the app is colossal and takes a long time to download. elevation and speed. location.69/$0. distance.99 Developer: Jingang Chen Price: £0. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ 40000+ Vegetarian Recipes Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Common Agency Ltd Ab Workouts Pro Rating ★★★★★ ADHD Angel Bleep Test FREE Price: £2. it would take 14 seconds of the same exercise to work off a Diet Coke? Well now you do. and with Rebel Sport. and features include a realtime display of VO2 Max. you can set a reminder to take medication or get instant advice on the eight primary ‘tipping points’. who can and cannot get involved and. be healthier and live longer. total distance. It features 20 easy abdominal exercises with steps and animations. this shouldn’t hamper your experience of using the app too much. This app has been developed to help anyone with a diagnosis of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). this app includes a plethora of information for patients. what they are aiming to achieve. Did you know that while it would take 20 minutes of intense aerobics to work off the unhealthiness brought on by a can of Coke. Essentially a portfolio of all the clinical trials currently running in the UK. Through the app you can get in touch with the trial team directly to find out more about a specific trial. Walking and More UK Clinical Trials Gateway Rebel Sport: Time to Burn It . Cycling. The app contains info on what the listed trials are about. A great app. Although the illustrations are somewhat limited. A great app for parents. This great little app lets you run a bleep test anywhere. what health conditions are being investigated. It’s a very useful app for providing you with the feedback and motivation to go further. It also provides an in-app motivational voice to ensure that you keep at it. plus the ability to design your own personal custom workouts to suit individual abilities and time scales. The multi-stage fitness test (also known as the Bleep Test). so if you’re salivating for a tasty meat-free snack then you’ll have to wait for it! Overall though this is a decent and informative app for veggies.

The logged records can also be compared with the supplied information on depression. plus three integrated app skins. allowing you to create a personalised board of soothing sounds that is virtually guaranteed to send you off to the land of nod. Period Diary Pro (Period. Written and developed by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has worked with depressed people in a range of settings.99 Developer: Nanobit d.49/$1. Google Calendar sync and note-taking functionality can help keep you one step ahead of monthly cycles.69/$0. The exercises are easy to follow. The Spinal Injuries Association is a UKbased charity for individuals living with spinal cord injuries. If you regularly suffer from headaches then this is essential. The app includes videos and checklists that help keep future parents in good health right up until the expected due date.99 Developer: Tom Dyess A well-designed app to help make those stressful times of the month more manageable. Fertile & Ovulation Calendar) Rating ★★★★★ PocketHealth Rating ★★★★★ SIA Rating ★★★★★ Sleep Sounds Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 79 . Sleep Sounds offers a gallery of relaxing sounds designed to calm the user into relaxation. Its period cycle calculator.99 Developer: K & M Physiotherapy Limited Price: £0.49/$1. It’s a feature-rich app but slightly overpriced. As it’s totally free. The diary can then be emailed from the app itself. If you’re a first-time expectant parent then this app will guide you through all of the various doubts and fears that giving birth entails and will help answer all of your burning questions in regards to baby development. For help with depression. PocketHealth includes a service finder for different health centres within England. The app provides an in-app volume mixer and the ability to combine sounds to make soundscapes. further showing the value of having this app on your iPhone.99 Developer: MoodMaster Price: Free Developer: BabyCenter Back pain is relatively common and this app features some exercise videos designed to help alleviate and prevent lower back pain. simple to do and require no special equipment.Health/Medical iPhone Price: £1. While there are hundreds of exercises that could be considered helpful. Unwinding after a busy day can be difficult.o. Their SIA app serves as an information portal covering the services and activities of the organisation. Placing several different aspects of healthcare quickly at your disposal. It has a Pregnancy mode and the option to monitor periods on a graph. a detailed chronicle of symptoms. It may not be the most exciting and engaging app.99/$3. as well as in-app descriptions and treatment for a host of conditions to help you self-diagnose prior to seeking expert help. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Diy Physio Lower Back Rating ★★★★★ Headache Diary Easy MoodMaster AntiDepression App My Pregnancy Today Price: £1. Price: Free Developer: Computer Science UK Price: Free Developer: Spinal Injury Association Price: £0. all of which can be bookmarked for future reference. useful for forwarding to a local doctor prior to a consultation. or learning to live with spinal injuries. Headache Diary Easy allows you to monitor and record any head pain that you may be suffering from. if you want to get technical with your monthly cycles. Sometimes the brain and body need some assistance with switching off. the developer has selected the ones that are most prescribed to patients and are guaranteed to work.o. we would advise that everyone downloads and installs this useful app on their device. but it provides a very useful service that will offer support and guidance to anyone suffering from.69/$0. As long as you follow the instructions carefully then you are sure to reap the benefits of this informative app. Using the simple menus and toggle buttons. The application is packed with information all of which is easily accessible thanks to the simple menu system.99 Developer: Biehlsoft Price: £2. you should be able to glean plenty of information. chronicling the strength of the headache. this app is sure to induce sleep. MoodMaster AntiDepression App provides a method of logging recent moods and events that have contributed towards your outlook on life. treatments and comments can be created. the painkillers you are using and more. The main dashboard also allows you to make an emergency call with one tap. So if you’re suffering from insomnia. My Pregnancy Today turns your iPhone into a comprehensive guide that assists mothersto-be through each week of their pregnancy.

all from within the app itself. Rating ★★★★★ . from juggling important commitments to finding time for shopping or dining out. It’s also possible to set the criteria for your dream home. You can search for new properties. It may cost more than some apps. you might be interested in the BBC’s app featuring Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.99/$4. and calculate budgets and contact agents. and are becoming a little overwhelmed. If you’re just looking for advice. two TV hosts who know a fair bit about the housing market. With so many apps in the App Store available. but with so much information at your fingertips. Multitasking has never been easier… Top Paid Apps Top Free Apps WordWit ★★★★★ Auto Trader Mobile ★★★★★ Woodcraft ★★★★★ Evernote Food ★★★★ Olson Recipe Maker ★★★★ SpareRoom ★★★★★ Pick of the section Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter ★★★★ 80 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Domino’s Pizza ★★★ Price: £2. there are plenty of written tips. it’s hard to fault Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter if you’re looking for a new home. score and make notes on other properties that you view. as well as make the things you enjoy doing even more fun. and save them to your database.iPhone Lifestyle Lifestyle ■ Work out monthly costs easily ■ There are plenty of properties to view We all have busy lifestyles. see how you can get your life in order. You can take photos as you view properties. The app gives you everything you need when moving house.99 Developer: BBC Worldwide LTD Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter Get help searching for a new home from TV’s experts If you’re in the process of or planning on moving soon. with the option to save. as well as video and audio advice from the two TV stars.

number of doors. The next search criteria are particularly useful – minimum and maximum price. in order to view the full ad Steer your way to your next car with this turbocharged app Although the magazine and Auto Trader website are popular. It’s one of the few areas where this app drops the ball. the app doesn’t make use of Location Services so you have to tell it where in the UK you are. This allows you to keep a selection of cars you’re interested in. works speedily and is a joy to use. and your dream motors are lined up for you to consider. body type. age. and very intuitive and easy to use. Importantly you also get the seller’s details. state how far you want to travel for a new car . Select the former first. Tap one and its full ad appears on the right. First up is a postcode entry – oddly. One of the best features of this app is the last button on the advert’s screen: ‘Save to garage’. fuel. much of this data hasn’t been entered. You can also email the seller for more information. You can also specify colour. Now the clever bit – select up to three more cars from the garage and they all appear in a grid so you can compare them. plus you can visit the dealer’s website (also within the app. And if all that isn’t enough. and may not apply to the actual car being sold. Enter the garage. There’s a large window with photos of the car and all the important information there for you at a glance.Lifestyle iPhone ■ Utilising Location Services could make this app better ■ Being able to compare cars alongside each other is a useful feature Price: Free Developer: Auto Trader Auto Trader Mobile ■ Simply tap on a car that you like the look of. you can tap on it and a new window appears with the full advert. The Auto Trader app is well thought out. Next. We particularly like that if a car takes your fancy. The wide range of search customisation is impressive. This can be tweaked later via a bar at the base of the screen. share the ad and view a map showing the car’s location. however. engine size and even seller type. These are the manufacturers’ figures. It’s extremely comprehensive. then you’re presented with a list of models. Also. your iPhone makes car searching even easier. Now the important bit – make and model. where are the keys to our new Lamborghini? Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 81 . mileage. but this is equally a problem for Auto Trader’s other outlets. Now. we found that for some cars. which is excellent). there’s also a free text entry box for keywords.

While it is a neat idea. it is actually a superb tool when it comes to documenting your own recipes for reference later on. so you can quite easily enter a large list of the ingredients you used and the cooking method. you can then give your dish a name and add notes. and would have given the app an increased social edge. the option to manually search. as well as giving you a single login account for all of the developer’s apps. both at home and while eating out. memorable meal you’ve ever eaten or cooked. which can send links to your stored meals via email.iPhone Lifestyle Price: Free Developer: Evernote Evernote Food Save your memorable meals using Evernote Evernote Food is the perfect way to capture every mouth-watering. tagging each entry with ingredients. Regardless. as well as other information. You can use it as your own personal cookbook. which can be snapped at the time using your iPhone’s camera or designated by selecting an existing photo from your phone’s camera roll. You can also share your favourite culinary experiences with the world by using the sharing icon. The process of adding meals is simple. straight from the app. After a while. restaurant name and more. You can also tag your recipes for quick searching later. this is still a neat concept and comes recommended for those who love food. chef name. Once the image has been selected. Rating ★★★★★ . Evernote Food also syncs with other Evernote apps and software. The notes field is massive. you will have a growing compendium of your most delicious work displayed on the app’s main feed. First and foremost. or just keep a record of all your most memorable dishes. rate and discuss meal submissions from other Evernote Food users would have been welcome. and can be tailored to what you want to ■ Selecting and moving photos is simple ■ You can name your meal and add recipes 82 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 get out of the app. so your meal entries will be accessible no matter what version of Evernote you’re using and on which platform. or to social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Adding meals begins with an image of the prepared dish. if you’re adding something you made earlier.

and guarantee yourself some more points. You can also easily link your Kudos account with Facebook and Twitter in-app. you can quickly add the ingredients you don’t have to a shopping list. As well a functioning as a food database.49/$3. and generate recipes associated to them ■ Create shopping lists based on your recipes so you know what you need iPhone App Directory Volume 9 83 . It’s not. Additionally. and give you ideas for dishes you could create with some additional touches. but it’s the slight confusion when it comes to the initial generating process that holds it back from being great. it could be useful for keeping the kids in line. For example. ■ Award your friends points when they do something nice for you ■ Track the progress of your friends over time with this handy graph Rating ★★★★★ Olson Recipe Maker Price: £2. the app is organised very well in the sense that once you have a recipe. the Olson Recipe Maker does well. using what you have as the basis. you can place a reminder on a birthday you received kudos for so that you remember next year. and remind your other half how good you are to them. At the back-end of the process then.Lifestyle iPhone Kudos to Everyone Price: Free Developer: Simon Min-Ho Kim Virtual compliments and point scoring among you and your friends Now there’s a way to keep score of good deeds. Also. Kudos to Everyone lets you award points to – or take away from – people who do something nice for you. the app is unquestionably very strong. and further adds to the sweetness of the whole idea. Over time. This app can be easily misinterpreted in the App Store as an instant meal generator for the five things you have lurking at the back of your fridge. Rating ★★★★★ ■ You can search or enter the various ingredients you have. but it will try and inspire you into cooking something different. and you can view your performance in terms of points received and taken away.99 Developer: Peace Point Entertainment Group Create meals from the random items in the fridge This app is designed to take the items you input from around your kitchen. with the entire supermarket and beyond covered in terms of food items. a ‘leaderboard’ grows. with any video tutorials related to the dish at the bottom of the recipe. Being able to attach photos to every kudos turns each one into a little event. by giving them points for good behaviour and so on. It’s a fun twist on social networking. and takes place within a nice-looking interface that reinforces its light-hearted sense of fun. One of the nicest aspects of the app is the practical use it can be put to.

LLC Divine food and wine ■ Each search offers three options: one that stands out. style or region. consumption and budget. or download projects from a substantial list from the developer. There’s a broad range of options with each recommendation. and find the reviews to be lacking in depth. although tracking down specific bottles may prove to be a challenge.99/$9. After asking a few questions about your wine knowledge. you can place planks accurately and rotate around your design for a 360-degree perspective. or find food that matches the wine you already have. and that’s not necessarily bad. you should find this app interesting. Hello Vino’s aim is to make this process a little less confusing. Woodcraft can help you plan. You can either start a project from scratch by selecting from various wood measurements and positioning the pieces to create your final design. Alternatively.99 Developer: Fasterre services-conseils inc. If you’re a novice there’s much to enjoy here. but it’s functional and easy to navigate. good value and random Finding the perfect combination of wine with food is something that connoisseurs will agonise over for many hours. 84 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ Designs can be viewed in a full 360-degree CAD format ■ Pre-made designs are superbly crafted Rating ★★★★★ . Hello Vino then gives you some winesearching options. We can’t say that it’s the most vibrant app either. however. Some flash has been sacrificed in the name of utility. Find a combination for a specific meal. and envision your creations from conception all the way to completion.iPhone Lifestyle Hello Vino Price: Free Developer: Hello Vino. When creating new projects. measure. Those with more refined tastes will likely discover limitations. you can sync your Twitter account to download other designs submitted by followers. So long as your wine supplier is up to snuff. ■ Searches by region can often reveal some interesting options Rating ★★★★★ Price: £6. including user reviews. Once your design has been saved. pick a general taste. you can share it via email using the in-app tool or submit it to the Woodcraft Twitter community. match something up with a special occasion. Woodcraft is a superb tool for those looking to create anything from shelves to garden sheds. Woodcraft Learn woodcraft tips from the pros This highly professional carpentry app is the ideal companion for those undertaking projects of all shapes and sizes.

location and other details to ensure that you get the perfect room. you can take the ‘Master It’ quiz. The ‘Trends’ button can show you recent misconceptions regarding words. By spinning the word wheel. which displays all properties currently offering rooms. together with some contextual examples. You can add a personal bio. as well as those looking for a new place to stay. From there. agencies and more. Do you ever confuse the words ‘except’ and ‘accept’? Do you ever find yourself torn between using either ‘site’ or ‘sight’? If so.49/$1. desired monthly rent. Inc. WordWit is indispensable. Find your perfect flatshare Rating ★★★★★ WordWit Master words with expert help Rating ★★★★★ ■ Word descriptors are detailed and incredibly useful ■ Search lists are full of details and contact information ■ The word wheel can be spun to reveal new examples iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 85 . SpareRoom is a functional and well-presented app that never disappoints when it comes to searching for potential accommodation opportunities. All pins on the map can be tapped to reveal monthly rent. landlord contact details. then WordWit can help you break old habits and use the perfect words in the right context. You can run a location-based search by entering your postcode. Those looking for a place to stay can also log in via their account and post their information to the ‘Rooms Wanted’ feed for potential landlords to see. goodies and entry to the coveted Masters Lounge. and you can tap each word to see its definition and the reasons behind its misuse. SpareRoom is a superb index of those seeking new roommates.Lifestyle iPhone Price: Free Developer: Flatshare Ltd SpareRoom Price: £1. images of rooms. while the ‘Suggest’ icon enables you to submit your own confused word suggestions. The search engine is absolutely brilliant and consistently throws back a wealth of results. You can then fill in the blanks with the correct word to earn points that can be exchanged for WordWit merchandise. As an educational tool for everyday use. which throws two commonly confused words at you.99 Developer: Ballpoint. It’s the perfect companion for landlord and lodger alike. you can see randomised examples of common mistakes people make.

contact details and more. feeding time per breast and other options in order to make sure that the final statistics are as accurate as they can possibly be. It’s smart.99 Developer: noidentity gmbh Travelzoo Yearly Get recent travel deals on demand Never miss a birthday again This highly popular app is a great way of staying on top of recent travel deals for visiting any destination from around the world. outbound dates and more. Rating ★★★★★ . Rating ★★★★★ 86 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Yearly is a neat way of collating all of your contacts’ birthday information in one place. but the contact book essentially does this already. The search and filter options make this app a real winner. You can then set rewards based on how many stars they achieve. turning work into something of a game and even bringing in a touch of competition. together with notes.69/$0. they are awarded a star to their profile. it’s worth a look. if you are renowned for forgetting birthdays and want to get your act together. The ‘Inspire Me’ section is a nifty way of viewing location pictures and seeking out new destinations that you may have overlooked. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Travelzoo Inc. Still. Price: £0. price range. as you can search by travel destination. displaying reminders of birthdays for anyone whose date of birth you’ve saved. You can create profiles for all of your kids and use the timer to set goals for task completion. The main feed will then update to show all birthdays in chronological order. you can use Quick Kids to add an element of fun and reward to tasks. Birthdays are added to the app’s main date list by first adding the information into your iPhone’s contact book. iBaby Feed Timer is superb for those looking to ensure that their newborn is getting the correct sustenance. and display the trends in a handy graph format so you can see your baby’s intake at a glance. or for letting someone else do the legwork of picking where to go. A neat and informative little app.49/$1. Nursing & Bottle Feeding Quick Kids Effortlessly monitor your baby’s nutrition As an accurate record of your baby’s feeding times and intake.iPhone Lifestyle Price: £1. For example.99 Developer: Fehners Software LLP Price: Free Developer: L Gray iBaby Feed Timer – Breastfeeding. if your child tidies his or her room within the allotted time. as well as checking out the Top 20 feed for the very best deals each week. You can also tailor baby formula measurements. The app will collate data for both breast and bottle feeding. When kids and chores mix If you find it difficult to get your child to carry out chores.

Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Forbidden Planet Forbidden Planet Store A world of sci-fi shopping on the go The official app for geek shopping chain Forbidden Planet. so give it a go and see if it helps you. Each recipe has a detailed method. reasonably priced microtransactions. A mustdownload app for food and restaurant lovers. using a very neat grid system for saving contacts. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Random House Group My Kitchen Table Tons of inventive recipes in one app Delivering countless recipes from some of the UK’s finest chefs – including Rick Stein. you can tap the ‘Use Card’ option in order to collect points after your meal and then save them towards free meals and much more. you can now browse and buy items from the store. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Hi-Life Diners Club Ltd Hi-Life App Dine out and earn rewards in style The official loyalty app for diners. including snazzy wallpaper skins. an ingredient shopping list that you must tick off before completing. so that you can save their details for later. scan items using the barcode reader to compare prices. Best of all. The news tab is regularly updated with bonus offers. you can buy additional packs on specific topics via small. While the iPhone contact book does everything this app does. social networking info. This is an expert guide to creating outstanding meals. prize draws and new restaurant reviews in your local area to keep you up-todate and in the loop. Mary Berry and Ainsley Harriott – My Kitchen Table is a superb cookery companion for aspiring chefs of all skill levels. ensuring that you get an overall decent shopping experience. Evernote Hello presents the data in a visually appealing and accessible way. and also track down your nearest store using GPS. mugshots and more to contact profiles in order to flesh them out. When you sync your card to the app. While the app gives you 40 free and delicious recipes. and you even get exclusive iPhone freebies that are updated regularly. Each item searched on the store comes with in-depth descriptions. Hi-Life shows you a list of participating Hi-Life restaurants in your local vicinity using GPS. it’s absolutely free. prices and images. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 87 .Lifestyle iPhone Price: Free Developer: Evernote Evernote Hello Never forget a face with this app Evernote Hello is a handy way of grabbing someone’s information at a meeting or social event at speed. You can add phone numbers. and also email sharing options. Buying items is simple.

though. choose an address to send it to. You can choose from a range of letter-pressed card designs. however. but as it’s still early days. Well worth a look. even the developer describes it as ‘an art gallery for the mobile age’. this app is designed to spare you the indignity of being scrutinised by real.49/$1. To access issues you must first subscribe for £1.49/$1. and your image analysed.99 Developer: Daniel Kiedrowski Price: Free Developer: Forkly Inc Price: Free Developer: iTunes S. It’s a location-based alarm clock that will activate once you reach a certain destination. Don’t let that prevent you from sharing your thoughts. This app enables you to barcode-scan or search for specific products and food items in North America to check how environmentally friendly and healthy they are.69/$0. you have more options to customise what you see with Visn. If you face a massive commute to work each morning. and you can compare items to alternative products.99 Developer: New Line Media Ltd Price: £1. Tag menu items and restaurants you want to try. Simply laid-out and free to download. Forkly determines your location and allows you to browse through recommended restaurant and bar locations within a 25 miles radius. and obtain items that you need for free! Easy to use. and browse other users’ food photos. articulate people. The whole process is smooth. if you want to be woken up a few train stops before your final destination. it’s a quality reader with brilliant content that covers a wide range of topics. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Model Potential Visn GoodGuide Fribi Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: PageSuite Price: £0. Forkly is a great concept. Acting as an image feed for numerous ideas and themes. as the bigger this community becomes the better. this app presents them all in a highquality reader format.a. and are sent out within a few days. As the slightly altered saying goes. you can send them to bookers at Select Model Management. and instead uses complex algorithms to analyse your image to determine if you have potential. seamless. Inc Price: Free Developer: Jimmy Royal AS If you believe you have the look to become the new face in modelling. and insert your own photos to personalise them. Admittedly. Great for green and health conscious individuals. Given the international nature of products these days its use isn’t limited to the US either. Fribi is a giveaway market app that helps you find a good home for all your unwanted items. Delivering a huge archive of Lady Magazine back issues from across the years. catty people. and will let you get some much-needed shut-eye on your way to work each morning without the fear of missing your stop. this app is great for when you’re having a clear out. Apple’s Cards has taken the great card-making features of iPhoto out of the Mac and on to your iPhone. you may find there aren’t a lot of recommendations yet. So. arranged by occasion.r. news and reviews for intelligent. you can edit greetings. A confusing purchase. Though the format isn’t particularly exciting when compared to other digital mags. this great way of trading allows you to find and offer items in the vicinity of your local area. From there. extremely convenient and well worth a go. Each item has been scored out of ten in the health. Look through popular menu choices. We’ve played around with numerous apps that perform a similar function. The cards are relatively inexpensive. the content shines through.iPhone Lifestyle Price: £1. Simply put.99 for a year. Once your profile details have been entered. The problem comes in the form of the price. and they were all free.l. and then rate the food and write a small review. then the GPS trickery within the app will allow it to do just that. Visn is aimed solely at those who like to look at pictures. Whether it will actually help you get a foot in the door of the modelling industry is hard to ascertain.99 Developer: Futurehaus LLC Price: Free Developer: GoodGuide. all without leaving the app. then. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ The Lady Magazine 88 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 WakeMeHere Forkly Cards . who may take up the option to represent you.47 for seven days or £39. It’s satisfyingly accurate. and very easy to use. then WakeMeHere could be just what you need to make your life a whole lot easier. environment and society categories. but the random nature of this type of thing is usually part of the appeal. and pay for it to be printed and sent automatically. it is well designed. Organise alerts for when items you want become available. or upload a photo and details on the things you want to give away. one man’s bronze is another man’s gold.

Granted.99 Developer: Bearded Pony Price: Free Developer: Meguiar’s The perfect app for the coffee connoisseur. It’s a neat idea. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Affogato SpringMesh Total Srat Move Rating ★★★★★ Meguiar’s Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 89 .99 Developer: Random House Group Grant My Wish is a Swiss Army Knife of a gift-giving app. This app comes with tantalising photography and superbly written recipes. brewing techniques. detailed encyclopaedia of coffee blends. insightful app. SpringMesh is a fun. The official app for TotalFratMove. Far more convenient than the old fashioned loyalty cards. along with video guides. That being said.99 Developer: CreativeApplications. We expect great things from this service in the coming months. but it provides a service in a clear and concise manner. The content is witty and uplifting. you can turn to the Loyalli app. You can log in. If you need to know the difference between a Barista and Blonding.49/$1. A multitouch interface allows you to tap. By playing around with the settings you can snap some psychedelic images to your library. The beautifully designed interface makes learning about coffee more interesting and the app is constantly being updated to add more phrases. and with a little work and an update or two. Tips on how to keep your car presentable are added regularly. you can do the whole process with this app – from browsing menu items. If you want to order a Domino’s Pizza from your local branch. as well as gravity effects. then Grant My Wish is for you. at participating venues to rack up points for free goods. biscuits. Over 70 delicious recipes are included and each one has full ingredient and method lists that are so in-depth that you can’t go wrong.net Price: £1. slices and other sweet treats. Rather than carry around multiple loyalty cards that are all battling for the meagre amount of space in your purse or wallet. if you’re looking for a social way to create a Christmas or birthday wishlist that your friends and family can contribute to.com. terminology and recipes for the perfect cup of coffee. It’s good to see that various food outlets are embracing modern technology and making it even easier for their customers to fill their bellies. add to favourites and salivate over the gorgeous photographs. The app itself has quite a flashy interface. meals or services. and subsequently invite your friends to chip in and buy it. negating the need for paper cards. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Grant My Wish Domino’s Pizza Loyalli Primrose Bakery Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. and is sure to brighten even the darkest of days. this is full of posts from college and university alumni across the States. the idea here is that you can scan in-store QR codes. and is sure to help you get the most buffed-up car on your street. to placing the order. blends and tips for instructions.49/$1. Delicious. and hilarious images from educational establishments. You can even upload snaps of your car to the community.69/$0. It allows you to search for gifts like experience days (such as spa trips or paintballing sessions) at discounted prices. Twitter or text message. then look no further than this well-presented. this could be as good as the Pizza Express app.Lifestyle iPhone Price: Free Developer: Tellallmyfriends Price: Free Developer: Domino’s Pizza Group Price: Free Developer: Loyalli Ltd. through the app. although the range of partner venues is still growing. It’s a simple process. drag and control the deformers and you have full freedom to adjust the appearance and density of the mesh to give the textures a truly unique look. You can also vote on which posts you deem to be a ‘nice move’ and share content via Facebook. and search for local stockists. is full of delicious recipes for cupcakes. the look is nothing to write home about and the content is obviously of the specialist ilk. add them to your wishlist. although some have warned that it doesn’t always work. but it can be quite confusing to navigate and understand. Primrose Bakery. Price: £2.49/$3. The official app of London’s famous cupcake store. chat with students and post columns and images for all to see.99 Developer: Daniel Bramhall Price: £1. You can set multiple parameters to adjust how malleable the surface is. all of which you can share. A must for anyone looking to do a spot of baking. colour and more. paying for it and then having it delivered. A marvellous app. interactive texture simulator that replicates movable surfaces on your iPhone screen. Car enthusiasts can use this app to keep on top of the latest cleaning products and techniques from Meguiar’s. as well as funny columns written by the site’s writers. Affogato is a huge.

You can then compare your score to others in the chart and see where you rank. particularly if you love your music. You can enter freestyle mode and simply hone your skills if you would prefer. Additionally. Rating ★★★★★ . and the prices of in-app purchases for any tracks by major artists. you’ll probably find Romplr to be a worthwhile download. if you’ve got the patience to sit through the long loading screen. You earn points for everything you put together coherently. the in-game dashboard is very simple to operate. Inc Whether you want to listen to some tunes or be a little more creative and actually make some sounds yourself. The setbacks are the long loading time on each track. there is an app out there for your every musical need.iPhone Music Music ■ The in-app icons are easy to understand. You have the option to download some genuine charttoppers from the in-app store. or use the free mixkits to put together your own beats. Despite the minor snags. and allow you to create sequences and have fun with the music Price: Free Developer: Moderati. Romplr: Remix is a combination of music app and game in which you have to remix tracks in order to earn points and make the charts for that song. Discover which ones will enhance your collection. as this app makes for a very interactive experience. with a lot of the high-level technical issues such as beat timing done automatically so that you can focus on creating combos and sequences. and which will help develop your own talents in the following pages of reviews… Top Paid Apps Stereophonic – Equalizer & 3D Sound ★★★★★ MadPad – Remix Your Life ★★★★★ SampleTank ★★★★★ Top Free Apps Band Of The Day ★★★★★ Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds ★★★★★ Microphone + Recording ★★★★ Pick of the section Campout ★★★★ 90 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Songineer™ – Instant Composer ★★★★★ Romplr: Remix Remix songs and see if you can make the charts Making mixing a competitive business. with various icons representing the different musical tools that you can mix into the track within your 90-second time limit.

there is still a sense of community to the app. Various music templates are available to users. you will only ever scratch the surface. and the likes of Daft Punk and Nine Inch Nails have and still do use it on-stage during live performances. the different environments in which you create beats seem to come to life and react in impressive ways.Music iPhone Price: £34. and then giggle at the fun of it all. If you really want to start showing off. and yet you’ll still encounter more than you would anywhere else. you can go into the settings and tweak – as far as we can see – just about everything. Lemur is available to anyone with an iPhone. uploaded by artists and others with the app. you can link up Lemur with your laptop and start editing the in-app templates. because for all its show-off features and interface. and if you don’t like something.99 Developer: Liine BV Lemur Musical freedom on an unrivalled level The original software behind Lemur is already legendary in musical circles. ■ There is a host of different physics-centric platforms where you can create sounds ■ The pads will be familiar to anyone who has used beat-creation software. The unique physics that bring the interface to life is incredible to interact with. and with it appears to be no limits or restraints.99/$49. the multi-touch gesturing and sheer responsiveness of the app will make you gasp. meaning that you can take someone else’s early work and transform it yourself. Now. Such is the depth to this app that unless you’re a serious DJ or software fanatic. however. The Multiball area is a great example of this. these form one of the most satisfying parts of Lemur. and your handset will never again feel this powerful. Speaking of templates. Lemur is a multi-touch controlled music generator and MIDI controller. In very simple terms. as well as building your own interface for creating music in whatever you wish. Any other app or software with MIDI capabilities is open to interaction with Lemur. even if you’re just playing with some bass settings. but everywhere you go. but Lemur takes it to a new plain with the level of edits you can make Rating ★★★★★ ■ There are plenty of unique multi-touch playgrounds that can be discovered within Lemur iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 91 . meaning that you can use it to control other music software to create the beats you want. All the movements you make in these different arenas are translated to beats and sounds across your music.

and we experienced no long waiting times or tracks stopping for buffering. The songs are streamed. and not a Porta-Potty in sight. so it’s best to use this app on a Wi-Fi connection. there’s not much to quibble about here. in which the app will randomly select an artist for you. but it’s a concept that we can really get on board with. with four buttons at the bottom of the screen. You have the option to click on ‘Play Me Anything’. There’s also a Trending section where popular artists are showcased. It may be lacking in fancy features or extra content. The streaming takes seconds. you do get the opportunity to discover a wealth of new music without the discomfort of sitting in a muddy field with thousands of other people. Additionally.iPhone Music Price: £0. Rating ★★★★★ . There are plenty of free radio-style apps out there that offer pretty much the same thing.69/$0. but with over 100. or you can search for a band if you know who you’re looking for. too. There’s not much else to it. and you can set albums as favourites in order to come back to them again. The principle is simple: Campout plays you music from a pool of the Bandcamp website’s independent artists. you can click to view the artist in Bandcamp (out of the app). but that’s pretty much all this app features. and there are thumbnails of the album artwork. though. however. and while it has no real-life interactions or any kind of visual flair. so the chances are that your Favourites section will soon start to fill up. Based on our experience. allowing you to discover new talent and listen to their artistic masterpieces. and the design – which looks like an amp – is a nice touch. or else it will suck away at your data plan. and a mere few coins to pay for it. Campout is a nice addition to your music collection that could see you discovering your next new favourite band in no time at all. but what’s here is very solid.99 Developer: Streetline Media Pty Ltd Campout Discover new music in comfort Campout is pitched as being like a music festival in your pocket. the songs in this app are generally an eclectic mix and of a high quality. ■ Your Favourites list is a great resource that allows you to return to bands you like ■ The random selection provided by the app is a great way to discover bands you might otherwise miss 92 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Campout is smooth to navigate.000 artists in this collection.

You never feel overwhelmed. with more difficult lessons available to download once you’ve built up your confidence.49/$7. The options are impressive. Plus. The interface is equally as impressive. and focus on getting you started iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 93 . The first six lessons come built-in.Music iPhone Price: Free Developer: 955 Dreams Inc Band Of The Day Dave Mustaine: Price: £5. getting feedback to hear if you’re getting it right.where it’s simply a case of watching and trying. you’ll feel delighted that your hunger to find out more can be quickly satisfied. swipes and scrolls that are available. Inc. All the little details to ensure you’re learning correctly have been thought of. using it as your guide to pick chords at the right time ■ A variety of information on each artist is available by tapping their name ■ The first six lessons in the app come already downloaded. It would be easy for it to become clunky. you can see a full review of their music. You’ll do plenty of moving around given the amount of drop menus. along with a biography. It includes a fully integrated music player. as well as links to social network sites for you to share your progress. it’s not just a clip. offering the possibility to uncover content. Unlike other apps . this looks to combine the two for a more realistic learning experience. Rating ★★★★★ ■ This is the main screen you’ll work with. Band Of The Day is designed with the purpose of giving you that feeling 365 days a year.99 Developer: The Way of H. as you are presented with a full biography of up and coming musicians each day of the calendar. this app is your personal guitar lessons with heavy metal legend Dave Mustaine. if anything. Rating ★★★★★ Guitar Prodigy Pick up your guitar and learn from one of the best By way of an impressive amount of video tutorials. The most eye-catching feature is that you can link a guitar to your iPhone and play along. With a single tap of an artist’s name. there are some Game Center options should you want to make your playing a bit more competitive. it’s the full track. with a built-in tuner included. Crucially. but it’s always smooth. which includes a selection of songs from each band. That great feeling of discovering a new band – every day There are few better feelings than coming across a great new band. social media information and multimedia content.

It effectively takes the shackles off your iPhone’s music-playing abilities by giving you the chance to adjust different aspects of the sound that you get through your earphones or speakers.99 Developer: Amidio ■ The amount of control and editing ability you have is impressive Songineer – Instant Composer TM Write your own music Songineer™ is a music sequencer full of electronic beats for you to fuse together. Simple things like the bass. bass and keys. and every track can be boosted Price: £2. The UI itself sticks to the electronic theme. SonicMax Pro packs quite a punch in the audio department. the ability to be able to post to Facebook and Twitter from the app menu is a nice touch. the app is very user-friendly. enabling the app to best balance the quality of sound that it produces. Inc Price: £1. which for £2. which is similar to the one you’d find in the Smart Instrument section of GarageBand. with neon and strobes everywhere. The result is incredibly impressive. Songineer™ is anything but quiet. if any. and everything from editing your beat layers to uploading or exporting files can be done in a few taps of the iPhone screen. Additionally. you also have the ability to create in-app playlists that work to get the most out of your newfound musical power. Even with all these features. you want to use. you can completely change the sound of your music simply by moving the dials ■ Your music library is available to choose from. The music creation interface is broken down into five layers.99 Developer: BBE Sound. and pieced together cleverly to make the process more simple. There is even a feature that allows you to select what type of audio equipment. Furthermore. and as well as a manual input function there is the Beat Randomiser. including beat.49/$1. Rating ★★★★★ 94 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 SonicMax Pro Give your iPhone music a shot in the arm For an app with just one main screen. Rating ★★★★★ .99/$4. you feel as if you’re hearing the track either live or through a very expensive sound system. Suddenly. and you can instantly hear the difference. all the way up to the ‘sound field’ can be boosted and played with.iPhone Music ■ From this screen. The app comes with 20 instruments for you to experiment with. allowing you to focus on each one individually and then bring them together to create your sounds.99 on a smartphone this most certainly isn’t.

The main interface focuses on a musical loop consisting of five parts. Korg have managed to provide a fun yet powerful musical tool. Alternatively.99 Developer: IK Multimedia Work on your beats on the go When you see an app price tag in double figures. the Korg iKoassilator. and SampleTank does not disappoint in that department. the iKaossilator is an expressive musical implement that caters for both musicians and non-musicians alike.99/$19. you can experiment with the different sounds they can produce using the in-app keyboard or pads. as well as record and layer sounds to create your own beats.99/$19. Create inspired musical chaos with Korg iKaossillator Having previously focused on the iPad. allows both iPhone and iPad users to get in on the action. musical phrases can be swapped with one of the many that come with the app. The app is essentially a sound workstation that allows you to sample different aspects of a variety of instruments. Based upon the popular Kaoss controller series of music tools. SampleTank looks and feels like the app a musician would have on their iPhone. even when they weren’t. the natural reaction is to expect something special. With each instrument.99 Developer: KORG INC. and with a little work some solid loops can be swiftly created. Korg’s latest offering. The level of control extends even further when you consider that you can edit the pitch and tone of every instrument sound in the Edit area of the menu. In short. Any completed masterpieces can be exported to SoundCloud.WAV for use in desktop studio applications. each coming with a pattern generator to get your beat started. Within the small space of an iPhone display. so they could quickly start working as if they were in a studio. Rating ★★★★★ ■ You can edit the characteristics of each instrument’s sounds to get the results you want ■ There are 15 different instruments available for you to try in SampleTank iPhone App Directory Volume 9 95 . Using the interface. which is full of professional dials for you to play with.Music iPhone Korg iKaossillator Price: £13. The included sounds are up to the excellent Korg standard. individual sounds can be chosen and played via the touchscreen interface. ■ Changing the lengths of loops can create some unique results ■ There are plenty of pre-loaded phrases that cover a variety of styles SampleTank Rating ★★★★★ Price: £13. AudioCopied to other apps or simply saved as a .

and need to get to it quickly.99 Developer: Mysterious Trousers LLC Sticky Playlists Not as messy as it sounds Sticky Playlists is a playlist management tool that not only gives you full control over creation and shuffling of your various playlists in-app. The app places a beat output on each number.99/$2. and even the volume level. Upon returning to a list. Rating ★★★★★ . Rating ★★★★★ 96 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Price: £1. it is beyond the basics that this app really starts to come to life.99 Developer: Wizdom Music Geo Synthesizer Bending sound to tale synths to the next level Geo Synthesizer has the solid foundation needed to be a successful synth app. it should prove to be very useful for those who have a large amount of playlists to manage. but also remembers where you left off. This Day In Pink Floyd is a must-have for any Pink Floyd fan. On top of this. All in all. However. Your creations appear in waveform on the screen. all of the previous data will be restored.99 Developer: This Day In Music Apps LLP This Day In Pink Floyd Band trivia for every day of the year In terms of the content that is available. which allows you to control and configure with other apps running in the background on your device. As a companion app. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1.99/$9. Ranging from gigs played on this day to album releases or little known facts. as well as export your sound creations directly to iTunes. You can also skip through tracks in 15-second bursts.99/$2. allowing you to edit the colour and other aspects of their appearance. On top of this calendar. along with the exact point you were at in the track.99 Developer: Madgarden GlitchMachine Music synthesiser and writing code. the amount of content means that dedicated fans are well catered for. making this app a very handy tool for any aspiring musicians who are constantly looking to try something a little bit different.iPhone Music Price: £1. You can also load waveforms from SampleWiz. Price: £6.99/$2. This is geek heaven GlitchMachine is a great-looking music synthesiser app that draws its inspiration from code-writing. a previous app from the developers. with different MIDI themes and a feature called ‘Virtual MIDI’ . it proves to be a great way for you to fuel your love of the band. meaning that each input will create a unique sound. there are song notes included for every one of their released tracks. if just for the trivia and facts that accompany every day of the year. which proves to be a particularly handy tool should you want to hear something in particular. This level of detail and interactivity make for a great user experience. as well as numerous videos and a quiz to keep you occupied. you can also share your work via Twitter in order to get it out there much more quickly.

with a single tap playing a sound.Music iPhone Price: £2. The multitude of dials on offer gives you a great amount of creative freedom. There is plenty of functionality within the app. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 97 . but few have married these ideas together like Addictive microSynth. The waveforms are presented in loops that you can tap. and a shake of the device changing the sounds. encompassing instruments to play with. mould and count in to time your beats all make for an engaging UI that has the effect of encouraging you to experiment. and play ‘live’ using the in-app keyboard. Looking and feeling like a very useful tool for songwriters. meaning that this app remains smooth and fun to use.99/$4. iMaschine works almost as a sketch pad for your music-making tasks.99 Developer: Native Instruments GmbH Addictive microSynth iMaschine Recording studio interface combined with powerful synth Take music to another level There are lots of apps that try to look like mobile recording studios. there are some extra themes for the instruments available through in-app purchases should you wish to further expand your creative options when you’re experimenting with sound in your handheld studio. as well as upload them from other sources. but without compromising on usability. and loop options so you can create and mix different sounds.99/$4. It allows you to record up to four tracks at once. Loopy HD is a great app for anyone who loves to experiment with music. a music generator and a drum kit. A very fun app to play around with. RgbSoundPro turns your iPhone into an amalgamation between a synthesiser. giving you complete control over what you hear.99 Developer: A Tasty Pixel Price: £1. and plenty of synths to go with it. allowing for potentially endless possibilities when it comes to mixing and looping together your creations.99 Developer: Francesco Cricchio Loopy HD RgbSoundPro Loop sounds to create your own music Make sweet music Complete with a sleek and attractive interface.49/$7. as well as an audio recorder should some lyrics hit you. a double tap starting it on a loop. all with masses of colour and sounds to grab your attention and never give it back. Swiping the screen increases or decreases the beat speed. which can then be exported to SoundCloud and shared on social networks. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £5. You can record sounds in-app.49/$1.99 Developer: VirSyn Software Price: £2. Additionally.

Rating ★★★★★ . sounds aren’t forthcoming to go with the colourful movements. then upload and mix them together to create truly unique sounds. The central idea that it turns your iPhone into a sensor that creates sounds based on what that sensor picks up in the vicinity of the phone is potentially a very interesting one.99 Developer: Joerg Piringer Price: £1. It has the power and range of a recording studio. However. The point-and-shoot nature of the app also extends to capturing video clips. A keyboard is the centre point of the app’s interface. MadPad allows you to record various sounds from the world around you.iPhone Music Price: Free Developer: Tomas Baculak Price: £0. Sunrizer is an expensive-looking app. from here you can create your tracks as well as use the dials and settings to tweak what you hear. and is worth a go if you’re serious about your music-making. Rating ★★★★★ 98 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 A grown-up synthesiser for those who mean business Packed with features such as MIDI key velocity. as well as cutting together previously made video sets to create new tracks for you to share. as well as built-in iTunes sharing and Chord Memory. using rhythmic taps to create the beat you want. actually drawing sound from the app appears to be difficult. yet doesn’t cost a fortune. Rating ★★★★★ A random sound generator with a twist. which records sounds around you for you to then modify. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. The app allows you to alter pitch as well as distort or reverse the sound in order to add further intrigue to this unique brand of sound. This works well with the Sampler option. and while the on-screen particles do change as the sensor picks up objects. which you can then record and include as part of any mix you create.99 Developer: Smule Inc A Particle Magnetophone MadPad – Remix Your Life Music generation from a different perspective Soundtrack the world around you From a purely theoretical point of view.99/$2.69/$0. which allows you to type in something for your device to say.99/$2. so you can create some great visuals to go with your audio. You can use your iPhone almost like a drum. this app has the potential to be a unique and innovative experience.99 Developer: BeepStreet RealBeat SunrizerXS synth Create beats from the noises around you RealBeat’s most interesting feature is the Text to Speech option.

iDubstep also helps get you off to a smooth start by giving you a choice of intro sounds to begin with. There is also multimedia content in the shape of videos and images of the group in action that really boost the appearance of an already great-looking app. or simply browse tour dates. There are ten sliders to the equaliser to give you all the music boosting power you need. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. Simple in terms of interface.99 Developer: Cellaflora Design LLP Ensõ A music generator with an extra. Ensõ is very straightforward to use.99/$2.99 Developer: LifeVision Studios iDubstep Create and share your own dubstep tracks Create your own dubstep tracks from scratch using this comprehensive app that allows you to not only create your own sounds. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Sour Mash Records Ltd Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds The official app for Noel’s new band A hub for fans of Noel Gallagher and the former Oasis man’s new group. Moreover. the High Flying Birds.49/$1. Definitely recommended for fans.Music iPhone Price: £1. and introduce ‘3D Sound’ to give the impression that you’re listening to the track live. the Pads section provides you with various drums and other sound effects to piece together as you wish.99/$2. but upload existing ones. the app not only carries all the latest news. relaxing purpose Rather than being solely aimed at music lovers. The scroll menu along the bottom of the screen allows you to customise what kind of sounds you hear when tapping and interacting with the app. yet gives you scope to adapt the sounds you hear to suit you. The app includes a visualiser so you can see your music as well as hear it. and assign your iPhone bass power that is normally beyond its grasp. but also song previews and one-tap options that enable users to buy tracks. as well as constantly updating social feeds. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. You can search for gigs close to your location. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 99 . as well as use those within the app to create them. Ensõ offers the chance for users to gain some valuable relaxation time by listening to the melodies they create.99 Developer: Guppies in the Dark Stereophonic – Equalizer & 3D Sound Providing a boost for your iTunes library Aiming to give the music you play on your iPhone a boost. Stereophonic allows you to improve the bass.

Acting as both a way to distribute the band’s music. and the tape reacts realistically to actions such as rewind and fast-forward. and subsequently ‘mashing’ them together. The app works well. Reggae and Urban music. The Belgian duo have been a little quiet recently. Hocus Pocus manages both aspects fairly well. The app essentially lets you listen to the station through your iPhone but also contains links to the website. You are simply provided with a set of virtual drums to hit and pound to your heart’s content. pitch and crossfades in order to create your own set. RadioSoulWax is free to download. AirCassette presents your songs as Eighties-style cassette tapes. and allows users to listen to a series of their specially prepared mixes that are synced with visuals in time with the music. it’s up to you to play with the tempo. only to realise that you’d rather sit down and do nothing? MiniMash is the tool for the wannabe DJ.49/$1. Soulwax/2 Many DJs became famous a few years ago with the release of their Radio SoulWax mixes. which is great for devising fresh new beats and unleashing pentup aggression without upsetting your neighbours. With the ability to save and share your masterpieces. With Facebook integration and the ability to manage multiple bands. it’s still a nice little music creation tool for you to add to your collection. The app also pushes notifications about tour dates and other details that fans will love. Giving your music collection a retro splash of imagination. Facebook and Twitter pages to help you stay connected with the station. Fans should get a kick out of it. Hip Hop. making it a decent throw-away app for musicians who happen to stumble across a rhythm while out and about that they would like to develop and use in the studio later.99 Developer: Nathan Kipp Price: £1. There‘s little to appeal to a wider audience. and with handwritten song details. this is really good fun. There is quite a lot of info about Cascada on here as well as some exclusive content. and while the band’s news section appears to be – unavoidably – in French. Also included is a ’16 Beats’ mode.49/$1.99 Developer: Daniel Iglesia Price: Free Developer: Sven Janning Price: Free Developer: Our Patience Is Ltd YouBookBands is a US-centric app that will suit those who are involved in the music industry. and then decide if a particular location is right for you. So if the music it belts out ticks any of your taste boxes then be sure to check it out. loops. and the interface is admittedly somewhat bland.49/$1. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ YouBookBands Rating ★★★★★ MiniMash CASCADA RadioSoulWax Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Aaran McGuire Price: Free Developer: Darrell Bunch Price: £1. It’s a pretty pointless app from a practical point of view. Are you a lazy DJ? Do you sit around day after day longing to mix together those beats. You can create a ‘mixtape’ by queuing tracks from your library. You can also record the music you make and play it back later. it makes it easy to find a place for those who need it the most. Whether you have natural rhythm or not matters not one bit with this fun free app. Dance artist Cascada has entered the world of iOS with her own little app that allows users to listen to some of her songs. Soul House. get all the latest news about her. but if you are enough of a fan to be interested in this app then you probably own all her music and know most things about her.99 Developer: Majasalmi Price: Free Developer: Cahri SARL This is the official app for Radio Sandwell. It isn’t an app for everyone. Overall. but in the right hands it will prove to be a useful tool that hasn’t really been replicated elsewhere in the App Store. MiniMash is a musical slob’s best friend. and watch video clips of her tours. so RadioSoulWax is probably not of much interest to the casual listener. based on real designs. as well as a tool for creating your own. but the nostalgia it helps to generate is priceless as you’ll be transported back to an age when assembling your own compilations was genuinely exciting. working on their iPhone and Android apps.iPhone Music Price: £1. but the visuals are not that inspiring. You can browse through the band’s albums and listen to 30-second previews of individual songs. which allows you to tap away on the screen and create your own mixes using sound effects from four of Hocus Pocus’ tracks. It’s well produced. intuitive to use and provides a decent free service. a West Midlands-based station that serves Birmingham and its surrounding area and focuses on R ‘n’ B. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ iSandwell 100 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Drum Set+ AirCassette Rating ★★★★★ Hocus Pocus Rating ★★★★★ . using songs that are already sitting in your iTunes account. It lets you search a large database of music venues. Determining each track’s beat.

You can see the show’s playlist and buy songs from iTunes as well as create a favourites section. so there’s no reason to miss out.99/$6.99 Developer: Brandon & Erik Corporation The Absolute Radio 60s app provides streaming content from one of the UK’s largest independent network radio stations. As radio clients come. the app allows you to see the latest media on the singer from a range of sites.Music iPhone Price: Free Developer: Absolute Radio Extra Price: £4. Obviously the app is very specialist and those who aren’t partial to Bieber’s foppish hair and childish good looks need not apply. as well as view photos and video clips. but this is nevertheless a good fan app that is packed full of content. It’s a great free app for recording lyrics and melodies whenever inspiration strikes. it does its job perfectly well. and find the right harmony for that song. Fans of the show will be in their element with this great free download. and with the in-app equaliser you can keep track of the sound levels of everything you record. but there are also cheaper ones available. The app comes with social network links to Facebook and Justin’s official Twitter feed so you have every angle covered when it comes to the latest gossip. The first of its kind. sport and movie-based podcasts. this is hard to beat and there are plenty of cool features to keep you engrossed. enabling you to experiment and develop your own DJ set-list while on the move. The app includes audio demonstrations and you can compare your own attempts by recording them against those in the app in order to perfect your performance. The app otherwise functions as a normal music player.49/$1. Not as versatile as the djay app. all while you’re listening to the show live. golden age of rock ‘n’ roll then this digital radio app is sure to provide plenty of foot-tapping content to keep you bopping throughout the day. So if you like your sounds planted firmly in the retro. Though this requires in-app purchases to get the full support of the app and its many features. and you can even view the song in segments to encourage people to learn the words. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Absolute Radio 60s GA iSingWorship Justin Bieber News HQ Price: Free Developer: 24/7 apps Price: £1.69/$0. There is enough coaching advice here to help develop your voice for a variety of different singing styles besides those of a Bollywood ilk. This client app gives you direct access to the popular US radio show aimed at Black America. GA is a vocal coaching app for Bollywood music that covers the basics like breathing exercises as well as interesting theories like mind meditation. so it may be worthwhile shopping around for apps that cater for a particular type of music. Just be aware that some of the chords you have to purchase in-app are very expensive. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Microphone + Recording Rating ★★★★★ MIXTRAX Piano Harmony MIDI The Tom Joyner Studio Pro Morning Show iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 101 . MIXTRAX firstly categorises your music into genres and then mixes them together when they play – and some of the results are very pleasing to the ear. but with the addition of the timer settings. This app turns your music library into a personalised DJ set. It’s a great way to deliver hymns to your congregations in a new and engaging way and is perfect for churches. You can use AirPlay to display the lyrics on a big screen.99 Developer: Pioneer Price: Free Developer: Creative Music Ventures Price: Free Developer: Reach Media This useful app allows you to record wherever you are. Alongside music from various decades there are also links to comedy. A hub for all Bieber news.99 Developer: Music n Chilli Price: Free Developer: Innervation Trust Price: £0. iSingWorship allows you to play worship songs on your iPhone. but still worth a look. it allows you to toggle when songs begin to mix together. Just use the menu tabs to piece together your chord structure and it works surprisingly well with any style of music. complete with lyrics and musical arrangement to help engage others. It’s a handy app for the spontaneous musician and although features are limited. such as Little Known Black History Facts and interesting guests. Bringing the hymn book into the 21st Century. you can use the app to find the chords for a piece of music quickly. small groups. kids groups or for personal use – and it’s totally free. Some content requires a free Absolute account but even for the non-committal there’s plenty of great content. The app also includes a Wi-Fi share feature so that any of your recordings can be uploaded to your iTunes Library quickly and easily.

The feeds are constantly buzzing through. You can also get real-time weather updates so you’ll always know whether to take your brolly. It’s rammed with regularly updated information. gorier spin-off show. The pictures that are there as thumbnails to illustrate a headline are conspicuously lacking. the latest Twitter and Facebook feeds plus all the latest videos uploaded to the affiliated YouTube channel. Read on to see for yourself… Top Paid Apps Top Free Apps Weather Live ★★★★★ Appy Geek ★★★★ Hurricane Express ★★★★★ C4 News ★★★★ WeatherPro ★★★★★ Stitcher Radio ★★★★ Pick of the section Top Gear Reader ★★★ 102 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Holy Moly! Free! ★★★★ Price: £1. If you are happy to swap visual panache for quality and bulk of content. plus watch live videos of what’s going on in the world. though. and contain some insightful interviews You can now keep up to date with the latest news and weather wherever you are. Read the current headlines and archived stories. then iWho definitely delivers.49 Developer: David Brook iWho is Doctor Who iWho The app for Dr Who news Featuring a news wire. you don’t get that same sense of authority from the Doctor Who iWho app as you do the website. The app is somewhat let down by some poor presentation. It feels devoid of flair. Torchwood. and the contributors get some impressive access to cast and crew to bring exclusive interviews to the fore. consisting predominantly of text. and cannot be zoomed in on.iPhone News/Weather News/ Weather ■ The podcasts are well worth listening to. which is a shame. Unfortunately. Rating ★★★★★ . the iWho app is definitely worthy of ‘essential’ status if you enjoy the time-travelling exploits of The Doctor and its grittier. with very few pictures to speak of. archive of podcasts.49/$2.

The screen is literally awash with weather information. and rather cleverly they change to suit the current weather conditions. wind speed and direction. As a bonus. with the current temperature being displayed as an icon badge on your home screen. then Weather Live may well prove to be the app for you. it's a first-class weather forecasting tool. All in all. the app features polished animations that reflect current weather conditions wherever you happen to be. In fact. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 103 . For example. one of the most notable of which is support for adding multiple locations. the app gives iPhone users instant access to a massive network of weather stations situated around the world. Some handy personalisation options are included. as well as being able to choose to display the local time for the selected city or location.News/Weather iPhone ■ You can view a weather forecast for just about anywhere in the world ■ Imperial and metric units are supported ■ The interface sports a wealth of weather forecasting data Price: £0. raining or snowing. as it’s easy to add a location manually. you get instant access to the current temperature (including a ‘feels like’ temperature). You can even receive alert notifications when the temperature falls below zero. Designed primarily as a service that provides live local weather updates. the animations are dynamic. this isn’t a problem. and adjust the screen brightness by swiping a finger vertically. humidity. and whether it’s sunny.99 Developer: MYW Productions Weather Live Instant access to local weather conditions and forecasts There are myriad weather forecasting tools available for the iPhone. You can also opt to display wind speed and temperature using imperial or metric units. and one that offers the roving iPhone user exceptionally good value for money. However.69/$0. The bottom of the display shows you the general weather conditions for the next seven days. the only slight niggle we found was that the app initially failed to automatically find our location accurately. Changing location is a breeze – just swipe a finger across the screen. but if you are a frequent traveller or outdoor enthusiast who relies on accurate weather forecasts. as well as three-hourly reports. The interface is stunning. pressure and even visibility.

as well as archives on big news stories. there is a special reports tab. UN Foundation is worth the download time. and share stories. children’s health. search and check out all of the latest charity campaigns. just in case you missed one and wanted to get back on top of the issues. poverty. made up of a collection of articles grouped together to form part of a key subject in the news. Use the app to check out all the latest issues that the UN Foundation is committed to working on and improving. So while the multimedia content isn’t as in-your-face as some other news apps. 104 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ Donate directly to a cause through the ’Give’ icon via text or credit card ■ Read current news stories on the home screen as soon as the app loads Rating ★★★★★ . You can even sign up for email alerts. photos and videos with others via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. it does exist if you look for it. charity work and aid efforts. Arguably the best feature is the presence of a catch-up tab. ■ There are sections dedicated to blogs from the channel's journalists Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: FDV Solutions UN Foundation Stay informed to get involved The UN Foundation app enables you to stay up to date with global events as they unfold. Likely to appeal to users who are interested in current affairs. The bottom tab bar allows you to search for the news the way you want to. including climate change. There is even a ‘Give’ feature that enables you to select a cause and donate on the go. the Channel 4 News app is a good addition to the home screen of anyone who likes to stay on top of the news. A dedicated gallery section contains a ‘pictures of the week’ gallery. with just two pages of main headlines instead. giving you the chance to stay informed and make a difference. this informative app keeps you on track with developments around the world. there are sections dedicated to blogs from the channel’s journalists.iPhone News/Weather C4 News Price: Free Developer: Channel 4 Channel 4 becomes the latest station to join the dedicated news app Draped in its traditional purple. In addition. which you can swipe between. with a short archive of all their recent posts. You can browse. be it by headline or category. which allows you to view all the Channel 4 news bulletins from the last seven days. peace and security. The app doesn’t overload on multimedia clips. Plus.

99 Developer: Kitty Code Hurricane Express Your Middle East Price: Free Developer: Your Middle East AB Interactively track hurricanes Aimed at those living in areas prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. this app provides all the information you need to stay safe and informed. Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern and Central Pacific. and these are provided by HurricaneTrack. whose reporters get in front of the storm in order to broadcast news and information that is right up to date. Markets or Weather) to access information. The app has an interface that has been optimised for the iPhone. women in the Middle East and East-West relations. art and business. The most notable feature is the ability to track each storm on an interactive map. unbiased news. Rating ★★★★★ ■ You can track the path of all 2011’s hurricanes and storms ■ This is Hurricane Irene as it swept up the US east coast in August 2011 ■ Checking the financial markets is a breeze ■ All the latest Middle East news brought to your iPhone iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 105 . weather forecasts. Content is updated regularly and all you have to do is tap on a topic (News. Florida – the official source for worldwide tropical predictions – and provides important information about storms in the Atlantic. Your Middle East is a rich source of news and information for anyone interested in the Middle East and North Africa. Caribbean. and this lets you effortlessly view independent. Arabic literature. travelling. and one that will be welcomed by those living in areas prone to inclement weather conditions.News/Weather iPhone Price: £1. Detailed video updates are made available whenever a storm threatens the US. commodities and currency updates. Features. Rating ★★★★★ The definitive Middle East and North Africa news resource Published for a worldwide audience. Opinion. Recent interesting articles have discussed portraits of everyday life in the Middle East.49/$1. culture. The streamlined and intuitive interface works well and the app is easy to navigate. studying or living in the region. It’s especially useful for those working. high-level analysis of current events. You also get access to a diverse range of subjects including travel. All in all. Data comes from the National Hurricane Alert Center in Miami. Hurricane Express is a good-value. functional and interactive hurricane and tropical storm tracking tool. as this helps predict the path and severity. in-depth reporting and even regional market information.

49/$1. wherever they are in the world. as its primary function is to collate the show’s main news. software and hardware reviews. and if you want to keep track of advances in technology. AppsGoneFree is well worth installing. you’ll no doubt appreciate this app.99 Developer: Vitalii Nevgadailov Top Gear Reader And now one for the vehicle enthusiasts… If you’re a fan of the popular television show Top Gear.box is a blog that is becoming increasingly popular with those wishing to keep up to date with technology news. opinions and analysis.99 Developer: Andrew Timofeev eWeather HD – Weather forecast. Essentially a mobile portal that has been optimised for the iPhone display. this app lets you access a range of interesting news. The information is obtained from a variety of sources. and a neat touch is a feature that displays the current temperature in your last known location on your iPhone’s home screen via a badge that is on the app’s icon.box Save time finding great-value apps Keep in touch with the latest technology news Are you on the lookout for great deals on apps? If so. gadgets and computers while on the move.iPhone News/Weather Price: Free Developer: App Advice Price: Free Developer: Gerasimos Chatzidamianos AppsGoneFree tech. up-to-date weather forecasts. Rating ★★★★★ . as its sole purpose is to scout the App Store every day in order to bring you the newest and best apps that have just become temporarily or permanently free. The service has the knack of being able to find only interesting.69/$0. As a bonus. Radar and Temperature A mine of useful weather forecasting information This straightforward and great-looking app is a handy resource for anyone who relies on accurate. there’s a search feature that lets you find content that specifically interests you. so there’s no need to waste time sifting through those time-wasters that will probably end up being quickly deleted. and these include official BBC sites. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £1. articles and videos so that they can be viewed at your leisure on your iPhone. look no further. useful and fun apps. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. several prominent fan pages and YouTube. Rating ★★★★★ 106 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 The tech. It provides hourly and ten-day forecasts from two leading weather providers. and a section that helps users with technical queries. Features include extensive Apple coverage. giving more access to content than an official app might. A barometer lets you view trends in air pressure. photos. letting you take advantage of any stealthy and limited-time sales to build up your app library. as well as severe weather alerts when they are available.

this app’s for you. as it allows you to keep track of the latest topics in the fields of technology and innovation. this powerful map-based app shows you how the sun moves across the globe. Sporting a slick interface. wind speed and direction. the app gives you instant access to a wealth of news articles. seven-day forecasting is broken down into three-hour intervals. and so on). Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Kainos Software Ltd Tide Times NI Display NI tidal data any time. and you can choose the news feeds and subjects that you’re interested in and add them to a dedicated ‘My News’ page. air pressure. We particularly like the global satellite and animated radar imaging tools that show you the current cloud base. watersports enthusiasts and anyone else who works on the sea. As well as all the usual functions (temperature. Tech Watch and more. all of which is then stored locally and is accessible in remote areas without a data connection.News/Weather iPhone Price: Free Developer: Mobiles Republic APPY Geek What’s going on in the world of technology? This one’s aimed squarely at the techies. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 107 .99 Developer: Meteogroup Deutschland GmbH WeatherPro All the weather forecasts you’ll ever need WeatherPro is one of the most popular and accurate weather forecasting tools available for the iPhone. but switch to landscape mode and you’ll see the tide movements in a graph. a key feature is offline storage. and it offers the discerning user a plethora of advanced features. any place Essentially a tide timetable for over 60 locations in Northern Ireland. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £2.49/$1. and there are weather reports available for over 2 million worldwide locations. Browsing articles is easy. and sources include popular sites like TechRadar. present or future – to see where the sun will be or was in the sky at any given time of day. Information displayed is limited to high and low tide values for each day. Essentially an instant sunrise and sunset prediction tool. Price: £1. an internet connection is only used to download the most up-to-date tidal data.49/$3.99 Developer: Appsterisk Ltd Azimuth Sunrise Sunset Sunrise and sunset times for anywhere on Earth If you’ve ever been fascinated by sunrise and sunset times around the world and how they change throughout the year. You can even share your favourites with others via built-in Twitter and Facebook integration. An invaluable resource for fishermen. You can view the times plotted on an interactive chart that is scrollable to any date – past. this app lets you find tide times at a moment’s notice.

Granted. film. it works well enough and won’t cost you a penny. market prices and the company directory while away from the desktop. Its only flaw is that it doesn’t allow for custom podcasts. bite-sized articles and location services settings to deliver content that focuses on where you are (as long as it’s in Asia). We were expecting an iPhoneoptimised news app that somehow differs from CNN’s other. it just lacks innovation. An excellently designed app. flawlessly play podcasts and even remember where you stopped listening – ready to pick up where you left off. It goes without saying that this is not an app with widespread appeal. sleekly designed app that can track favourites. news. drink. The best features though are the Daily Hukam (which allows you to listen to both original Gurmukhi from Hrmandir Sahib. Consisting of an array of visual aids that document a range of subjects. rather good. gaming and music. replacing radio for hours and hours of someone talking about a favourite subject. videos and discussion forum posts while mobile. It features good graphics and animations (with Retina Display). This free app takes its website content and presents it in an easy-to-navigate interface. Articles can be shared directly to Facebook and Twitter from within the app and it’s a decent source of celebrity tittletattle. this reader is great if you know the URLs of your favourite feeds. it’s hard to determine exactly who this is aimed at. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Holy Moly! Free! 108 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 MyRSS SikhNet Mobile Thermometer & Weather Rating ★★★★★ . Sporting a simple. fashion. then it’ll work a treat. Bunkerworld is an independent authority on marine fuel and shipping price indices. there is no option to browse popular RSS feeds and each URL needs to be entered manually. There’s a wealth of RSS readers available and this is the new kid on the block.99 Developer: Andrew Pereira Price: Free Developer: SikhNet LLC Price: £0. SikhNet. the (apparently) much-demanded app dollop of celebrity. but what we got was a travel companion that divulges all the best places to eat.69/$0. From charts on the recent Emmys and which profession the nominated fictional characters held down. as well as English Katha of the Hukam) and audio stories for children. it’s essentially a group of articles spanning all kinds of different ideas. but if you operate and monitor this market then the information is updated regularly and presented in a clear and concise interface.com is as a rich resource of Sikh-related content and although there is scope for development with this mobile version of the service (the app has only recently been released). limiting you to its admittedly large wealth of stations across a broad range of subjects. but it works well and delivers content on demand. can use GPS or Wi-Fi to find your location. This mobile version of the service lets you access fuel news. With photo galleries. TV. If names can be misleading then CNNGo is one of the biggest curve balls we have ever been bowled. But you’ll need a subscription to get the most out of it. bundled inside a smooth. analysis and information. For many. If you luck out and find one that pertains to you. iPhone-optimised news app. play and shop… in Asia. there are about a trillion other apps like this. Infographics Stitcher Radio Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Bunkerworld Rating ★★★★★ CNNGo Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Holy Moly! Entertainment Ltd Price: £1. which is surely akin to being like something from the dark ages. to more expected charts. You can also convince your friends that your iPhone is full of mercury and actually doubles-up as a real working thermometer. This interesting weather app claims to tell you the exact outside temperature (oC or oF) based upon your current location. Stitcher Radio offers all of this. If you don’t – and this seems more likely than not – then you’ll probably be as baffled as us as to its relevance. the authenticity of which you’ll care not one jot about. but this one ranks highly. highs and lows. the interface is functional and you can use it to keep up with the latest news. wind speed and direction and the humidity level. podcasts have become an important resource. such as Android vs iPhone.99 Developer: Presselite Holy Moly! has bought its own flavour of entertainment news to the App Store with this. Unfortunately.49/$1.iPhone News/Weather Price: Free Developer: Column Five Media Inc Price: Free Developer: Stitcher Inc Price: Free Developer: Petromedia Ltd Price: Free Developer: Cable News International Inc Infographics is a very odd app. uncluttered but functional interface. As such it is hard to recommend this over countless other RSS feeders. and also provides condition reports.

Pulling stories. we were somewhat surprised to discover that this news app is dedicated to bringing you all the latest happenings in the celebrity life of Australian singer/actress Delta Goodrum. if it is hot enough outside for you to wear shorts or not. If you work in the financial sector and have an interest in stocks and shares then there are hundreds of better apps to download than this one. This innovative app provides the weather forecast for up to five days in advance for every postcode area between you and your proposed destination. the magazine itself keeps interested traders enthralled with unbiased coverage of the world’s financial matters and although the look and design of the magazine won’t exactly blow you away. for a free app. The app covers more than 140. is well presented and provides all the info you need in a non-intrusive way. however.News/Weather iPhone Price: Free Developer: 10betterpages GmbH Price: Free Developer: Artin Moradalizadeh Price: Free Developer: PageSuite Price: Free Developer: Moneyweb (PTY) Ltd This is a poor news feeder app. This simple app shows you the phase of the moon as it appears in the night sky. Madness. This means that if you are planning a long journey.V. and would certainly be a lot more appealing if it was free. Moneyweb TALK does a decent enough job of pulling together all available Moneyweb podcasts and radio shows for offline listening and providing a stable foundation for tracking your own JSE stock portfolio. but Cliqz is a waste of time that tries to be current and cool.69/$0. Simply drag your finger across the screen to view the moon phase for the next few days or select a date in the future to see how the moon will appear then – even as far afield as 2025! Obviously this app will prove most beneficial to astrologers and casual star gazers. It may be free.99 Developer: Mathieu Routhier Price: Free Developer: Albino Pixel Limited Price: £0. sightings and snaps from a wide range of sources. it’s very bland. So although it provides a free service. It works well. the app is well maintained and updated very regularly and will undoubtedly provide a rich source of entertainment for Delta’s legion of fans.69/$0. whether that’s in the UK or overseas. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Mooncast Shorts Or Not Weather Router WeatherCals – Local Weather Forecast iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 109 . the content is absolutely cracking and comes from all around the world to provide a wellrounded and informative eye on the financial world.99 Developer: Nicholas John Shaw Price: £1. the likes of which number into the millions on the App Store. Each calendar has 14 days of forecast data and the app adds a unique calendar to your standard iCal app for each location that you choose.000 locations worldwide and it works by inviting you to subscribe to one or more weather calendars. This app aims to cut through the fluff of your more conventional weather apps by telling you. However. This simple but very well presented app provides you with local weather forecasts in your calendar for up to two weeks in advance. but just ends up being just yet another dire news app that you really shouldn’t waste a second of your time on. but it is also delivered in a tacky interface with badly cropped images and a distinct lack of flair. Written by many former market professionals. Simply press the ‘Find Out Now’ button and get an up-to-date forcast for your area and you’ll be told if you should dig out your cut-offs or remain decked out in your trousers. But we can’t fault the service that it provides and the tidy. If you should want – and we know they’ll thank you for this – you can also post to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to inform your friends on whether or not it is a shorts day. intuitive interface and operating system it employs. so this one at least deserves some kudos for trying to add something extra to the market. It professes to be all about ranking content and sharing it with others – so far. in no uncertain terms. Cliqz Rating ★★★★★ Delta Daily Rating ★★★★★ IFR Magazine Rating ★★★★★ Moneyweb TALK Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0.99 Developer: Joules Media B. Avoid at all costs! Even though the clue is in the title. There are millions of weather apps out there. The problem is that it lacks innovation and any exciting features beyond the purely functional.49/$1. you’ll know exactly what clothes you need to keep at the top of your suitcase and the kind of conditions you’ll encounter on every step of your journey. It is certainly a masterclass on how fan apps should be done. so dull. This app is a subscriptionbased digital version of the Thomson Reuters IFR Magazine – a source of international capital markets news and analysis. but this particular app is limited.

The photos appear in an instant. with the ability to upload to Flickr. Facebook and Dropbox. There are some great saving options on display here. You’ll be creating masterpieces before you know it… Top Paid Apps Top Free Apps My Sketch ★★★★★ Pixlr-o-matic ★★★★★ Camera + Photo Editor ★★★★★ Disposable Hipstamatic ★★★★ Kinotopic ★★★★★ PowerCam ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Pick of the section Vintage Camera Pro ★★★★★ 110 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 While there are plenty of apps available that allow you to make subtle effect changes to your photographs. This allows for a more enjoyable experience. giving you the impression you’re in your very own dark room. There are a wealth of fantastic apps that will allow you to edit images and have fun when recording videos. which is why it’s great that you have the option of coming back later and editing your photos. rather than simply asking you to settle on your effect before choosing your image. It’s also refreshing that Pixlr-o-matic deals with your photos first.iPhone Photo & Video Photo & Video Price: Free Developer: Autodesk Pixlr-o-matic Make your photos stand out with Pixlr-o-matic With the incredible advances in technology over the past decade. even when you’re in the process of applying effects. It’s this area where the iOS version of the app trumps the Android version as these options currently aren’t available anywhere except on the iPhone. as you can spend ages scrolling through effects and lighting changes as you see fit in order to observe exactly how each one alters the photo. and the interface is smooth and quick. rather than having to decide and share straight away. your iPhone should be the only camera you’ll ever need. the process of enhancing your image also turns out to be reasonably straightforward. it can sometimes be hard to settle on an effect. Moreover. Firstly. Pixlr-o-matic looks to have trumped them all with its sheer range of effects that have the ability to make your random snapshots look like vintage – and on occasions – professional photography. giving you the choice of taking a photo or uploading one. given all the choice that is available here. the app looks great. giving you the chance to swipe through them effortlessly until you find something that catches your eye. Pixel Blend Pro ★★★★★ ■ Brilliant retro effects and the lack of a price make this one to add to the ‘essentials’ list . Of course.

Camera + Photo Editor will without doubt help you create innovative and great looking photographs. To conclude. you can also remove red-eye. There are three filters (red. all of which are designed to enable you to enhance the look of your photos using a range of filters and other photo-editing tools. turn them into charcoal-type sketches or use a finger to wash off colours. Now we all know that image manipulation tools need to be easy to use if you are to gain any real benefit from them and this app ticks all the right boxes. black and white. it sports an attractive and intuitive interface.Photo & Video iPhone ■ Load an existing image from the gallery or use your camera to take a snapshot ■ Enhance your photo with a creative filter Price: £0. hue and tint. It’s also easy to use. or grey). Alternatively. So what do you get for your money? The app is best described as a palette of filters and a professional set of image manipulation tools that let you use an iPhone to transform your favourite digital images and snapshots into personalised works of art.69/$0. For example. For example. And the really imaginative can add noise (white. ■ This feature-packed photo editing solution sports a number of useful tools you can change the general colour using tools that manipulate exposure. saturation. reduce or completely erase all traces of noise or add a colour filter. green and blue) and you can add one or blend a mix of the three. As a bonus. you can opt to invert an image so that it looks like a negative. but at the same time it boasts a number of useful features. You can even blur images to provide a misty effect. you’ll find all the tools you need to enhance your creativity. Camera + Photo Editor packs a whole lot of functionality into a powerful and intuitive package. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 111 . or give it a moody black and white look. and if you are bored with standard images. black. contrast.99 Developer: Vladislav Ciapchis Camera + Photo Editor Tap into the power of your creative abilities A good mobile image editing solution is worth its weight in gold and whether you are an advanced or novice photographer.

69/$0. which is to convert photos taken on your iPhone into hand-sketched artistic drawings in just a few easy steps. My Sketch is a near-perfect image-manipulation tool.99 Developer: Wilson Tjoa My Sketch Turn photos into realistic sketches Have you ever wanted to be able to sketch a friend or loved one? The majority of us lack the artistic talent required to do this. Now. unlike many apps with similar functionality. Twitter or Flickr. The image will now be cropped.iPhone Photo & Video Price: £0. The app is remarkably easy to master. or select an image to manipulate from your photo library. To conclude. and uses complex algorithms that help achieve beautiful and realistic sketches which can be saved as high-resolution image files that are suitable for printing. then click ’Save’ to save your image to your iPhone’s photo library. Add the finishing touches by using the sliders at the bottom of the screen to adjust the brightness and contrast. it achieves superb results without destroying or distorting the original image. My Sketch has one important function. Like most apps these days. Plus. Rating ★★★★★ ■ Select a snapshot and set the sketch area 112 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ The finished product is near perfect . and it comes in the form of a first-class and extremely popular app called My Sketch. The first step is to take a photo using your built-in camera. with the focus remaining on the selected sketch area. My Sketch sports a number of built-in sharing options. and you can upload your works of art to Facebook. ranging from Contrast to Sepia and Smudge to Rainbow. and a few moments later you will see a draft of your sketch. set the sketch area by tapping either Landscape or Portrait and then dragging the box corners so that the background is out of view. There are over 20 styles to choose from. and one that represents great value for money. The next step is to choose a style for your sketch. or at least the ability to achieve a reasonable likeness! The good news is that there is a workaround. Select one from the toolbar.

and once you’ve created some images. Twitter or Tumblr. however. Tap 'Create Kino'.99 Developer: Radu Spineanu Kinotopic Be creative and add cinemagraphs to images Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. compositing the photographs or video frames into a loop of sequential frames using the industry GIF file format in such a manner that motion in part of the subject between exposures is perceived as a repeating motion. you will need to set up an account before you can create your first kino. you can impress others by using the tools provided to post them to Facebook. A good example is a landscape panorama with flowers gently moving in the wind in the foreground. and your kino will be uploaded and available for you to preview.Photo & Video iPhone ■ Once created. and the app will automatically remove camera-shake. use a finger to select the part of the clip that contains the movement. Kinotopic is a fantastic app.69/$0. So how does the app work? The first step is to create a three-second video clip that contains the movement you’re interested in. you can share your kinos via Facebook or Twitter ■ The secret is to select the part of the image that contains the movement Price: £0. All in all. Cinemagraphs can give the illusion that you are actually watching a video. Kinotopic is an innovative app that achieves exactly what it sets out to do without making the process too complex. It will take a bit of practice to hone your kino-creating skills. and are often created by taking a series of photographs or a video recording and. The app is relatively easy to use. tap 'Sign Up'. Enter your details. Select an anchor frame. using image-editing software. This is in direct contrast to the stillness of the rest of the image. and you’re ready to go. but the finished results are sure to impress friends! Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 113 . ■ A kino is a still photograph in which a minor and repeated movement occurs First. and one that lets you create cinemagraphs – or kinos. Mark it as private if you don’t want it to be published in the developer’s stream and available for other users to view. as the developer calls them – on your iPhone. Now.

and within minutes you’ll be manipulating your photos in either subtle or dramatic ways. it turns your iPhone into a retro-styled camera that lets you create original. as for a very reasonable sum. On and Off ). The app is well presented. the app lets you add one of a number of old-fashioned filter effects in order to create a genuine. Facebook or Twitter ■ Adding retro filters is a breeze ■ Tools allow you to create either subtle or dramatic effects ■ Share with others via Facebook or Flickr Price: £1. you’ll be pleased to learn that you can effortlessly share them with others via Twitter or Facebook right from the main interface. A handy slider even lets you change the size of each ‘brush’. their true value lies with the memories they recorded for posterity.49/$1. A unique feature is the ability to change a photo’s temperature. Hot temperatures allow for maximum movement of an image’s pixels. vintage-style image. crochet hook.99 Developer: Presselite Vintage Camera Pro Make your phone retro Vintage cameras and photography equipment are much sought after.69/$0. and although the majority of photographic relics are reasonably priced. and a range of virtual tools are included (toothpick. which affects how each tool works. This app works on the same principle. then this app is worth a look.iPhone Photo & Video ■ Share your creativity with others via email. and you can apply different textures if you wish. If you’ve ever had an interest in vintage cameras. Once you’ve taken a photo. wooden knife and eraser). and once you’ve created some great photographs. knitting needle. distort and scratch the surface of a film’s soft emulsion in order to dramatically alter its appearance. each of which is used to smudge or smear an image’s pixels in order to achieve the desired impressionist-style artistic effect. Rating ★★★★★ . Rating ★★★★★ 114 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Price: £0. Flash is supported (Auto. while cold temperatures have the opposite effect. a technique that used objects such as paperclips to push. expressive. dental tool. You can use this practical and intuitive app to either take photographs or import existing images from your iPhone’s camera album. stylish and striking snapshots.99 Developer: Michael Valdez Pixel Blend Pro Convert photos into impressionist masterpieces! Pixel Blend Pro was inspired by Polaroid SX-70 time zero film manipulation.

99 Developer: Revolver VOF Creative photography with a fun fisheye lens Originally developed to help meteorologists study cloud formations. One of our favourites is the ORCALiber lens. and snapping great images is a breeze. then check out the retro flashgun! Rating ★★★★★ ■ The 6 x 7 format was used by professional photographers for many years ■ A grid aligns the verticals. they’re stored in Snappr and only published to your iPhone’s Camera Roll when you give the go ahead. and it’s a whole lot easier to use than Mamiyas and Bronicas! For a start. simply select your lens and start snapping. fisheye lenses initially became popular with creative photographers shooting broad landscapes. and as well as shooting all photos in the traditional 6 x 7 image ratio. good old-fashioned medium format cameras never lost their appeal. All images are saved straight to your iPhone’s Camera Roll. as they give images a unique and distorted appearance. the framing grids help align horizontals and verticals. there’s no need to keep swapping lenses with this virtual camera. ■ Your unique digital images are stored in the Snappr library Rating ★★★★★ ■ Frame the subject and tap the viewfinder to take the shot 6x7 Price: £0.Photo & Video iPhone Snappr Price: £1. what you see in the viewfinder is what you capture. dynamic and artistic photos that are similar to those shot with a ‘real’ fisheye lens. and if you want to experience serious nostalgia.99 Developer: Michael Hardaker Tap into the power of medium format photography The Eighties saw 35mm film soar in popularity. each of which lets you create quite different photographs. However. Snappr is aimed at those with a passion for fisheye photography. and lets you quickly shoot original. There’s also a viewfinder trigger so you don’t need to waste time looking for the shutter button. This handy app has been developed to take nostalgic photographers back in time.49/$1. and you can opt for black and white or colour images iPhone App Directory Volume 9 115 . Once you’ve snapped your photos. The app certainly provides creative photographers with a whole new take on black and white and colour images.69/$0. However. and because they produced high-quality images. Snappr ships with five unique fisheye lenses. as it shoots moody black and white images. they remained the professional’s choice for many years. with SLR cameras becoming the first choice for both amateur and professional photographers.

filters and face-timers to help ensure that you always take the perfect shot. There are none of these in PowerCam.. Ltd PowerCam A feature-rich snap-app worth its weight in gold Sometimes it’s hard to believe that an app is free. You can also adjust the aperture in order to change the blur level of the area that is out of focus. thus making it easy to flick between categories and find what you want quickly. which require a whole new standalone app elsewhere. This ‘disposable’ extension takes the process to a whole new level by allowing you to share camera rolls with your friends so everyone’s snaps are saved to the same one roll. those taken by your friends. It’s great for getting different perspectives of the same event. Price: Free Developer: Synthetic LLC Disposable Hipstamatic Share a camera roll with your friends As most of you will be aware. In a word.99 Developer: Sebastien BUET FocusTouch Add a creative depth of field to snapshots This creative app lets you add a digital SLR level of depth of field to photos taken using the built-in iPhone camera. It even includes tilt-shift and colour splash features. and the app does the rest – all you have to do is pinch to zoom in or out. There’s no doubt that it sticks to its task well and delivers a useful service. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: FTRD UK LTD InstaFlow Another way to explore Instagram photos This app is another companion to the popular Instagram app that lets you explore Instagram photos in a new and exciting way by using stacks of photos that you can expand with a tap. Simply focus on a subject. All of your own Instagram images. those that you have tagged. Hipstamatic is a great pick-up-and-play-with photography app that allows you to take quick and easy pictures. and then when the roll is complete. prompting you to probe it long and in order to find the hidden costs. and the ones that you search for are laid out in neat piles. brilliant. or shrink with a pinch. and deep probing only serves to uncover more amazing features. Rating ★★★★★ .iPhone Photo & Video Price: £0. which let you add a professional touch to your digital images. apply effects and then share them instantly. 40 different filters are included. but we’re not convinced that it’s an app you will keep coming back Rating ★★★★★ 116 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Price: Free Developer: Wondershare Software Co.69/$0. This is a truly essential photography app that comes laden with effects. everyone gets copies of all the photos that are saved to it.

Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. this entertaining app will bring out the devil in you. you can share your devilish charm with others on Facebook or via email. and all you have to do is tap 'Ready Go'. The app is easy to use. be aware that longer exposure times do increase the chance of camerashake.69/$0. and a good photo editor is worth its weight in gold. It’s full of useful tips that include everything from business advice to comprehensive wedding photography check and shot lists.Photo & Video iPhone Price: £0. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 117 . as well as a detailed description on how the photograph was created. as it lets you change your head into that of a fiendish demon! It’s easy to use. sarl Price: £0. and then use a finger to change the colour intensity of the image. Well. Use the forwardfacing camera to take a snapshot or choose an existing image.99 Developer: Little Worlds Studio.99 Developer: Chris Wood Price: £1.69/$0. This means that photos taken will be brighter and of a higher quality. each sporting camera settings. Matices (color intensity) sports a simple but polished interface with the power to edit photos in moments. Rating ★★★★★ Create and run a wedding photography business This one is aimed solely at those wishing to set up and run a wedding photographer’s business. using depth of field and offcamera flash. Use the search function to find and then load a snapshot.49/$1. simply place the subject in the viewfinder. you can restore the original at any time by hitting 'Reset'. and press the shutter button. Tips include sections on composition. That’s really all there is to it! As a bonus. Once manipulated.99 Developer: Kapow Photography Ltd Enhance your low-light and night photography Wedding Photographer’s Starter Kit NightCap If you’ve ever wanted to take photographs in low light without the use of a flash.99 Developer: Fernando Santos DevilBooth Matices (color intensity) Bring out the devil in you! Improve the quality of your digital snapshots You know what they say about all work and no play.69/$0. Over 40 professional images are included. It’s not always easy to take perfect snapshots. then you’ll be pleased to learn that this first-class app can capture up to 15 times more light than your built-in camera. However.

or enter place names into the search engine. you’ll need to invest in an app that encrypts and password-protects your image files. Rating ★★★★★ 118 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Rating ★★★★★ . save your mosaic to your iPhone. and when you’re ready. Tap another grid. for any reason. they are unable to view the feed at the time it is streamed. and repeat the process. It’s an easy-to-use. When you’ve finished. and there are plenty of patterns available. The inclusion of other features. or share it with others via Facebook or Flickr. but somewhat let down by the presence of banner ads.99 Developer: Zeeshan Arif Price: £0. then it will be stored and kept accessible for 24 hours. It’s a great way to discover what is around you. Start by selecting a frame – they are all adaptable. Moreover.iPhone Photo & Video Price: £1. If you are a regular user of Instagram. tap a grid and choose a snapshot to add to it. but in all honesty you probably won’t use it more than a handful of times unless you are a prolific Instagram user. This companion app lets you search for uploaded photographs that have been taken close to your location. This superb and innovative app really does bring out your creative side. If you fancy viewing images from Easter Island. and if you have an Instagram account then you can follow local users to keep track of how they present your area through their images.69/$0. you can also search for images taken anywhere in the world – either use the built-in Google Map and drop a pin. and as well as letting you back-up your password to a server (recommended because there’s no way of retrieving your images if you lose your password). PhotoShield Pro does exactly this. such as the option to push a button to talk directly with the person who is currently broadcasting.99 Developer: David Boyes PhotoShield Pro PicFrame Password-protect your digital images Create a mosaic from different photos Do you want to keep your photos secure and away from prying eyes? If so. Spend a moment adjusting it to suit your preferences. the cool pickup-and-snap picture-taking app. makes this a great app for those who like the process of communicating and gazing into other people’s lives. well-made app. If. It’s a good app. then you can be warped right there.49/$1. then you will like this. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Looxcie Price: Free Developer: Mokaza LTD LooxcieLive InstaBAM Broadcast yourself to friends and family Find nearby photos on Instagram The purpose of LooxcieLive is to stream videos from wherever you are straight to your friends and family. for example. it lets you import multiple files simultaneously. You have full freedom to select who you want to invite to view your broadcast.

Simon Stock is a highly acclaimed and multi award-winning photographer who has ventured to the furthest corners of the world in search of striking imagery for prestigious clients and personal projects. This app performs both of these tasks.Photo & Video iPhone Price: £1. and thousands more for editing whatever you capture to improve the contrast. and this app lets you peruse his various photos and videos via category and sit back and enjoy slideshows. the app knows when it is effective to speed up and slow down footage. so download it and enjoy the spectacle. minimalistic app. and any images you edit can be saved back to your camera roll or uploaded to sites such as Facebook. Step forward V.T. improve the hue and saturation. contrast. and include the preservation of details and edges. Somehow. what to zoom in on. The chances are that you have a small cluster of video clips on your device that you never actually do anything with due to time constraints or lack of knowledge of editing software. then try this app.I. as well as a rundown of the awards that Stock has accumulated. Price: Free Developer: BeFunky AS BeFunky Photo Editor Quick and easy photo editing on your iPhone The Photo & Video category of the App Store is undoubtedly one of the most popular. providing facilities to take images and edit them. It softens and eliminates wrinkles in portrait shots. What this app does is edit together all your clips and apply all kinds of fancy effects to jazz them up without you having to lift a finger. Flickr or the BeFunky site. as well as the ability to remove all types of photo noise. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 119 . Also included are contact details and a biography. including chroma. and an undesirable by-product of image capture. It’s a stylish.K. when to freeze the action and so on. Features are myriad. with thousands of apps for taking pictures. or saturation.O. which is packed full of breathtaking imagery. smooth and noise-free images. sharpen it up. A visual journey through photography at its finest A robotic editing app that saves you time and effort If you’re in search of some photographic enlightenment. And we have to say that the results are stunning. A great app for anyone whose spare time is at a premium. rotate it and crop it before experimenting with photo effects and frames.49/$1.99 Developer: Sylwester Los Noise Master Create noise-free digital images Image noise is a random variation of brightness or colour information. You can adjust the brightness and contrast. low light and film grain. or to just frame it attractively before sharing it. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Simon Lunt Simon Stock Price: Free Developer: New Photographers Burning Factory Ltd V.T. It’s easily accessible via a clean and intuitive interface.K.R. If you are happy with the results – and you will be – you can share your montages and palm them off as your own workmanship.O. and the noise level slider can be adjusted to suit your preferences. This app helps you produce clean.R.I.

99 Developer: Julia Chebikina Price: Free Developer: Mohamed Mohamed Price: £0.69/$0. Digital photography lets you be creative and with a little practise. Snap an image and you can add up to ten different and very creative colour filter effects.49/$1. upload it to the likes of Twitter.99/$2. although you will have to upgrade to the full version of the app to enjoy. This app is essentially a ‘fisheye’ or wide-angle lens that takes in a broad. This app lets you store all your photos (whatever the location) in one place. For example. but KaleidaCam remains a pleasant timewaster that does exactly what it promises. panoramic and hemispherical image. This charming app from Brett Gibson effortlessly turns your iPhone into a hi-tech kaleidoscope.99 Developer: Brett Gibson Price: Free Developer: Flixlab Price: £1. including Movies & Celebs. or choose from pre-made formulas. From the developers of the popular Hipstamatic comes an app that brings retro photo development to your phone. London. It’s pretty much a one trick pony though and pales into great indifference next to the more advanced camera apps that cater for all of your fish-eyed needs while offering plenty more besides. for example. and once a photo has been taken. SuperAlbum Rating ★★★★★ 120 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 KaleidaCam Rating ★★★★★ Flixlab Rating ★★★★★ SwankoLab Rating ★★★★★ . either from your phone or a friend’s Facebook video. Tumblr. This app lets you take your skills a step further and optimises photos with special effects. The app is easy to use and works very well. As you would expect from a firm that delivers sleek. the app is well produced and easy to navigate. and Flixlab does the rest. photos then Face/Off is a simple. Add chemicals in different amounts to your tray to create different looks for your snaps. among many other projects. yet satisfying app in which you can paste your pictures onto a wide range of templates for comical effect. Simply choose the images or videos you want to use. Facebook. you may have uploaded some to Facebook and others to Picasa or Flickr. LLC The majority of us store photos in multiple locations. Flixlab is a great little app that makes creating videos and slideshows amazingly easy. Don’t be put off because it’s free. Definitely worth the download fee. You can then access and browse them without an internet connection. innovative design. Flickr. This app is a celebration of their constructional mastery and showcases projects completed in the past two years. You can save different chemical concoctions for later use. select some music from your library. making it easy to sort and share images. whose works include. the brilliant Angel Building in London. As such this is hard to recommend. The only downsides are the time it can take to upload and the average audio quality of the finished videos. open a picture and then rotate and pinch to scale it down into the hollowed-out space and make it look. There are various categories.99 Developer: Synthetic. and also saved to a photo album. It’s a useful app because you can peruse the pictures taken through apps such as Instagram in the same place as your default camera app pictures. Military Forces and Kids & Babies and you simply pick a template. as well as buy more through in-app purchases.99 Developer: Sehwan Kim The somewhat clunky name of this app refers to the architecture practice based in Clerkenwell. and if you want to head back to photography’s roots then there’s no better way. Photos can be emailed. choose a theme (anything from Halloween to card wipes and fades). as well as other notable events that have taken place recently. It’s an incredibly simple app that allows you to create videos with very little effort. like you are Captain Jack Sparrow. Your results can be saved and shared online. HD interface has been fully opimised for retina display and the app uses advanced photo optimisation math algorithms to allow you to manipulate your images. Posterous and deviantArt – so you can easily share your gorgeous-looking creations with the world. You can use the camera to take snapshots or choose to load and then manipulate existing images.49/$1. you can generate some really thought-provoking images. The simple. The whole process feels great. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Camera Photo PRO Face/Off + for iPhone 4 If you like having fun with Rating ★★★★★ FishEye Toy Camera Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0.iPhone Photo & Video Price: Free Developer: Woobius Lrd Price: £1. You can change the number of sides from four to ten. It’s occasionally let down by the low quality of the iPhone’s camera.69/$0. then shake the chemicals over the image with your finger to reveal your final product.99 Developer: Art & Mobile Price: £1.

You can add captions before or after you have taken an image and then save it to your Camera Roll. It’s quite a novel app that oozes class. If you’re into creative photography. with their eyes closed (for some reason…) and by tapping on each photo you can view the fullscreen version. so why not add this particular string to your iPhone’s photographic bow? This is a competition app for Instagram that lets you participate in usergenerated challenges. artists and Illustrators) are photographed within their working spaces.99 Developer: Ratheesh TR Faceworx 3D is a clever PC app that allows you to create 3D images out of 2D pictures like. but is there a point to it? No. such as this photo project. get a mini bio on each subject and then view the location of their workplace in Google Maps. but severely limited if you don’t. but it is essentially just a free gallery app for uploading pics. creating your own categories and watching users post images that fit in with your ethos is strangely satisfying. it’s a whole lot cheaper! Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ PhotoString PhotoVote Spiral Photo Caption StarLight Scope Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 121 . Sadly.99 Developer: Jiangang Zhu Price: Free Developer: Achim Hoth Price: Free Developer: Atup. There are four different styles of string available to accommodate pretty much any photo orientation and you can create custom captions and labels with a variety of different fonts. what it essentially allows you to do is take photos and then add captions to the live images. If you don’t have any files of your own to download then you are limited to viewing samples from the gallery only.Photo & Video iPhone Price: Free Developer: LOOXIS GmbH Price: £0. presumably quicker than if you were to upload each image individually. for example. It certainly answers a question we never asked and we dully expect to see the feature incorporated into an iOS sometime soon. but it’s sure to be able to raise a laugh or two.69/$0. but regardless of the slightly confused origins of this app. As a bonus. without having to go through a separate app to perform this function. This fun app has one function and that’s to let you take distorted snapshots and video clips. but no substitute for a dedicated night vision scope.99 Developer: sazanami This is an app to help you string together sequences of photographs and then share them on social networking apps such as Facebook or Twitter. In it. but this free app for iPhone allows you to view your Faceworx 3D files on your device. Obviously the depth of enjoyment is impossible to glean from novelty apps such as this. Customer reviews are mixed but some of the images are of acceptable quality. making it hard to recommend as an inspired purchase. Great fun and a bargain at the price. easy to use and very cheap. It works remarkably well and you’ll see the image change as you move closer or further away from the subject. creative types based in Milan (including song writers. It’s clever for sure. hat makers. can exist purely for existence's sake.69/$0. A useful app if you have access to the software and possess files of your own. You can customise the grid lines with different colours and even add one of six filter effects. you just tap the frame and it’s done and the app lets you take photos frame by frame and then split them with gridlines to create your own photographic storyboard. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Faceworx 3D Viewer Grid Lens Inneres Auge Milano New skinny booth camera. this night vision scope is designed to amplify available light. you can also share your favourites via Twitter or Facebook.69/$0. earning rewards and fame along the way. this innovative app will let you take snapshots with each frame divided by grid lines. It’s a good way to see how other people have used the Instagram app to inspire and stay involved in the photographic community. Capturing images is easy. this app isn’t available for Mac (though there are alternatives). Aimed squarely at those who wish to take photographs in darkness.69/$0. Some video cam Price: £0. It’s fun. but then again. The name of this app comes from a Japanese oriented club event in LA. transforming your flat features into a 3D game character. email it or share it via a text message. You can upload your own images to specific categories or just vote on other people’s pictures. That said. Inc Price: £0. Funny Not every app has to have a purpose. Three types of colour are applied to make the app work – infrared is the first stage the green visible ray amplification is added before the grey infrared rays that amplify the heat.99 Developer: Bucket çLabs Price: Free Developer: Paolo Belletti Price: £0.

the more points you can get hold of. Socialize. All of these diamonds are usergenerated. Ltd. GeoSocials – Play. we get stuck at a train station and find ourselves looking for ways to pass the time. each representing potential points should you complete the set challenge. view full profiles and add them as friends. This adds a nice competitive nature. and there are now a whole host of app options to help keep us social and in touch with our friends and family wherever we may be Top Paid Apps Every so often. with leaderboards for local and global scores.iPhone Social Networking Social Networking Price: Free Developer: XLabz Technologies Pvt. and you can place them yourself. where you seek out diamonds on the map. This leads to the Treasure Hunt section. The bigger the community gets. The app uses a combination of GPS social networking and a selection of mini-games to allow you to socialise at the same time as taking on challenges set by other players. Play games and hunt treasure with those around you The likes of Twitter and Facebook have taken the world by storm. Rating ★★★★★ Top Free Apps Twittelator Neue ★★★★★ ScanMe Barcode ★★★★★ CoolApp for Google+ ★★★★ Voxer WalkieTalkie PTT ★★★★★ TransFire XP ★★★★★ Yiip Voice Messenger ★★★★★ ■ Use the map to seek out treasure near you HeyTell ★★★★ ■ Use the dashboard to navigate Pick of the section GPSfriend ★★★★ 122 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 . GeoSocials is a new way to do that. Real life rewards and discounts can also follow. but at the same time interact with those around us who could be in the same position. It’s from the leaderboards that you can seek out players. Win.

The Timeline Photos feature lets you ‘see’ discussion topics rather than just read them. but it is true to say that serious Twitter users will benefit the most from the advanced features. This is a one-step solution for a task that millions of Twitter ■ You can tweet music tracks automatically users undertake every day and highlights the thought that has been given to the features. This could sound like a negative.99/$2. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 123 . The clever way the timelines bounce and flex when scrolled works very well because it acts as a visual cue when you reach the end of the list. It is effectively a Twitter client for everyone thanks to the flexible settings and can be as visually simplistic as you like. and the use of photos in the timelines is exceptional. ReadItLater and other services. you will wonder why every Twitter app doesn’t include visual interpretations of tweets. website previews and the ability to share content with Instapaper. The differences are also deeper. and once you are used to it.99 Developer: Stone Design Corp Twittelator Neue – Twitter Client for iOS 5 A new take on Twitter There are literally hundreds of Twitter mobile clients available. you start to realise that the visual tweaks are designed to do more than make the interface look pleasant. with nice touches including the ability to tap a music icon when composing a tweet to display the title of the currently playing track and album art.Social Networking iPhone ■ There is great flexibility within the settings ■ Trends are up to date and displayed clearly Price: £1. Some of the features may take you too far from the familiar Twitter experience. With support for multiple timelines. the majority of which perform the basic social networking tasks. but once familiarity beckons. but some attempt to be different and bring new features to the party. it’s hard to see what is missing in this client. but you can customise it in a variety of ways and set it up exactly how you would like. Twittelator Neue certainly looks unusual and at first feels very different to the majority of Twitter iPhone clients.

photos and location messages to a single recipient or groups of friends – and they. 3G and any other data network. Rating ★★★★★ ■ Simply press the large button at the bottom of the screen to talk freely – quite literally. Android phones and BlackBerry devices. as it will not eat into your data plan. as it won’t cost you a penny! 124 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ The interface is clean. So. meaning it can be downloaded for any smartphone. in turn. which is a bonus. this app questions. allowing you to set up discussions with ease ■ You can link up with friends and share audio. We found it particularly good for relaying banter to and fro while watching a football match. when you can transform your iPhone into a walkie-talkie? Operating over Wi-Fi. if you like to talk and share media but do not want to pay for the privilege of doing so. or pick up the transmission later.iPhone Social Networking Price: Free Developer: Voxer LLC Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT Turn your phone into a walkie-talkie Why. You simply invite a group of friends to begin communicating. and there are also buttons to let you take photos in-app. This means you aren’t limited to communicating with fellow iPhone users – the app operates between iPhones. It’s a very simple process with a wide range of uses. not least the fact that it allows you to communicate absolutely free. Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT – we’re not too sure what the last bit means – allows you to send instant audio. should you waste time on phone calls and voicemails. Perhaps the best thing about Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT is that it is a cross-platform app. especially if you are using it over Wi-Fi. Push notifications will alert you or your friends to new messages. The app works very well and performs all of its functions faultlessly. send them out instantly and write text messages. The interface is uncluttered – there aren’t even any intrusive ads peppering the screen – and easy to use. can either listen to or respond instantly. A large button can be depressed to allow you to talk and send audio. and you can connect via Facebook or message anyone in your Contacts list. text. text and pictures . then this is a great money saver that does not cost a penny to download. and everyone can chip in with comments and witty retort almost instantaneously.

no intrusive ads to generate revenue. and Bluetooth is enabled through your Settings app. It champions good writing.Social Networking iPhone Linked Price: Free Developer: Gordon MacLeod A quick and easy Bluetooth messaging app Linked is a Bluetooth messaging service that allows you to connect to nearby friends – up to 50 metres away – and send free text messages between devices. ‘Quote’ and so on. trains and buses. jokes and ramblings without being restricted to the 140 characters that Twitter imposes. Rating ★★★★★ ■ You can follow the posts of other users exactly as you would in Twitter ■ Content can be easily filtered to find what you want iPhone App Directory Volume 9 125 . The interface is very sophisticated and slick. You simply create your own account and can then go about reading other people’s posts and following them. The interface itself may be somewhat bland and devoid of excitement. can connect with you. but nobody can deny that the app does its job well. in turn. post and share your own comments within the growing community. making it an ideal way to communicate with others offline without the need for a Wi-Fi signal. strangely for a free app. so if you are in need of inspiration or uplifting prose then it’s a great download that deserves to grow into something epic. As long as the app is installed on all devices. You have complete freedom to choose who you connect with and who. ‘Poem’. and can write. Scouring the posts of other users indicates that the user base is a sensitive lot who weave words majestically in poems about self-harming and isolation. you’ll be able to scan for other devices and connect for a conversation. ■ The process will display all Bluetooth-enabled devices within a 50-metre radius ■ Linked lets you send unlimited free messages via Bluetooth Rating ★★★★★ Opuss Price: Free Developer: Seamonster Ltd A tweeting app that lets you write as much as you want This app is a neat way to digest people’s thoughts and feelings and post your own ideas. and finding content to read is never a problem thanks to a ‘Find’ feature that breaks down posted content into ‘Joke’. making it an effective communication tool to use on planes. which is balanced with original and witty jokes. There is no limit on the number of messages you can send using the service and. and the interface is very simple and easy to use.

labels and location information. as it manages that effortlessly by providing a service that will forever do away with pieces of paper and indecipherable phone numbers scrawled on your hand. Mercifully. If you want to edit your words prior to publishing then you can also save your posts as drafts to check through them later and view lists of your saved and published posts. but flawed ■ You can write and post new blog updates from anywhere Just trying to log-in to this app sent us on an annoying merry-go-round of Google web screens from which we were never able to escape and actually use the app proper for a while. It’s a quick and convenient way to relay your details to other people.iPhone Social Networking Blogger Price: Free Developer: Google Mobile Convenient blogging on the go? Fine.com and factor in as much detail as you want others to see. ■ As well as new text posts you can also take pictures in-app Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Third Axis Ltd ScanMe Barcode Distribute your Facebook profile info This clever app allows people to obtain your social network information with ease by generating a unique QR code that they can scan on their phones. You initially log in using your Facebook profile and within seconds a barcode will be created and stored on the main page of the app. then users use a QR scanner on their device to read and store the info. but it provides a decent service once you are in. If you have multiple blogs then you can also switch between them easily. You can build and add to your code by going to ScanMe. you can scan other people’s codes from within the app and build up a database of contacts. once you actually have a blog up and running then this app allows you to update it on the move by publishing new updates. The upshot is that the only way to successfully use this app on your iPhone is to first set up an online blog that you can register (you can’t actually create one in-app) – so make sure you do that to avoid similar frustrations to ours. It doesn’t need any other elements to be an effective and essential app. Plus. We won’t try to hide the fact that logging into the app was problematic. pictures. 126 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ Once your code has been generated it will stay on the main screen of the app for others to scan ■ Scan other people’s codes in-app Rating ★★★★★ .

only to discover that all of the best names have been taken.Social Networking iPhone Price: £0. but the name makes it sound like a naff battle cry from Street Fighter II. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Voxilate HeyTell Communicate for free with this voice message app It must be somewhat disheartening when you’ve got a good idea for an app and then you see the project through to near completion. there are some significant differences that make it a compelling alternative. it is an example of how some iPhone apps have the ability to improve on popular services with just a few positive tweaks. The interface leans more towards a membership system and this makes it easier to use and to set up. is that the membership system brings more privacy to the service. and the integrated geo location feature makes it handy for finding lost friends and guiding them to your destination. Rating ★★★★★ ■ There are a host of additional features that you are able to add as in-app purchases ■ The map view will look familiar ■ The main settings screen is easy to set up and use ■ An integrated geo location feature lets you track your friends on a map iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 127 . HeyTell is a surprisingly decent means to send and receive free voice messages between users. and perhaps the major benefit. However. What’s more. and for whatever reason this also makes it work very quickly.69/$0. It performs exactly the same task in that it lets you track friends and family and does so using the built-in GPS and Google Maps. On top of this. GPSfriend looks very much like Google Latitude. You have to know a username to track someone and this should mean that data is not shared without your prior knowledge.99 Developer: Aaron Jones GPSfriend A secure alternative to Google Latitude At first glance. this app also works well as a walkie talkie and intercom. you just select other HeyTell users from your contacts list (if they don’t have the app currently installed then you can send them a message inviting them to become a user) and then hold down a button to record and send whatever audio dialogue you want. The interface is nice and simple. As much as this looks like an app that recreates a common task performed elsewhere. Push Notifications are used to convey the arrival of new messages and the sound quality and standard of service is good.

friendly interface is easy to use and there is a thriving community for you to dive straight into and spread the animal love.iPhone Social Networking Price: £0. get news feeds and enter group discussions. CoolApp for Google+ Find My Friends Perfect for the serious Google+ user Pinpoint the location of your friends and family At first glance this app looks like a mere container for a Google+ account. has a pleasing interface and includes most of the features that you get in the official mobile app. CoolApp for Google+ was made for you. planning events. you simply sign in using the same Apple ID that you use to access your iCloud and then send requests to friends to see their location on a map.a. The interface is clean and easy to use. It’s good for managing work shifts. share training tips. and Other Animal Lovers A simple way to share your calendar with friends If you want to synchronise your comings and goings with friends then Calendarised is a simple app that lets you create events for a calendar and then share it easily with friends via Facebook. If you use Google+. To track owners with the same breed as you. and adding events and monitoring those of your friends is an absolute breeze. and you should definitely check this offering out.69/$0. The bright. You can also choose to share your location for a limited period with a group of friends – great for keeping together at packed music festivals. this is definitely the place to come. Rating ★★★★★ 128 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Find My Friends tracks devices belonging to your friends and family so that you can see where they are in relation to you and perhaps hook up for coffee. Cat. the Pets Amino app lets you share pictures of your pet with fellow enthusiasts.l. the display is cleaner than the Google offering and would work very well for anyone who only uses one account at a time. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Gummy Media Ltd Calendarised Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Narvii Inc Pets Amino A Community for Dog.99 Developer: Minh Nguyen Price: Free Developer: iTunes S. share knowledge. and post your tales. post questions. In fact. notifying your sports team and much more. but it actually includes the ability to manage up to five accounts at the same time. And if your friends don’t own iOS devices then they can still access your calendar by visiting the calendarised. Rating ★★★★★ . It’s a handy app with a multitude of uses. The app itself is extremely well designed and easy to navigate – the only question we have is why was it not included as standard with the iOS 5 update? If you love your pet and want to meet like-minded animal lovers all across the world.com website. Using iOS 5.r.

Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Polestar Digital Media Ltd giveonthemobile Price: Free Developer: Natter Ltd Natter An easier way to donate money to charity The place to find new friends. we struggle to think of anything we would like to do less than gaze at someone else’s random collection of cut and pasted images that mean zilch to you. simple and far easier than going through websites or phoning in. Through the app you can register yourself as a fundraiser and browse through the various charities by category. Whoopee! Frankly. posting each other pictures and tracking each other’s location. this app uses text conversations instead of camera feeds – you simply tap on an online user and. chat away. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 129 . a digital scrapbook app. Price: Free Developer: Discoveredd Ltd Discoveredd Catalogue images of objects that inspire you Discoveredd is. we think. One for hoarders only.Social Networking iPhone Price: Free Developer: Darling Dash Limited Cupple Intimate digital sharing with your loved one Designed for people in a relationship to easily stay in touch when apart by sharing intimate thoughts and feelings. There are no revolutionary features that should dissuade you from going through your default Messages app. When you find your favourite one you can donate money through the app. If you have room in your life for more friends then this is a friendly and warm environment for meeting new people. If you like to chat (or ‘natter’) then the Natter app allows you to gas away to randoms and earn points while doing it. should they agree to natter. It uses push notifications to alert you to new messages and it’s an effective means of hooking up with one special person instead of singling out a particular person within your social network apps. It gains ‘social networking’ status by allowing you to follow your friends and have a good gander at the images that inspire them. if you need some The purpose of this app is to provide a quick and easy platform to donate money to your favourite charities. A companion to the Natter website. for all intents and purposes. The object is to save and organise images that inspire and have some sort of significance in your life. reducing the time it takes to give money as the process is quick.

as a bit of fun. Like any other social service. and including extra details such as a category or photos is easier still. Loccit is a great app for those who love to keep a diary. Yiip Voice Messenger adds a social element to recording and sharing sounds using your iPhone’s built-in microphone. Combine and document all your favourite memories and photos from personal diary entries and online social networking posts. LINE lets you send free text messages and make free calls via Android or iPhone. The app enables you to share new entries through social networking sites. and you’re invited to share your snaps over more popular sites. or even many places in the US. It’s like a party that professes to be the coolest. listen to their recordings (or ‘Yiips’) and record your own. though. built-in editor. you can even have your Loccit diary printed as a hardcover book to keep as a souvenir! Searching for deals is easy these days.69/$0. verify it.99 Developer: The Application Cubby LLC Spottd isn’t the first app to offer a way to share what’s going on around you. or any. deals in the UK. and has served people well over the years.iPhone Social Networking Price: Free Developer: Snapr Ltd Price: Free Developer: ML4D Ltd Price: Free Developer: Qwiqq. Unfortunately. or showing much interest in attending. but it does focus on what people are saying rather than music they’ve created – like a spoken Facebook status. or flag up cool places for others to see. or keep them personal and private. Skype has proved itself to be one of the most essential online services around. Inc Qwiqq LINE Capture the Flag is a social networking app that tries to make a game out of snapping locations and uploading them to score points for your tribe. Qwiqq aims to do this by allowing deals to be uploaded and geo-tagged. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Capture the Flag – by Snapr Loccit Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Naver Japan Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: FitFinder Ltd Price: Free Developer: Qwip. the mere thought of this will either generate soft tingles of anticipation at hearing the. such as meal offers at restaurants or cheap cinema tickets. sometimes thoughtless. but that’s not to say it’s the only choice. The app outlines hotspots for you to take over by capturing the most shots. the areas of use for the app are currently very limited. All you have to do is create an account and begin making entries. Signing up is easy – you tap in your mobile number. You can even add effects and manipulate recordings thanks to a powerful. and we certainly found no problems. leaving your portrait floating in some sort of perpetual online limbo. you can find and follow friends. but we found that nobody is using this app. and the ability to send images. It’s a great way to discover new things. Now. All secrets can be kept safe and updated directly on your iOS device. presumably in order to spread the word. or fill you with dread that our nation’ s airwaves don’t produce quite enough of that already. while this is a great idea. but it’s always nice to see a new app come about that allows us to find cheaper things faster. However. It seems like the whole world is now tweeting and this app sports a cool interface that rather cleverly reads your tweets out loud. including the ability to chat with more than one person. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Spottd 130 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Yiip Voice Messenger Appztr FaceRank Tweet Speaker – Listen to Twitter . There are some nice touches present within the app. It promises clear calls. and then start adding contacts. Sounds sort of okay in principle. But right now. It’s not the first social service for sound recordings. From the App Store spiel we glean that this is some kind of beauty rating app in which you capture and post a photo of yourself and then face off in a superficial beauty competition against other users. so you’ll know exactly what’s for sale and where quickly and simply. Maybe in the future things will get better. ramblings of those you follow read aloud. You create your own account and can then search for other users based on location or name – but you’ll probably not find anyone. no one is attending. Adding (or spotting) a new location is easy. and could help you save money. mosthappening party to end all parties. meaning that you’re unlikely to find many. Inc Price: Free Developer: Dondon Vizcayno Price: £0. except us. It really depends how into Twitter you are and how keen you are to absorb every last hastily-typed word. One of the coolest features that Spottd has is the ability to search deals that are nearby. it is one of the best designed apps of this kind we’ve seen.

This app is little more than a list of tips that are split into separate sections for men.99 Developer: Anil Mohan Price: Free Developer: Octavian Costache Price: Free Developer: BSquared apps Heart to Find is a device to find people near you who share the same interests. The information is limited and it is arguably priced too high for the limited content. This app allows you to create a group of ‘tagees’ and then monitor where they are on a map. strangely. Twitter users in particular will appreciate the URL shortening capability. but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves! Just listen to your own hearts and go forth and multiply! Fanzone is a simple app designed to cater for fans of all English football teams.Social Networking iPhone Price: Free Developer: Cartsen Sander Price: £0. It offers information such as stadium plans. not more than one sport at a time) and tabs at the bottom of the screen filter your posts further – one such category allows you to view all the posts by actual players. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ TransFire XP Tweetsport 700 iTips for Singles and Couples Fanzone iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 131 . Future updates are promised by the developer soon so hopefully it’ll be fleshed out into something a little more engaging.99 Developer: Arthursoft studios Ltd TransFire XP is essentially an instant messaging app – of which there are hundreds of thousands – but with a big difference. For the life of us we can’t fathom why this is a good thing – why not just scroll through the content on Facebook like normal? It allows you to add captions to your own images to post but. really. featuring only the photos. there just doesn’t seem to be much point to it at all. We suppose it does serve a purpose and would prove handy for paintballing teams and orienteering groups to track the position of your teammates. broadcasting updates is quick and easy. despite the fact that you’ll never have enough minutes in the day to read them all. You can filter your content by specific types of sport (though. You start off by completing a profile.69/$0. so it’s hard to justify paying out money for this. If you want to open the floodgates for a deluge of sports-related Twitter posts from all around the world then this app will merrily thrust them at you. If you’re a fan of social networking.99 Developer: TNT Creations Price: Free Developer: Tweetsport Ltd Price: £0.49/$1. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Heart to Find Rating ★★★★★ InstaCaster Pic Spree TagUp Price: £1. making this a brilliant free app to sit on your Home screen. but the interface is pretty bland and devoid of features in version 1. to be honest. including your age and nickname and then finish off by outlining the kinds of things you are interested in doing. We found this a bit tacky and devoid of users. This vampiric app sucks content from your friends’ Facebook posts and pastes it into its own domain. for you to view with ease and comment on. from walking or going out for dinner. It can even act as a simple phrase translator. You only need to log on once to each service and after that. you’ll like this app. women and single people. so it may be worth waiting for a few updates to see if the matter is addressed. But although it provides a very clear service. regardless of the fact that this is free. although we found it tricky to locate anyone near us. A compass is then displayed that will highlight anyone nearby with similar interests. much of the prized content is stuff that you really already know – like you know that lying when attempting to woo a partner isn’t the best cul-de-sac to drive down. but for now we feel it is just a no-frills app with limited uses. correct.99 Developer: oluwaseun ojo Price: £1. And. to perhaps something a little more intimate or serious. Definitely one for the social networking fanatic who has everything. as it provides clutter-free broadcasting to Facebook and Twitter. which is undoubtedly what saves this app from being completely throw-away. links to official sites and the latest league tables.49/$1. That said.0. The translations are instantaneous and. If you have friends or colleagues on the other side of the world that speak a different language to you then you can type a message in your native language and then get it instantly translated into another language before sending. paying out for an app that does what the main apps should do as standard is hard to swallow. That’s kind of it. Fantastic. though. we presume. and there are plenty of free football news services that can be accessed online or come with their own companion apps.69/$0. The desire to cater for all teams does reduce the depth of information. it is a decent digest that can be enjoyed during those inevitable lulls in play.

The only improvement would be an option to remove the ads. the coach and the spectator. There’s no learning curve here and. From catching up on the latest news to improving your own sporting technique. there is an app to suit the sports-person. The scoreboard loads instantly with the app. Court Buddy allows you to track squash and UK racketball on your iPhone using an extremely simple tap-to-score interface. simply tap on their scoreboard. or tweet a score if you want to broadcast it to the rest of the world.iPhone Sports Sports Take your favourite sports team obsession to another level and keep track of their every move with your iPhone. although basic. meaning you’re never going to get caught out by a game that starts prematurely. club and handicap. Rating ★★★★★ . Whenever a player scores. You can even export these from the main menu via email. it certainly includes just about every feature you’d require in this situation. Take a look at the following pages… Top Paid Apps FixtureBox ★★★★★ Coach’s Eye ★★★★ Putter King Adventure Golf ★★★★ Top Free Apps PlayUp – Where Sport Gets Social ★★★★ Court Buddy ★★★★ Snow Resort! ★★★★ Pick of the section FISHMARX ★★★★★ 132 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Approach Tennis ★★★★ ■ Heading into the app’s settings allows you to change match details ■ Scoring in Court Buddy is as simple as tapping on your iPhone’s screen Price: Free Developer: Dark Peak Digital Limited Court Buddy Keep track of squash scores Designed to replicate traditional paper scoring cards. as well as the match venue name to ensure that you’ve got a solid record of every game. you can change details like player name. Inside the app’s settings. Court Buddy is a simple app that serves its purpose well.

The controls for editing and analysing what you’ve captured are very straightforward.99 Developer: TechSmith Corporation Coach’s Eye Become the sporting pundit you’ve always wanted to be There are plenty of dads out there who coach their kids’ sports teams. Well. and maybe take it a bit too seriously. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 133 . now there is an app to take their obsession to the next level.99/$4. as it does feel like a restriction that could limit usage slightly. Once you’ve finished your analysis. as opposed to filming on another camera and then importing it into this app later. as well as share them through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. which allows you to draw freehand or place arrows. but nonetheless there will still be those obsessive coaches who will go over their team’s work with Coach’s Eye.Sports iPhone ■ Every video you record is stored until you’ve reviewed or deleted it ■ Reviewed videos can be shared via several outlets. which does mean a fair amount of planning ahead is needed when you want to analyse your team’s plays. your son’s football game – and point out the key plays. The only real drawback with the app is that you can’t upload pre-recorded videos into Coach’s Eye. This is a shame. The app comes with screen-drawing abilities similar to those you see on TV coverage of most sports these days. with a scrolling button that allows you to move through the footage in slow-motion. There is a slowmotion button you can use if you don’t want to manually slow down the footage. a player out of position or a run about to be made by a player – using the wheel menu. but scaled down so you can take it with you on your iPhone. making this advanced feature very easy to use. You can then draw and highlight different things within your video – for example. Of course. boxes or other shapes within your footage. or via email. for personal use. including social networks and sites like YouTube ■ Once you’ve analysed your video. you can save your videos to the Reviewed section of the app and go back to them at any time. which potentially makes this app suitable for use in presentations. Coach’s Eye is a video app that allows you to get analytical with what you record – for example. it can be saved to the Reviewed section where you can go back to it at any point Price: £2. it also means having your iPhone at the ready at all times.

you can share your best scores. This free app lets you log in via Facebook and then target a specific sporting event. It’s good fun and very well produced. The 3D-style environment helps to create an atmosphere that not only looks enticing. All major sports are covered and within a sporting category you can pinpoint a specific game to comment on – which makes for some lively debate. unlock new holes. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ ■ The characters and holes have been carefully thought out ■ Virtually every major sport is covered from across the world 134 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ The graphics are cute . Miniature golf is fun when played with friends and family. You can even design your own holes and have the chance to see them featured in future versions of the game. everyone has an opinion.99 Developer: Putter King LLC Air your sporting opinions A fun miniature golf game When it comes to sport. and the challenges continue to create a title with much longevity built-in. The good news is that Putter King Adventure Golf most certainly has been. and includes 27 holes and three game modes. to start flinging your comments out there to a selected group of mates or in a newly created open room. and the fact that there are some cute characters to play with will make it an ideal time-waster for children as well.iPhone Sports Price: Free Developer: PLAYUP USA. providing the perfect forum to indulge in a spot of light-hearted banter with like-minded fans. LLC PlayUp – Where Putter King Sport Gets Social Adventure Golf Price: £1. especially if you’re commenting on a live football match as it is going on. everyone likes to chip in – and PlayUp is the perfect platform for it. Whether those opinions are formed by a longstanding love for a particular team or fuelled by misguided media interpretations. The physics in particular feel more realistic than they normally do in miniature golf games.99/$2. There is little missing in this game. but also enhances the actual gameplay. such as a football match. but it can also provide much entertainment on a phone if the game has been designed with care and attention.

given that there’s a calendar of events included. with the Glasgow side’s entire past broken down into different eras for you to read through. There is clearly a split in this app when it comes to target market. the Rangers FC app is about more than the here and now. with a Media section containing video updates direct from Rangers.uk is part visitor guide.99 Developer: Dynamically Loaded Ltd. as well as view the town’s official Twitter feed and latest news. This nostalgic section of the app will appeal to all football fans with a penchant for history. with match facts and full reports ■ The Club section contains the club’s history Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 135 . which you’re unlikely to miss should you download it. and cover the town from every angle ■ There is a vast variety of information on offer in the Cowes app iPhone Pretty comprehensive when it comes to the town and its famous surrounding waters. ■ The fixture list that welcomes you to the app is fully interactive. Clearly this app will do well around the time of Cowes Week.uk Price: Free Developer: Netguides Limited A guide to the home of yachting ■ All the details included in the app are in-depth.co. and a biography of their time in charge. Scrolling further down this page. you will find a list of all the previous managers of the club. but beside this there are all the multimedia features you’d expect from an official football club app. showing detailed diagrams on how to correctly approach the busy harbour by sea. Rangers FC The heart of Scotland’s most successful club While the main menu might display a fixture list of the current season. On the main menu you can learn about the town and harbour. There is a full squad list as well as a news feed containing the latest print stories on the club. including how to get to it on the Isle of Wight from mainland England. part calendar app. Cowes. Some of the navigation sections are surprisingly in-depth. Using the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. harbour layout and even buoy positions that suggest the app would be a handy tool for any sailor.co. as there are features like these that seem to cater to tourists. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £2.Sports Cowes. you can access comprehensive information on the history of the club. but they are found alongside guides to the tides.99/$4.

The level of tracking is incredibly detailed and will suit professional bowlers and those who coach the game. but at its simplest level it can also be used by anyone who plays the occasional game. meaning you can be fully focused on the learning process. That is far from the whole story.99/$12.iPhone Sports BowlSheet 2 Price: £8. It covers every conceivable area of monitoring a game and even goes to the level of letting you input the type of shot you made and the resultant score.99/$4.99 Developer: 2012 Software LLC Detail every aspect of your games ■ The design is faithful to real bowling scoreboards Some people take ten-pin bowling very seriously and if you are one of these. and quickly get to the point. divided into categories that cover every aspect of the art.99 Developer: Martial Apps Ltd JKD Learn the moves of Bruce Lee JKD. The video tutorials are short. Everything is basic and easy to use. 136 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ The in-app menus keep things simple and allow you to try out different aspects of the fighting style ■ There are six main categories to the app Rating ★★★★★ . The app is built around instructional videos. but it is a good example of the detail that has been built in to many specialist iPhone apps. down to the finer points of correct stance and measuring up your opponent. the app interface is a no-frills space. from the basics of attack and defence. founded by the legendary Bruce Lee. because you can monitor everything from the type of equipment used by each player such as balls and wrist supports to contact information like phone numbers and specific locations. Some will view it as over the top in the way it is implemented. however. if you’ll excuse the pun. Much like the videos themselves. BowlSheet 2 will be right up your alley. a key part of success when studying Jeet Kune Do. they’re accessible and gradually lead you through the characteristics of the fighting style. Aimed at newcomers. an app dedicated to the martial art practice Jeet Kune Do. ■ You can show the actual split after each bowl Rating ★★★★★ Price: £2. will be of interest to anyone keen on martial arts or Lee himself. upping the ante in terms of difficulty as you progress further.



Price: £1.49/$1.99 Developer: The E-Calendar Company Ltd


Never miss a game again
The ultimate app for the sports enthusiast,
FixtureBox syncs all your favourite team’s fixtures
with your iPhone calendar, complete with
location and start time based on your location,
so you never miss a goal or point. The app’s database is
impressively detailed, with over 1,000 teams across all major
sports on offer, and no limit on the number of teams you can
keep track of. It is worth reining yourself in slightly, however,
otherwise you could find your calendar overloaded with
sporting encounters.
Setting up your various fixture lists is a simple process, with
just a few taps through the icon-driven menu leading you to
team lists, which you can tick at your leisure, get their entire
fixture list sent to your phone, and then view offline. The app
appears to be perfectly suited to those who love to hit the
pub for the big games, and with FixtureBox at your disposal, it
doesn’t seem likely that you’ll miss many chances to do so.

Rating ★★★★★

Price: Free Developer: adidas AG

miCoach Football

Monitor Adidas’ new superboots

This app works in conjunction with the catchily
named miCoach SPEED_CELL, a clever device
that slots into a cavity on the underside of Adidas’
new adiZero F50 football boots. This cell collects
and stores data as you play, such as the number of sprints,
distance covered and maximum running speed, and this app
collates the data and presents it in neat graphs and charts for
you to monitor your performance and compare stats against
other users. It’s an amazing fusion of technologies, but to use
this app properly you obviously have to fork out for the
professional-standard boots and be playing at a decent level. If
you do neither then the app also features a somewhat clunky
street-style football game to play and earn achievements
through – which really isn’t a bad consolation prize considering
that the app itself is totally free. So while the app and the
technology that drives it is a great tool for players and coaches
alike to monitor player performance, for most of us it doesn’t
really serve much of a purpose.

Rating ★★★★★

■ If you don’t
have the right
boots, you can
play an average
street soccer
game instead

■ The main menu is very icon-driven and
allows you to quickly find your teams or players

■ The app
data from
the chip in
your boots

iPhone App
9 137

iPhone Sports

Price: £2.99/$4.99 Developer: Sportsplan Ltd

Price: Free Developer: The Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd

Basketball DIY

Classic Boat Magazine

Practice makes perfect

Informative publication for sailing fanatics

A video tutorial app, Basketball DIY shows you how
to properly train and prepare yourself to become
a better player on the court. The app contains
15 videos, covering a range of topics, from game
basics such as dribbling and passing to training techniques that
can help improve your fitness and sharpness. There is a real
emphasis on repetition with this app, with no remarkable
techniques on
show, just constant
reminders that
practice makes
perfect when it
comes to sport.
Not exactly earthshattering advice.

If you have an interest in sailing then Classic Boat
Magazine is rammed full of articles and product
reviews to fuel your passion. The app itself is a free
viewing portal to read each issue, but you will need
to lay out real cash to buy the digital issues, or take
out a subscription to get each
new edition delivered to your
Newsstand app automatically
when they are released.
Obviously the content is highly
specialist, but a sign of the
quality is that some features
are enthralling regardless of
whether you know anything
about sailing, so it's a great app
no matter what level of interest.

Rating ★★★★★

Rating ★★★★★

Price: Free Developer: Blue Square

Price: Free Developer: Vox Media

Bluesq Winter

SB Nation – Sports News

An in-depth app for the Blue Square Winter Carnival

Delivering the latest news from over 300 blogs

This app is an example of many that specifically
target an event and try to cover all of your needs
if you are attending. The horse races are
monitored with commentary, full racecards are
included detailing the
jockeys and everything
else you need to place the
right bet, and there are also
direct links to betslips.
Whether you intend to
have a flutter or not, this
will be the ideal
companion for horseracing fanatics to ensure
that you get the most out
of the event.

Rating ★★★★★
138 iPhone App Directory Volume 9

SB Nation is a fairly rudimentary sports news
feed app that focuses on North American
sports such as the NFL and basketball – though
it also covers a wide spectrum of sports,
including soccer. You can
opt to follow particular
stories to stay updated as
they unfold, and you can
search for stories via a
particular sports category,
team or blog, allowing you
to get news feeds for the
sports that matter most to
you. Easy to use and varied
in content, this is well
worth downloading.

Rating ★★★★★


Price: £1.99/$2.99 Developer: Fotios Sigalos

Approach Tennis
Learn the true art of tennis visually
Tennis is not an easy game to play and even
harder to learn if you want to take it seriously.
This app not only gives you text hints on each
type of shot, but also includes a selection of
video demonstrations,
which you can play again
and again until you fully
understand what you
need to do for each
technique. The
presentation is very basic
and would benefit from
some sharpening, but the
facts and potential help
the app offers are excellent
for newcomers to tennis.

Rating ★★★★★
Price: Free Developer: bwin Games AB

bwin Sports
Betting made easy on your iPhone
Although the logo may be instantly recognisable
as the one that adorns the Real Madrid football
shirt, you may not actually know that it belongs
to a betting firm, and this app version of its
service is as intuitive as they
come. After setting up an
account (for which you must,
obviously, be 18 years or over),
you can place single or multiple
bets, get full access to your
account information and get full
details on your betting history. So
if you like a flutter then this is a
robust and easy-to-use app for all
your wagers.

Rating ★★★★★


Price: Free Developer: Jason Watling

Find, view and share your catches
This app offers a method for fishermen to
share precise details of their catches with the
world. You could consider it a social network
for people with the same hobby, but there are
practical advantages in
such a solution. Members
can check to see where the
fish are around their home
or in unfamiliar areas, and
over time it could easily
become the first place to
visit before you set off for
a day’s fishing. The
presentation also suits the
subject matter perfectly.

Rating ★★★★★
Price: Free Developer: Motain GmbH

THE Football App
A feature-rich app for football fans everywhere
This is a decent app for football fans that
lets you get all the latest news, score updates
and, where possible, videos from all of the
world’s most prominent football leagues.
Simply select the league
that you want and then
categories along the
bottom of the screen will
direct you to such
information as fixture lists,
league tables, news and
videos – all of which are
updated regularly. If you
can tolerate the ads then
this is a good free app that
is bursting with content.

Rating ★★★★★
iPhone App Directory Volume 9 139

admittedly. Whether you play. There are regular guest appearances from Gunner-loving media darlings such as Matt Lucas and Jack Whitehall. or you can simply peruse a list of the most popular to find out all of the best snowy hotspots. is rather a lot in app terms – you get a selection of videos in which Lewis takes you through some training drills. pick two different sports that you’re into (one selectable category is ‘All Sports’. tips on getting into shape and eating well and. just in case you have trouble whittling your interest down to just the two) and then the app will scan all of the native TV stations to present your very own TV guide to sport on the telly. It can help you work out the logistics of up to 40 players over a total of ten rounds and can even find the best golf courses for you too. This app tunes you in to the global sports TV schedule so that you can share opinion.99/$5. you can find out which of your friends are currently watching the same game and then fire off comments and opinion as the action unfolds. style and country of choice. This is a very useful app for the armchair sports fan. Both the smartphone and iPad versions come with full fantasy league support. If your passion is skiing or snowboarding then Snow Resort! is a useful free app that helps you find the perfect resorts based on your ability. although sadly it is only available to US-based iPhone users. The image of Alan Sunderland on the front of this app shows the kind of tongue-incheek style that is used throughout the content. The app also provides all the latest news on your favourite team. and it is simple to use. videos. and with the latest news and multimedia content it is a free download for all serious fans. with goal flashes. especially if they’re involved in CBS’s fantasy football league. fouls and cards.69/$0.99 Developer: ICN Corporate Limited This is a decent enough app for followers of the English Premier League. Twitter links all relevant tweets into each game page and allows you to tweet about the live game. The app also integrates iMessage to allow you to set up your own private chat rooms. photos and video in private groups and on Twitter during live TV games. all of which is clearly laid out and very easy to use thanks to a welldesigned user interface. A must have for anyone who likes to swing regularly. full stats of how your team is performing and the option to compare players between different teams. there is something on display here to benefit all.iPhone Sports Price: Free Developer: CBS Mobile Price: Free Developer: Tixdaq Limited Price: Free Developer: Playback Media Price: £0. Upon loading it up you select your country. A smart search engine allows you to access specific data. so you can narrow down your searches to a select few and then take your time deciding on the best place to go on the piste. so you can manage your team wherever you are and follow the stats as they generate. Managing a golf game is harder than you think and this app will take care of the intricacies that are involved with setting up a good day out. It features game-bygame score updates. making it far easier to plan what you want to watch and when without having to wade through the other drivel listed in a TV guide. Premier Live Rating ★★★★★ 140 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Snow Resort! Rating ★★★★★ Unibet Sports TV Guide Rating ★★★★★ Lewis Moody Rugby Rating ★★★★★ . CBS Sports Pro Football Rating ★★★★★ Fanatix Rating ★★★★★ Footballistically Arsenal Rating ★★★★★ Golf Outing Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Pocket Widget SL Price: Free Developer: Jamie Neale Price: Free Developer: Webcomrades Price: £3. Resorts can be added to your own ‘favourites’ list. This app will keep you hooked for sure. By connecting through Facebook. This is a very impressive coaching aid. The presentation is lively.99 Developer: Laurence Evans Dedicated Gridiron followers will find that this NFL-focused app delivers pretty much everything they need. to say the least. You can select players straight from your contacts and the app will pair up players and generate tee-off times and hole allocations. As the matches kick off you can also get rolling updates on how events are unfolding on the pitch. designed to improve your rugby skills. For your money – which. This app is essentially an extension of the popular podcast designed to make it easier to engage with the content while on the move. but still a pity. piste maps and resort websites. a detailed playbook featuring stepby-step instructions to help maximise your team’s effectiveness on the field. best of all. substitutions. teach or just fancy a bit of Moody time. which is understandable.

Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ NBA. product reviews and sections dedicated to answering readers’ queries. The app itself is a viewing portal through which you can read purchased and downloaded issues of the magazine. It provides detailed training regimes. including all of the major European forces as well as Estonia. But if all you want to do is run then the stop/start nature of physically filming waypoints soon gets tiresome. This is a very specialist climbing app geared towards the Rubicon Crag. We know what you’re thinking – why do you have to pay money for a digital magazine viewing portal when most of the others are free? Well the cost you pay includes one free issue of your choice. An impressive array of countries and league levels are covered. you will be sent a push alert and an email. but well-rounded app. so you can hit the ground running. For serious fans of football. Air Gunner Rating ★★★★★ Concrete Wave Rating ★★★★★ Groundhopper Rating ★★★★★ NagMe Sports Alert Service Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: NBA Properties. The content is rich with technical detail. no matter what type. this free download nevertheless provides a decent service to help you get the most out of your swimming. TV Run Pacer swim-trainer Rating ★★★★★ WCJ Rubicon Climbing Topo Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 141 . It’s easy to use and deserves credit for providing freedom to map out your own routes without having to eat into your 3G price plan. Instead you have to record waypoints as you take your maiden run and then set new target times for reaching it. Each issue is packed full of features. All you have to do is search for a horse. a forum to share tips and techniques with other swimmers and a shopping section to browse for the latest swimwear and accessories. Certainly not the most aesthetically-pleasing sports app available but it provides plenty of goals and tutorials to help you improve. If you’re into horse racing and want to know when you favourite horse is next running. then NagMe is the official horse racing alert service of the Press Association Sport. The app will tell you how far your are away from your destination and you can add as many waypoints as you want to your route.69/$0. With weather forecasts and an online map that shows your position in relation to the crag. Although little more than an app portal to the swim-trainer. and bundles.COM US Price: £0. so you never miss the action. com website. which fans will love. which you need to pay actual money for. Finland. It includes a general introduction to the climbing facilities on this crag. Concrete Wave is a specialist magazine aimed at those who are into the world of boarding. It is perfect for the fan who likes to visit as many grounds as possible and will let them note down each visit and then share the details via Facebook. if you subscribe to a League or Team Pass. Serbia and Ukraine – more than 1. If you obtain a paid-for pass then you can also use it to watch matches streamed live through your PC. What’s more. Water-Cum-Jolly near Tideswell in the Peak District. or follow your favourite team throughout the season respectively.Sports iPhone Price: Free Developer: Archant Price: £1. is very low considering the professional high quality of production. and the pricing for each issue. Using this intuitive app you can quickly set up free alerts on any horse.49/$1. access and approach plus an overview map that features selectable sector regions showing vital information when tapped. Inc Price: Free Developer: Stuart Fisher Price: Free Developer: Mark Oliver Price: Free Developer: Steve Golley This is the official app of the NBA and it comes packed with videos highlights of every NBA game (over 50 new highlights per day). An absolute must for any basketball nut.99 Developer: Kepermat Price: Free Developer: Chroma Agency Ltd This digital publication is geared towards air gun enthusiasts and those who are new or returning to the sport. trainer or jockey and find a wealth of form and racing information for every horse in every race in the UK and Ireland. it’s a brilliant app for this particular location – but this location only.99 Developer: MAGAZINECLONER. this app doesn’t rely on GPS.500 in total – meaning you can log your adventures far and wide. including Playoffs. Groundhopper has potential. However. you can either get access to every game in the 20112012 season. a free sample issue is included so you can get a feel for the magazine and make an informed decision on whether to subscribe. Wikipedia information is linked to for each ground and it is a basic. information on the parking. Unlike other running aids. tap on the ‘NagMe’ button and every time your selected horse is declared to run.

Fingers crossed for the future. you will be presented with every possible bus route and number represented. On arrival at your destination. and if the two places are close enough. or even from the comfort of your own home.99/$2. and you can also set a Home location. and the idea behind the app is so simple that it’s always obvious what you need to do. Rating ★★★★★ . It’s a great little tool and one we’d like to see venture a little further than just London. Tapping a location on the map will select it as your destination. help is still on hand with the range of navigation apps available… Top Paid Apps ViewRanger Outdoors GPS (Premium) ★★★★★ SKI TRACKS – GPS TRACK RECORDER ★★★★★ BusMapper Pro★★★★ Top Free Apps Tube Map ★★★★★ Rome MVR ★★★★ Jetsetter ★★★★★ Pick of the section CoPilot Live Premium USA ★★★★★ 142 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 RAC Traffic Plus ★★★★ Price: £1. It will use location data to find where you. which will then be saved. The interface is clear. and you can select a final destination. the app will even tell you that you would be able to make the journey with a short walk instead. there will be an app in the App Store to make your travel plans easier. this app might be very useful.99 Developer: Azdev Ltd BusMapper Pro- Live Routing and Bus Stops If you decide to use the London bus system. When the app has found the two locations.iPhone Travel/Navigation Travel/ Navigation ■ You will be given every route between locations ■ Simply tap on your chosen destination Whether you are organising a trip to the city or an adventure around the world. You can also select two separate areas and find the best route between them. You can tap through the bus numbers to view your choices.

Garmin has packed as many features as possible into its UK offering. it is important for the other major players to produce complete solutions that cover all that the serious traveller will require. This allows you to quickly obtain information at a glance. the savings could come later in the form of time and fuel. no service will ever be perfect. and one that should serve you well for all of your trips. and we were largely pleased with the routes offered. In our tests. These features are all available elsewhere. with all of the big names now producing specialist solutions for the iPhone. and lane assist capabilities. Of course. but easy to understand Price: £49. but at its core this is a competent navigation solution that is worthy of the asking price. and tap the larger-than-average buttons while driving. With the likes of CoPilot and TomTom involved. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 143 . There are other novel features such as 3D buildings. This simple touch should not be underestimated. live traffic updates. but for those who will only need it occasionally. but for the serious ones like traffic. which raises the cost somewhat. the cost may outweigh the benefits.Travel/Navigation iPhone ■ The lane view will ensure you take the right turn ■ The icons and settings are easy to use while driving ■ The 3D view is busy. Garmin has spent a lot of time making the interface as easy to use as possible. 3D buildings and landmarks. although it is susceptible to missing the occasional jam. but how they work is paramount to ensuring a navigation solution that is worth the asking price.99/$74. The traffic service is also accurate. The highlights include speed camera alerts. but this solution is a rival to TomTom in terms of route planning.99 Developer: Garmin International Inc Garmin UK & Ireland A great navigation solution The smartphone satellite navigation market is becoming increasingly competitive. and with this in mind. the route planning capabilities proved to be accurate at all times. with the presentation being very similar to standalone systems. First impressions suggest that this will be a good solution for those who travel a lot. and it is obvious that Garmin has taken this into consideration. Some of the services are available as in-app purchases. because safety is paramount at all times when driving.

and we can’t really fault it.iPhone Travel/Navigation ■ Get traffic updates and information on roadworks to make your journey smoother ■ If you get stuck. Route-planning is easy. giving you up-to-the-minute traffic information from one of the UK’s most trusted sources that you are not going to find anywhere else. which marks the points where action needs to be taken. it aims to help you avoid getting stuck in traffic. 144 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Apart from traffic and route-planning. Dots appear on a map to show the areas in which traffic is slow. but with similar apps on the App Store. but the RAC do make clear that this shouldn’t be used when driving. If you’re planning to take a long journey. you can quickly contact someone to help. which is useful ■ When you’ve created a route. and tapping on the dots brings up more info about the issue. as well as marking the area affected. The app itself allows for both route-planning and traffic monitoring. Our biggest issue. you have access to the RAC’s contact numbers. it’s rare for people to have a problem that they can’t quickly solve by reaching into their pocket. however. or a short one past a congestionprone area. pulling out their phone and making a few choice taps. This app is not bad for such a low price. RAC Traffic Plus is just one of the apps that aims to solve a problem you may experience if you don’t own a smartphone. and you can also add your membership number into the app.69/$0. and is based on the RAC’s own data. Traffic data is conveyed differently. Having said that. tap the arrows to advance to the next step Price: £0. is that its functionality is incredibly similar to that of Google Maps. its only unique offering is the traffic information. If you’re an RAC member. RAC Traffic Plus does what it is designed to extremely well indeed. which is a little bit disappointing. Rating ★★★★★ . the extra functionality makes this a must. it does work well.. There is no way to enter a satnav-style directional view. but the route planner itself is very similar.99 Developer: Oakley Integrated Business Solutions Ltd RAC Traffic Plus Plan a route and track traffic Thanks to the now-constant presence of smartphones in our lives. but the only option is a top-down view. which could be very useful. and the two work together to allow you to check your route is clear before you leave.

We’re positive we’ll rely on this heavily from now on. easy to use and genuinely helpful. you can’t’ use all its functions once below the surface. The app not only places you in the centre of some of the most famous landmarks today. but the free download should suffice for most. Search and plan a route with ease iPhone App Directory Volume 9 145 . If you get caught in a rush.99 to upgrade to the pro version. you’ll rue the day for not checking. costs and up-to-the-minute service reports. which at the moment centres on the Forum as well as the Colosseum. the app can use GPS to create a time window on your location if you’re close to one of the areas featured in the app. There is. It gives you an advantage over the Underground for the grand price of nothing. Using the Time Window system. but at least you have some tools at your disposal. Rating ★★★★★ Rome MVR Rome in the past and present There’s nothing quite like the experience you get from Rome MVR. of course. though. it’s well thought-out. An eye-catching idea that’s been beautifully put together to create a time window on your iPhone. if you are in Rome. You can still search for stations offline and plan routes.Travel/Navigation iPhone Price: Free Developer: mxData Limited Tube Map Price: Free Developer: Altair4 Multimedia srl Stay ahead of the game Giving you easy access to a visual image of the entire London Underground. but also when they were first built. The most compelling feature of Rome MVR. Those who can’t stand adverts can pay £1. With no 3G connection possible. and also where other buildings and monuments used to stand. delays. The screen reacts to the movement of your iPhone. Perhaps even more impressively. which is part of the Mixed Virtual Reality software. is how you navigate within the landscapes. so as you move left and right the picture does the same. creating the perception that you are in fact outside the Colosseum and looking around.99/$2. the updating functions will no longer be available. Overall. you can even link Tube Map with other mxData downloads. Rating ★★★★★ ■ You can use the map to pick out areas of personal interest or pick from a menu ■ The Mixed Virtual Reality fades the CGI over the image to give you a snapshot of the past ■ Twitter allows constant updates. so you know what’s happening below ■ Need to find a specific tube station? No problem. as well as departures. CGI fades in and out of the modern day picture to show you how iconic structures used to look. creating a complete public transport hub that is constantly ready and waiting on your iPhone. routes. one problem with all Underground navigation apps.

but it truly does and offers a solution that will work for the majority of people who require an app like this. When compared to dedicated hardware solutions for outdoor mapping. conclude that this is a near-perfect outdoor mapping solution for anyone who owns an iPhone. We can. Rating ★★★★★ . Some try to cover the whole of the UK in basic detail and others cost a lot of money to provide comprehensive info. You can choose to install all UK national parks and two specific regions. and the visual guidance will ensure that you are never off track. The premium version of ViewRanger Outdoors GPS does neither and lets you choose the maps and locations you require from the premium credit that is built in to the app. You can share your location ■ Even the overview maps offer a sense of perspective ■ The level of detail is incredibly high 146 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 with others in your party. The interface and presentation fits the genre perfectly and takes the value of this app to a new level. We’d love to list all of the features and gush over how well they work. however. Despite the fact that most who use this kind of app will not require many extra features.iPhone Travel/Navigation Price: £14. but very few manage to bring a solution that is worth using on every trip. and then further enhance the map sets by using the unlimited access to street map layers for the UK. this makes the app feel incredibly cheap. and you can also record and save each track. they are included. which is ideal for cyclists or general sightseeing. Trails are available including photos and extra information. and you can then share these with others as you please. This may well lead some to believe that it could never compete. which is an excellent safety feature.99 Developer: Augmentra Ltd ViewRanger Outdoors GPS (Premium) A comprehensive and good-value outdoor mapping solution Outdoor mapping is a feature that is offered in many apps.99/$20. but alas we cannot. This is particularly useful because you may know better routes than any app can offer.

historically. though.49/$14. Simply start your run. total distance. A truly top-class satellite navigation solution.99 Developer: ALK Technologies Ltd. but none seem as comprehensive as SKI TRACKS. The USA is a big place and. but it still manages to make the important information accessible with just a glance and. Rating ★★★★★ ■ Animated maps show your exact run as well as where you’ve taken photos and hopped on lifts ■ SKI TRACKS produces plenty of stats for your runs as well as maps and graphs iPhone App Directory Volume 9 147 . but easy to understand ■ Lane assist will help you take exactly the right junction Rating ★★★★★ SKI TRACKS – GPS TRACK RECORDER Track your slope runs on your iPhone Price: £0. but this CoPilot offering comes with a complete map of the USA at an incredibly low price. things quickly fall into place. like iPod and camera integration. SKI TRACKS has almost definitely thought of everything when it comes to tracking runs. altitude. but the entire software interface and feature set puts it in contention with the likes of TomTom as well.Travel/Navigation iPhone CoPilot Live Premium USA A huge navigation app at a bargain price Price: £10.69/$0. Once you’re done. That alone is a positive selling point. Throw in multiple route options per trip and you will likely soon come to rely on this app like no other.99 Developer: Core Coders Ltd If you’re a regular on the slopes and want to track your runs. no matter which winter sport you enjoy. which stops using GPS and the iPod if you run below a certain percentage power remaining. The design is busy at times. throw your phone in your pocket and head down a slope. The optional extras such as ActiveTraffic lift the app even higher. Results can even come in the form of an animated map or graph. and it is hard to find any feature that is missing or does not work as it should. once you are used to the settings and how to navigate the software. duration and much more. hit ‘Save’ and SKI TRACKS will provide you with all manner of useful data about your run. ■ The 3D driving interface is busy. there are plenty of apps that will offer to track you and provide you with statistics. navigation software has only offered maps on a state-by-state basis. including maximum and average speed. It’s the little touches that make this app really great. making it an essential download. and a battery saver.

99 Developer: Garmin Price: Free Developer: Fotonauts Inc Garmin USA Fotopedia Japan Drive with confidence with this feature-rich navigator The price may attract your attention. as well as speed camera alerts and full address book integration so you can quickly find your way to your contacts. In addition. Detailed reviews are included alongside a rating and even nearby attractions and directions are handily built in. get fully interactive maps and information on all the best places of interest and. There’s also a nice Where Am I? feature which can be used in an emergency to instantly give you your co-ordinates as well as the location of the nearest emergency services. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: £34. the pictures are simply stunning and as an insightful travel companion this great free app is an absolute must.99/$49. create your perfect planner in preparation for your holiday. Mediterranean cruises and more as easy as can be. ski trips and chalets.iPhone Travel/Navigation Price: Free Developer: Gilt Travel. It’s an incredibly useful app for getting the most out of a day trip or as an intuitive commuting aid.000 stunning photographs you can delve into Japan’s unique history and culture. you can set favourites to personalise the app and even get an up-to-date arrivals board for individual stops on your iPhone. Price: £1. A great navigational aid. weekend breaks across Europe. and the Jetsetter app is designed to let you do both in style. but thankfully this app has been designed so that they only start to appear when you’ve zoomed in. but this is a fully functional satellite navigation system for your iPhone. You can see a full bus route to see if it goes where you need it to.99 Developer: FatAttitude Jetsetter London Bus Checker Browse and purchase your dream trip in style The ultimate app for the bus commuter Sometimes you may want to dream about holidays or purchase a trip when you are out and about. via the brilliant ‘Trip Builder’ feature. Rating ★★★★★ . The Garmin software contains 3D buildings and landmarks. covering all the United States bar Alaska. The app also includes photo-realistic images of complex junctions to help you navigate with confidence. Rating ★★★★★ 148 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Explore the wonders of the orient on your iPhone If you are interested in the orient or are perhaps planning a trip to Japan then the Fotopedia app is a great starting point. A map showing every bus stop in London sounds like a daunting and crowded prospect. The interface is a joy to use.99/$2. Through more than 1. and even set alarms that use your phone’s GPS to alert you when you’re nearing your stop. Inc. The presentation is second to none and it makes the process of perusing and purchasing hotel stays. This app is exceptional in so many ways.

and if you like to go away often. but the number of photos is unusually high. The traditional and modern can work together perfectly when the two sides are sympathetically matched and that is what this app attempts to do. There’s also a Trip Details section that allows you to store your key travel arrangements. Fortunately all of the above are included in this app and it is wrapped up in a style that is quick to navigate and easy to view. Rating ★★★★★ Comprehensive when it comes to covering your time in the Big Apple. but this doesn’t matter much because it is the prices that matter. For the times when you are abroad. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: ebookers. The only downside is the potentially low numbers who will need it. of course. Inc. It offers daily deals on hotels in a variety of states and some of the prices are incredibly low. which could be essential if you need urgent accommodation.com SA Price: Free Developer: NSN Solutions. which will help you make the best decision you can on the best places to stay while using a mobile app. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Mission Communications ebookers Hotels for iPhone New York Pass – Travel Guide Ensure you get the biggest bite of the Big Apple – Hotel deals A complete hotel booking solution When you are booking a hotel. where and how you can get money off across the city. The design is bare bones. add an address and send it to a contact which will. This isn’t an app that will suit everyone. SnapShot Postcard Send a postcard.Travel/Navigation iPhone Price: Free Developer: DealBase Corporation Hotel Tonight – Last Minute Deals on Hotels Some great last minutes deals in the United States If you are a frequent traveller in the States. It lets you create a postcard. work best when on holiday. you ideally want to see photos. While providing details of when. including an itinerary creator complete with built-in costing tool. Very useful. the modern way This app provides a solution for when you have to break away from your holiday fun to send some postcards. this app could be a lifesaver. it could be well worth keeping installed. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 149 . New York Pass is a client app that primarily works with users who have purchased the Pass card that gives discount on attractions. other people’s reviews and detailed information about each establishment. including accommodation and flight details. there are some handy features included for any traveller. The user reviews are most handy. especially those not living or frequently visiting the United States. it has a place. but those who benefit the most will treasure it as you can even book same-day rooms up to 2am. A worthy booking solution for all your hectic holiday-planning needs.

or protect yourself against insurance scammers. free. With just a few taps you can get a cab within minutes and through the app you can also track a driver’s journey towards you on a map. You can also snap your own modern pics. If you’re visiting the picturesque island of Taiwan then this is a great travel companion to take with you and learn all about the history and culture of the country. It’s a fabulously convenient app that will ensure you are never left stranded in the nation’s capital again. and with so many diverse outdoor pursuits. such as date. The free app contains six categories. Each video includes embedded details. Learn Italian – Phrasebook for Travel in Italy Rating ★★★★★ Taiwan Adventures Rating ★★★★★ Welcome Guides Lakeland Rating ★★★★★ . time. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Witness Driving Price: £2. but the service that it provides is unquestionably good if you are soon to visit the lakes. as well as full GPS integration to help you find what’s nearby. GPS location and even G-force to back up your evidence. You can use the app for advance bookings as well. intriguing and best of all. Fortunately. Flight Card is simply wonderful to look at. It features over 900 entries. It includes maps for mountain walks and trails. use the slider to set your chosen year. this app is the perfect guide.iPhone Travel/Navigation Price: £0.69/$0. info on various activities.99 Developer: Sylion Development SL Flight Card For sheer unadulterated clean presentation. Historical. this app is a fine companion to help you get the most out of your visit to the Snowdonia National Park – from scenic walks to adrenalin-packed activities and memorable attractions. and start browsing the extensive image galleries. This app is designed to help you get the most out of your Lakeland visit. Rating ★★★★★ 150 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Rating ★★★★★ Enjoy Snowdonia – Mwynhau Eryri Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Codegent Ltd Price: Free Developer: P A Dawson Price: Free Developer: Pocket App Ltd A simple educational app to teach you the basics of Italian. (a further 12 categories become available if you upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version) and each category contains a list of words and phrases in English that are then translated into Italian with accompanying audio to help you speak them. inspiring arts and culture to experience. All the information is stamped onto one card that fits perfectly on you iPhone’s screen dimensions and all of the details are relayed at the right moment with the aid of different colours and subtitles for each care. The design and look of the app is fairly basic. and tag them next to the old ones as a way of giving a comparison. such as cycling. restaurants. If you find yourself in need of a cab while in London then this app lets you book one from your iPhone. places of interest and the best establishments to be well-fed and entertained. It’s a decent enough app for weekend trips to the country in question. temples. bars and more.000 photos to help you get a flavour of Taiwan and its people. Historypin is a neat app that pulls in geo-tagged images from across history. It is as perfect as a flight tracking app can be and is essential for terminal users. You can browse all of the best activites. Simply type in a location. including the best museums. it works as well as it looks and enables you to track any flight and then share the current status with family and friends with a couple of taps. and there is also a handy system to take and store details in the event of an accident. If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful location.99 Developer: Snoring Dog Limited Price: Free Developer: We Are What We Do CIC Historypin Price: Free Developer: Black Cabs App Ltd Black Cabs Price: Free Developer: Jonathon Jenkins Witness Driving is a dashcam recording app that allows you to capture footage as you drive by mounting your iPhone on your dashboard and recording up to an hour of looped footage. this is the perfect app to alert you to them and encourage you to get involved. Finding your way around is easy thanks to maps (featuring English and Chinese place names) and honest reviews ensure that you won’t waste time visiting places that aren’t up to scratch. Historypin is an interesting curio that anyone can get involved with by using their device’s camera. plus over 2. then this is worthy of consideration. Developed by the Snowdonia National Park Authority. Historypin is a neat concept. and presents them in an easy-to-use Google Maps format. horse riding and more. If you want to prove who was at fault for an accident. speed. and taxi drivers can also register through the app to be added to the extensive database of drivers on call 24 hours a day.99/$4.

and using some clever maths and geographical knowledge.69/$0. It is an informative and entertaining app that does more than guide you around. Although the success of the service is directly linked to the number of users submitting reviews. but for a rough guide it’s incredibly useful and very easy to get to grips with. It’s certainly an interesting concept. LLC Price: Free Developer: Manoj Reddy D Price: £0. scanning the UK’s insurance market to sniff out the best possible deal for you. mountains and even planets. Well worth the modest asking price. Emergency Tracker Lite Rating ★★★★★ GeoWeight Rating ★★★★★ iMeasure – Area & Distance Calculator Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Freecom Internet Services Price: £0. at least you have the luxury of trying the app without paying out anything. Which Way Back? offers a simple solution to finding a specific location. It’s not 100% accurate. but your default Maps app allows you to drop pins and find your way to and from the place in question. and will ensure that you always visit the most popular places.69/$0. Save a place with a memorable name.99 Developer: MISOOK WOO Emergency Tracker offers a great security solution if you’re ever in trouble. It’s all well and good. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: JLC Mobile. times and a variety of locations for car hire. and tap on it when you’d like to find your way back later on. Live Street View harnesses the power of Google’s Street View technology and creates an immersive app experience by using your iPhone’s compass to navigate around the street view map. UK Insurance Quote Finder Live Street View localfave Rating ★★★★★ Which Way Back? Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 151 . localfave allows you to view ratings and write reviews for venues. If you’ve wondered what you’d weigh on the moon. It’s well done and hugely informative. almost instantly. then this app is for you! GeoWeight takes your current weight. The app even allows you to book your vehicle there and then. so what makes this so special? The fact that it doesn’t require an internet connection is a distinct bonus for most users. and GPS logging every 15 seconds. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Just Quote Me. which could be great for finding shops and businesses.99 Developer: David Emeny Just Quote Me takes the hassle out of getting insurance quotes by simply asking for your name and number. but we’re struggling to think of a practical reason why most people would need or use this app. Tidy and very efficient.99 Developer: Tim Broddin Price: Free Developer: Patrick McCreary Price: £069/$0. and finds you the cheapest prices based on what you need. A sturdy app for providing sound peace of mind. restaurants and other businesses nearby. making it ideal for those on the go. but it deserves commendation for providing an original service very well.Travel/Navigation iPhone Price: Free Developer: Zintech Ltd Comparison Car Hire Comparison Car Hire allows you to choose dates. iMeasure offers a quick way to measure an area or distance on a map. Simply activate the emergency app and it’ll send a message to your emergency contacts via email and let them track your location. along with the opportunity to submit your own. stress-free service this app provides. it is good to see a relatively new company embracing technology and porting all of the features of its useful web service onto your iPhone. It’s amazing how many times the information that this app can provide will be useful – it can help you roughly determine which club to use on the golf course and map your runs in preparation for your evening’s exercise. cafés. A giant green arrow will point you in the right direction along with an approximate distance. Designed to work independently from the website. and bookmark your favourite places to share with your friends and family via Facebook or Twitter. It’ll even place you on the map based on your current location. making full use of the iPhone’s great touchscreen interface. and tells you exactly what you’d weigh on each of them. presents you with a list of landmarks. The app itself is map-based and tapping on a pin will take you to a venue’s reviews. From here you’ll be called and someone else will do all the leg work for you. The intuitive interface provides a one-touch emergency notification (so you don’t have to fumble around trying to navigate to the correct screen to initiate the service). Anyone who knows how much time it takes to shop around and compare quotes will realise what a time-saving. You can also search for places of interest by name.

as well as other additional details ■ You can assign stars to specific tasks so that they stand out from others Price: £1. you’ll have no excuse when you miss that important meeting. Rating ★★★★★ . this isn’t unique to this app. passing the shopping list onto another family member. One neat feature is that these pages can be shared with other users of Priorities. or sending an itinerary to colleagues.iPhone Utilities/Productivity Utilities/ Productivity Organise your daily tasks and save yourself heaps of time with the following selection of great apps. but like most of the other features. home. and with the option of setting individual reminders for everything.99 Developer: Hand Carved Code. say. Each task can also be given sub-tasks. You can have one for shopping. The core component of Priorities is that the tasks you need to do can be allocated to different pages. This makes it quick and easy to find the task you’re looking for. From simple yet slick to-do lists to unique ways of transporting important files everywhere you go. but there’s also nothing important missing from this app either. work and so on. Another welcome addition is the ability to sync your lists to your other iOS devices. and provides a simple interface to keep up to date with your calendar.99/$2. LLC Priorities Is this ‘to-do’ app worth adding to your list? There are no amazing standout features here that you won’t find elsewhere. make your life easier by taking greater control and utilising some of the many apps on offer… Top Paid Apps Top Free Apps HQ: To Do ★★★★★ Mozy ★★★★ Draw Pad Pro ★★★★ Hashable Mobile ★★★★ Book+ ★★★★★ Zero – Todo List ★★★★ Pick of the section Awesome Calendar ★★★★★ 152 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 SkyDrive ★★★★★ ■ Each task can be given a reminder time. which is especially useful for.

even if your device is. including the percentage of the task that has been completed. with a daily alert notifying you if there are any To Dos scheduled for completion. the app is user- friendly and efficient enough in its presentation so that when you are on the go. and easy to digest at just a glance. Weave ■ The project page gives you a comprehensive breakdown of work Knit your busy life together and never lose track of it again Weave is constructed around your day. and the app keeps all your data secure. and a breakdown of where the hours of the day have gone. This way of displaying your data is very accessible. so all your related tasks are weaved together in order to get them done. Following the initial simple sign-up procedure. it is laid out in a neat fashion. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 153 . When you’ve completed a task. Weave will also keep you on top of your work. Despite this.Utilities/Productivity iPhone ■ Keep track of any expenses incurred or profits made ■ The large buttons make Weave easy to use on the go Price: Free Developer: Intuit. the unique aspect of Weave is that each ‘To Do’ is linked to an overall larger project created by you. While this is normal territory for organiser apps. you can enter the amount of time it took to finish so that you have a record of the hours spent slaving away. There is also the ability to add income and expense to your project. The My Day screen then presents you with everything you have to complete. so that you know how far you’ve got left to go. Weave gives you a very clear walkthrough of the app. The only slight downside to Weave is having to manually input all your data. Inc. meaning that it’s never lost. you can get your full schedule with just one touch of a button. However. This is perhaps Weave’s biggest strength. Scrolling down and selecting one of your Projects gives you a different overview. the strong interaction possibilities mean that you won’t struggle to input anything. along with the relevant deadlines. and shows you how to create To Dos and add them to Projects. it still grates slightly. including the extras like transactions within projects. as like the rest of the app. and has all your ‘To Dos’ laid out in front of you waiting to be ticked off. ensuring you are aware of the amount spent and earned from your venture. one task at a time.

Once you start interacting with HQ. The best example of this interface in action is the swipe-to-edit function. In terms of the interface. but nonetheless hugely useful for making some quick edits to your organiser between meetings or classes. which are all pretty self-explanatory. Its colourcoded task lists and bold fonts give the app a solid look. Edit and Delete. pitching itself as the ultimate streamlined. you’ll struggle to find another app that makes creating to-do lists and generally organising your daily working life as enjoyable an experience. Rating ★★★★★ . user-friendly app for getting your life in order. a priority level and even choose the colour scheme that suits you 154 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 create a new task.iPhone Utilities/Productivity Price: £1.49/$1. but not here. One of HQ’s best selling points is that it has been designed to be operated with just your thumb. so should your other hand be busy holding your briefcase or schoolbag. While some organisers only let you ■ Check things off your task list as you go in order to stay aware of how you are getting on with your projects ■ When you create a project. as well as the colour-coding system. taking away the dictation element of other organisers that makes you feel constricted when inputting data. HQ separates bigger and more time-consuming projects from your everyday lists like lists or meetings. you can also see which of your projects and tasks you’ve completed.99 Developer: Sleeping Giant Apps HQ: To Do A whole new take on organising your working life The to-do app market has plenty of occupants. meaning that you can be working through that big school or office project. Simply swipe the project title of your choosing. making you feel as if you can really trust it in your daily routine. Using the same tab bar. Some other apps don’t allow you to edit lists or colour codes. before jumping over to your grocery list with one touch. you can still be productive. so you can give yourself a pat on the back – or maybe realise just how lazy you’ve been this week. HQ feels free. and you’ll see the three editing options appear – Done. It can certainly back up the talk. Another key feature is the inclusion and separation of the projects and lists section. but also serious enough to keep you on track. The key to the great functionality is how user-centric the app is. You decide on the priority of your projects. HQ is very pleasing to look at. but HQ: To Do tries to be different. you can set a due date.

Ultimately. pointless tasks to perform? Price: Free Developer: Raul Riera Upon first launching Idea Mix. especially as this has been a letdown in some Cloud-supporting apps. and access your files anywhere Mozy gives you the chance to take your computer with you wherever you go. you can share files via social networks and email. These features make Mozy ideal for meetings and commutes. we thought we had left some of it behind in the App Store. but you can also create a passcode. with examples including “For 24 hours. but the layout mimics your desktop. The fact that you can read all your documents using the app’s built-in reader is also a massive plus. Rating ★★★★★ ■ Images load quickly and in high quality. You get security via Mozy’s encryptions. as you always feel close to your desktop hub and are never caught out by an awkward question in a meeting. or “Draw the first thing that comes to mind”. making a search for your folders easy. The time spent staring at the screen. But with no incentive. or even the slightest hint of recognition from this app for doing so. but sadly not. The app’s best feature is its speed. we were hoping this would comprise uplifting quotes and battle chants. Designed for people lacking that creative spark. it all seems a little pointless. The app works in unison with the Instagram photography app. and you can share files via social networks and email ■ The app uses the layout of your desktop to organise files iPhone App Directory Volume 9 155 .Utilities/Productivity iPhone Idea Mix – Creative Challenges In search of mundane. so you capture proof of completing your challenges and share it with others. The interface may be basic. answer ‘yes’ to any reasonable request”. for all its good intentions. felt like minutes stolen from us at times. occasionally shaking our head in disbelief. It gives you access to all of your backed-up files that have been stored in the Cloud via Mozy’s desktop client. ■ A dull screen and a drab daily challenge is the sum total of what you can expect from this app ■ The app works in tandem with Instagram to prove you have completed challenges Mozy Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Decho Corporation Back up to the Cloud. Images load quickly and in high quality. especially knowing the answer is on your computer. It essentially sets you a daily challenge. as the app consists of one screen comprising the logo and some words. Plus. it lacks much of the creative thought and energy that it hopes to inspire.

It also feels like you should be able to edit your routines by tapping on the entry. Zero – To Do List ■ Adding notes is really easy. and it seems quite complicated to have to go through several menus to get to where you want to be. as you can see what your connections have been up to. There is also the inclusion of a link with Foursquare. It allows you to keep track of business connections you make. clean process. Once you’ve set up routines. allowing you to tag the locations and types of your meetings. you can use these templates to organise your time. and a great user experience . Inc Price: £1. You can also customise the colours and icons. Essentially. A pity. The app lets you set notifications and will remind you whenever a new timeslot starts. It is just like a hybrid of LinkedIn. Hashable has the familiar aspects of successful social networks. You can allocate them to particular days.99 Developer: Jaysen Marais Hashable Mobile Daily Routine Make your business contacts a more social affair Touted as the future of social networking apps. though. The app is very user-friendly. and has brought them together. making it the perfect fast-paced networking app for the busy worker. set reminders for meetings. You can add your own activities. as it’s a great idea in principle. and a godsend in a to-do app ■ Keep track of business contacts ■ Keep a log of your meetings with contacts 156 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 ■ The design of the app makes for a simple. as well as make them repeat on certain days of the week or month. and email or print your routine. The design is a bit distracting. It serves a vital business function by keeping you connected.49/$1. and is packed full of features to help you do this. given that it sticks with the home screen layout we’re used to seeing from other networking apps. and we would have preferred a more basic interface. it’s a list of timeslots into which you program activities. This is done by ‘hashing’ someone when you make contact with them. and create an Inner Circle of best contacts.iPhone Utilities/Productivity Price: Free Developer: Hashable. Rating ★★★★★ Organise every second of your life Daily Routine is designed to help organise your life. though you may not need to. Hashable integrates your phone’s contacts and allows you to exchange virtual business cards with your connections. keeping a log of your relationships. Facebook and Twitter. as the essentials are covered.

The other thing we really liked was the styling. It has a very Apple-like simplicity. stylish and completely free. it’s possible to create any number of them that can be titled and given their own colour cover.99 Developer: Fishington Studios Draw Pad Pro A versatile and pocket-sized electronic sketch pad ■ The design is complicated. This simplicity is so refreshing that we found ourselves populating it far more than most other apps we’ve tested along the same lines. and we found the alarm clock date setting to be charming as well. and could well be your go-to app for to-dos and reminders. square grid style or even pages based on shopping lists. and despite the modest price tag there’s plenty of scope for personalisation. Whether it’s standard blank paper. it’s not overkill. Pictures can also be imported for tracing over using one of the many choices of pens and inks that are available. There are also various page styles to make use of. Overall. Rating ★★★★★ Draw Pad Pro is an app designed for creating quick notes or free-drawing sketches on an iOS device. An unfortunate consequence of the free version is the presence of advertising at the bottom. controls and combinations that need mastering. Rating ★★★★★ ■ Fingers are fine for sketching. Zero – To Do List is far simpler. these issues cost Draw Pad Pro a mark.Utilities/Productivity iPhone Price: £1. It makes them less fun and hard to access. there’s almost something for any occasion. tabs. but more accurate detail or writing will require a stylus. they have all kinds of tags. and while there is a cheesiness to the old pen and paper-style graphics. The only major gripes are the loss of quality when zooming in and the absence of an undo button. General drawing isn’t too difficult on an iPhone with your finger. At no point does this app have to try to be cool – it just is. but this can be eliminated for a small fee as part of an online signup in-app. and the result is an app that you’ll immediately start using for managing your tasks. Unfortunately. despite its arresting looks Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Functional Delights LLC Simplistic. a good combination Too many to-do apps have a learning curve. Customisation is key with Draw Pad Pro. this app will likely charm its way onto your iPhone.49/$1. but finer work requires a stylus iPhone App Directory Volume 9 157 . Starting with the notebooks themselves.

as well as using it to create full novels. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: £1. albeit very good. but ultimately the bulk of what you are paying for is a pure. But as Sent performs largely the same functions as your standard iOS Mail. Each saved book is added to your virtual bookshelf for reference later and every note you add can be synced to all of your devices. and you can add notes and photographs (which can be taken in-app) to your meeting dates. Messenger or Xbox LIVE details. a slicker image attachment feature and folders for your starred and marked-asimportant messages are just a few of the extras on offer here. Saved files can be categorised into folders to keep them tidy. Rating ★★★★★ . But if you look a little closer. gimmick. so you always have a personal cloud storage skip at your disposal. which is handy when inserting holiday dates. You can scribble random thoughts. The app can even pull in weather forecasts ahead of time. making business co-ordination between multiple colleagues possible. with no loss in quality at all. notes or reminder lists. and you can also email them to contacts from within the app.49/$1. This well-presented app enables you to create books with custom hardback covers. and then write in them. this app can be tweaked by multiple users at any given time.99 Developer: YunaSoft Inc.99 Developer: And a Dinosaur SkyDrive Sent An all-encompassing approach to cloud storage A rich alternative to your standard mailer Using your Windows Live credentials you can log in to SkyDrive and start saving files to the cloud in seconds. You can save files via your PC or Mac and retrieve them on your iPhone. Images and utility files can be viewed perfectly using the app. Coloured labels. You can also log in with your Hotmail.69/$0. Price: £0. It’s a brilliantly designed app that adds a little extra personality to a densely populated writing-related corner of the app market. or vice versa. there are extra functions that Apple’s client doesn’t include.49/$1.iPhone Utilities/Productivity Price: £1.99 Developer: Fabulously Retro Awesome Calendar Pad & Quill Great-looking and packed full of features Keep your notes hardbound on bookshelves Similar to Google Calendar. yet slightly expensive client. Awesome Calendar will also draw in important dates from your iCal and contacts such as birthdays. only Gmail connoisseurs need apply for this perfectly decent. so if other attendees need to learn more about a particular product then this app can benefit everyone. Rating ★★★★★ 158 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Sent is an alternative Gmail client that offers similar functionality as the onboard iOS 5 version of your standard email client.

or so it says Price: £2. whether if opens or not depends on either pressing the top or bottom of the screen as you ‘scan’. when in actual fact it’s just a gimmick that doesn’t actually work. In actual fact. arrows and more.Utilities/Productivity iPhone Price: £0. and GoTime will estimate travel time (walking or driving). and even set alarms ahead of the event to give you enough time to travel and not be late. You can move files from your desktop to the app via iTunes and from there.69/$0. it also doubles up as a solid PDF viewer that surpasses what the iOS on-board reader is capable of. Rating ★★★★★ Price: Free Developer: eBay Inc.99/$4. Book+ Read multiple file types effectively Eye Scanner Protection is billed as being a retina scan lock screen to protect your iPhone. So if you lead a very busy daily schedule then this affordable app will enable you to better manage your time. You can even scan QR codes by using the in-app camera view to bring up a comprehensive product list. These are then stored on the top menu clearly for you to see. If you want to find the best deals around. geographically minded task manager and QR Code Reader Find and compare product prices with ease This neat app from eBay is the perfect shopping companion. alarms and more. You can do this by simply entering search terms. Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. Rating ★★★★★ At base level.69/$0. the on-screen verifier will either grant or deny access to your phone. You can turn pages by swiping. it’s still a good prank to play on friends who have less of an understanding of technology.99 Developer: Aaron Wardle RedLaser Barcode Scanner GoTime An exceptional. view them at perfect resolution on your device’s screen. But you can also schedule events that are further away from your present location. helping you better manage your day-to-day tasks. It’s an expensive alternative. So while the app is slightly misleading (it was never going to function as a fully working retina scanner). highlight passages and bookmark them with different colour codes and create overlays such as boxouts. By scanning your eye.99 Developer: feedtailor Inc. task descriptors. enabling you to search for the best prices on items from stockists around the high street and online.99 Developer: Are Assa Eye Scanner Protection An eye scanner. Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App Directory Volume 9 159 . GoTime enables you to create timed chores complete with geotagging. then this fantastic app should become an essential component of your daily routine. While this app serves primarily as a high-end book reader for iPhone. or by scanning the barcode of an item while in store. but a viable one.

and manages to produce an experience so efficient that it becomes second nature to use within minutes. to dos and files in a clean. unfortunately. Using this app you can access your PC files remotely with your iPhone. unless you regularly make a huge number of hot drinks in which case you should probably ask for some help from your colleagues anyway. nappy change or bath is due. Unfortunately.99 Developer: Mobiiko Pty Ltd Rating ★★★★★ Don’t Ask Don’t Get Rating ★★★★★ miinoto Price: Free Developer: Atatomic Inc Rocketr Price: £0.99 Developer: Edward Symington A unique proposition. it works. It’s an inventive way of ensuring that you never forget an anniversary or birthday and can help build excitement for a forthcoming holiday or important event. integration into the main iPhone apps such as email and Safari and the ability to automate mundane everyday tasks. Once you have made the drinks a couple of times. The only real downside is that it is quite expensive for what it is and there are plenty of free planning apps available. it even uses your PC applications to open the files. The impressive feature set is complete with live URL links. giving you extra peace of mind with medication reminders and stored doctor details.49/$1. It’s an unnecessary gimmick of an app.99/$4. What’s more. but the interface feels a little clunky. With so many notes solutions available in the App Store. Price: £1. but one you should only pick up if you’re very lazy indeed. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ 4Eyes ~ search tool 160 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 2 Sugars . miinoto is effectively three apps rolled in one. Getting organised is easy as you can set useful reminders to let you know when your baby’s next feed. Price: £0. Christmas presents or even wedding gifts.99 Developer: Mandrek. 2 Sugars lets you note down friends and work colleagues’ tea and coffee preferences. view images. and will subsequently ensure that you make exactly what they need every single time.69/$0. although we can’t help but feel that this is a solution in need of a problem. It combines notes. You can listen to high quality music from the hard drive through your phone’s speaker. 4Eyes ~ search tool aims to simplify the process of searching the internet. what’s most striking about it is the unappealing visual style and low-quality images. This doesn’t mean it isn’t an excellent solution worthy of a second look though. But if you want a little extra fanfare then this is the app for you. but adjusting to a new routine can cause some upheaval. it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. alarms and decals. though.49/$1.iPhone Utilities/Productivity Price: £1. and Rocketr almost pulls it off. The downside is that there are betterknown solutions available that are accessible on every platform. It’s also useful for twins or if your baby is unwell. and the overall experience can seem too self-absorbed. so flexibility is limited here. you can use this app to make a funky countdown timer to the big day. BabyOnTime! is a great app designed to help take some of the worry off your shoulders. It brings everything together in a near perfect form and has the potential to be one of the most useful apps available in the entire App Store. The presentation adheres closely to the iOS formatting standard.69/$0. There is no syncing to worry about and it even bypasses iCloud to allow you to connect directly with your PC to access the files that matter when you need them. Price: Free Developer: Don’t Ask Don’t Get Ltd By entering a date you’re looking forward to. but paying money for something that saves only a few seconds just seems pointless. concise package. stream videos and more. there is no doubt.99 Developer: Splashtop Inc. complete with visuals. Don’t Ask Don’t Get is an online web-based wish-list creator and browser that enables you to create lists for birthdays. and the ability to share notes instantly with a group of people makes it ideal for businesses. Inc. It does so by allowing users to enter a shortcut code to signify what they wish to search. offering a service that works.99 Developer: Universal Creators Price: £0. so you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues.69/$0. You can also map out your baby’s growth over a threemonth period.99 Developer: Andrew Davis Price: £2. Younger people who are excited about the prospect of Christmas looming might find this entertaining. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Awesome Days – Event Countdown FileHound BabyOnTime! – Remote File Access Having a baby is exciting. Granted. The app works well enough. and avoid having to go to the website itself and manually searching when there. It is nicely presented and simple to use. you should remember the relevant orders.

Price: £1. We recommend trying the free ‘Lite’ version first. then look no further than Tone Generator. so you’ll hopefully never forget an important entry again. as part of the iOS 5 update. enables you to create chore lists with various descriptions and icons. A good idea.99 Developer: Icetap Price: Free Developer: Michael Heinz If you want to listen to music on your PC in another room wirelessly.99/$2. but a slightly superfluous one. Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ American Red Cross: Completion Shelter View To-do lists are a useful Price: £1. Using three separate frequencies. It’s a good item for brightening up your lock screen. but with the advent of Reminders.99 Developer: Mix1009 This app displays a global list of American Red Cross shelters currently open. You can set parameters. but seeing as most of us rarely stare at the screen when our phone isn’t in use raises questions about the need for such an app.49/$1. you can adjust various sliders and settings to produce a wide range of tones with ease and then even share them via email. There is also an updated news feed with information on recent disaster zones.69/$0. Quick and easy. function and more. apps such as this become somewhat obsolete.99 Developer: Scienpix Inc.99 Developer: Dropico Price: £0. though.69/$0. among other online services. you can stream it to your iPhone via this app by downloading a PC client first. The only downside is that this app is on the pricey side. When migrating to Google+ from another social network. and more. This app has a wide range of practical uses – such as driving away problematic insects or comparing your hearing ability with friends. then it works fantastically well. Hard to recommend.99 Developer: Alexandru Halmagean Price: £1. which sends this app plummeting down the pecking order considerably when you consider that your free iOS 5 Reminders app provides alerts and is a lot more intuitive and easy to set up than this one. Again we beg the question – why buy this when your free iOS 5 Reminders app provides all of the task management tools you need? If you have tried Apple’s freebie and need the additional functions that this one provides though. Google Plus Photo Importer uses cloud-to-cloud technology to pull photos from Facebook. this app can save you plenty of time and groundwork and the process is easy to manage. priority or type. You can view all shelters in a map view to find one near to where you are and the app uses data from the National Shelter System (NSS) to provide info on over 60. And if you’re a shop owner you can also use it to drive away gangs of ‘hoodies’! Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ Rating ★★★★★ RemoteSound – Slide To Do Using the iOS device Slide To Do is a simple task manager that as PC Speaker TaskFlow – Visual Tasks & Checklists Tone Generator Rating ★★★★★ iPhone App iPhone Directory AppsVolume Directory 9 161 . especially as you’re getting services that you can get elsewhere for free. The only downside is that you can’t set alarms for entries. If you’re a musician in need of some help identifying or understanding tones when writing compositions. then map the entire list to your iPhone’s home screen. The layout is clean and creating tasks is simple. as well as details on location. so if you can’t bare to be parted from your digital music collection then this app will ensure that it can stay with you. and import them straight into a Google+ account. even if you’re in a completely different room to your PC provider. This app turns your iPhone’s lock screen into a basic image slideshow.Utilities/Productivity iPhone Price: Free Developer: VisionLink Inc. such as which images are displayed. Google Plus Photo Importer Live Lock Screen For iOS 5 Rating ★★★★★ Price: £0. especially when you have to pay for it. It’s quick and it works perfectly over Wi-Fi. Completion’s simplistic but effective interface provides great flexibility for effective task management. way for managing essential tasks and apps are becoming a popular way of creating them. the task of transferring countless online photo albums can be a lengthy process.000 potential disaster facilities to help relief workers develop effective response strategies before disasters strike. This is a solid task manager app at a modest price.49/$1.99 Developer: Pivotal Action Price: £1. frequency and you can even designate a backing track from your iTunes Library. Completion provides a project-based approach in which tasks can be sorted by date. yet you can create intricate schedules with ease. Set alarms. quick and effective. schedule dates.49/$1.

Thankfully though. The Elements for iPhone 4 This visual exploration of our periodic table presents the elements that comprise our universe. Another Monster at the End of This Book… Starring Grover & Elmo! In this sequel. like Newsstand? Kindle With a slick and accessible interface. When reading through iBooks. An eye-opening spectacle of an app. multiple bookmarking of pages and options to tailor the font style and size to suit your taste. Grover invents hilarious ways to prevent readers from getting closer to. and is packed with features. All classic characters and series are present. Comics Comics is a reading portal and an online digital shop where you can browse and buy comics. button free mode and lots of fun extras. they are both free so there is no choice to be made. Highlighting an element brings up fact boxes and artistic flair.co. . after which it will organise a selection of recommendations. It works brilliantly. Kobo – 1 million FREE Books The biggest draw with the free Kobo app is the volume of free literature that is easily accessible through the app. there are loads of cool functions to make the experience as pleasurable as possible – such as easy. which are exactly as you remember them – the covers. the vivid illustrations – and put a new technological slant on them. Best of all you can tap on the words or pictures and record your own audio. including chapter navigation. and a bulging store of digital literature to download. Cinderella – Nosy Crow animated picture book Top 10 new apps Hugless Douglas – An Interactive Book MightyMeeting iMathematics Pro Quarrel Deluxe iBlast Moki 2 162 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Fitness Buddy WordWit Lemur Camera + Photo Editor FixtureBox This interactive book provides beautiful illustrations. you guessed it. you could barely wedge a cigarette paper between this and iBooks. You can even download samples to try first. Download them both and enjoy hours of easy reading on your iPhone. this is your round-up of the five-star apps available on the App Store… Books iBooks Apple’s free digital book reader is a marriage of convenience and functionality. You can read the books as normal. TouchyBooks Kid’s Interactive Books A comprehensive e-book store packed with paid-for and free interactive books to engage children. The only downside is your collection can’t be sold for thousands in years to come. as well as adjust the screen brightness to suit the conditions you are reading in.uk. iBooks is an essential app with hundreds of thousands of books available to purchase. If you like listening to audiobooks then you’ll enjoy listening to them through this app. Great fun for youngsters. On setting up an account you select various options. another monster hiding at the end of the story. Audible This free app is a companion to audible. the UK’s largest provider of digital audiobooks. Ladybird Classic Me Books This is a brilliant. Through the app you can dive straight into the Books section of the iTunes Store and start picking up plenty of free and paid-for e-literature. laid out ready to be tapped. nostalgiainducing app through which you can purchase classic Ladybird books from your childhood. exciting animations and original music to drive the story. so why doesn’t it come as standard with the device. and you can obtain over 500 free comics through the app. by swiping the pages. or get it narrated to you by a well-known voice.iPhone & Top iPad200Books apps Top 200 five-star apps With a wealth of classic apps on offer covering every category. bookmarking.

this app contains over 20 built-in invoice templates. all hands free. brimming with style and rather well formatted for your iPhone then V Magazine is definitely worth a look. These files can then be transferred wirelessly between your office computer and your device for ease of access and peace of mind while working remotely. but you’ll only come to the same conclusion as us – that this app is sturdy. The format works well on the small iPhone screen. This app is an easy-to-use VAT calculator designed to make complex calculations quick and simple. indeed the USA. allowing you to update your Facebook status. which is very useful. password-protected documents and Adobe LiveCycle. Each issue’s content is written to a witty tone. send notes and reminders or work on your novel. The latest update also allows you to convert files to PDFs from within the app. you also get access to the ‘Top News’ section. intelligent man who wants to make the most of your physical. then this digital format of the popular educational magazine is an enthralling and thoroughly satisfying read. this app uses PANDA Rates. tweet the world. as well as annotate them. no doubt while your hastily-purchased issue is downloading to your Newsstand. A great read that covers a wide and diverse range of topics. Genius Scan – PDF Scanner QR Code Reader HD This incredibly useful app turns your iPhone into a pocket scanner that enables you to quickly scan documents on the move and then email the images as either a JPEG or PDF file. and you can even save your favourite articles to refer back to later. and swipe to advance pages. The content is vast. but there have been some highly robust apps available for some time that perform the task exceptionally well. It is extremely well presented and thoroughly absorbing. PDF Reader Pro This feature-rich app lets you render and view PDFs quickly. Disney FamilyFun Magazine If you like to get creative with your kids then Disney FamilyFun Magazine is a brilliant motivator for getting families involved with cooking. the copy snappy and the columnists well plucked. A fast and secure way to remotely connect to your Mac or Windows desktop with your iPhone. apply sticky notes and highlight specific areas. The New York Times The New York Times knows that it is an influential newspaper. as used by professionals. which makes this a fine one-stop news app. By subscribing through Newsstand you will also be notified when a new edition is available to read. Adobe Reader Calc VAT PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro Currency Converter This app lets you view and share PDF documents across platforms and devices.Top 200 apps iPhone Newsstand Business HowItWorks If you’re curious about the world we live in and want to get to the crux of how things function and go about their purpose – from electronics and mechanical devices to nature itself. If you install the desktop version of the app. so there really is no excuse not to remain fully clued-up on the world around you. reliable. so you can stay in the loop as to the biggest news unfolding around you. crafts and other really fun activities. This digital monthly mag helps you sort the wheat from the chaffing bad. for very easy access. Men’s Health UK If you are a successful. The New York Times app is also bursting at the seams with videos and photo slideshows. iCreate Magazine iCreate is an enthusiastic and likeable monthly magazine and this digital version features tonnes of informative and engaging content. professional and emotional life then this is the digital mag for you. If you like your coffee table apps fluffy in content. to provide daily filtered rates based on information supplied by leading market data experts. with users able to pinch and expand to zoom the screen and read the content. it is essential to have the means to read these ugly pixelated squares. delivering weekly chuckles from your favourite characters. easy to use and a sound investment. In this modern age when QR codes are the latest medium for spreading awareness for a particular brand or product. Invoice2go If you are self-employed and need to send invoices. read by people well beyond the realms of the Big Apple and. Dragon Dictation Apple’s Siri iPhone feature brings voice recognition to the masses. This app records your voice and converts it into text. and allows you to efficiently access a wide range of file types. if you are a bit worried about VAT fraud. What’s more. this app can also validate VAT numbers for you in order to ensure that the invoices that you pay are correct. you should start by downloading this informative app. You can download and try out a free trial version to get a feel for the app and get accustomed to using it. The Beano Comic This app is testament to the Beano’s staying power. A recommended read. NewBeauty Magazine This publication stands at the very forefront of everything that is new in the world of beauty and cosmetics. Apps Magazine If you struggle to shop for the coolest apps for your iPhone. So when you download this app you get more than just a free portal through which to purchase and download issues. edit and create new documents on the move. You’ll need a network connection to use it and some experimentation is required to get the right tone and speed of your voice. rightsmanaged PDFs. none more so than Dragon Dictation. including PDF Portfolios. International Herald V Magazine for Tribune for iPhone iPhone This digital newspaper draws together the biggest stories from across the planet. but it works wonders and is completely free. iPhone App Directory Volume 9 163 . Documents To Go® – Office Suite Anyone who has reservations about trading their laptop in for an iPhone or iPad should dispel such concerns now because this versatile app allows you to access your Microsoft Office files at any time and view. while staying relevant to the youth of today. This app is perfect. you can customise the templates with your own logos and move the various fields around. Convert exchange rates for over 180 currencies.

It’s a very handy tool for helping you get by while treading on foreign soil. Wikipedia Mobile provides the complete Wikipedia database in one handy app. You can monitor the money going in and out of various accounts. It’s heaving with features. ATM Hunter If you’re strapped for cash on a night out. then quickly locate and replenish your wallet with a trip to a local cash machine. eye-opening use of augmented reality. or is due to leave your account. so if you believe that you have the knowledge and expertise on a specific subject to contribute. Jump to anywhere in the world and get all kinds of facts and insight about the country. and are proficient at JS/HTML5. and satellites are hovering overhead – all in real-time by making clever. this app allows you to point your device at the sky and see what stars. the answer to all of your problems. and pretty much anything else of interest that’s out there. StockTouch With its intuitive interface. Without doubt one of the best apps available for keeping tabs on your money. Wikipedia Mobile This free app allows you to translate words and phrases between more than 60 languages. 164 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Star Walk – 5 Stars iStudiez Pro Learning. including the ability to check your spending history. and the PayPal app enables you to access your PayPal account without using the Safari web browser. All movies can be viewed on your device or on your television via AirPlay. plus it comes packed with a wealth of useful features. so download this app. laying out the small cost for this app will undoubtedly save you cash in the long run as it allows you to record and track your finances down to the finest of detail and sync information across all devices. the already popular and informative website. PocketMoney In the current economical climate. iCurrency Pad ~ The Barcode Scanner Currency Exchange Shopping Rates Converter Barcode Scanner lets you This app’s up-to-date exchange rates will help you identify a good deal. By using position sensors and a compass. If you need answers. This is the perfect language resource. Great for monitoring your money. Anyone with even the slightest interest in our solar system would be well advised to check this out. the aim being to be enthralled and inspired by the experts within these fields.iPhone & Top iPad200Books apps Finance Education & Reference PayPal NASA App This free app is an insightful gaze to the stars alongside the NASA space program. visualise your outgoings in eye-catching graphs and a full-screen calendar to tag when money has. constellations. making it easy to use. the app is an open source. Twitter feeds. Relatively cheap in price. . and also categorise all of your transactions for easy analysis. Fuel Cost If you’re trying to work out if it’s cheaper to drive to a destination or take the train. You can also backup your data and restore it easily. Spending Log This app logs your income and expenses so that you can keep track of exactly where your money is spent. and you can compare over 150 currencies. as it is well produced with a slick and stylish interface and overflowing with content. so you don’t have to worry about losing all of your important information. An engaging educational tool for all. The option to set yourself reminders for paying bills and suchlike is also a useful additional feature for the scattier of brains. WolframAlpha Google Translate Redshift – Astronomy Dictionary. combining dictionary and thesaurus text into single entries. There is a great deal of information to digest. PayPal is also an easy way to get paid by overseas clients and transfer money between accounts electronically. quite literally. at any level. then you can apply your material to the data source. mission information. trying to juggle their revision schedules and absorb the knowledge needed to help them through their exams. If you buy or sell goods on eBay you’ll probably have a PayPal account. especially for children eager to learn what lurks out there in the dark void beyond the clouds. This app takes a lot of that stress away and helps students plan and manage their studies with a wide range of useful features and alerts. and the content provided is a real eye-opener. and worthy of a download. This app puts the best maps into the palm of your hand. Accessing Wikipedia. It’s the most effective app for monitoring stocks and shares available and is updated every five minutes. this is essential for anyone who carries out frequent online transactions. this brings the power of data visualisation and financial information together to enable you to seamlessly watch the market as it unfolds. As it’s formatted for your device’s screen. You can easily add entries on the go and the simple interface helps keep everything organised. In addition to all this. as this is one of the easiest ways to pay for goods online. satellite tracking. you can quickly see your current balance and transfer money to another PayPal user (or your own linked bank account) with ease. The app uses your iPhone’s GPS feature to display cash points by proximity. can be Astronomy Guide a stressful time for students This app is a database of insightful and informative talks by some of the world’s most influential people across a wide range of fields. allowing you to compare with ease and get the best possible deal available. Account Tracker TED World Atlas by National Geographic This easy-to-use accounting app lets you keep track of budgets and expenses and group accounts together with a clear and concise interface. A goodlooking and smoothly functioning financial app. Wiki’s the way.com – Dictionary & Thesaurus – Free This app is the definitive source of expert knowledge because it uses a vast collection of algorithms and data in order to compute answers and generate reports for you. and includes live streaming of NASA TV. which is much quicker to access than using the internet. You can calculate how many miles your car gets to the gallon and work out the amount of fuel needed for a particular journey. You can also learn all about the flags and cultures and bookmark your favourite places. scan the barcode of any product and provides you with a comprehensive list of vendors and prices. For most languages you are able to speak the phrases and then hear the corresponding translations straight back. has never been faster and easier with thanks to this app. You can display the ATM machine’s location on a map too. you can reach every celestial body in the universe with this info-packed guide to the stars. Saver ~ Control your Expenses If you want to know where your cash disappears to then Saver is an effective app for helping you track your expenses. and it’s updated frequently so there is always something new to discover whenever you load it up. then this app should help you make an informed choice. maps and links to all of the NASA centres and much more. this is. A very useful app indeed. Designed for iPhone.

this app is a portable viewing portal that streams thousands of episodes from hundreds of current and classic TV shows to your iPhone. this comes highly recommended. It’s clever. Morfo 3D Face Booth A compelling app to take a picture of your face and then morph it into a 3D character. Simple and addictive. As you progress you’ll unlock new plants to line-up and delay or disintegrate the decaying hordes. Simple in concept – you traverse the same dungeons over and over again. This is the iPhone’s premier real-time full 3D MMORPG that places players into a graphically-rich and diverse fantasy world to play alongside thousands of other adventurers. Xvid and WMV. and users can listen to voicemails. this is an app that should be downloaded by everyone. Zombies are enjoying a cultural high at the moment. Act fast and plan ahead to keep them from your door while using sunlight to fuel your fauna army. original and surprisingly addictive. Featuring over 22 officially licensed leagues. view recent calls. hear private memos and more. such as avi. Netflix Another US-only app. write down the name of the object and it will magically appear in the level for you to use. Free updates and endless addictive fun make this a must-have app for your iPhone. With plenty to do and some fantastic graphics.Top 200 apps iPhone Entertainment Games BBC iPlayer Angry Birds HBO Go Reserved exclusively for US users. this app can be used for free alongside your subscription to the HBO TV channel. the spirit of Fonejacker lives on. Fonejacker This was the original TV catch up viewing portal app released on the iPhone and it is still the best. this one allows you to instantly watch television shows and movies streaming from Netflix. yet so compelling that you often have to slap yourself out of using it. Plants vs. then wage war on your rivals. Great controls. but with loads of free updates.400 of your favourite HBO shows and of course enjoy them on the move and on demand whenever you so wish. There are loads of levels and challenges to undertake which make this a first-class app. You can also pick it up for peanuts. Scribblenauts Remix Observe the stages and Infinity Blade figure out what objects you need to solve them. this one works brilliantly.000 real players. Although there are thousands of sound board apps available on the App Store. including the option to play wirelessly on your HD TV. It’s great fun and never fails to raise a few laughs and there is plenty of bonus content too in the form of behind the scenes material from series 1 and 2 of the TV show. launch an arsenal of birds with different abilities at structures with pigs inside. Kill all the pigs and you go to the next level. Zombies This tower defence game has you protecting your home against multiple waves of shambling zombies. ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier Order & Chaos© Online Starfront – Collision© AVPlayer FIFA 12 by EA SPORTS Cut the Rope Real Racing 2 Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Hulu Plus Also only available in the USA. this is the perfect way to catch up. Through the interface you can log into a wide array of CCTV cameras from around the world and sit like a sloth sipping tea and watching the world go lazily by. So while a new series on the box may not be forthcoming. Then tap your notepad. This could be thanks to the diverse and enthralled selection of programmes on offer. 500 teams and over 15. then applies the photo to an animated 3D model of a gruesome zombie. A really fantastic app. You simply copy the files onto your iPhone via USB and then simply drag them into the window for easy and entertaining viewing. but the interface is so easy to use and well produced that finding things to watch is quick and easy. The perfect platform to stage the explosive action that this more traditional GTA game throws at you. This superb racing game has undergone a whole host of fine improvements with the iOS 5 update on the iPhone 4S. So if you missed the unmissable in the past seven days. You’ll never be bored in charge of an iPhone ever again. It’s very funny and is a great companion to the satirical TV take on our government. how you want to. challenge friends in split-screen multiplayer and breathtaking visuals. Great fun. A great real-time strategy game in which you choose from three unique and balanced races. iSpy Cameras This app is incredibly simple in execution. gaining enough XP and dough to buy the better weapons needed in order to defeat the hulking knights you face. Through the app you are able to watch over 1. Sometimes an app will come along that makes you go ‘wow’. It requires a subscription. amazing graphics and endless replay value. mount devastating attacks and play solo or online against others. You can get a free trial to test it out. Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone This app focuses on the character from the TV show. This app lets you take a picture of a mate. which range from documentaries to great comedy and sport. This game has become a global phenomena with all kinds of spin-offs and merchandise. In The Thick Of It. Imagine how you would look in a computer game and then go to town adding all manner of wigs and outlandish attire before sharing it. This app is perfect for when you want to import and watch movies on your iPhone that are in an alien format to the ones that your device is used to using. this looks and plays a blinder. but once you are fully paid-up the service it provides is outstanding. You have to feed the candy to the gremlin by strategically cutting ropes and utilising all manner of gadgetry to bypass the hazards that stand between the sweet and the salivating recipient. but once you start watching you’ll be hooked by the quality and the freedom you’re given to watch what you want. Build structures. but fail and you’ll have to try again. The world’s most-played football game. Providing a wide array of catchphrases from Kayvan Novak’s colourful array of characters from the popular TV show (including wheeler dealer Terry Tibbs and ‘Internet Service Providings’) users can derive hours of enjoyment from piecing them all together and playing them during a live phone conversation to prank their mates. iPhone App Directory Volume 9 165 .

that features over 60 custombuilt workouts in order to help you get in shape. so you can always find an interesting route to run near to where you are. This is a handy pocket guide to in-depth medical information. Created by ER doctors. and provides detailed feedback on what type of treatment you should seek and where you should go to get it. This clever app is an alarm clock that analyses your sleep patterns and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase – helping you wake up naturally when you feel the most rested and relaxed. plus a fun quiz to test your knowledge. then watch indicators display your expected lifespan. distance. due dates can also be accurately calculated and it is packed full of useful. Astigmatism Test. If you have a variety of different medications to juggle. Duochrome Test. Medscape An extensive. Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine Dosecast An essential guide for junior doctors. you will have access to a vast database of medical news articles and extensive reference sheets. Although free. how it is developing and what mothers can expect to experience next as their bodies change and prepare for childbirth. including symptoms. It could save future health problems and paying out lots of cash in years to come. By motivating you to get your running shoes on and gradually work your way up through running distances and durations to help you get fit and feel great. Endomondo Sports Tracker Sleep Cycle alarm clock iBP Blood Pressure Gray’s Anatomy 2011 WebMD iTriage Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten First Aid This app transforms your mobile phone into a free personal trainer and fitness guru. Using built-in GPS. It’s all totally free too. palm-based medical resource that is used by physicians. you do have to make an in-app purchase to unlock its most useful features. Nike Training Club This is a feature-heavy personal trainer app. Anyone can sign up for a free account and. The app also features a huge database containing over 26 million routes. this is great for running novices and will stay with you every step of the way as you build up your running distances and your fitness inevitably improves. This fantastic app includes a Visual Acuity Test. you really can’t go wrong if you’re in the market for a great motivating tool for exploring new runs and keeping you going along the way. practical advice and support to help parents get through every step of life’s great journey. hard facts. A popular. videos and fact cards. paramedics and general practitioners. you can easily forget which ones you’ve taken. Featuring a lot of encouragement and information. money saved and more. You can also access this information wirelessly. lung function improvements. being pregnant for the first time brings a lot of anxieties and fear of the unknown. Provides a proven program to help smokers kick the habit through a series of motivational sessions. acting more like a chummy personal fitness coach rather than a preaching tool to guilt you into exercise (like plenty of other apps we could mention). Detailed instructions and audio guidance help keep you on track and you can even set your own music and goals. This app enables you to set up alarms to remind you what drug to take and when. nutrition and much more. developed by professionals. Endomondo tracks your fitness through distance-based sport. This app guides expectant mothers through the process of carrying a baby through weekly slides that provide images of how the baby is likely to look at that particular stage. specialist nurses. which could be critical if you are in a network black spot in times of need. Using your iPhone’s built-in GPS this app will record your pace. Baby Pregnancy Track For a lot of women. calories. It is full of good advice and information and is a great app to have on your iPhone. This is a great fitness app that comes weighed-down with features. It also provides audio feedback. Definitely one of the best all-round pregnancy apps available. advice and facts. medical students. first aid advice and local health listings. NHS Drinks Tracker If you’re worried that you might be drinking a bit too much then this great free app helps you to monitor your alcohol intake by calculating the units consumed and then tracking your drinking habits. regardless of whether you’ll ever need it or not. in order that you can record and store your best runs for future reference. distance and route. accompanied by high-resolution images. Nike+ This GPS app allows you to map your runs. Medical Vision Test If you have a somewhat casual approach to getting your eyes tested on a regular basis then Vision Test is a decent gauge for testing if your peepers are in need of a professional examination. once installed. Colour Test and Far Field Vision Test. nurses and other healthcare professionals. the app adopts a friendly approach. It’s easy to use and a great eye-opener for when you need to confront cold. This is potentially a very handy app to have in times of emergency. so there really is no excuse not to look into downloading it. This app consists of a series of simple and potentially life-saving techniques that any individual can perform with minimal medical equipment. drugs and treatments. iMapMyRun+ Sometimes too much sleep is a bad thing. A very recommended app. plus you can record your running routes on live maps and share them with your friends – which is proving to be a very popular feature as users post their routes on social networking sites for other runners to take note of and attempt themselves. track your progress and even get the motivation that you need in order to take your fitness up a notch. Grays Anatomy presents its information in engaging new ways. the text is descriptive and provides info on a wealth of topics. then this app will help you break through the ‘beginner barrier’. much-loved and well-used app. elevation. Through the app. . this app helps answer a wide range of medical questions relating to your health. Sleep This app is a customisable soundboard with 100 relaxing sounds of nature and ambient music aimed to help users relax and fall into a deep slumber. My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking Stay Quit Enter personal details. so it might be worth utilising this almost do-it-youself means of testing your eyes. Through the interface you can track your pace. as well as an optician finder. First published in 1858 and considered to be one of the most iconic and significant medical books of all time. 166 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Log your regular blood pressure readings and then view them as colour-coded graphs to help analyse different readings and see when your blood pressure is normal or if you are suffering from hypertension.iPhone Top 200 apps Health & Fitness Get Running (Couch to 5K) If you fully intend to honour your New Year’s resolution and get fit this year. You can specify different sound levels and even record your own preferred sounds to chill out to if you like.

It also features reviews and product specifications – all the information and images you need to shop with confidence on the move.Top 200 apps iPhone Lifestyle Momento (Diary/Journal) Music djay for iPhone & iPod touch Packed with features to make it an essential tool for DJs keen to practise their trade. so even if you’re not interested in keeping a diary it can still help you record and look back on your day-to-day life. If you’re on the look out for a bargain then you can also compare prices in the store against eBay prices using the handy barcode scanner. You can begin playing each of the ‘smart’ instruments effortlessly. It is a very efficient app that is rich in useful features. basses. cue points. AirPlay support and the option to play along with your music library. Transform your iPhone into a digital radio by trawling through over 50. Watching the app in action is awe-inspiring and it identifies even the most seemingly obscure of tracks within a click of the fingers. Shazam cleverly uses your iPhone’s built-in microphone to gather a brief sample of music being played. You can also sync your settings. people and places for a fast and effective way of recollecting your movements. Groupon Deal Widget HD Tesco Groceries TuneIn Radio Pro An easy and convenient way to get access to all the current deals from Groupon in your area. edited BPM. You simply log into your Tesco account and start shopping through the app. AmpliTube allows you to transform your iPhone into a feature-heavy electric guitar amp by just plugging in your guitar and utilising a host of pedal effects. This is really brilliant if you cannot afford a Marshall amplifier. 7 and 12-string guitars. buy and pay for items from within the app. memories. Hitlantis This app acts as your own personal radio with the dial set to ‘discovery’! It allows you to discover new music in places you would have never thought to have looked before and comes with a bright an intuitive interface to make your voyage as pleasant as it could possibly be. mandolins and pretty much any other stringed instrument. Featuring recipes from the award-winning Epicurious website. but this essential free app has been built around the iPhone technology to provide a quick and easy shopping service. This is the ultimate ‘try before you buy‘ music service. Searching for items and making quick purchases has never been so satisfying – and you can do it from absolutely anywhere. save your favourites and create your own shopping lists in-app. You can then book a delivery slot and wait for your goods to arrive. and an integrated ‘My eBay’ option also makes it easy for members to check on an auction or monitor sales activity at any time. An accessible interface allows you to browse products with ease. so eBay’s army of users has no excuse to take their auction experience to the next level. It helps you calculate the cooking time by entering the weight of the meat and tells you how long to sling it in the oven for before reminding you to take it out again. scales and arpeggios. Used in conjunction with the iRig interface adaptor. The eBay app is everything you would hope for and more. If you are visiting new places then AroundMe is a great app to help you get your bearings and discover the shops and services that are in your vicinity. If a match is found. adding items to your basket and purchasing them quickly and easily online. capturing moments throughout the day in short spaces of time and tagging events. You can bid. Very impressive and a definite must! iPhone App Directory Volume 9 167 . pausing live streams and even discovering brand new stations based on the music you have contained within your iTunes library. You can find your nearest restaurant. If you’re looking for something in particular then it’ll even plot your route there from your current position. book a table and pay the bill – all through your iPhone! It’s a great idea and one that is sure to be emulated by other eateries. and is compared against a central database for a match. It is also totally free. including an accurate tuner. A wealth of extra features make this free app an absolute must-have. Amazing. Simply import music from your library onto each of the two turntables. and lyrics are relayed back to the user. As good as the Amazon website. With Memento in your pocket you can write a diary on the go.000 delicious. eBay This app is the height of convenience if you want to grab a quick bite to eat on a night out and don’t have time to hang around waiting for the bill to arrive. song title. Armed with this you’ll never get stressed on your day of rest again. mixing them together and applying all manner of special effects. information such as the artist. reminders and notes. Time to Roast PizzaExpress™ GuitarToolkit GarageBand Google Shopper Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List Spotify AmpliTube Armed with this app you’ll never char your Sunday roast to cinders again. This app offers a wide selection of tools for guitar players. SoundHound can quickly recognise tunes playing through your speakers and identify the track in as little as four seconds – making it the ideal tool to sneak into pub quizzes. and allow you to find and compare local and online prices. This app will help you to source information on millions of products of all descriptions. then experiment fading them in. Offering a rich sound comprising of 88 keys sampled from real pianos. Just like Shazam. professional-created dishes. This is a great app for doing your weekly shop from the comfort of your own home. Apple’s own music app is a masterstroke of innovation and simplicity. A definitive addition to your home screen.000 stations. Search for songs and artists and play what you want – absolutely free. A clever app. you can browse through over 30. An acoustic fingerprint is created based on the sample. Unless you are a subscriber then you’ll have to endure advert interludes but that seems a small price to pay for the service this provides. a precision metronome and a huge library of chords. Perfect. storing your favourites. all packed into a stylish interface. Shazam Encore If you have ever had trouble remembering the names of certain songs or the artists that performed them then Shazam is just the app for you. It also caters for 6. The info is presented in at-a-glance lists and you can purchase anything displayed with the tap of a button or share the best deals with friends. lay down some tracks and piece together your own compositions with little or no prior musical knowledge at all. Amazon Mobile AroundMe Virtuoso Piano Free 3 SoundHound This free app is a great starting point to learn the piano. banjos. from anywhere in the world. etc over iCloud. read up on the full descriptions. check the seller’s history and you can tap the screen to call up images and browse them like a slideshow. It also allows you to import and archive your online activity and display it as part of your diary. Got something on your chest that you need to get down and chronicle? Then we recommend this app for quickly logging your thoughts.

A time-saving app to stay informed. You don’t have to manually add your location as it will use your iPhone’s GPS to send you a local forecast. All this and you can even choose the background picture. Whether you are surfing. or anyone. making it easier to browse through them and find what you want. including global affairs. weather and pictures. Pulse News for iPhone CNN Intl App Tide Times Met Office Weather application This app takes your favourite websites and transforms them into a colourful and interactive mosaic. UK News and World News and cover a wide range of topics. Thanks to AeroWeather Pro you can get current and precise weather conditions. precipitation probability. news alerts and a host of different categories that are updated regularly. as well as accurate forecasts. well-defined interface presented in glorious HD. Each edition is available for high-speed offline reading and quick-touch sharing. You can browse stories easily on your device and there are inapp options to share the biggest news with your friends. so only the most useful information is visible against the background. 168 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Tide Times offers a simple and accurate seven-day forecast for UK tidal time information. go straight to the source. or pepper it will all kinds of furniture.000 cities worldwide. AeroWeather Pro With so many weather apps available on the App Store. the USA Today app is a great way to stay informed on the current happenings in the ‘Land of the Free’. plus all the latest social network feeds. . but thankfully it also boasts enough other good features to make it worthwhile. country or ICAO code. so it’s somewhat gimmicky. It’s a functional. It includes live feeds and in-depth reports and analysis. and a three-hourly forecast for up to five days. but also allowing you to take photographs of the weather where you are and then add your own headlines and icons before sharing your unique reports with others. politics. this transforms your favourite blogs and feeds into digital magazines. You can choose worldwide airport weather stations from the built-in database by either name. when you want it. This app provides breaking news on the fly thanks to streaming videos. technology and sport. plus seven-day forecasts to help you plan ahead. sailors. The app looks great and has yet to get a prediction wrong. making it a great app to whip out on the train and catch up with all the latest happenings in the world when a signal is non-existent. making it easy to find what you want. that are used by pilots for their flight preparations. Everything is presented in a slick and accessible interface. including top stories and headlines. You can customise the screen to simplify it. Definitely a worthwhile alternative to the default Apple Weather app. Well produced and very enlightening. stripping away all the unnecessary clutter. including Top Stories. Packed with fantastic features and a very reliable source of all of your weather needs. It also offers severe weather alerts when the climate takes a turn for the worst. Although the main draw of this app has been diminished slightly with iOS 5’s Safari Reading List and Reader features. the WeatherBug app provides live weather reports and live cams from a host of different weather stations across the country. America. this one stands out by providing weather in highdefinition video. boating or visiting the beach. and data will be shown in its original format or fully decoded into easyto-understand texts. Okay. entertainment. Stories are arranged in categories. The main idea is that you can browse web pages through your iPhone and then save selected pages to read later when offline. Various widgets give you time. such as columns and tabs.iPhone Top 200 apps Weather News Weather+ BBC News Through this app you can get all the latest breaking news from the BBC and its global network of journalists delivered in an attractive and engaging interface. you can check the conditions with this useful app before deciding if the sea is too treacherous for one activity and not treacherous enough for another. AccuWeather for iPhone Weather HD Like other apps. no matter where they are in the world. Tap on an article to see a clean and elegant view of the news story and save stories for reading later. rainfall. but it does have some nice touches. plus detailed charts depicting temperature. You can also back up and restore data via email (in the unlikely event of having to re-install the app) and it is available in a variety of different languages so as to benefit pilots. plus social features and personalisation so that you can re-order the news categories that suit your interests. humidity and windspeed. Engadget Google Currents A fantastic free app that pulls together all of the news that really matters to you. this app oozes quality. A well-presented and easily accessible app that places all the latest breaking news into your hands and allows you to decide what you would like to watch and how you would like to watch it. it is still a very useful product that is easy to grasp and it works really well. Fizz Weather With its clear. USA Today WeatherBug Intended for use in North With breaking headlines. A great source for technology news. and presents them all in a neat magazine format. such as the ability to sync your cities across your devices via iCloud. temperature. Flipboard Sky News If you need a weather forecast in a hurry then this app places all you need to know on a single screen. scores. The Weather Channel® Rest assured that The Weather Channel’s staff of 200 provide accurate tools to help you plan your week based on their patented ultra-local TruPoint weather technology. With every category covered and expert writers to add fresh perspective to all the current affairs. this one will give you a local forecast using icons. If you only have a limited time frame to catch up on current affairs then this provides a well-founded summary. Fizz Weather provides 15-day forecasts for over 78. this app pulls content from a range of different Engadget sites in order to provide a wellrounded and informed app that appears to retrieve all of the top technology stories first. greatlooking app that delivers the key information that you need in the most direct way possible. The app will also save most web pages as text only. For a reliable local weather forecast. The app also offers the BBC News Channel streamed live. humidity and wind strength. You can view your location on a Google Map and the app will overlay an animation of satellite-sourced cloud conditions. providing a cleaner. If in the UK then your region will be monitored by the Met Office. kayaking. such as a flip clock with World Clock time of your current location and of the selected location. Yahoo! The free Yahoo! News app is a great source of breaking content and comes complete with high-definition images and videos. this app comes highly recommended. Ideal for catching up on just about anything. This app adds a new slant to the crowded weather app marketplace by not only providing accurate forecasts. Instapaper Weathermob Currently only available in the US. distraction-free reading environment.

Instagram Instagram is a fun photography app that lets you apply a range of interesting filters to your snaps and share them via a simple photo stream with your friends. It’s just a mystery why it isn’t already on your device as standard. It does this for free. we probably don’t need to tell you that Facebook is a popular social networking site. WhatsApp Messenger This is a cross-platform messenger service that uses push notifications to instantly get messages from friends. some of the services that the app provides have lost some of their ’wow’ factor thanks to Apple’s own iOS 5 iMessage service. You simply choose what you would like to share – for example. Hipstamatic Snapseed Google Latitude Twitter This app will motivate you to shoot many images thanks to the striking results. Twitter has been integrated into iOS 5. then you can check in to see where they are and then arrange to hook up via the app. film cameras and adds image artefacts. pictures. It is so good that it’s almost as if this service was developed specifically for your iPhone. exchange contacts and gift custom wallpapers – and it’s all completely free. Through the HipstaMart you can also purchase a wide array of other imaginative booth themes to apply even more character and atmosphere to your photos. not to be missed. With more than 8 million active users. An absolutely essential app for your iPhone. You can share pictures. It is a quick and easy way to give your images personality and plenty of flair. cheap app for having fun with your photography and sharing the results with your friends.Top 200 apps iPhone Social Networking Photo & Video IM+ Pro iMovie Editing movies has never been so easy – capture footage on your device. With an intuitive interface and plenty of options. create the atmosphere of those bygone eras with 42 different retro looks. LinkedIn Facebook SkypeSkype is an amazing app Find My Friends This app allows you to easily A social network resource for professionals. making this a great. By mixing and matching films and lenses. This is Google’s answer to Facebook and it comes stacked with features. get push notifications on what your friends are up to. Color Splash This app lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic new look by converting them to black and white while keeping your chosen details in colour. A very tidy and intuitive app for social networkers. colleagues. share your location and take total freedom over how much of your personal information is divulged through the app. an image. and initiate group chats. or shake the iPhone to try a random lens/film combination. You sign in using your Apple ID and can send requests to add friends to your database. IncrediBooth lets you take amazing photo strips anywhere using the camera on your iPhone. Featuring the same dynamics as the versatile Hipstamatic app. adjusts and enhances images quickly and easily with thanks to a simple set of tools and an intuitive and engaging interface that is very satisfying for experts and also friendly for beginners to use. making it an essential social networking app for any iPhone. a contact detail – hold your finger on a button and then gently bump your phone into the other person’s to make the switch. family members. or just one image at a time and upload the whole lot to Facebook within a matter of seconds. 360-degree canvas. Granted. iPhone App Directory Volume 9 169 . but if you’re a Facebook addict then this app must be included on your iPhone. You’ll then receive suggestions of other professionals to connect with. You can also send and receive professional recommendations from colleagues to help boost your employment chances. Camera+ Whether you’re a seasoned snapper or a complete novice behind the lense. An essential free app that deserves to be downloaded and explored. meaning you can tweet from within a range of default Apple apps without having to go through the hassle of leaving them. The sheer depth of features makes this a far better communication suite than your device’s default Messages app and the interface is easy to navigate your way around and operate. Detailed maps help you find your friends. It’s a quick and easy process that works wonders. IM+ Pro is packed full of features to help you stay in touch with your nearest and dearest. What’s more. but we believe it’s definitely still well worth a look. this free app is well worth a download. IncrediBooth Make photo editing fun with this app that transforms. You can also make low-cost calls to overseas landlines by buying Skype credits. that lets you voice. The app comes packed with themes that you can instantly apply to your images. this app comes armed with enough cool features and clever modes to transform even the lamest photographs into stunning works of art. as well as share locations. audio notes and video messages. add transitions. Update your Facebook status via your iPhone and even let people keep tabs on your recent GPS locations. so you can send as many messages as you want without eating into your data plan. you can invite friends to Skype and calls can be recorded and played back. This app allows you to keep in touch with your friends and explore the world around you. Well worth a download. you can chat with your contacts for free. locate your friends and family from your device. such as the ability to see your friends on a map. 8mm Vintage Camera Silent Film Director Bump This app makes sharing easy. There are other great apps around with more features. and even earn rewards for doing so. You can assign different sound effects or music tracks for added authenticity. This app postprocesses your clips and converts them into mono with added film scratches. It mimics the look produced by cheap. Although you will still need to download this free app. Pop your CV on the site and invite existing colleagues to connect. but this is an absolute joy to use and totally free. foursquare This cleverly goes back in time to capture the beauty and magic of old-school vintage movies. plus options to share the whole strip. You can effortlessly switch from SMS to exchange messages. animations and effects. set it to a dramatic sound score from your iTunes library and then export it to share with the world – all within mere minutes. or go for the desaturated colours of Seventies home video. anyone with a smartphone. a file. voice messages and videos over Wi-Fi. You can swap lenses or film types. The stitching process only takes a few seconds and the app is great fun to experiment with. information and status updates. 360 Panorama If you want to fully capture your surroundings on camera then this app lets you take a series of photos all around you and then pieces them together into a stunning. plastic-toy. The ultimate communicative tool. Turn home movies into vintage clips. then instantly import it into the app to trim. text and video chat with friends who also have Skype installed on their laptop or iPhone. that allows you to throw messages between devices over Wi-Fi free of charge. and send photos. A must-have bargain.

Full international coverage means that you can track all of your flights worldwide and in the event of a cancellation. ESPN Goals This app allows you to watch every goal from every Barclays Premier League game. explore and much more. Content is updated by the second so you’ll always know the biggest stories the moment they break. You can also save geocache listings.iPhone Top 200 apps Sports Travel FlightTrack – Live Flight Status Tracker F1™ 2012 Timing App – CP The official F1 Timing apps are an essential toy for any racing fan. and provides game alerts and all the latest global sports news from Yahoo! Sports. KAYAK TripAdvisor Plane Finder MotionX GPS As a travel app. and pause live sessions during the actual events so that you never miss a thing. It’s a sleek and accessible sports portal that always delivers the big stories quickly. with multiple timing screens including sectors. Lonely Planet Travel Guides There are Lonely Planet guides for all of the world’s leading cities. but more languages are coming soon. as well as many other features designed to provide you with a lifetime of outdoor geocaching adventure anywhere in the world. The Things to do section is very useful as it will give you advice about various tourist attractions without the need to fork out for a guidebook. and features all the latest news on each team. Catch up on all the latest sports news and watch live action as it happens. Golfshot: Golf GPS This fabulously intuitive app features a handy GPS rangefinder with distances to the front. Perfect for keeping tabs on your favourite team. Google Earth This breathtaking app is a great visual showcase for your iPhone as you can explore the entire planet from the palm of your hand. If you upgrade to the Premium edition in-app then you also get access to a live game radio. If you’re into sport then Yahoo!’s Sportacular app gives you easy access to live scores and information on your favourite teams. The app provides real-time. It enables you to find the cheapest flight and hotel prices. NCAA. up to 40 professionally-mapped targets per hole and much more. and it is well presented and very user-friendly. eat. Before heading off. If you are a fan of the great outdoors then this app provides more reasons to go out and about. Simply a must for any golfing enthusiast who is looking to get a heads-up on those challenging courses. stats. sailing or off-roading. A wondrous app – you just point your iPhone camera at foreign text and it will be translated and converted on the screen in real time. It’s a fun app that provides added scope to your hikes. If you’re into gridiron then this is a must-have app that ensures you will never miss a crunching sack or an 80 yard reception! SwingReader Golf – Swing Analysis and Coaching The most easy-to-use. There’s plenty of action to watch that is updated regularly and you can also get live scores as they happen. You can also activate score alerts whenever they happen. wicket and any other form of sporting score you’d care to mention. Using the alerts you can get instant reminders for specific events and scores as and when they happen. stress-free flying. results as they happen. and video streams of all the hottest action. this app is the ideal companion to keep any iPhone-owning sports nut in the loop. hiking. video highlights and picks of the week. touchdown. An essential download for any self-confessed sports freak that lifts Sky’s unbeatable sports service from your digibox and plonks it in your phone. Pan. or air traffic control. Through the app you can get even closer to the racing action by monitoring the position of every F1 driver on a fully interactive track map. It is essentially a global treasure hunting game in which participants hide and find physical containers called Geocaches and then share the locations online. but the app updates with each new season.000 airports worldwide. as well as personalised scoreboards and live game details. ESPN ScoreCenter Sky Sports News Word Lens This sleek. try. centre and back of the green. NASCAR and football from all the leading global leagues. well-designed app is rammed with content – from insight and opinion to all the latest scores. keeping you rooted in the fast lane. It may be expensive. perform a search to find out which local eater provides the best serving. use its tickbox packing list to ensure you don’t forget important things. Series A. KAYAK is a good all-rounder. delay alerts and gate numbers you will ever need to enjoy smooth. direct access to Geocaching. zoomable maps. basket. planes. If you are a frequent flyer then this app provides all of the departure info. flights. . and the app covers a wide spectrum of sports from all over the world. 170 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 This app provides a welcome twist on the usual array of restaurant-finding apps by allowing you to find and rate individual dishes instead of the establishments that serve them. and all sports are covered. behind the scenes news and sports results and videos. Eurosport Player NFL ’11 Int’l This is the official app of the Foodspotting With this neat app you’re guaranteed fast and effective delivery of every goal. This app has all the maps and navigational instruments you need for your outdoor life and allows you to download additional maps to store on your device for offline access while walking. which is very impressive. The style and quality is universal and great for advice on where to go. including the English Premiership. So if you fancy a certain meal. including MLB. through a sleek and stylish interface. this could save you plenty of time and heartache. Covering more than 4. as well as providing plenty of practical guidance. photos and more. the Bundesliga and La Liga. Perfect for thrillseeking adventurers. zoom and spin the maps to focus on a particular driver or pull back to see the entire field – you are in complete control. discovering landmarks and points of interest that can keep you enthralled for hours on end. Yahoo! Sportacular National Football League. Other features include the ability to sync the app with your calendar and track your flights on live. including all of the busiest terminals. NFL. Totally free. NBA. gaps and speeds. the app will even help you find an alternative flight to get you where you need to go. It’s easy to use and is a useful app for anyone who is interested in aviation. Geocaching This app enables you to read reviews of hotels and restaurants from people who have already experienced them. Plus you can amaze your friends by identifying planes that fly overhead. The Flight Tracker option and currency converter make it a traveller’s must-have! This app provides near real-time ‘virtual radar’ air traffic radar maps. including maps and photos for quick retrieval and offline use.com’s database of worldwide geocaches. Only Spanish translation is available at present. Brilliant. coaches and pros worldwide. You can also get live timing data streamed directly from Formula One Management’s technical centre at the race track. NHL GameCenter 2011-2012 If you’re into hockey then this app comes packed with scores. all the forthcoming fixtures and results from all around the league. powerful and accurate swing analysis tool available and is trusted by hundreds of golfers. stay. players and leagues.

It can also inform you on humidity. New additions to this must-have update include a barcode scanner. This fascinating app uses GPS to accurately provide a temperature reading based on your current location. a few extra inches can make all the difference. a stunning live 3D simulation of our planet with in-depth weather reports and current times for any zone. as easy as touching and tapping. Using the flash feature of your phone’s built-in camera. then it will keep tabs on almost everything. Through Corkulous you can plan any kind of event. transfer and save files – from your iPhone. Using voice recognition. Employing a dynamic compression algorithm. wind speed and pressure. Along with Apple’s other iWork apps. torches and so on. voice output and machine translation. your mouse cursor refreshes are indistinguishable from a wired mouse. The best thing about this app is that it is an iPhone web browser that actually lets you watch Flash content and has now undergone a few iOS 5 enhancements of its own. making it an essential tool when dealing with people overseas or while on your travels. There are many file-sharing apps. and customise them however you see fit. Don’t be fooled by the name. Numbers and Pages. apps like this are exactly what your iPhone was designed for. meaning there is something for just about any task you can imagine. this also provides an SOS signal feature. flyers. This ideas board app is a handy way to collect. this app lets you create compelling spreadsheets in minutes. cards. Packed with fantastic themes and being very quick and easy to use. photos. Corkulous This clever. You can have multiple cork boards on the go at once and each one can be password protected to ensure that all of your great ideas and notes will be safe from unauthorised eyes. Anyone unsure of ditching their laptop in favour of an iPhone need only look at Pages. police scanner. This app turns your phone into a precise spirit level and features a calibrate function to make precise measurements. From notes to ideas. Numbers Keynote AppZilla 2 This powerful app makes creating attention-grabbing presentations. strobe light effects. Just equip a microphone equipped handset and away it goes. This app is a versatile desktop publishing app that lets you create professionallooking page designs in minutes. It can handle large PDF and TXT files. So if you want to explore the web unhampered by the movie-denying restrictions imposed by Safari then this is a sound purchase. helping you remember anything and everything that happens in your life. iTorch4 Flashlight This app transforms your iPhone 4 into a useful emergency torch to help guide you through the darkness. Ignition This useful app allows you to remotely control your Mac or PC – as well as view. Keynote Remote Keynote is software that lets you show images and graphs on your laptop. enabling you to view the file using the iPhone. manage project assignments. including the option to switch between mobile optimised and desktop content with the switch of a button. Featuring 120 miniapps. The free service gives you a Dropbox folder on your computer and one on your iPhone. brainstorm ideas and much more besides. iPhone App Directory Volume 9 171 . It is incredibly versatile in allowing you to throw any ideas you want at it and great value for the price. posters and more. you can instantly create eye-catching letters. Sleep Talk Recorder If you suspect that you mutter nonsense in your sleep. GPS-based reminders and a Walkie-Talkie. charts and graphics. decent sound effects and more features you wouldn’t expect. organise and share your ideas via your iPhone. With an intuitive set of tools and plenty of tutorials and templates. manuals. but Dropbox stands out. The app also syncs with iCloud so that you can start a document on your iPhone and finish it on your computer later without the need to manually transfer files or even bother to save them. in no time at all. complete with tables. model. this app can effortlessly translate words and phrases from over 50 different languages. operating on a typical Wi-Fi network. This app is really great and worth a download. install it on all of your devices and then login with your Apple ID. Impress your colleagues during a presentation by whipping out your iPhone and advancing the slides by swiping your finger. A sleek and intuitive app with a multitude of different uses.Top 200 apps iPhone Productivity Utilities Skyfire Web Browser Pages This web browsing app has always been a popular replacement for Safari and featured tabbed browsing months prior to the iOS 5 release that saw the same feature introduced to Apple’s default web browsing app. Dropbox Evernote iBubbleLevel – Spirit Level Find My iPhone Digital Thermometer MyCarCheck The most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. as well as the usual spirit levels. complete with animated charts and transitions. You can access presenter notes on your iPhone to help you keep tabs on your presentation’s content. but when used on your iPhone it can still do a pretty good job at providing a few extra inches of display space. And as we all know. It’s a handy tool for working remotely and for managing and transferring files if you are unable to get to your office computer. Air Display If you need to extend your computer desktop to get a little extra working space then this is the perfect app. Simply download the app. Living Earth HD – World Clock and Weather Sleek and sophisticated. iTranslate There really is no excuse for not owning this app – it’s totally free. If you’re shopping for a new car then it is a handy app for checking out the specs and history prior to purchase. This free app lets you check the make. Air Display acts as a wireless display to increase the size of your work space on your desktop computer. collaborate with friends and colleagues. In addition to this. reports. labels. colour and more of any UK registered vehicle by performing a search based on the registration number. books and magazines effortlessly and you can mark-up documents with ease and then share your doodles. because this free app allows you to find pretty much any misplaced device. It is obviously more beneficial using the added 1024x768 display that an iPad provides. snapshots to recordings. GoodReader for iPhone A robust PDF reader with advanced reading and annotating capabilities. this app will recorder the results and put any suspicions beyond doubt. which is quite impressive. When you drag a file into your computer’s Dropbox it’s automatically uploaded to an online folder. horizontal and vertical measurements and even measurements on an inclined surface. it is also compatible with iCloud. intuitive app turns your device into an extension of your brain. this app will increase your productivity no end. iPad included. you can put it all into Evernote and access your files quickly and easily whenever you need them. You can place notes. contacts and tasks on your own virtual pinboard and then use a built-in virtual cloud to effortlessly access them from anywhere and share them via iCloud.

............................. 14 Gadgets & Gizmos....42 Black Ops Ultimate Utility.............................................................41 ABC Spy.............40 Ingenious Problems HD .17 Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book . Seuss...............................32 Business Tips ......33 Budget with Back in Black........21 Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book .......................................29 ............................30 VAT Fast................30 My Wallet+....x e d In iPhone Index iPhone App Directory Your at-a-glance guide to what’s inside… App Store Books/Newsstand #5 Magazine.......................................18 Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper – animated watercolor book by BST for iPhone............................................................................................................................................................................ 14 Manifesting More Money in Your Life eBook....16 Triathlete Europe .......17 Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App 9 Dr................................................................. Christmas Experience..........................10 Chasing Salander – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ..18 Meanwhile for iOS.............................................................45 Good Fish Guide ...............................28 Compensation Claim Today .................................................................................31 Find My Pub .....29 Infinity CV Builder .............20 Strawberry Shortcake Comics Reader..................... 14 Green Eggs and Ham‚ – Dr................................20 L’apprenti Père Noël – le film – HD / Santa’s Apprentice – the movie..............................................................................................................................................................................44 Free Games ................................45 Chirp! Bird Songs Europe +............28 I Love Logos ................................................................................30 Carboot ..................................33 I Want To Be ..................33 Cardpay UK ................20 Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race........................................................................17 QI Lite for iPhone........................26 Balance Guide – Personal Account Forecasting ...........................33 RedmineApp......................................42 Cheats for The Sims 1................15 Ambrosia....................43 I Say...................39 ABC Funnimals..................................................... .............................................................21 The Theogony of Hesiod – by Hugh G.......................................31 DebtMinder.................................... 15 Sancti........... Evelyn-White.............................................................................................................................44 Interactive Telling Time – Learning to tell time is fun .....................28 DocScan ............... 15 Grand Designs...........................44 iMathematics Pro................................33 Prices UK ........ Seuss.................................. You Say – Number Bonds.....................................32 GoToMyPC (Remote Desktop) .................. 13 Tinman Arts – Two Good Friends...............23 Time Worked..................31 Employment Law Cloud..........32 Let...................................19 Hugless Douglas ...............38 Leafsnap.....................................31 BHT Group ................................19 The Blues.33 Seven Eye.............................................................................37 ArticleSearch.............................27 Divided Bill Splitter.............19 Selected Nonsense Rhymes by Edward Lear................................16 Story of Christmas .............................................28 Natwest Stockbrokers App ...................................11 172 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 GamesTM.........................................................................................45 Hobby Hunter.............................25 MoneySave Debt Calculator...................................................24 emortgage .....................32 Secrets for iPhone .......................45 Free Apps............11 The Story Mouse Talking Books – Read-along story books for children ......26 Information Age ................................21 Google Books ................................................................................ 14 Twas The Night 3D.....43 Home Electrical Safety Check ..............................................21 WeirdButTrue .39 Claim Diary .........................29 HR Audit........................................................................................20 Bleak House by Charles Dickens – iRead Series ............................................................................................................................... 12 Happy Birthday to You! – Dr.................21 There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! – Dr...............................................32 SilverWiz Money ............................................18 Ready for a Reward .............29 29 Adobe® CreatePDF......................................................................................................................20 Diary of a Crayon......................................................................................27 Guidebook ............32 GoodPracticeTop Tips for Managers.........................................................................................................................................................33 Secret Recorder + recording without any notice................................................................................................................................................16 16 A Book Of Five Rings.......................20 Success Magazine.................................................................................................21 Retro Gamer........8 App Store Business/Finance A-Z Guide............................................22 MightyMeeting ................41 Disco Maths ..................................................... Seuss ..............35 Learn Thai – Phrasebook for ..................... 12 Good Manners Lite .........................16 The Very Cranky Bear .. 2 and 3............................................................21 Mind Body Spirit Books by Watkins..................42 Baby Touch & Hear Lite......................................................................................................................21 Sudoku Book for iPhone .......................................17 Photography for Beginners .......................................................................................................................32 iAd Gallery...................19 Healthy Star...........15 Heidi Part III.................................................................................................25 Post Prices – Postage Price Calculator..............................20 Bath Rugby Official Programmes......................30 Comedy Store................... 30 App Store Education/Reference A-Z Food Nutrition Facts......................................................................18 The Dandy Comic ......................................... Horrible.......33 ExpenseMagic..........32 SCM Supplier Profiling................................................................20 Aristotle Book Collection..........................................................................................................

.........................................................................................................60 Inotia 3: Children of Carnia.......45 from Dogs Trust ................78 Bupa Health Finder ................................................................55 Zappar....................................................78 Anatomy on the Go ........................................................................................................38 Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms ......................54 ......................44 ‘Rithmetic.........45 The Night Sky.............75 Confidence Coach........45 Special Words............................................................65 Bejeweled Blitz..........54 Bloodstained Memoirs ......55 Crack & Break it! ......................................................................55 Spott ..........54 iPhone They Need To Be Fed..........................................................................................53 Flowerium.......................49 Wall Of Sound...........56 Wind-up Knight ............................42 Official Dead Island Map App....................52 Quarrel Deluxe ............................39 Note Brainer Pro..........................................................................................................78 MoodMaster Anti-Depression .............................................................................54 Bord ....................45 Science Quiz.......Index Travel in Thailand ...........................................................................................77 Period Diary Pro ........................55 Movies Shelf ........79 Patient Safety Manual ....................................................................................................................69 Jetpack Joyride ....................68 Let Me Out..... App Store Entertainment AR:Tz......46 VidRhythm...........................................................................................................................65 Star Legends (3D MMO) ..............................62 Battle Bears Royale .........................................59 The Last Rocket ............74 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 173 .....................................................................................................................39 MathStudio .......76 Diabetes UK Tracker...........................................37 Motion Math Zoom .........................................................................................67 Pro Tennis Volley.....................................................62 Cars 2 .....................73 PocketHealth .........79 First aid by British Red Cross .....................................79 Pillboxie .............................55 Aurasma Lite ....R............ Ultimate Exercise Journal by SkyHealth...........................................................................................................53 Dragon Shout....44 You and Your Puppy ........................68 Transformers: Dark of the Moon................76 Let’s Toddle ................................................74 Rebel Sport: Time To Burn It ........................................................41 Powers of Minus Ten – Cells and Genetics....68 Grabatron .......................................67 Prose with Bros ...67 Dimensions.. App Store Games Arrow of Time......................70 Headache Diary Easy.......................................55 Magic Painter......................................... Adventures in the Multiverse.........K.......................................................................................52 Cyborg Vision – Face Recognition from the Future ............................68 Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (Full)................................................69 PyramidVille Adventure ................................................................................55 See-Through Screen.......66 Zero Tek.............................................................62 Six-Guns ...................69 The Rainy Day2..................................................50 Ringtone+.............................................................................. Workouts.....................69 Health /Medical 40000+ Vegetarian Recipes ................................................................................................68 The Mystery of the Crystal Portal................................65 Dizzy – Prince of the Yolkfolk .....................................41 North American Birds ......................................................................................54 Talking Carl – Christmas Edition.......................67 Color Bandits ......................78 Road Bike Pro Cycling Computer powered by Runtastic .......................................75 Diy Physio Lower Back.......................................................68 D........68 Blade Warrior ....50 Tweet & Grow ..................................61 Stardash.....................................79 My Pregnancy Today.............51 Toca Robot Lab ....................................................................64 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions....................A....................................................................................................................67 Fantasy Town ........................................................64 DotRace....................69 Stretched.76 Ab Workouts Pro ............................................................................................................................................................55 EngageM8 .............78 A-Z: Full Body Anatomy....................................................................61 Icebreaker Hockey.....................................69 Pocket Academy ..............78 ADHD Angel .......64 Forever Drive ......................................................................................................................................79 iMuscle...47 Viz Profanisaurus Das Krapital ...................73 Garmin Fit......52 Milk The Cow.............................................................63 ......................................67 Muffin Knight....................54 Goings On: The New Yorker...............63 Gesturegame ......................................49 Gun Builder 3D – Free.......................................................... 66 App Store Numberama ....................................................75 Infinite Relaxation...................................................53 Talking Pirate ........53 Cube Dog 2 – Dog’s Crazy Playground ............66 The King Of Fighters-i........66 iBlast Moki 2............................................................................69 Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting.....................................67 Orbital ..........................75 Clinical Exam.......58 Japan Life .............69 Neenites..............................................................54 TV Forecast – Personal Guide .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................77 Fitness Buddy: 1000+ Exercises..................................60 Car Crusher......57 FlickPig .......62 Julius Styles – The International ..............................................52 Demon Cam™ ...................................71 Bleep Test FREE...................................................43 Saga Woteva .........48 Oscura ......................................34 Relationship Calc..................65 Big Time Gangsta ......................................................54 FakeStatus............................................. ........63 Rogue Sky ...........68 Ranger Rick’s Raiders of the Lost Aardvark........................64 Home Sheep Home 2 ...59 Bouncy Mouse......................63 My 1st JCB..........................67 Colosseum.....44 Road Test Reports .............................................79 Pregnancy......................................77 Calorie Counter Plus: diets & activities.........................44 Match the Fraction..........................................44 UCAS.........................................................................................................43 Top 10 – Only The Most Interesting Facts!...............................36 Microsoft Office 2010 Pro .......................................................................................................................................................................66 Mega Mall Story .........................................................................................................................................

...99 Sticky Playlists..............................................................................103 Weather Router ..................................................................94 SonicMax Pro......96 Hocus Pocus ...............................................................................................88 Woodcraft................... Radar and Temperature .......................................................................................................................................................................120 Faceworx 3D Viewer ......81 Cards ..........................................................................................................................................................89 Evernote Food..............80 Kudos To Everyone ..... Socialize...........................................................................................................................................107 Azimuth Sunrise Sunset................................................................................122 ..............................................................................................97 MadPad – Remix Your Life........................86 Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter............................................................................ 100 RealBeat....................................................................................................................83 Primrose Bakery.........................................................................................................89 The Lady Magazine ..........................117 Face/Off.......................................................89 Auto Trader Mobile ..............................119 Snappr ...................................................................................................................................................................................108 Hurricane Express..............78 Ultimate Value Diary......................114 Pixlr-o-matic .131 Appztr FaceRank .......................107 Top Gear Reader .........................116 Inneres Auge Milano ....................................................108 tech...96 YouBookBands.............................88 GoodGuide................120 Flixlab..................90 SampleTank..................120 Kinotopic...............................................109 CNNGo...................................................................................................................112 New skinny booth camera........................................................................108 Delta Daily...........................................115 6x7 Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects ..86 Visn ............116 Simon Stock.............121 StarLight Scope ...............................109 MyRSS ......................................................................................108 Stitcher Radio .108 Moneyweb TALK.97 iSandwell.....................................................................................108 Tide Times NI........114 Wedding Photographer’s ....................118 InstaFlow..........................................................................................................121 NightCap........................89 Model Potential ...........109 Mooncast .........117 My Sketch ..................... ..............................................................97 Romplr: Remix ........88 Domino’s Pizza.........................................................................................98 The Tom Joyner Morning Show 101 This Day in Pink Floyd....................................... 117 App Store Social Networking 700 iTips for Singles and Couples ................................109 Infographics..........................................................................................................116 Grid Lens.....................................................................72 Sleep Sounds ...............................................121 SuperAlbum ....................................................................................87 Olson Recipe Maker ......................................................................................................91 Loopy HD ......................88 Grant My Wish........................................................................... App Store Lifestyle Affogato............................118 Pixel Blend Pro.............121 InstaBAM .......89 Meguiar’s.........................................98 Absolute Radio 60s ..........................................88 Total Srat Move ...........126 Calendarised ..........................109 WeatherPro .......................................................................................................................................................I.............................................................................88 My Kitchen Table..................121 PhotoVote........................88 Fribi........................83 Loyalli..109 WeatherCals – Local Weather Forecast.............................................................................120 SwankoLab..................86 174 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 Music A Particle Magnetophone ...........82 Evernote Hello.....................109 Doctor Who iWho ............................104 Cliqz ....................................99 GA ..............105 App Store Photo & Video 6x7...............113 LooxcieLive ................. Cycling.......................................87 forkly...101 Addictive microSynth ........108 C4 News.........111 Camera Photo PRO + for iPhone 4................. Walking and More........................121 PicFrame.......................................89 Quick Kids.....................................................................................................................................................................................R............................................................................105 IFR Magazine.95 Songineer™ – Instant Composer ...........................................................................121 FishEye Toy Camera.............118 Matices (color intensity)..........................................................................100 Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy .............................. 100 App Store News/Weather AppsGoneFree.......................................119 PhotoShield Pro.............................................................................................85 SpringMesh ..............................................................................................................78 SIA.......89 Hello Vino ..........115 Spiral Photo Caption....................................................... Win............................................................................117 Noise Master ..............119 Vintage Camera Pro ......106 Thermometer & Weather...............................99 iMaschine ....118 PhotoString ......................................................................................................................106 APPY Geek – tech news....................128 Capture the Flag – by Snapr .......................128 GeoSocials – Play................... Nursing & Bottle Feeding .......................................................106 Holy Moly! Free!............................................................95 Lemur............................................................................................. 100 MIXTRAX ..............85 Yearly....................................................................... 100 Band Of The Day .......................96 GlitchMachine .....................116 KaleidaCam..................................................101 Justin Bieber News HQ .....93 Campout............................................................................................... 100 Ensõ .............................89 Travelzoo .........................101 KORG iKaossilator........................................................129 Fanzone...box .......97 Air Cassette...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 100 iDubstep....117 Starter Kit...........................................79 UK Clinical Trials Gateway ................86 SpareRoom ....................................................96 SunrizerXS synth..110 PowerCam.......... Funny video cam..................................................................................................................131 Find My Friends .................................................................................................................................120 V.....107 Your Middle East.................................................................................120 DevilBooth............109 SikhNet Mobile ...............................................120 BeFunky Photo Editor ................................................88 WakeMeHere............................T.................87 Forbidden Planet Store.........O....................108 Shorts Or Not .....................................................98 Microphone + Recording .......84 WordWit.107 Bunkerworld .....98 RgbSoundPro....................................................84 Hi-Life ..79 Skeletal System Pro II.........................................................................................................................76 Wellnote................................................119 Camera + Photo Editor..............130 Blogger .........................104 Weather Live ..............................................121 Disposable Hipstamatic....120 FocusTouch......................106 UN Foundation..............87 iBaby Feed Timer – Breastfeeding.........................................129 Discoveredd ......................................................101 Geo Synthesizer ...................................................................................92 CASCADA .............128 Cupple.......iPhone Index App Store Runmeter GPS for Running......................................................................................................................... 100 iSingWorship......................94 Stereophonic – Equalizer & 3D Sound.......................................K......93 Drum Set +......................................102 eWeather HD – Weather forecast.................101 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds 99 Piano Harmony MIDI Studio Pro 101 RadioSoulWax..................77 .........................................101 MiniMash ...........130 CoolApp for Google+................................................

.............142 New York Pass – Travel Guide .....................128 Pic Spree ...........................140 miCoach Football........................................................................141 Approach Tennis ...........................................................147 SnapShot Postcard .....................159 FileHound – Remote File Access160 Google Plus Photo Importer.............135 Fanatix...151 Learn Italian – Phrasebook for Travel in Italy ....141 Court Buddy..........................................................................................................TV...................................................................125 Loccit ....................160 Draw Pad Pro............................150 App Store iPhone Don’t Ask Don’t Get................................................................151 CoPilot Live Premium USA......151 Historypin .......149 RAC Traffic Plus ..................135 Run Pacer .............................................................................................................................................157 Eye Scanner Protection .......................................................158 Priorities......136 bwin Sports ....................................140 Classic Boat magazine............................................156 Utilities/Productivity 2 Sugars................................................................................150 Flight Card................161 GoTime ...................................................................................................................140 Swim-Trainer ...................................130 TagUp..........................................................................137 Footballistically Arsenal ................................................................... Cat...............................................................................................141 SB Nation – Sports News ............................................160 160 4Eyes ~ search tool ................150 Hotel Tonight – Last Minute Deals on Hotels...151 London Bus Checker – Live Countdown for Every Stop .................151 localfave.............................................................................................................................................................................140 FISHMARX .............................................145 SKI TRACKS – GPS TRACK RECORDER ..................................158 Slide To Do...............150 Which Way Back?.........................................................................................129 GPSfriend .............................................................................156 HQ: To Do .........................................................................158 SkyDrive ...............................................................148 Just Quote Me...........................133 Concrete Wave ..............................................................................................................130 .......................... and Other Animal Lovers .............................................141 App Store Travel/Navigation Black Cabs ...................138 Bluesq Winter...................148 GeoWeight .................................................co...........................................................................159 Completion.............................................................147 ebookers Hotels for iPhone – Hotel booking and hotel room deals..................141 THE Football App .............................................................................................................................................141 PlayUp – Where Sport Gets Social.......................................131 Qwiqq....................159 Hashable Mobile ...................146 Welcome Guides Lakeland .........160 Mozy ....................................................134 Rangers FC..............................................................................................................................138 Snow Resort!.................................161 Daily Routine ........................149 IMeasure – Area & Distance Calculator...........................160 Sent.............................138 BowlSheet 2 .......................................................139 CBS Sports Pro Football.........................................................................................................................................150 Live Street View ..................................................................140 Groundhopper .................160 BabyOnTime!.....................Index giveonthemobile....................141 JKD.......................................130 Linked ...................................................................................137 NagMe Sports Alert Service...............161 Rocketr ..............127 Heart to Find .........................144 Rome MVR............160 American Red Cross: Shelter View.......................................................................................................................................................................................158 Awesome Days – Event Countdown ..................................138 Coach’s Eye......161 miinoto .............161 Tone Generator ...............................154 Idea Mix – Creative Challenges..................................................................................136 Lewis Moody Rugby.....................139 Unibet Sports TV Guide..131 Tweet Speaker – Listen to Twitter ..............131 Twittelator Neue – Twitter Client for iOS 5 ..................................................................130 Natter ...................140 Golf Outing .................................................uk......................................130 ScanMe Barcode ....................................153 Zero – Todo list ...........................................................................155 Live Lock Screen for iOS 5 .........................................................................126 Spottd..................150 Fotopedia Japan...................................130 Tweetsport ........................140 Putter King Adventure Golf ......................150 150 Comparison Car Hire ....161 TaskFlow – Visual Tasks & Checklists!..............148 Garmin UK & Ireland...........................143 Garmin USA .........................................124 Yiip Voice Messenger ....................145 ViewRanger Outdoors GPS (Premium)....160 Book+..................................150 Tube Map...............151 Jetsetter..........131 HeyTell ...............132 Cowes.................................................................................................................................127 InstaCaster ... UK Insurance Quote Finder .................................................................149 Emergency Tracker Lite ....148 BusMapper Pro .....155 Pad & Quill..................149 Taiwan Adventures..........................139 FixtureBox ...........123 Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT ...................125 Pets Amino – A Community for Dog..151 Enjoy Snowdonia – Mwynhau Eryri..............................139 Basketball DIY...................................156 iPhone App Directory Volume 9 175 ..161 Weave ........................129 Opuss ....................................................134 Premier Live ..131 TransFire XP .................................................... App Store Sports Air Gunner...............................159 RemoteSound – Using the iOS device as PC Speaker......................161 Awesome Calendar................................................................................................141 NBA...........140 WCJ Rubicon Climbing Topo.........................131 LINE .......................................151 Witness Driving ................................................152 RedLaser Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader...........................................................................................................................................

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