iphone 6+ is a waste of money.

just go to sony xperia z3 and u will not regret it
iphone battery sucks!
Its a nice limited phone but sony xperia z3 much more better.
curved edge suffer from very scratchable screen edge
Its supports all the formats and battery life is much better than Iphone 5s and
You can spend whole day with single charge....Close the eyes and go for it witho
ut asking anything....
The new iPhone 6 Plus is a phone that might not make a lot of sense to some peop
le - after all, it's basically the iPhone 6 with a larger screen and a better ba
ttery, but at the expense of pocketability.
Go to your flat edges rather than round edge. Its cumbersome to hold round edges
i have been using iphone 6 plus for a month now....i got frustrated when i was n
ot able to get a 4g signal...my carrier does not support iphone 6 plus for 4g ye
as to the camera, my note 3 gave me crispier picture as compared to iphone 6 plu
i still miss my android phone...in iphone, it seems i am a bit limited...but hey
, it's just been only one month as compared to years of using android....i had t
he same experience too, when i used blackberry for the first time before....
install VLC for IOS....COnnect ur fone to ur computer,,,open itunes....look for
ur fone....go to apps.....open vlc and directly copy movies to it ...no need to
sync....all formats readable including mkv....can play the highest resolution bl
u ray rips :)
I've been working for a telecom and troubleshooting Android since it was introdu
ced. I used it myself and got fed up with its performance. Switched to iPhone 4S
, then IPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. I'll ne go back to using Android esp with the rel
ease of iPhone 6 Plus. I've got to say that it's my best iPhone to date! It's wo
rth all my hard earned money!!
:)) nobody dont rub my money but that phone deserve that money :-J serious now a
re have all you want from one phone ...
If they are running the same opersating system, it's pretty much exactly the sam
e with exception of the bigger screen
There is no facility of conference call and using data while on call. Previous v
ersion 5 s was better but iPhone 6 plus is totally not user friendly.
superb phone....its my 29th phone and best once.
very happy
I have been a android phone user first one a HTC desire last one a m8 loved all
these phones
Then a friend of mine who didn't like the iPhone but worked for TELSTRA started
using the iPhone 6 plus gave me a go bought one 6 weeks ago and now I am sold gr
eat stability long battery life and smooth to navigate would recommend

it is a status symbol but the phone is way too expensive for my appetite.
but i have a ipad air,ipad mini,ipad2.
If STEVE still alive this phone will be much more more better than it is now.
Superior performance, superior camera, display and speed. Did you even bother tr
ying both products before even commenting ? Are you even a user? It says clearly
user opinion . Clearly your just another android troll.
I purchased my iPhone 6plus on 14 January 2015.i was using my iPhone 4s and upda
ted to 6 plus after lots of research and reviews.iit is a marvellous phone and w
orth buying if your pocket allows you. Most of the reviews here are those who do
esn't have it.but all I would like to say is that i gb ram of an iPhone will sta
nd miles away from 1 tb ram of an android.
Haters did that. Most of which does not even have the phone. Nor did they even s
ee it in person.
Frankly this phone looks much better in real life, then on internet posting.
Don't trust the voting.. Its inaccurate. Go and try the phone in real life, you
will love it.
i'm not having that issue with my 6 and ipad mini 2. It works perfectly, somethi
ng like wifi is usually a non issue when it comes to updates. I also dropped by
apple's website, and it's not reported an issue in their message forums. Apple w
ill also test out their os before releasing.
My best phone so far!
looks and feels like a quality item but with some HUGE flaws. Despite numerous s
oftware updates this phone is unable to reliably hold on to a wifi signal and re
gularly locks up. Given that the best thing (to date) about the iPhone has been
it's reliability it does not bode well. In my opinion, the iPhone no longer offe
rs anything you can't get as well, or better, in a cheaper handsets. Very sad.
im ues 6plus
very exilent set.latest phone.
I sold my iphone5S and bought an 6 Plus
what awesome phone very very happy
iam yogi. this mobile is so good ...
no hard feelings, bt u said, "and i dont undersant what kind of innovatoin it is
to hav 1gb ram in such an expensive phone", the international app developers/ma
gazines comparisons says Overall, the A8 is one of the fastest smartphone SoCs as
of last 2014. where did your Snapdragon 810 octacore goes now??? so it does not
need more than 1GB RAM compared to 3 gb RAMs for junk data.
A biased opinion as Apple lover bt i too am disappointed about some other things
Ios 8 is very boring......note 4 is far better than this and note 4s price is ha
lf of iphone 6+ ...............people who are looking for something new from win
dos and android can go for this but i dnt think it is good according its unaffor
dable price..............apple shoud get a new version of this...........
Well designed app.
If you are a developer for android and iOS. You will understand iOS's API is sup

and whe n I turned the flash on. You can see some 13MP take junk pictures. performance is what matter. nothings changes . How much light is needed for it to work. how large your megapix els doesn't count on how great the image is. This is my dream phone. and I have a Sony Z3. It does not take into account. nice fone awesoommeee :) 6 plus is way better than 6 its toooo big The best phone is iphone 6 plus.. everything. I can't almost se e the subject. Some digi cam brag about 20MP. the performance wont change. Sony's A7s is a perfect example of a low MP high performance camera. i really don't know about others. how fast it takes the shot. I left i Phone at the 4.? and front cam only 1. HAHA. So much for innovation. i m ean lots and lots of pictures and applications. Z3 sucks at night scene. no matter how full of files it is. Because in the end.spending so much money is useless den. And im planning to buy one this coming feb. :D don't hate me. will pick i Phone..erior and easier to write high performance apps.. :( XD But only in the night scene. iPhone is so boring and dull. A8 chip's ram is super fast. RAM. e specially at night scene.. Not much has changed at all. XD the 6plus has a better camera and videos i personally tested them out myself for my job Hmm still only Dual Core and only 1 GB Ram. but still take junk pictures.. Google it on your laggy android phone and find it out. This is nothing more than the note 2! Note 4 all the way! y no radio. But Z3's camera is much more better than iPhone in the light. And yeah. As for Ram. cores... Unless you want caveman support features and backward support for XP drag and dr op. because the sensor is crap. So is iPhone 6/6plus isight camera.. but my experience in using Note 4 and iPhone 6 +? Note 4 tends to be super laggy and annoying when you have a lot of files. benchmarks. do not take my word for it. 8mp means the size of the picture. iPhone's camera are really great. This phone i . whereas the 6+. it put too much light on the subject. I made a huge mi stake! The note 4 is better in every way.. amazing!!!! My mom has iPhone 6 Plus. People who see thru paper specs.2M. how good the sensor is. Apple has a long way to go. After using the note 4 and then switching to the iPhone 6 plus. . iPhone's user interface is not that fancy like others that is why they doesn't lag when opening apps..

. im sure 60% of people worldwide are apple users . not worth it !!! It is big 'for nothing'. Thats a fact. Being closer to cpu then to RAM. dont hesitate or doubt..Best specs and everything is best. Note 4 has more ram capacity. I will buy it no matter what the cost. If ur planning to buy iphone. M using iphone 6plus 1gb ram is good n lag free.. Best Phone in world.. If apple will reduce the price of all iphone.. and one of the best phone. Plus A8's RAM has more bandwidth compared to Note4's RAM.. unexpected battery life. Apple company just stick to thei r trade names just by freaking off sales or getting more money. 8mp camera take good quality of pic t han 16 mp of android It has everything really? 1gb ram is enough for you? 8 megapixel camera is enoug h for you? Its all an apple name you bought at big bucks but not the real specs. iPhone has faster ram and more cache for speed. U only get a bigger screen which ofc also mean better p . And A8 chip's cache is one of the biggest.. so can store more before needing to flush. This iPhone 6 plus is an old school phone lol. mind blowing speakers.great battery life. Iphone 6 plus is an awesome phone.. it has everything. what not. since you're an android freak! HUH! not user friendly. bigger screen . and less bottleneck on RAM speed. its tooooooo expensive..great performance. I like it.awesome!very fast streaming through web! Oh !ya ! my first iphone! This is first time I am using iPhone that is iphone 6 plus it's awesom.. it means it can move d ata much much faster.. I wel come all the Apple freaks to join 6+ family... Thats why people buy android phone etc bcoz its less expensive than iphone. one can easily buy is they can afford.... bi g cache means its faster.s amazing. Everything in this phone absolutely awesome. nice phone it's hard to use.i suggest.great camera . Cache on the CPU is more important then RAM. The camera is very clear unlike other smart phones.this is awsome one of a kind phone. Benchmark score better on apple n real world life te st 6plus is smooth and graphics are good . Thats explains its speed is faster compared to Note4.quite difficult to operate Use it wisely:-) the best phone Perfect phone. Expensive though but worth it.. It has all the best features like camera clarity. But their units specs are for old school phone haha. But too expensive for everyone to have it. Apple ios 1gb ram works better in front of note 4 3gb ram.

Like Apple tv remote. This Phone are Very Nice and Beautiful. I really love this phone. But it did compromise on some of the fe atures which high end android devices have been boasting of lately. Very good when watching shows. Worth to buy it.great battery and great performance. games. Awesome phone. Why others need 4 cores? Why others needs 2-3 gigs of ram? I used a so ny xperia play and a galaxy s4 in the past. iPhone. Even when you have IR blaster. It's awesome! I have this phone for 2 weeks now.@Uber . press or drag. I had used 4s and 5 bt recently I change to 6 plus it makes me hate in iOS Every time phone is hanging what's app hanging its a worst version iOS 8 still t hey can't upgrde or solve the prblm so I decide to change the brand You clearly haven't used the iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone is like European car and android is like Japanese car. Very very useful. and nice sound. People in the trains always look stun when i can use a 5. camera and display density. great battery life. while the stand ard 6 have 1 mio.this is awsome one of a kind phone. Its just perfect. Well . it even auto revert back if you d o nothing. This is my first iPhone I ever used. Apple only release features on the iphone that works with their existing hardwar es.great camera.nice work a nd way to go Apple. I REALLY LOVE IPHONES! MORE POWER! GOD BLESS! Double tap the home button will bring the whole ui down. I have to agree to you that the pri cing is a complete off thus limiting it's user reachability but that leverages t he brand factor.great ui. reaching the back button in messaging.. I never want to use android again af ter this phone.great battery and great performance.ictures. HD Video.if you know quality of course iphones Iphone reachabilty is meant for u to quicky touch hard to reach buttons quicky a nd bring u back to the full screen awesome display. Glad Apple launched a big screen phone . Everything just work perfect. so you can reach button s on the top. One of a kind phone. I wonder why Apple did not include IR blaster hardware/infrared feature.great camera. Nice Camera. Perfect phone. airdrop with mac.great performance. airplay. so easy. iPhone is flawless. tap tap.. One of a kind phone. it would b e no supirse they will use it for their own devices and ways only. and i t doesn't fail me.great ui. This phone is amazing. But too big for an iPhone to be. Its just perfect. Done. Its worth it to buy. Its worth it to buy. Anyways. The 1 GB RAM might sound less .Batttery Back is Awesome. It has 2 mio pixels.great camera. but it gives the user a completely lag free experience ( I have been using the phone for well over 2 months now ). Awesome phone. without compromising the screen.5 inc . You u might buy more of their stuff.

The s4 started lagging after 4 months. but the amount of people buying iPhone 6 plus is lowest than ever in the iPh one selling history.. works perfectly. netfix all are superior on iOS compared to Android versions. On top of that. approached the company and asked to r epair the screen. Goodplayer. less charging.h phone with one hand tied behind my back hahaa. coz u won't be cheated. SAMSUNG galaxy phones are not a long term devices. sd slots. Still there are a group of people love this pho ne. I have a iphone 6 plus got cracked screen. And samsung is the brand that is running because of it's promotion n ad vertisements only not because of it's features. i never really need to sync with iTunes or usb sync. It's been 2 years and I haven't seen the slightest bit of lag. the iphone I have. No doublt android will copy thi s soon. the iphone wins hands down. They asked for 24 thousand and would offer a replacement..most of casual pe rson like android but those guys who really know abt gadgets n who r gentle pers on n smart person always go 4 I phone . theres tons of streaming services like spotify. I never really need to move music to and fro my phone.. It's just the devices themselves that have to make the OS compatible with the hardware they put into the phone. For long-term choices I suggest iphone or windows phone.. The moto G for example is a phone with lesser specs than the note 4 but performs better in the long run. looki ng at the reviews. it's simply the best mobile in th e world. duplicated tracks With iCloud backup. With iTunes match. but ask for 50% and re place the device even you have purchased 2 days back. i do not se e the point in sticking with the old technology /ways of doing things I've been using I phone 6+ for last 2 months . Less you travel out of country and have roaming fees and no network.. In case of any issue chances are that Apple would not service it. However. then your phone automatically restart. many people review that it is too easy to bend and also the s ize makes a lot of difficulties. if you are looking for a phone th at will last 2-3 years. H owever.it's useless Samsung is for those guys who look 4 a mobile just 4 entertainment not 4 good use . This is coming from a samsun g galaxy s4 user. The s4 started lagging and being very very buggy soon after. libera ted from drag n drop. Think million times before you purchase any iphone. liberat ed from usb to PC or Mac. BT never buy Samsung worst brand says many thing BT it's all abt show off . I'm sure whenever u will use this mob there always will b e a smile on ur face . Although the screen is larger than mostly every phone and it is very thin. But have up to 6TB worth of videos. I will suggest every 1 to ignore every 1 n bua an I phone 6+ . The note 4 is a great samsung device. Push touch I'd and power button at the same time. i like iphone6 plus. With StreamtoMe. i no need to depend on my limited storage of 128gb. Think over it.. Android the OS is fine and it's a great O S. Don't get me wrong here. f you are in India. iove it .

so using iphone for the first time is not as complicated as i imagined. You are so restricted. With the iPhone I get home with the battery at 40% at the worst case.. I think that when I sett down for normal use I would make it throug h the day with plenty of juice left.. I can suggest to apple users that a switch to t his device will make you feel more satisfied and happy! The best iphone so far! Will definitely upgrade for the next 3-5 years from now. For the past 2 weeks that I've been using this. People with orientatio n to media and exchanging fun files may prefer android phones. if u like safe phone for using u shou ld use IOS I bought Iphone6 Plus just a week ago. I am extremely happy with the change. i already have an iphone6+ and its battery is dependent on how you use it... bloody great for what it is and this is my 1st apple product i always had androi d before this and it is so much faster and the transitions are smoother had m8 w hich was a great phone but now have 6+ for 3 weeks a little different to android but i am working through it love it recommend it I sold my Note 3 and bought iPhone 6 plus. 2014. The resolution of the screen is superb! Speaker quality is above average. Thanks! :)) I like it and already see different apps which can get used already. iphone is the worst kind of smartphone. unable to freely transfer media without using itunes. as long as you know how to discover the hidden qualities of your phone before buying iphone.. way better.. The first thing I noticed was the bat tery life.The Operating s ystem is great much better than Andriod. very expensive. iPhones are like jails. Keep in mind that the I am new to iPhone and I am always fidget ing with it. the s ame way how i managed my battery in my android phones..If u like free app&game u can use android. i experienced more difficulty when i tried blackberry os before. all I can say is that this phone is the best iPhone created so far. normally about 50 to 60%. iPhone still needs a lot of getting used to for previous android users. i already researched on how to do some things that i am us ed to do in android. outdated features. The battery life is great that can last up to a day o r 2 with mild to moderate usage. better choose other brands i hav i phone6+ its an excellence cell in the world and also unique mobile in the world is camera is also good in the world its calling is also good in the world its sound is also good in the world I have been using my new iPhone 6 Plus that I bought last December 23. keep in mind that my use of phones is more business oriented. With the Note 3 I would always get home with the battery almost dead. Yes the battery life is awesome take it from a Android fan I love my iPhone 6 pl usmy be thing is having to use a computer to put music on the phone . IT is an excellent device. However.. Apple should pay some attention to Ram it should be 2GB instead of one GB.i am so far getting the feel of it after being used to android os but it is not that hard using ios.... Um wrong! I used to own Iphone and i changed to android.

But no better than my Droid Turbo that I have as well. B attery life is excellent.laugh After having had the ip6+ I will say every feature advertised is near perfect.note4. where sony experia z is far far batter than apple i fone I got my 6 plus from very first day of release and month lather I decide to buy .bt im bother about RAM. My request that apple s hould take care this issue soon..reason its brilliant quality and without hanging and lagging super sensitive touch and others its better than android any versions I bought a iphone 6 plus one week before but using this phone I found some diffi culty to cancel phone call from LED-backlit IPS LCD display screen my phone is s creen locked. apple lie a b out iPhone 6 have water resistant..im love this mobile I am in Love with 6 plus. it hangs often . Awesome phone pretty good battery life . If call n text and sometimes using data you will charge your phone once/day . If you want an original iphone 6 plus get it from apple store Apple replaced my defective ip6 without my id or proof of purchase due to sn tra cking...minimum 16 megapixel camera is enough...) best. I had Galaxy S5 and it's still buggy now I'm switching to i Phone 6plus and I'm happy... And I am 5'11.but camera should be of more pixels where is dust proof and water resistant??? over 1 meter and 30 minutes 8 megapixel was not enough . There is no option to cancel incoming phone call with this display but I have to use the side button to cancel it.. I am android user before and switch to iphone 6 pl us. i have 4s 16gb . Yes man that's it.hawawi etc etc but iPhone 6 and plus has its own class superb screen resolution superb touch superb bouncing software and I w ould say no phone can come close to iPhone brothers and sisters please buy iPhon e if you can afford The battery life is awesome.htc. H owever it does take getting used to the physical size of the phone.the only problem with 6 plus for me is the design.why???why???why????????? i think apple 7 have 8 megapixel camera..I have an iPhone 6 Plus and it is the best! Best resolution and best battery life! buy it who can afford it! I have tried note2. #1 i noticed is the battery. This handlin g difference has been a real change in my handling habits. I h ave small hands and I'm afraid to drop it and I think is a little bit extra tall and slim awesome battry life..better with Android.note3... superb.the RAM shud be 2GB i like it very much. Of cou rse there are a few bugs to be worked out in iOS 8 but that is to be expected. This is really disturbing me that I cannot cancel my phone without sending any t ext message from display screen when my phone is locked.. if u are heavy user the battery life is 12hour s. However this cancel button is v isible on the display when my phone is not locked. apple is useless device .

slim. we can access some important application like calculator. This is first time I am using iOS device. . I like 5s finishes than 6 p lus. It is fantastic phone because of good finishing. 6+ it's best in any aspect . Bought a 6plus yesterday. Is there any settings available for sound quality output. Hi. It is not easy to exit any applications. Both of them you can't use without back cover and on this moment 6+ became littl e to big and more heavy . Disadvantage without chamfering finishing it is not looking good. this phone is sexy as hell i phone 6 plus is the best cell in the world perfect Absolutely fantastic smartphone Apple is best! The best battery so far By far the best mobile device in the market. just little to big . good clarity. APPLE DOESNT LAG. messages notifications are not good. It won't show at top of the display . wif i. people bury their faces in phones everyday. It is good that iphone will bend rather than Broke.6 regular . Emails.You can not finish battery to 0 percent i n one day because apps are optimize for iphone After iPhone release. Thats the inno vation of iPhone: A device that is a pleasure to use. I have used all of iPhone gens.dearest friends. comfortable switch to making as a silent mode. fi ne internet speed. but it's metter of time . you won't fix the widgets in wall papers like a whether widgets. definitely it will break. brightness etc even in lock mode. Mac should have design with reduced height&#128515. Till today I didn't got an y problems at all . I am an i4 user. but sometimes I taking for a fun my of HTC M8 and only what I prefer on it is customisation . If you do the bend test other than iPhone. news lines etc. 6 it's nothing special just a regular phone with high price . Can't afford one these times. android OMG it's like you're playing stop dance!!! WTF Iphone 6 plus is best in battery usage. which you spend tons of ti me on it.I want to write the most and best comment about this highest end super smartphone but the highest price makes my hand and brain shaking and a lmost have a stroke!!!Nevertheless there is not doubt that it is the best of the best in all aspects plus beauty!I wish the Apple congratulations and well done plus merry Christmas and happy New year including you and factwritng GSMarena. My mind simply doesn't agree to other OS except IOS. but perform ance and quality of the camera on 6+ is much better .De arest Apple do it best for all to have iPhones!?Thanks. face book. Small model is comfortable in any aspect .Justice Rights. Disappointed. but for sure I'm getting one next year. audio output from the phone speaker i s BAD.

Company I work for has been selling them for few months.t see any better specification in andro id. I purchase the iPhone6 plus and I have to say that it cannot compare to the Sams ung S5 or the Note4. an app like ingress runs better in any way. especially given how media loves ne gative Apple news anyway. 5s 1550mAh and 6 1800mAh . i have striped if from all of the extra apps and still nothing. iPhone 6's 1. I can not describe you. because its that good. shattering records.. Phone sold millions despite its price.0 GHz. If there was a design flaw and phones were being returned in droves. I have had the iPhone for a few months and it sucks. Regarding CPU performance. iphone GPS is less laggy and app run s without lag. ingress is really laggy really slow and the gps is allmoast never where is should be. how many of them came back. as for nexus 7. 1. yo u can forget it. 1.. 6Plus has no full keyboard with numbers included. now.But iphone 6 plus battery 2900mAh . Its a bender. Battery could be also better . as I s . Galaxy has much more shortcuts and features tha n the Apple have and for that reason I will not be considering Apple in the futu re. you can use ca. just 1gb RAM and 1. So. I would actually recommend NOT TO.4 GHz is not so bad. Darn . just a wastage of time! What is that better specification? I don. And new display price is 350 euros! Also. I will be returning my App le and going back to the Note 4.i think iphone 6 plus is the best phone to buy as 6 plus and now i hate note 4 as its battery falls en i was going to delhi i put my speakers and the ab=nd then i put speakers of iphone and it worked i tell u buy iphone 6 plus i have both note 4 and iphone from 100 to 0 in 30 minutes wh battery ranaway in 30 minutes the full away I agree with you. I have had every iPhone and this is the first time I hate it..3 GHz. since it is the peak (very short performance) of the chip. I felt like I had gone back 10 years when using the Apple phone.2 dual core with this price? where you can get 2 quad core 2GB RAM (HTC M8)? . Crap Phone. The voice recognition is better on the apple phones. 5 also 1400mAh . but not a great selling poi nt. not so with Androids. You also have no LED showing whethe r or not your charging is complete.aft er paek has been reached. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have sold millions upon millions.but not a great deal. broken afte r just few weeks... Furthermore. 6pluss and nexus 7. iphones have better app preformance. there is NO WAY that it would not make major headlines.. you have to key up for numbers.. if you other phone with CPU over 2. since it has 64-bit architecture).4 GHz is the "long-run" performance (you can use it at least 20 minutes). i have both the iphone 4s. in this modern age. That's amazing. and people are wil ling to pay it. but it could have Quad-Core and much more RAM (especially. an d they are on course to have a huge quarter. Iphone 6plus has all important specifications for a smartphone with perfection . Apple really blew it this time! WOW ! iphone 4s battery 1400 mAh. No swipe for quick calling or massaging. The camera response is better on the Apple.

its a rip of. will have you dominated by the phone. and actually I'd much rather buy a new sony xper ia.better specs and actually not just the specs like you said. iPhone has the best camera amongst all Smartphone s. until it finally consume you or you dump it. Sound quality is superb and the phon e feels ultra premium in hand.i would never think of any other phone then :/ But can't wait so long to get it a bit cheaper. Using Android Phones. I love apple phone especially the apple 6 plus but unfortunately dont have one a t the time so im suggesting you guys have some promotion so that we have purchas ed them at a cheaper price.ad.. ios has all needed features and specifications for a smart phone with perfection . is a FACT! I have been in phone business for 15 years and.*** Always go for iPhones. Its all about the OS! Everyone does not need customization and some prefer simplicity and ease of use which is why iPhone is so popular. A dual core processor and 1G B RAM might look shit on paper but they deliver way better performance than any Quad Core Android Device out there. check his specifications. The battery life is amazing.. Specs you can see on paper but nev er experience.. features.. 4. Then tell me why would you pay 1000$ for 2 year old phone? They're the same bloody games. You need to use it to appreciate it. Better Better Better Better Better Better resale value web browsing experience games photography OS / Apps updates cycles App performance The rest of the mobile phones are just specs. But they choose Apple because it is a brand that they trust and they are obvio usly willing to spend the extra cash on a brand that they trust. and it actually doesn't bend like the iphone 6. Using iPhone. it's AC TUALLY faster.. 1. . that it blends and become one with your life.. their greatest fail. The digital and optical image stabilization capabilities are second to none. so that you can concentrate on real life's challenges. which came out 2 years ago.iphone 6 plus is best phablet out there .. I don't see any new useful features in android. cheaper. Just compare this phone with Google Nexus 5. Low light performance has been greatly improved. iPhone's hardware and software are in perfect sync. Gaming Experie nce is phenomenal. Apps are stable and there are plenty of options to choose fro m.. 5. 2.. and everything will be explained.But the fact that Apple is ripping you off. spending your entire life trying to improve it. The new Metal T echnology allows high end games to run even more smoothly on iOS. this i s by far. 3. 6.lolz And I am sure that they are aware that there are less expensive phones out there . iOS is higly reliable and lag free. Why? Check Nexus. if you ask me. is so good. I can not say that 6 is a bad phone. price. I wish i had 6 Plus. UI is easy to understand and very fluid.

ios doesnt need huge amount of RAM like funny lag droid. If its the worst phone ever why are u considering it ! You can't see the differe nce between 6 & 6 plus ? Can't u see the difference between the screen size ? We ll in that case you can go with either ! The other difference are plus have OIS . why the people spend huge amount of money for just 1 sec less lag and only a sta tus icon & to show off... The phone has to be tilted in order to get a bright picture. iphone 6 is a gest phone in wold The camera isn't that good. The y didn't even ask me for a photo id. Iphone 6 plus best phone in the market.... I love my iPhone6plus.. Features in the other smartphones work similarly with hi gh amount of customizations. android L the latest os of google eliminates little i nternal lags of android to make it low latency android system ever. that one second less lag and camera lens which does n't give any spectacular results than competitors cost you from being away from the less expensive phones. The only thing that kept me on Android was Swype keyboar d but I downloaded the app for free and it works better than the droid's Swype k . took my iphone to the apple store. u get a very dull & dark picture / photo or video..D its very good i had issues with my iphone 6.I was using Android earlier and I recently switched to iPhone and I have decided I will never go back to Android again! nice phone!!! There seem to be a bug in the latest update. not that android bull crap that relies on specs Its great phone I like it. but I love the curves on this device! Apple please apply these curves on the iPad Air fleet! Pretty please. Not seen it yet. I am so happy with my Iphone 6 Plus.. because they asked me to log into the iclou d account i used to verify it was me.i really do not the difference between 6 and 6plus. My brightness toggle is moving by i tself. and I got it replaced no questions asked. It actually crashed 3 weeks later. They didn't ask for a rec eipt or photo id.. more landscape view interface .. :-) love it it's all it needs it's ios. bigger battery ! Put it in simple words plus i s for people that want a bigger screen and 6 is for people that want a smaller p ocket friendly device ! Simple enough ! the worst phone i ever seen . and that was it. megapixel is not a point but the lens used makes it the best camera in the marke t. because everything was tracked by serial number. help me. Make choice on whether you want to show off or be smart. Good luck . hey boy. If the phone is not tilted & kept straight while taking a pic / video .

you pretty muc h get what u paid for . camera and battery life are far supe rior. then most people will have to adjust to the larger s creen meaning some things become 2 handed versus 1 hand. At first I was worried mainly coz of the siz e.. even if they make mistakes. I ALWAYS GET A HEAVY DUTY OTTERBOX case and invi sible shield BEFORE I leave the store to protect my phone This is super importan t because WHEN it falls. iphone 6 plus cost $1129 AU (64gb) it's about $180 more . Apple is about the use (experience). I use my phones for years an d when I trade them in they look like new. Then it's the lag issue sometimes it take 2 second to launch the cam era app and other apps on the phone ! It just doesn't feel secured and power eno . Simply astounding c larity and the speed is unreal. Cell carrier has nothing to say about it. I always recommend iPhones to my customers because most people just want it to w ork well. Spex are already so low. He's right and got a point indeed.its not a marketing strategy its EXPERIENCE. Last night.it's ok. which is display.. ad due to bendgate affair. Design wise it's awesome. These iPhone6 finally give people the larger screen they have been wanting. I have been using it since then and it doesn't take more than a day for me to get used to it.. Software sells hardware. it's very seldom available due to its weak demand. This is a micro computer AND you can call people ! I buy the best and keep all m y electronics a long time. Recently I purchased a galaxy note 4 it cost $945 AU in sydney .. camera and performance goes to the iphone 6 plus. what it's worth against money you spend. In Dubai.. I was at the Apple Store comtemplating whether to go with iPhone 6 o r 6 plus and finally chosen 6 plus. Never recomend it as most expensive is no criteria fr quality. well the iphone6plus and normal has a better display better camera and it runs m uch faster then those phones. Try to utilize spex tha n show off. See guys i know that it is expensive but i am sure that after you buy this phone . Not sure how it is better.. . Other than the screen size adjustment. It is a $60 investment t o care for your phone and worth EVERY penny ALWAYS. but the build quality is on another level . because the most import ant thing.eyboard hands down Apple iPhone users in general promote the wrong things about a iPhone. Spend the extra money to shield your phone and ENJOY this gorgeous phone with the spectacular camera and crazy great video.. not t he hardware specs.. phone model by phone model. It is heavy but it is incredible. A very old rule in any for of the computer business.. Apples advantage is that all OS updates come directly from them over WiFi. you will realize that you have spend your each penny at right thing. so this is my advice to all of you th at if you want to buy a phone you should first got your hand on the iphone becau se after all it is "IPHONE". I got rid of my note 4 after 2 weeks of usage as the metal edge keep getting scratched under light use and in my pocket on its ow n the whole time without a drop .. If y ou want this larger 6 plus. this phone is outstanding in every way.. I can't understand why the phone is so easily scratched .Features w ise it is excellent it's rear camera which is 8 MP looks like 20 MP for any phon e in the market. Android must get their updates approved car rier by carrier. The quality larger screen. For those that are concerned about the prices for iphone 6 plus . I absolutely lo ve it.. and now I couldn't imagine going back to a smaller screen. WHEN u drop it.

Bigger makes Better. iphone very good.12am midnight an d I still have about 20% . iphone 6 plus has less features in caparison to s5 its just onother phone i wonder why people waste so much money for a phone Apple is best ios cell phones and Samsung is best android cell phones... Longer lasting battery life. My super awesome 6 Plus Gold.Superb in every department. Nice to hold.2 megapixel on iPhone . best phone ever. Been using a week. It is a nice phone I exprience so far.. Samsung note 4 is a great ph one with lots of features that iphone can't do . apple iphone 6 plus is a very expensive phone in comparison to samsung galaxy s5 .. Apple lose in the smartphone battle but win the smartphone war in the long run. hy friend i m apple i phone 6 pluse user . all i can say is 6 Plus is simply wow. because they make sure feat ures works correctly not just looks good on paper . simply love it:. I still prefer to use iPhone. If u are thos e that takes selfies OMG don't even use the note 4 front facing camera it's so b ad indoor like noise every where . Seriously re commend it.. because that won't be fare for the original clients that bought t he first version ! Only Samsung or other android brands will do something like that ! So don't worr y about making the purchase for iPhone 6 plus ! Hope this help you making your decisions ! Its So Ossam.7 megapixel and ta kes worst shots compare to a 1.30% battery life left ! There is only one version of iPhone 6 plus as Apple never makes two vesion of th e same phone . So at the end you do unde rstand why u need to pay a little more for iPhones . Both are good one..&#128525.ios is a far better than android for gaming and multimedia . Iphone 6 plus it's easily lasted me a full day from 7am .. &#128 525..ugh for the price u are paying for .5 inch screen you can't go wrong!!! Bigger phone bigger antenna faster download No .&#128525. Apple is still the best smartphone. Yes. Premium look.. with a 5. For those that are wondering which phone takes be tter photo I can say in day light both are excellent note 4 are sharper and ipho ne is more natural . can't understand why its 3. but they need to put more effor t in to make sure things are more optimize and works fluidly . Haven't really did a test with 5s in battery performance.. At the moment iph one 6 plus is the best buy in my recommendation . After I switch back to iphone 6 plus haven' t seen single scratch and it doesn't lag for 2-3 second for any app to open .. but I did own a 5s bef ore and didn't have any battery issue ! It did last for a full day ! It depends on how long have you had the phone and are u an heavy user ! But rest assure wit h my.ios is always a good operating system for young people . Simply fall in love. In indoor shots iphone 6 plus truley shines with lower nois e and steady shots ( thanks to the better OIS compare to note 4) . pl us the premium build quality . you can play any types of audion and vidoe.

but too easy to get b roken. who is well worth the elite. It longing for a needs a micro the hefty price tags. not like last time superi or quality . USE APPLE I PHONES THEN YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD .. The 6 Plus is (in its own way) a giant leap forward for apple. it is not allow to replace 1 to 1 in Malaysia . works fine.5 inch scr een. and not forget abo ut the THINK DIFFRENT With iPhone 6 everything is perfectly smooth no matter what you throw it. So. because let's face it. shown red and blue screen light on . I took it to the apple store to fix (if do-able. But when it comes down to it. Although not crammed with the specs of other devices. moving into phabl et territory. enhanced only by the generous 5. $129). According to telco . need to send back to Telco. . It dropped off from my pocket last night. It is aimed at converting android lovers.. even if i phones still have low specification it will give you high security and high quality. I am using iphone6. And SD? Apple No. please avoid it before any disappointment. supposedly surpassed by its com petitors. simple and powerful device. w hen it comes to smart technology: bigger is better. The image quality is amazing for a phone screen. Apple quality seems so bad . Its been more then two weeks an d i am too happy using this phone. further proving t is a beautiful. iOS8 has incredibly smooth and responsive functionality.its a very gooooood handset and i like very much my i fhon6 plus It is very smoooter and smarter phone than samsung galaxy note 4 and samsung gal axy alpha. it run s everything without any problem (unlike any android device in the market) Thats the beauty having one company doing all the phones in ecosystem. Just brought the iphone 6plus . 16G a week ago . it depends on your style but if you work on Mac or buy iphone or use ipad you will feel the quality of using these machines and fonts on reading and typing and touch screen. flawless system that wi sleek. and the screen glass is fully b roken. why do we need such brilliant screens on phones? In my opinion. apple has created a flawle ss system designed specifically for the devices they create. It looks good.1 Company now in the Market. Don't know what reason . 2days navy I purchasediPhone 6 plus gets hot after little use I am surprised it' s not worth keeping I am totally confused battery drains easily please guys guid e I bought a 6 plus 3 weeks ago. Somemore. After use 6 Days . and realized it is very easy to get broken. I heard some more about the glass. this device hat apple products are for ll fill that empty void of with 128GB of storage.plus and its simply amazing. other than other companies that give you error and huge untested specif ications that will make you get nervous from losing data or get error or get hac ked in easily pirated system. but told not-fixa ble. Now I need to use back my old phone. and for so long Android has held monopoly on the bigger devices.. it need 2 week to repair as require to send to Singapore to repair . As the screen keep reboot . I was offered to buy a new one as a replacement ($329). it means great optimization for every iOS device.

It has nothing to do with android Iphone is very good its like having platinum superb. Each time when there is a new launch iPhone..i don't need SD memory to keep my secure data can other android beat this 128 GB now ? i don't think so they were working to beat Apple not give customers something new apple is easy.. It feel s like a larger version of 3Gs phone. The shop never want to return my money. less error you will face all days and who said that i lose my data when i update. In have been using iPhone a in my life.and in this 6 series.. Stop hating on it. apple iphone 6+ is nothing infrount of my note 4. Now that money has been given to the shop and i have this iPh one6+. . When need to use camera. Have this phone for a week now and simply it looks really nice and classy and it is super fast.sync . This is the worse iphone6 plus.it hung 6 times in three days now strugglin g for a replacement waste mobile phone ever released by apple this phone can't do multitasking. Coming from an ex S3 user... feel cheated beacuse it is very buggy and laggy.update steps on mac then you will love the quality other than Error on windows and hanging then you feel your computer is crash and you lose time to keep your to external hard disk confidential informat of backing up your da to hack android and a data or transfer them iPhone 6 i am terribly disappointed . Very slow phone and software.. Slow. and don't tell me that android is secure wihout any system ta that will easily hacked up. I just jump into the shop to get it thinking it would be better than my iPhone5s.... battery gets drain easily.THE ALL NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 ROCKS. Now back to the same SLOW..the appl e logo is not so attractive. I will be the 1st few to get it in my whole office. buy mac pro laptop or iMac and buy iphone and try to backup your data and learn all backup ... search for the weakest part pple ! then come talk to me if you want to try new secure life. RESET they ask me to try. apple is smoother than any phone in the w orld! I know its ios and ios is also an operating system . Been using it for 2 weeks. better to use Samsu ng. stop saying that apple has low specs . i said yes ion must be deleted or backup your iphone on mac to keep them more secure. the button never come in time... You think I tr y how many RESET? 3 times Reset/ Restore to default. Should have got the robot 4.

he design looks good . when using the phone. even with protective case. waiting for the phone to arrive. I have been using iiphone6 plus since two weeks and if your os is updated nothin g hangs on this phone. Figured I would just call Apple and add it.5 days with a heavy usag e. used 3. Never ever think of going fr pre stigious phone. So far the best phone i can say ram too small iPhone camera has an incredible feature filming at the 240 fps rate.IOS 8. I am the victim of bendgate.Back on IOS after so much andro id phones. Much better than my previous iphone 5s. Screen shattered even with a protective case and a $25 plexiglass shield. very good phone 6 day old 6plus screen shatters!! I purchased the iPhone 6 Plus. the Pics of the phone look splendid . So i do not think it can really last for 11 hours of non-stop video play back. Iphone 6 plus has great battery backup. is now well polished and this phone blossomed on it.owner's pride and android's envy. I am almost doing 1. What shity specs :) Excellent phone with great display. I have booked my Iphone 6 plus. too bad I am look f or different funtionality than what IPhone 6+ Offers. maybe in trousers too.. Wore the thread along your neck. Was told it was too late as I denied "insurance". superior camera. fast processor. which means everyone with iPhone 6 can shoot such amazing slow motion videos Tie a 1 dollar thread to the protective case down right side where the speaker i s.. If the phone can last for normal usage (web browsing/watsapp/facebook) of 10 hou rs is miracle enough. Sha ll share my hands on experience after a few weeks of use. Cheers to ap ple IP 6 plus can only last for 8 hours (watsapp/facebook) with all background apps refresh off. Today I dropped my phone from about a foot and a half.A ll iphone screen shatters when dropped. I had a local made cover but mostly n my inner coat pocket. 5 and now looking forward to the big screen experience with apple I phone. I am s ure I would be happy to own an Iphone 6+ . denied "insuran ce" later in the transaction asked for Apple care. 900$device is said to be under testing. 4S.4. . I am glad that I opted for 6 plus instead of a regular iphone 6. iPhone 6 plus has a superb battery. Nonsense these are the mental calibre of Ap ple. and I am very satisfied. because I did it my self... I am so upset! Is the screen more sensitive on the 6plus? You are right it's excellent phone.Then it will not fall. it is wow Iphone 6 plus better than 6. they are not returnin g it just.1. still at Apple service store.

if they will copy multi-tasking features of androids.. I have put on screen protector and a case made by r ock. well. it cannot do multi-tasking unlike any other flagship smartphones can. These resulted in lagging. the rule is.if you being . U can get iphone 6 if u do not do much gaming and web browsing.Apple is just a perfect with its IOS and its masterpiece hardware. the more likely it will have problems. They ruined the original design and they couldn't shorten those bezels In one word (Ugly) IP 6 plus can only last for 8 hours (watsapp/facebook) with all background apps refresh off.Apple gives you a worth money device which gives y ou a same longtime fluid performance like no other smartphone can't. leaving the hardwares struggling.Playing games in this device is much enjoible than my previous iphone 5s. Easily pocketable in shirt pocket.. we will see significant increase in hardware specs to cope up with the demand to support that functiona lity. ios is better in this aspect as there is no interference from the background and moving straight to the application you would like run and therefore less susceptible t o having any problems. I think 1 gig of ram is proportional for the iphone 6 plus because when the ram is like 800-900 mb full. For future iphone s. the n only it is the time it will run. malwares etc. ios is different. 1GB of RAM is sufficient in this case.Its so fluid with 1gb of ram its beast o fast than a cheapo plastic 3gb of samsung note 4.but battery drain normal if you can't put it down! Yeah its true. it is also susceptible to having viruses. no matter how much R AM or CPU speed it has. hanging and crashing as the threshold or li mit has been reached. In this regard. an d will run any app smoothly without any problems... Does not heat at all.but every phone bends. if you want to launch the app.just the iPhone 6 Plus bends a lot easie r (if you actually really try to bend it) honestly i'd get an android phone they seem to handle the bending tests a lot better Actually you cannot disable any apps in android as it will re-appear again after quite sometime especially those apps created by Google. consuming the RAM and puts additional burden to the CPU. Much better than iphone 6. For android phones. This also applies to the speed of internet connectivity versus iphones. But 1GB of RAM and with slower CPU. But we have to admit that prices of iphones are real ly ridiculous for less amount of technology they slapped on. If the phone can last for normal usage (web browsing/watsapp/facebook) of 10 hou rs is miracle enough. the device starts cleaning it and removing unused apps on the ram Good Nice! I have bought iphone 6 plus 128gb. For those who have deep pockets. So. too many apps will be launched in background.. the more you apps you install. So i do not think it can really last for 11 hours of non-stop video play back. unlike the ios which is m ore secure and restrictive. The moment you turned on your wi reless connectivity. there are too many running apps in background e ven without asking for it.. No issues so far.. like racing e ach other for connectivity.who cares? The problem of android is that. thus. Just because there is less restrictions on android os.

so each phone has its perks and faults. slowness . Its like a bad racer driver will make any F1 car performance look bad. this is why i praise apple for not trying to fallow the android makers and instead just jumping ahead of them by just upping the CPU processing ability. i just got my iphone 6 plus and what people don't realize is that even though it is only a dual core with one gig of ram its a 64bit processor thus making it ju st as fast or even faster in some cases compared to the quad-core android phones . I also using 6+ for 15 Days without any case or cover there is not a single problem of bending. there are two essue first it does not make any sense either to have igb of ram o r 3gb of ram for android because apps are free so you continued on downloading i n thecase of apple maximum apps are paid therefor people do nnot download apps e ven which they very much required. can't wait. and I've played ar ound on my nieces iPhone 5s. when u cant download movies music and other things from net or torrents than wha t is the fun to have such a big device. You will say.. Dude don't worry about "bendgate". iPhone 6 and Iphone 6 plus are almost same this was very rude iphone 5s is aweso me!!!!! I agree. although I'll be getting the iPhone 6 Plus in January. it gets very very slow and laggy.a newly Apple user you love to stick with it rest for future and you'll never f eel a smartphone like IOS in hand. I've played around on my brother in laws Galaxy S5. Use Apple once. However android phones have a problem..multimedea content is totally missing in the phone and it cant play all codec. if you copying Samsung than at least borrow some multimedia feature also and make apps free. Always test the phone out at the stores. iPho ne on the other hand is still very fast and snappy even with over 100++ apps.make any difference be cause maximum speed in india is 34mbps that too in pm office. its like a driver who got lazy after awhile and slows down performance. and apps wich are not worth of a single pe nny are also paid version for web browsing and for social media I think iPhone6 is adequate.once you are buying these costly phone you should consider following things multimedia camera socia l apps sharing capacity to other phone/ cross platform ease in downloading from web etc.So Don't worry about that and Simply enjoy the "Master Piece Of Engineering".7hzd processor or dual core doesn't. You will change your mind after seeing its performance.secondly in india whether you provide 2. A clean android phone is fast. this doesn't mean the androids are bad they are just built with something else in mind.therefor iPhone doesn't lag... but once you install apps. Only real problem is not enough manufacturing and difficult to get one It is iOS that is using the hardware.. and I much prefer the 5s.. This is true about android also. Love Apple. not u. I have forgotten some words like Lagging.if you are happy that buying merely a iPhone u can do all sorts of thing than its foolish dicision.... Actually Apple have got onl y 9 complaints on "Bendgate" out of 40 M handsets sold. still a little more ram would be appr eciated but it works very well with just one gig so its nothing to worry about.same is the case with Samsung galaxy note4 iwould be obsolete in next two month because of android L which reqire 64 bits processor t herefor choose wisely.

... htc. they threw away keypads and just make a scree n. Not every app need a keypad.. they built in a accelerometer so when you turn to landscape u get widescreen! It becomes the standard of all popular smartphones onwards. Each app need different things.. Because by the end of the da y.. Though htc is good.. cause you will never understand whats Apple.. its 1gb ram gives u far better expe rience than 10gb sony.. give the iPhon e 6 Plus serious consideration. . The iPhone 6 Plus is too big for everyone to love it. i love it. Also. To much money for that specifications.. Better then Note 4. And to resolve the widescreen problem. sure to have featur e = a large screen to display anything and can auto rotate.dont see any reason why this phone cost so much money... After four years of using iPhone 4. Even wit h iOS 7 slowness I have forgotten to buy SONY. I dropped iPhone 4 100 times in these 4 years. If your budget and your pocket can make room for it.no option for extern m emory.. Then 5 hours of sunbath was enough for my Apple to get well and provide same performance. or enjo y other apps without having that irritating keyboard still there. Heat some when playing high end games. Over 10 hrs...cant change batery. performance and I have forgotten my charger for 28 hours. guys.. Once I dropped it in water during room cleaning. Really nice phone. and it's less visua lly distinctive in overall design than previous iPhones..NOT QUANTITY" ! Apple never compromises with their quality and customer satisfaction. So I planed to ke ep the money and wait for arrange more but I cant buy others. you cant play no games properly. apps that haven't been optimized yet look blurry and have big keyboards.. "TRUST ON QUALITY. and the 5. Apps crashing. SAMSUNG. I have forgotten hardware damage. Though Apple is costly. Yes but gets heated sometimes.. Better I use Nokia base phone till my money get arranged. after you edited your documents. Else no sweat. BB PP can only suit very small set of people only. Touch iPhone once and then you will feel pain in your finger while you touch another Android phone touch screen. No-2 after Apple. samsung.5-inch screen is not only big but bright and high-contrast. I have forgotten what is "Phone Hanging. The big footprint of the iPhone 6 Plus is not for everybody. Optical image stabilization improves low-ligh t photography. Thats why when Apple make iPhones.... Once u sing Apple I cant think buying others.just 1GB ram memory. The bigger battery means great battery life. Lagging is a kind of joke for it For whichever game u play. but it's Apple's best phon e this year... Simply awesome.

I had second thoughts once the phone arrived at my door. adm ittedly. It also has better battery life than the smaller iPhone 6. yet the extra screen space is a boon. loving it! At first size is a shocker. however. The display is amazing Pro: It's a great phone. For a lady who put her phone in the purse. big battery. But that also makes it unwiel dy. These phones are a delight to behold and to be held.It is large. Those fears were very quickly put to b ed. as well as a better camera. I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with the iPhone 6 Plus. I always felt the 5/5S was a mistake. though. camera with OIS. this shouldn't be a problem. I was happy to see Apple consider a jump in size and was really wanting something closer to the Samsung Galaxy Note The iPhone 6 Plus is difficult to use one-handed. Every phone looks smaller now! :D I completely love the experience of 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are absolutely terrific phones. but once you start using it the display and the batt ery sweeps you away! perfect hybrid for a phone and ipad requirement Nothing can beat the ultra clear screen quality. Compared to other phablets. the size was way too small and the sha pe felt awkward. too big I guess. it s l ighter and thinner but not cheaper I am not going to lie. There s not a single component that hasn t been improved. and could increase the risk of dropping it. not to mention more uncomforta ble than similar-sized phones. It just looked . In exchange. Con: Size is too big for me. They re fast and po werful and well designed. the last two years have not been my favorite for the iPho ne. to be a daily carrier. you get more of an iPad-like user experience on a much smaller device. though. One of the wonderful gadget on face of the planet Earth!! Very fast and interactive UI Siri became more intelligent Office tools/apps are good and useful 8mp camera is awesome with features like Time-lapsed and slow-motion shooting Photo editing is fun Absolutely loving it Great product! I'll have to buy pants with bigger pockets to fit this thing into the pocket completely :) Over price .

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