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Terms and Conditions


This offer is valid for purchase of either Apple iPhone 4S (8GB), Apple iPhone 5C (8GB), Apple iPhone
5S (16GB / 32GB), Apple iPhone 6 (16GB / 64GB / 128 GB) or Apple iPhone 6 Plus (16GB / 64GB / 128
GB) along with Vodafone iPhone Plans from select Smartphone Retail Outlets and Vodafone Stores
across India.


The offer can be availed only by an existing valid Vodafone subscriber or by a new
Vodafone subscriber on purchase of the Apple iPhone devices as mentioned in point 1. The
Vodafone subscriber may pay the advance rentals on the select Vodafone Plans for next 24
months period either through upfront cash payment or credit card or Loan from Bajaj Finance.
In case of payment made through credit card or Loan from Bajaj Finance, the amount paid by
subscriber would then be subsequently payable by the said Vodafone subscriber through
Equated Monthly installment (“EMI”) , based on the said subscriber’s credit rating with such


The EMI being offered herein is an exclusive arrangement between you and your bank
issuing the credit card or offering you loan and neither Vodafone nor any of its affiliates have
any responsibility or liability with regards to the said EMI transaction. The details of the EMI
activation and other details relating to the same may be available with the respective credit
card banker or the said financial institution.


The Vodafone Plans for Apple iPhone users are also available independently even if the
iPhones mentioned in point 1 are not purchased alongwith the said plans.


The iPhone is being sold as independent of the Vodafone Plans and for any handset or device
related issues under this offer, the same would have to be dealt with Apple directly. Similarly,
for any EMI or loan related issues under this offer, the same would have to be dealt with
respective credit card company or with the said financial institution directly.


For a new customer (not a Vodafone subscriber) intending to avail this offer, he/she would
need to have all the requisite documents either on their name / or of the intended user, which
are required by regulations and will need to be compliant for an active Vodafone connection.


The 12/24 months period EMI offer is available on the said Vodafone subscriber fulfilling all
the necessary criteria eligible on the credit card or those put forth from the respective
financial institution.


The EMI payable by a Vodafone subscriber does not include any penalties / charges or levies
for non-timely payment of EMI by such Vodafone subscribers, interest charges or any other
charges thereon that may be levied by the respective banks providing credit card or by the
said financial institution providing loan, for any default.


The details of each respective Vodafone Plan for iPhone users alongwith their benefits can be
clarified and understood by such interested Vodafone subscribers from the outlets providing
such Plans.


The discount on each Vodafone Plan for iPhone users is with regards to the rental scheme
under such plan activated alongwith the respective data plan and voice call plan and will be
stated in each bill regarding usage for that month. Any additional usage charge over and

quota left unused in the current month will not get carried forward in next month. however for such change/exit/termination/port out (as the case may be). Free local & STD SMS under the prepaid Vodafone Plans are capped by TRAI regulation to a max. On availing this offer. 18. This offer can be withdrawn without any prior notice.above the limit given in the offer will have to be paid by the respective user based on amount stated in the bill. 0. In the event the said subscriber decides to change/exit from the selected Vodafone Plan or terminate the Vodafone connection or port out from Vodafone. In case of Voice. No safe custody option will be available to customer under this offer. 16. SMS & Data. 12. The offer is brought to the customers solely by the participating Merchant Outlets. For Prepaid subscriber Data add on packs will not be applicable. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.50 per SMS. a foreclosure amount shall be payable by the said subscriber as per the market value of the tariff plan for the duration for which the subscriber has utilized the offer. 21. Unused quota will get lapsed. 14. 15. Usage beyond these SMS will result in additional charge of Rs. All benefits and tariff mentioned in each of Vodafone Plans for iPhone users currently shall be in compliance and as per Regulatory Guidelines. of 100/SMS per subscriber per day. Local/STD/SMS add on packs will not be allowed on these Vodafone Plans. Further. The same is subject to change in case of any change in regulations or guidelines from the regulatory bodies. refund of the amount paid by the subscriber will be affected to the address made available by the subscriber through cheque within 60 days. 13. However postpaid subscribers may opt for Data add on packs. 20. 19. the subscriber can do so. Once plan is active Migration from prepaid to postpaid and vice-versa would only be possible without these plans. this offer will not be applicable for Red FamilyPlan & Vodafone Corporate Liable Connections. 17. The Cash Back on iPhone (both Cash Back and Additional Cash Back) will be given by Ingram Micro / Redington India/ Rashi Peripherals. The amount collected in advance shall be against the Services that will be adjusted in monthly invoices for the next 24 months and any additional usage beyond the set scheme provided under the said Vodafone Plan for iPhone users would need to be paid forth by the said Vodafone subscriber within the time period mentioned in the said bill. . In the event the new subscriber is unable to comply with the applicable regulations for activation of Vodafone connection. 11.